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Old 02-05-2009, 02:41 PM
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Default Episode 10: Sorcererís Exit Interview

Interviewer: So, how does it feel to be the second contestant to leave the show?

Lorimer: Iím fine with it. Iím just glad I wasnít first.

Interviewer: Well you were first from your tribe.

Lorimer: That doesnít matter. Itís always the very first to go who are the ones forgotten. Nobody remembers their names.

Interviewer: Did you employ your strategy and if so, why did it fail?

Lorimer: I did my best to put on a good show. I think the viewers were pleased and entertained by my antics. But when I was on the altar next to Amber, a person who can really, physically change form- thatís hard to compete with. If I was going to lose to anyone, Iím glad it was her.

Interviewer: What about all of the fighting with Lina? Was it real?

Lorimer: Unfortunately, yes. I guess I got on her bad side somehow, and then I was the target for all of her stress. She didnít make things easy for me. I hold no ill will towards her though. Itís a difficult game and we were all doing the best we could.

Interviewer: If you had it to do over again, is there anything you wouldíve done differently?

Lorimer: I really should have tried harder to win over the friendship of my teammates. I was an easy shot for Lina because I isolated myself. Plus, maybe the others voted me on the altar because they didnít like the negativity.

Interviewer: Have you seen the latest episode?

Lorimer: No. Iím letting things settle first. I donít want to be angry when I catch up on the show.

Interviewer: In the last episode, Lina died. What do you think about that?

Lorimer: You mean, died for real? As in truly dead?

Interviewer: Yep.

Lorimer: Ö

Interviewer: And how do you feel about it?

Lorimer: Terrible! I knew the show was dangerous but I thought the worst that would happen is broken bones or zombie-death. Wow. ItísÖ awful. I canít believe it. Lina and I may have hated each other but I would never wish death on anyone.
Delilah Rehm
Writer for Soldak
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