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Old 02-05-2018, 03:25 PM
Roswitha Roswitha is offline
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Default The Saga of Xyloriord

This is the tale of Xyloriord, Defender/Sorcerer (= Plate armor / lightning. The name was randomly generated). He did pretty well until about level 30. At that point, things started to go downhill because he had to fight through monsters to get anywhere, like down to the bottom level for the Overlord, or back to a gate for a town attack. He lost some towns to tornadoes and several to Barbarian attacks, which usually meant losing a Soulstone or three.

At about level 32, his win/loss/abandon record was 11/11/0 and his XP debt had looped at least once and was holding steady. I switched to smaller, easier dungeons and turned off town attacks, and he started winning more, but the XP debt didn't move much. He was frequently killed by boss monsters. Most of the Defender's skills are counters, and I don't have the reflexes to see that he just did a Parry/Block so a move is now available.

Then, he arrived at Rosey. It had a seven-level dungeon. At first, things were looking positive. The monsters were busy building machines and starting uprisings, but the staircases were relatively close together and he pulled a lever that activated the Level 7 gate. So he went down there to clear out the machines and such. Then, the Overlord sent someone to block the gate, and Xyloriord was killed trying to clear it. So he's back on level 3, trying to fight his way to the Level 7 staircase.

Around this point, the town lost a couple of a shipments. Then, the Warmaster started the plague, poisoned the food and water supplies, and went renegade. Naturally, the solutions were on level 7, along with most of the machines. Xyloriord worked his way down to level 6, mostly by drawing the monsters to a staircase/gate and ducking out when he had low health. The machines were piling up and the food and water situations were getting worse.

Xyloriord finally made it to level 7, looked around a bit, and ran into Nuz, the Overlord, with a minion. After being killed a few times, he drew Nuz to the staircase and got killed again. Nuz, of course, had Regenerate, so he couldn't be whittled down, and he was killing Xyloriord in two hits. So the gate is blocked, Nuz is at the bottom of the stairs, and the town is in a major crisis mode.

At this point, the Beastmaster arrives, and among the Imp Big Sisters and the Torvas is an Elite Dark Elf Reaver. Xyloriord actually has some money, accumulated during the previous town, where the vendors/smiths were killed off early and he finished the dungeon with no food and no potions. He hires the Dark Elf Reaver. (The Beastmaster traps the town and departs shortly thereafter.) The Reaver is much stronger than Xyloriord and they start cleaning out the dungeon.

They go down to level 7, where Xyloriord is promptly killed by Nuz, but he waits to resurrect until the Reaver is at low health, so the Reaver can pound on Nuz. After a few rounds of this, Nuz is defeated. Xyloriord and the Reaver rove through the dungeon, killing things and collecting items, and come back after about 5 minutes to turn in 20 quests to the Warmaster. All does not go smoothly--the monsters build a few more machines and the new Warmaster goes renegade---but the end is not in doubt. Xyloriord saves the town, with a prayer of gratitude to Din for sending along the Beastmaster and the Reaver, and makes a significant dent in his XP debt.
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Old 02-05-2018, 04:32 PM
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Great and riveting account. Good to see someone writing on Din's Cure again. Long live Xyloriord.
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Old 02-05-2018, 05:02 PM
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I always love write-ups like this.
Steven Peeler
Depths of Peril, Kivi's Underworld, Din's Curse, Drox Operative, Zombasite, Din's Legacy, & Drox Operative 2
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Old 02-06-2018, 07:20 PM
Caal Caal is offline
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One of the reasons I really like Dins Curse is some of the quirky and funny things that can happen. I was in a town with a belligerent Warmaster - every time I left town I would see messages that the Warmaster was fighting with the Steward or one of the merchants. I'm thinking that this idiot is going to get his butt killed and I'm going to have to waste time questing for his replacement. But on my next trip out of town the messages stop. I'm thinking, well, that's it. So I head back to town and sure enough he's not in his spot, but there is no message that he's been killed. Could this possibly be a bug? I continue questing, waiting for the quest to replace the Warmaster. It never comes, but other messages have come up about a couple of starving townies so on my next trip back I go looking for them. As I'm looking around for them what do I find - the Warmaster cowering in one of the houses away from the middle of town to avoid fights. I had to laugh at this crafty dude - belligerent maybe, but definitely not stupid. Thanks for that.
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Old 03-10-2018, 01:35 AM
Roswitha Roswitha is offline
Join Date: Nov 2008
Posts: 695
Default The Further Adventures of Xyloriord

Xyloriord rejoiced as he finished the town of Attia, for he had finally overcome his XP debt.

After Xyloriord was saved by the grace of Din and a Dark Elf Reaver, he decided that a change of tactics was in order. His current skill set included Lightning Blast, Shockwave, and Gut, with an occasional Ball Lightning. None of them were particularly helpful for slowing or clobbering an opponent.

Xyloriord visited the trainer and discovered a hitherto-unnoticed Defender skill called Block (not to be confused with the passive Blocking). When active, it greatly boosted his defense. More importantly, anything that attacked him during the 1.5-second interval was immediately stunned. Xyloriord also added the Sorcerer's Tornado spell to his repertoire. It held opponents motionless while inflicting damage. Thus armed, he went off to save the next town.

The Block skill proved to be immensely helpful when Xyloriord was surrounded by monsters; a scenario that had previously ended in his death, more often than not. While his attackers were immobilized, Xyloriord could strike them with Lightning or his sword, or summon a Tornado, or escape from the middle of the group and attack from a distance. The stun effect also worked on projectiles, though Xyloriord never used it on purpose. He labored mightily and cleared almost a full loop from his XP debt. Then, he met Fogo.

Fogo was a Goblin Flamethrower boss. His flame spell was immensely powerful; moreover, it was not a physical weapon so Block didn't work. Xyloriord was rapidly killed many times and lost almost all that he had gained in XP debt. Then he realized something very important: Fogo was not a required target; he did not have to be killed. Xyloriord collected his soulstones and avoided Fogo for the rest of his stay. Which dragged on longer than he would have liked, since new problems arose while he was solving older ones.

Xyloriord labored through half a dozen towns, as his experience inched closer to his XP debt. Then they met... and continued on. Xyloriord worked harder, and after saving 11 towns (since Rosey), the XP debt was finally vanquished.
(Level 41. Win/loss/abandon: 22/11/0)
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