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Old 09-22-2018, 09:45 PM
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Default Level 100 Hardcore Character!

I hit level 100!:

My videos discussing the game in more detail and my character:
(Part 1)
(Part 2)

Thanks for the wonderful game Shadow! It felt a bit weird beating the game with almost all common gear that solely had combat experience on it (once I could even get pieces to drop). But, that's how things are *shrug*.

I can't wait to spend more time on different character combinations (naturally gonna check and potentially modify a few things like item drop rate). Also, I hope you add more difficulty modifiers in the future ^^! Can't wait for release.

Edit: A small revision to my video would be I am now realizing that bard auras don't stack based on character sheet data. And, sources of item find aren't multiplicative with each other (I guess that makes sense since it says "+" Item Find Chance). Kind of good to know, and yeah, a mistake on my part as I look into things more in-depth.

This is likely wrong based on steam discussion I'm having, I need to do further investigation:
Also, after some extensive testing and researching, I realize now why item drops and experience rates feel so bad. It seems to be the case that common, uncommon, rare and very rare monsters DO NOT naturally spawn. How I managed to not notice this is beyond me. But, yes, this is why item drops and experience rates are abysmal. And, the reason why is because you no longer use the worlds file anymore!!! And, that's where you normally set spawn rates for monsters. So, this is why common and uncommon monsters are so rare... because they don't exist! And also, why item drops and experience rates are abysmal.

Furthermore, the Find Items mode isn't working. To test, I killed a Unique5 monster while having 350% find items chance and it dropped exactly 4 items. Shouldn't it be virtually impossible to get 4 items with that much find items chance? It should be dropping at least 7 items (350 = 3.5 additional items or 4-6 * 350% = 14-21 depending on implementation). It may also be the case that item rarity doesn't work, but I'm not yet at a stage of testing to confirm or deny that yet and it didn't seem that it was during my playthrough.

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