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Old 01-07-2009, 03:27 PM
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Exclamation Fantastical Creature Reality Show! Overview and Summery

Fantastical Creatures Reality Show: Survive an Island is a competition between fourteen amazing contestants to survive not only the island, but each other. Viewers will vote each week to decide who stays and who goes. In the end, there can be only one winner!

Pre-show Interviews with the Contestants: Forest the Stalker, Nessamistis the Elf, Lena the Barbarian Rogue, Haimes the Scree, Ranzkin the Gnome, Bera the Barbarian Priest, Lorimer the Sorcerer, Christina the Vampire, Bolo the Orc, Dedrick the Centaur, Eadric the Barbarian Warrior, Kailen the Fairy, William the Werewolf, Talia the Imp, Zip the Saurian, Zekna the Naga, Gorm the Barbarian Mage, Paige the Zombie, Misty the Mermaid, Snowshield the Dwarf, Jewel the Cyclops, and Amber the Unicorn.
* No link denotes player is no longer in the game.

Contestant Voting Week 1 Summary: Viewers are asked to vote for their favorite fantastical female creatures. Eleven vie for a spot on the island but only seven will make it. Which four get cut? Stay tuned.

The final female contestants are: Nessamistis the Elf, Lina the Barbarian Rogue, Ranzkin the Gnome, Christina the Vampire, Paige the Zombie, Jewel the Cyclops and Amber the Unicorn-Girl.

The ladies who didn't make it to the beginning of the show: Bera the Barbarian Priest, Talia the Imp, Zekna the Naga and Misty the Mermaid.

Contestant Voting Week 2 Summary: Viewers are voting for their favorite fantastical male creatures. Eleven hope for a spot on the island but only seven will make it. Which four get cut? Stay tuned.

The final male contestants are: Haimes the Scree, Lorimer the Sorcerer, Dedrick the Centaur, Eadric the Barbarian Warrior, Kailen the Fairy, William the Werewolf and Gorm the Barbarian Mage.

The guys who didn't make it onto the show are: Forest the Stalker, Bolo the Orc, Zip the Saurian and Snowshield the Dwarf.

Episode 1 Summary: Shake and Snake

The contestants dive for pearls to get divided into teams. In the Depths Tribe is Jewel the Cyclops, Ranzkin the Gnome, Nessa the Elf, Dedrick the Centaur, Christina the Vampire, William the Werewolf and Paige the Zombie. In the Kivi Tribe is Lina the Rogue, Lorimer the Sorcerer, Haimes the Scree, Gorm the Mage, Amber the Unicorn-Girl, Eadric the Warrior and Kailen the Fairy.

The teams had to build a woodpile taller than their tallest team member (Depths-Jewel, Kivi-Gorm). Next the teams had to climb the volcano to retrieve a lava snake from the center and return with the snake to light the bonfire. Which team will when the challenge and be safe for the week?

Episode 2 Link: Interview with Delilah Rehm

Episode 3 Summary: Dungeon Dive

Tribe Depths nominates Christina and William for the sacrifical atlar, but when they delve in a deadly dungeon, each player searching for the golden ring of Immunity, one of them will have a chance to save Christina or William. Who will find the ring, and who will be on the altar by the end?

Episode 4 Summary: Live Ocean Discus

From each team, one thrower must throw one throwee out into the ocean as far as they can. The winner is the tribe whose throwee goes the farthest before hitting the water. All is going as planned until Paige gets a little hungry. Who will win the competition? And will any of them survive the day?

By a vote of 5-4, one member of Tribe Depths leaves the island.

Episode 5 Summary: Pig Haul

The tribes have to haul a hog up the side of a cliff. The first team to get the pig and all of their tribe members over the cliff's edge wins the challenge. Members from the losing team are in danger of being voted onto the altar.

Episode 6 Summary: Werewolf’s Exit Interview

We say goodbye to William and find out just what was going on between him and Nessa the Elf.

Episode 7 Summary: King of the Hill

During this Immunity Challange, the contestants from Tribe Kivi must outlast the others by standing on their own small hill the longest. Who will be the first to fail, and who will taste victory? Lina and Lorimer have been placed on the altar. Will the winner save one of them? Find out now!

Episode 8 Summary: Golbin Bowling

Tribes Depths and Kivi compete in the Luxury Competition to see which team will win a slingshot! Six players from each team must roll and money bag followed by a boulder down a dry stream bed. The team who hits the most coin-crazy golbins wins the competition!

Episode 9 Summary: The Gauntlet

In the Team Challenge, all of the players must run a gauntlet. The first to the end wins the game for his or her tribe. What obstacles will they face, and who will win the challenge?

By a vote of 6-5, one member of Tribe Kivi leaves the island.

Spoiler ahead*** -> Someone dies in this episode!

Episode 10 Summary: Sorcerer's Exit Interview

We say goodbye to Lorimer and find out more about his constant fighting with Lina.

Episode 11 Summary: Tree House Tempation

In the Immunity Challenge, Tribe Depths players must stay the longest in a large tree. Christina won the Viewers' Choice Immunity and does not get to compete. Who will last the longest in the tree and be save? Who will be on the altar?

Episode 12 Summary: Burn

This Luxury Challenge was for flint and steel wool, but first the two teams must run from a fast spreading forest fire. The first team to get all of their players safely to the lake wins the competition. Which team win succeed?

By a vote of 5-4, one member of Tribe Depths leaves the island.

Episode 13 Summary: Pixie Dust

The team challenge is to fill up a bucket with pixie dust. One player holds the bucket and the rest have little cups. Trouble is, the pixies aren't pleased about all of the grabbing and shaking. They aren't known for their easy going natures. Which team will fill their bucket first, or will they have any chance against the trickster pixies?

Episode 14 Summary: Cyclop's Exit Interview

Find out why Jewel sided with Christina as we say goodbye.

Episode 15 Summary: Golden Goose

This Immunity Challenge is an egg hunt. Ceramic geese are strewn about the shell-covered beach. They each contain an egg but only one has the silver egg worth one meat lovers pizza, and only one has the golden egg worth Immunity form the dreaded altar. Who on Tribe Kivi will find the shiny Egg of Immunity?

Spoiler ahead*** -> Someone dies in this episode!

Episode 16 Summary: Capture the Flag

With no more Luxury Challenges, the show begins by revealing the 6-5 vote in which one member of Tribe Kivi leaves the island.

Each team must defend their rock hill base while trying to steal the other team's flag. The Team Challenge soulds simple, but the island is treacherous! What will the players have to endure to win this crazy event? Who will win?

Spoiler ahead*** -> Someone dies in this episode!

Episode 17 Summary: Scree's Exit Interview

We say farewell to Haimes and learn he'd love another shot at victory.

Episode 18 Summary: Chimera Undone

The goat, lion and snake want to become a chimera once more, and whoever gets there animal to the changing cave first will win this Immunity Challenge. But will the animals cooperate?

Who will be placed on the island for the viewers to vote?

Episode 19 Summary: Spider Silk

The tribes are disbanded and someone is going to return to the Island! The remaining contestants must collect the most spider silk to win this new competition and gain the right to choose which former contestant will not be coming back to the island.

The rest of the former contestants will be voted on by the viewers. Who will return? Stay tuned!

Episode 20 Summary: Unicorn-Girl’s Exit Interview

Find out if Amber really is as oblivious as she seems (or was it all an act?) as we say goodbye to are snake-hating contestant.

Episode 21 Summary: Scavenger Hunt

In this Immunity Challenge, the contestants had to find several items from a list. Little do they realize there is a surprise twist waiting in the forest.

Who will win immunity, and who will go on the altar? It's time for another sacrifice!

Episode 22 Summary: Losers Club

During Double Elimination week, everyone but the winner of this game goes onto the altar for the extra sacrifice! It's a simple game of Earth-Water-Fire, but who will win this psychological challenge?

Anyone could go this week! Who will you choose?

Episode 23 Summary: Gorm’s Exit Interview

Can we rile Gorm up in one last interview? Check out what the mage has to say.

Episode 24 Summary: Water Hydra

In this Immunity Challenge the contestants face a raging water hydra! Maybe they'll all die this time!!! Read and find out.

Episode 25 The Centaur's Exit Interview

Did Dedrick ever forgive Paige for infecting him? Find out!

Episode 26 Summary: Fire Fall

Who will win the last action packed game on the island? With only three contestants left (Ranzkin, Paige and William), the winner will choose who will go home and who will stand beside him/her as the final two players!

Episode 27: And the Winner is...

In the final program, find out who you've chosen to win the big shebang. Your votes made it possible for either Paige or William to take home the prize and have the honor of being the First Fantastical Creature Reality Show Winner!
Delilah Rehm
Writer for Soldak

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