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Old 09-09-2011, 02:51 PM
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Originally Posted by Shadow View Post
I haven't made much progress really.

I did talk to the Humble Bundle guys a little, but I didn't really get any feedback about the likelihood of any of our games getting into a bundle.

I also did talk to a few porters. I think my biggest sticking point along these lines is that having some else do the port is only a temporary measure and ongoing patches would be a concern.

While I'm thinking about it, if I did it myself, do you guys think I should use virtualization or a normal linux box? What's the most popular distro these days? Is there any reasonable way to ensure that something I make works across all of at least most distros?
I'm not hugely knowledgable in Linux, but I have worked on Linux at work.

I think in the long run, you want to install Linux proper rather than virtualize it. Virtualization means you are less likely to see issues with drivers, and that's where most of the trouble is likely to be. While you're developing, it might be easier to do the main part of the work in a VM, because then you won't (necessarily) have to set up all your tools and stuff in Linux. Eventually, however, you'll want to run it on a proper Linux installation. I suggest installing Ubuntu (which seems to be very popular nowadays) as a second OS on one of your computers.

In general, porting to linux shouldn't be that hard. You already have the game working on Mac which is basically unix, so the main difference would be (some of) the API. If you have wrappers for most API functions then that would mean even less work. I'm not really sure how one gets compatibility between Linux distros. The humble bundle seems to do it, and I found some more info here

I agree that having someone do the work for you is not a great idea in general since you'll have to be supporting (and expanding) the codebase. If you go over the changes that need to be made and you just need someone to assign grunt-work to, as in "figure out why the audio code is choppy, write a fix and let me know the reason" and you can find people to do that for you then it's worthwhile.

Regarding the Humble Bundle guys, I think if you nag them and maybe send them a complimentary copy of DoP you can get their attention. I bought the last Humble Bundle, and what I noticed was that they were initially lacking a really good star game.

Usually every bundle has one game that you really want, whereas the others fall more in the 'nice to have' category. The first bundle had World of Goo, the second had Braid, then there was a third bundle that was kinda weird because it was from just one company, but the star there was Trine. The last and fourth bundle I felt was really weak, and I'm pretty sure the 'bundlers' felt the same way (or maybe the initial sales showed it). A week or two into the bundle, they added Atom Zombie Smasher to the to the mix and that's when I bought it.

I'm pretty sure either DoP or DC would make good star attractions for a Bundle. Not because everybody's heard of them, but because the gameplay is so good that word of mouth will quickly spread.
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