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Old 03-12-2011, 03:22 PM
Max_Powers Max_Powers is offline
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Originally Posted by Arjun123 View Post
Thanks, DeathKnight. This too is a good suggestion as well. I've invested a bit in Barkskin (2 levels, +50 armor), but this clearly was not sufficient to make a dent in the thorns damage. My approach with this character was to invest heavily in offense. By level 39, with a 56 DPS dagger I am able to inflict over 300 DPS while in Stalker form with Strength of Stone cast. I can thus one- or two-shot most monsters, and even take out most bosses very quickly. The limitation of this build, however, is exposed by these major thorn super bosses. My rapid flurries of attacks result basically in almost instant death! It happened so quickly the first time I actually had no idea how I died; only when I went back, and checked out the boss more carefully did I realize how this happened. Clearly, there are builds that would bolster defense, although at the expense of offense. I think I'm going to let this character rest for awhile, and try out a Demon Hunter. I was intrigued by your Bale 1-Eye character, and would like to try out this class myself. They seem have an interesting mix of offensive and defensive capabilities. And my thief/druid character found an amazing legendary 80 DPS Blood Reaver axe that would be perfect for this build. Thanks for the inspiration!
Just curious to know how good your equipment was on this character? Great equipment can make all the difference. Sometimes the best thing to do is when a character starts to struggle you put it on the shelf and play another. Hopefully, this will get you some more, better equipment for the other character.

Another option you might could have tried was to fight the boss in non-stalker form. The damage/speed reduction, plus maybe a really large vitality potion, might have got the job done.

Ultimately, deep wounds is amazing versus these guys. They just melt like butter. I also like to hit them with a DOT skill(for example: Holy Smite)to off set some of their regen. Also, a flaming oil by itself isn't all that helpful, but with a DOT you can stop, maybe even reverse the creatures regen.

And finally, to your earlier point about the XP penalty - I disagree. I try and never abandon a town. The only time I really do is when there is a zombie stuck in the floor, blocking my path to the final boss and there is no other option. You can get help beating the bad guys via multiplayer. And you clearly didn't exhaust all your options first. To me, that is why the XP penalty was there to begin with. Abandon because you have to, not just because it is more convenient. Again, though, just my two cents.

Good luck with current and future characters

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Old 03-14-2011, 02:02 AM
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I actually have pretty good equipment with this character, including some fantastic armor, and jewelry, most notably the Yuxi gloves to boost Deep Wounds, the Assassin's belt, Riddick's necklace (spelling?), and Fryse's Blue Ring, all of which boost the chance of landing a crit. I also have Fryse's White Ring, which causes very frequent ice storms when you are fighting with a dagger in Stalker form. However, I am not too happy with my weapon, a 56 DPS dagger. It was great when I found it at level 26, but 14 levels later, it is not quite as good. I'd like to upgrade, but haven't had any luck lately with dagger drops or weaponsmiths. So I have taken your advice, Max_Powers, and shelving this character temporarily.

I actually did try fighting the thorn boss with all sorts of potion buffs, although I did not try fighting it in non-stalker form. Since I invested in many levels of Stalker, this form considerably boosts my chances of landing both crits and deep wounds, and I was hoping to wear him down by landing deep wounds, running away & healing up, and returning. I didn't succeed, but perhaps it would have worked if I tried harder. Generally speaking, like you, I loath abandoning towns, but after dying at least a dozen times I gave up. Next time, I encounter a boss like that, I will definitely try harder.
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Old 03-14-2011, 10:29 PM
EternalChampion EternalChampion is offline
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Hey, Bale 1-Eye is MY character! And he's still kicking tail and taking numbers at level 41. Mostly due to this sweet weapon, The Butcher. Check-out my DPS. Now add Spirit Strike (which stack up to 5) and all the other passive offensive/defensive skills-- this guy is DEADLY. Really, the only time I die is usually fire related-- like I don't realize I'm on fire, or I'm mobbed on top of a few Rylor bombs and can't escape in time.

I should add the almost every hit is a crit, crush, deep wound with Spirit Strike and Ravage. Add Circle of Power and wooo-hooo!
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Old 03-26-2011, 03:37 PM
EternalChampion EternalChampion is offline
Join Date: Dec 2010
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Here's a screen shot of Bale 1-Eye in action against a 100% max damage-thorned Legend, caught right before I deliver Cruel Claw his deathblow.
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