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Old 05-19-2009, 01:33 PM
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Default Episode 25: The Centaurís Exit Interview

Interviewer: When the viewers voted on all of the contestants except for Paige the zombie, youíre the one who was voted off the island. How do you feel about that?

Dedrick: The viewers are the ones who voted me on the island, so I canít feel too bad about it. Yeah, I donít like leaving the show. I was having a good time, but itís okay with me.

Interviewer: So glad you approve. You seemed to get along with Ranzkin the gnome and Amber the Unicorn. Who did you like best on the island?

Dedrick: Is that a real question? Do I have to like someone best? Amber is kin by hoof and Ranzkin is a like-minded forest creature. I think weíll all be friends after the show.

Interviewer: Lots of players didnít like you much. Is there anyone you couldnít stand, and who would you prefer not to win the game?

Dedrick: I donít recall disliking anyone in particular but there were some who seemed out to get me and Ranzkin. I know she didnít much care for Christina, and who can blame her? Vampires are scary killers.

Interviewer: But Christina wasnít the only undead on Team Depths. What about Paige?

Dedrick: Oh, she was nice enough after that little accident where she almost infected me. I guess thatís the kind of thing youíre talking about, huh. Christina wasnít a nice person, except maybe with Jewel.

Interviewer: There are four contestants left, soon to be three- Ranzkin, Paige, Kailen and William. Who do you want to win the show?

Dedrick: Are you kidding me? Ranzkin! There can be no other winner.

Interviewer: And if she goes, then who?

Dedrick: UmmmÖ Paige or Kailen or William.

Interviewer: You are decisive, arenít you?

Dedrick: I guess anyone from team Depths. Maybe William.
Delilah Rehm
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