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Old 09-15-2019, 07:39 PM
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Default Random assortment of bugs & feedback

Hi! I've been a fan of Din's Curse, and discovered Din's Legacy this week. I've played about 8 hours and have a weaponmaster of level 12, and have come across the following bugs/strange things (v1.002 installed):
* Altar spawned inside a wall
* Removed a warrior from party, sent them back to town, added another warrior to party, but both of them had the 'V' symbol on the map, signifying they are in my clan. Started a new world, and now both of them are in my party!
* "Wishing well is stuck" like if it was a door. I don't suppose it should work that way?
* Some npcs/companions have the symbol above their head to talk to them, but when talking to them nothing happens (no message that causes happiness, icon still remains there and on map)
* Companion has 4 known personality traits on their stat page, when I added her to the party 3 of them turned back to 'unknown'
* Gates, stairways down and other quest related stuff can be in secret areas requiring the revealing of walls. This was not the case in Din's Curse

Other suggestions/feedback:
* Minimap is too small playing on 1080p resolution
* Armor repairing needs too many armor scraps. I hardly make any money because I have to salvage 95% of all items I find to be able to repair, while Whetstones are more than plentiful. Either reduce the needed number for repairs, increase salvage, or make trading whetstones for armor scrap possible
* Monsters on the player's level feel weak, while god avatars deal a lot of damage
* Viedonna's blessing (10% health restored per second) trivialises the game, maybe it should be 5 or 2% in my opinion
* Knockback from attacks is too strong, the character keeps running after enemies. This is strange after coming from Din's Curse
* Is there no way to influence happiness in the town, aside from donating money which is a single +1? It would be nice if you could pay for a whole town celebration, or some other event to boost overall happiness
* It would be nice if people had gossip, or told stories like in Din's Curse
* "X god loathes you" / "Din favours you": the religion aspect of the game should have more explanation
* when salvaging items, the text for number of items gained should go to the top of the screen, so the tooltip of the next item in the inventory won't overlap if salvaging quickly
* Is it possible to repair broken town doors?
* Mutation needs more explanation. For example does the vertical position of a skill matter? E.g: can I have multiple skills from the bottom row, like Multihit, Whirlwind, Holy Symbol at the same time? In the passives how many times can I take damage bonus per strength?
* A https registration page for the forum...

Otherwise I'm enjoying the game so far. Thank you!
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