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Old 08-31-2010, 05:49 AM
LordBlackangel LordBlackangel is offline
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Originally Posted by Magitek View Post
I don't play much single player. I play with one or two usually.
Sometimes there isn't a great deal of a space, but you have potions, food and skills to mitigate in these circumstance, or draw opponents into a different area if you must.
I rarely get hit by projectiles simply by moving around, even in coop. All those years of Diablo 2 finally paid off, I swear
I hear you. But something that needs to be described with the addition of "if you must" is by definition not fun. I could go into more detail, but I think this can be better summed in the link posted earlier by Archon here.

Originally Posted by Kruztee View Post
Interesting thread.

But please, please do not nerf cave-ins any more!
This thread, and the criticism within, has shown me that many people find the frequency and damage levels just fine, whereas others don't. YMMV. Since there is a mod to disable cave-in's it's unlikely that Shadow will nerf them any more than he already has. However, it's still good for him to hear feedback one way or the other on what people like, don't like, and why.

In terms of cave-in damage I don't have a major concern, but when I'm playing with other players who's health levels aren't as high as mine every cave-in could equate to instant death, which is not fun. Without more information on how the damage level of a cave-in is generated it's hard to speculate further in terms of damage. As far as radius, the same gripes appear to be limited to multiplayer games where one person is already well inside the radius of where the cave-in will drop when another player triggers the panel. The result of this is that the person who triggered it is close to the edge (and can thus escape) whereas the other character is too far inside to escape in time.

Thanks for the interest in the thread and be sure to chime in on the other topics mentioned if you have any input.
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