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Old 08-20-2010, 10:01 PM
LordBlackangel LordBlackangel is offline
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Default Possible Changes, Opinions, Comments

Firstly, to Shadow, as many have already stated - Thanks for making a great product and keeping the post-sale support top-notch.

Some of the topics have been touched on previously in other threads, I know, but my intent here is to get feedback from players (and Shadow) and to encourage these things to be addressed and possibly changed. I ask that people keep their comments on-topic and constructive. These topics are in no particular order:

Strange Leveling/Tier Progression - At first level I can walk through all the levels of a dungeon with no issue. As my level progresses things get inordinately more difficult. At level 20 the first level of a dungeon is exponentially more difficult and the mobs become life threatening. As the monsters get harder, my character should be becoming more powerful. This doesn't currently seem to be the case. Now don't get me wrong, I enjoy the challenge and don't want to walk over the enemies, but the progression of difficulty should be uniform throughout the levels. Has anyone else noticed this? Comments?

Cave-In's - I get the feeling that the rumble-to-fall time is meant to give the opportunity for people to possibly run away, but there is never enough time for that to happen. If you can see the imminent cave-in and you're not standing right on the edge, you're going to get slammed. Perhaps we can raise the time between when the rumble begins and the cave-in occurs? The damage is also an issue here. Getting smacked for a truckload of damage you cannot dodge or see coming is not conducive to an enjoyable gaming experience.

Suicidal NPC/Escorts - I don't mind escorting people. In fact, I think it one of the more interesting aspects of Din's Curse. That being said, people I'm escorting should not be running head-long into hopeless battles. I don't even take those missions anymore at 20+ level because the NPC is sure to die on the way.

Unbalanced Items/Drops - I know this has been touched on in other threads, but I feel it's worth repeating and adding my 2 cents. My current character is level 30. 15 levels ago I found a dagger which has 50 DPS. You read correctly: 50 DPS at level 15. Needless to say I have not found a better weapon since - and I'm still using it. In fact, nearly all the high DPS weapons seem to be daggers. This is consistent with all items in the game. My leather/cloth drops are usually better than most plate drops (on average). In my mind there should be a definite difference between Cloth-Leather-Mail-Plate in terms of armor value and it should be consistent (I.E. The better cloth should provide armor equal to lower level leather, and so on and so forth). This logic should apply to all items in the game, both weapons and armor. Perhaps adjust for this by giving lesser armor/weapons other abilities? Adjust the attack time to even it out (swords swing slower but higher damage giving equal DPS)? Opinions?

Money Drops - This is personal pet peeve. Why must anything in the game drop multiple coin windows? Does this bother anyone else? Perhaps this can either be coded out or at least given a toggle? Also, on the same note, on some occasions only walking over the money picks it up and in other you need to click it (I think it's based on being in single or multiplayer). Is there a way to toggle this? Can we implement a toggle for walk-over money pickup and single box drops for coins, Shadow? Comments?

Mana-Steal Monsters - They seem overpowered; especially Dark-Elves by way of shear numbers. I don't mind fighting a lot of monsters, but fighting a lot of Dark-Elves involves a large expenditure of mana potions for the reward, making fighting them overly tedious. Perhaps make mana-steal a special attack (1 out of 5 attacks)? Opinions?

Intelligence Stat/Spirit Stat - I don't know what was intended with this, but I feel as though these stats are too similar. Since they increase a few of the same things they don't feel separate. Opinions?

Wizards DPS Skill (or lack thereof) - Fighters have a passive basic skill that increases their damage as a stat (strength) increases. Wizards do not have this and it feels lopsided. I know they get a mana increase as they increase their stats, but it's not the same as a DPS increase.

I cannot stress enough how much fun I've had playing this game and how much I really want to see it grow and evolve through dev/player interaction. Thanks again to Soldak for keeping the ARPG alive.

-Lord Blackangel
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