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Old 02-15-2010, 11:14 PM
Dhakczak Dhakczak is offline
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Default a new player's random thoughts

I finally found the time to delve a little deeper into Din's dungeons and thought I'd share my observations, thoughts and ramblings while the game is still in beta and they might still be useful.

Things I like:

Hybrid classes - Maybe the most important aspect that has me hooked. I thoroughly enjoy trying interesting, overpowered or downright stupid combinations of classes and skills. Some will work, some won't but the variety between a plate-wearing necromancer with mana issues and a squishy lightning-calling rogue is just great.

Randomness - Randomly generated levels and spawns are obviously great in terms of replayability and the whole concept of saving (or losing) a town and moving on to the next random one is a nice touch. Though it would even be better if the towns felt more "connected", maybe by simply showing them on a world map or opening the gate after the town has been saved (or lost) and being able to actually walk on to the next.

Difficulty and consequences - Finally a game that's not too easy! Most of the ARPGs I ever played were ridiculously easy, at least at the initial difficulty level. DC is different in many aspects, the feeling of urgency and the threat of imminent atacks on the town is a really nice change of pace.

Things I don't like as much:

Escort and rescue missions - I always detested those in each and every game that had them. NPCs are *always* annoying. They're either walking too slow or too fast, get stuck on some tiny obstacle or forget to follow.
In DC it's not *that* bad overall, at least they tend to stay behind me and don't run off and get themselves killed too often. Nevertheless I failed most of those quests until now, because the NPC was either dead before I could even do anything helpful, or they died from a random trap or mob along the way. As I have no clue how this could be avoided, I'd prefer to see them all as optional quests, at least we wouldn't be punished for their suicidal tendencies.

Quests with a timer - Maybe I didn't pay enough attention and didn't read the quest description carefully enough (or not at all ..) but sometimes quests seem to fail for no apparent reason. It seems that often it's simply a matter of *time's over!* while there's no indication of the quest expiring.

Traps, lots of traps - I actually like them and I enjoy the overall feeling of venturing into a dangerous lair full of deadly contraptions. But the density and damage of traps sometimes seems a little over the top. Opening a door which triggers a fire nova, which in turn ignites some exploding barrels and then being killed by a cave-in or an earthquake while avoiding a poison cloud ... well, you get the idea. Granted that my highest level until now was 11 they might be a bit less deadly later on, with better gear and higher resistances, but at lower levels I probably died more often from chain-reacting traps than from mob attacks.

Healing - Having a healing spell makes too much of a difference. While my Defender / Healer almost never needs to buy food or potions all my other characters are having a hard time scraping enough coppers together to buy meds for the next level (and I *always* grab and sell each and every drop). This could probably be alleviated easily if the lower tier foodstuffs and potions were still available even if the more powerful ones seem more appropriate, or if there were more drops of food and potions to be found while delving.

Hardcore mode - Seeing how close Din's Curse is to the original concept of roguelikes and how much I usually enjoy "Hardcore" modes, I'd really like to play the game as a "mortal", but with all the extremely deadly traps and random nigh invincible mobs I think I'll have to pass, because my poor squishy alter ego will inevitably be killed in its infancy.
Which would actually be half as bad, if he could pass on some gear to the next suicidal little guy. I really like the concept of Torchlight's separate "shared stash" for hardcore characters. Weak characters may die but the stash lives on.

Animations - This is purely cosmetic and nothing but a pet peeve, but sometimes the animations are a little off. E.g. the Paladin's "smite" animation takes a tad too long and the mobs will often drop dead before the character has even reached the "hit" phase. Also, a spell or attack which is triggered while running will often make the character start the animation while it's sliding towards (or chasing) the targeted mob.

And finally, some random thoughts and suggestions (mostly "borrowed" from other games):

Overall the speed or "flow" of the game is a tad slow, character animations take a little too much time and so does killing stuff and moving around, the latter mostly due to all the shrinking, oil, caltrops, ice rain and whatnot. I can't help comparing it to Titan Quest and Torchlight, as I really enjoyed those two very much. While especially Torchlight tends to be ridiculously fast and cartoonish, sending dozens of mobs flying all the time, both succeed in keeping a nice pace and making the player feel increasingly powerful as he progresses, while in DC I sometimes felt like the game became slower, almost tedious as my character was leveling up. Of course mobs have to become tougher and harder to kill but then ... maybe I was just unlucky, found horrible gear and picked the wrong skills or the game tends to punish the player by starting out with one-hit kills and advancing to "die already, you ******* amorph *****!"

Probably it's just me ... in both aforementioned games I thoroughly enjoyed a similar fighting style: Using a skill which would speed up my movement to rush into a crowd of bad guys, trigger some sort of AoE and then finishing off the survivors. I have yet to find a way to do something similar in Din's, mostly because most/all melee attacks will simply not trigger from a distance.

I also miss tinkering with my gear. Some sort of upgrade or enchanting system would be nice to have. Nothing fancy or too unbalancing and exploitable (like in Torchlight), but a way to upgrade a nice item which has become pretty much useless over time together with collecting the needed materials or such would be great. Though it's probably too late and too big of a change to implement anything like that at this stage of the game's development.

Just my 2 Cents, hopefully somewhat helpful to improve an already amazing game.

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Old 02-16-2010, 06:26 PM
Valgor Valgor is offline
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Originally Posted by Dhakczak View Post
(...) it would even be better if the towns felt more "connected", maybe by simply showing them on a world map or opening the gate after the town has been saved (or lost) and being able to actually walk on to the next.
I agree; the town opening its gate after you've saved it would be a really nice addition.
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Old 02-20-2010, 04:17 PM
icekrystal10 icekrystal10 is offline
Join Date: Dec 2008
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Currently have a level 10 conjurer, Sorcerer build, my second town.

Overall this game delivers what it promised: randomized dungeon crawl. I am pleased so far and haven't run into any major problems. I have been waiting for a random, anything-can-happen dungeon crawl, and DC delivers. I love the variety.

Things I like:
- town raids and townsfolk running around trying to kill the raider
- my water supply got poisoned, increasing the prices of goods
- dropped journals
- dropped treasure maps
- monsters fighting each other
- dripping water from the ceiling is a nice touch
- leprechauns that steal money

Things I don't like:
- the potions are a little hard to see when they drop, they were bigger in KU

Loss of Framerate:
- in the dungeon with many monsters and spells occurring at the same time
- in town with rain and lightning storms (I like how the townsfolk cower when lightning strikes)

- Playing windowed mode (1280x800), the past two times I switched to fullscreen mode, the game resized, but then froze. I had to go to task manager to close the program. I usually play in fullscreen anyway.

Will post more as I play.

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