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Old 01-16-2011, 03:14 AM
Bluddy Bluddy is offline
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I haven't gotten the expansion yet -- I'm still just in my early stages of exploring Din's Curse. However, from reading people's reactions, and not finding specifications of what exactly the NPC enhancements are planned to be, I'm a little worried about the changed dynamics of DC in the expansion. Specifically, having to worry about unhappy NPCs -- and it sounds like currently there are many of those.

I love the dynamics of DC as they are -- diving into the dungeons and then rushing back to defend the townies. I don't think NPC happiness should be occupying much of my time while the dungeon is active, nor should the NPCs have too much strife between them. A town with a dungeon full of monsters will be a crappy place to live in, but one imagines that NPCs will band together despite their differences for the common cause -- just as real humans do. So the tensions might be bubbling under the surface, but while there's an active dungeon boss causing trouble for the town, the people will just suck it up. I think once the dungeon's been fought off and the main quests have been done -- that's when the town strife should show up and make things interesting again.

As an idea, a town that's too fractured and hateful won't be able to build its defenses in time and a new, stronger dungeon boss might arrive. This could also make the decision to leave a saved town more strategic -- do I leave the saved town while I can, or do I stay and risk not being able to make the townies work together, which might allow more boss creatures to arrive?

Anyway, this is the kind of direction I'd like to see the expansion go in, as opposed to making me babysit the NPCs in addition to fighting the monsters in the dungeon.
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Old 01-16-2011, 04:01 AM
pnakotus pnakotus is offline
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So turn it off.

I just wish the more mundane NPC quests could be solved by other NPCs; the warmaster shouldn't starve because I'm busy when the guy standing right next to him is his best mate and has piles of money.

Most of the NPC stuff is either ignorable or just moves standard stuff into the town; the only missions that take up any of my groups' time is searching for evidence, which only takes one person and has the effect of making other quests easier.

The dynamic plots that emerge from the NPC code is fantastic; now we just need other gods to have their own heroes and we'll have Depths of Peril going on.
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Old 01-16-2011, 01:03 PM
Nobear Nobear is offline
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There are currently three ways to dramatically tone down things that stem from NPC unhappiness:

1) In the world creation screen, there's a new option to choose NPC pace, so you can change this to slow.

2) There's also a low stress option, which completely removes certain things like town attacks.

3) You can level. At 50+, NPCs seem to be worlds happier than at low level. I was playing only at 50+, and playing nearly every day since Demon War came out, I never saw most of the NPC bad behavior people were complaining about, even once. I actually really wanted to, because I love crazy towns.

Well, just yesterday I played a level 20 multiplayer game, and it was the craziest game any of us had ever seen. 2 or 3 town attacks at once, so close together that the town attack sound and icon was on literally more than it was off. The warmaster died, and when we finally got a new one, it took us about 4 trips back and forth between town attacks just to turn all the quests in, and finally I decided to just sit there for a couple minutes turning stuff in while others defended the town. This was not invasion mode or anything. And yeah, there was some NPC misbehavior on top of all this.

Option 3 is a bug which Shadow is aware of, and is trying to get to the bottom of. Ideally, when Demon War goes live, the NPC pace will be even or maybe slightly increase throughout the levels. But there's still the slow NPC pace option, in addition to your slow pace and very slow pace, and the low stress option.

There are certainly ways to make your game relaxed, if that's what you want, in Demon War. It still has lots of other appeal, like the new demons and environments and other quest variety.

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Old 01-22-2011, 04:03 PM
Nobear Nobear is offline
Join Date: Oct 2010
Posts: 447

From patch 1.016 notes: levels next to a persistent level are no longer persistent themselves

??? What kinds of levels are you talking about, and which ones are persistent?
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Old 01-22-2011, 04:42 PM
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Originally Posted by Nobear View Post
From patch 1.016 notes: levels next to a persistent level are no longer persistent themselves

??? What kinds of levels are you talking about, and which ones are persistent?
The town is persistent (as in always loaded) which was forcing the first level of the dungeon to always be loaded
Steven Peeler
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