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Old 10-05-2019, 10:18 PM
Excellion Excellion is offline
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Default [Bugreport] - "Soul harvest" does not trigger on "Devastating Blow" kills

The "Soul Harvest" skill grants the user a set amount of mana for each kill, but this mana does not seem to be granted on kills using the devastating blow skill.

Steps to reproduce:
- Create a character with the "Devastating Blow" skill (Weaponmaster) and the "Soul Harvest" basic (Multiple classes, for example Reaper). It may help to have multiple soul harvests to distinguish mana gain from the skill from the usual mana regen (My character had 4 Soul Harvests when i noticed this)
- Kill an enemy using the "Devastating Blow" skill and watch the mana orb. With 4 soul harvests at level 1 one should gain about 40 mana, but instead nothing is gained.
- To verify the skill works kill an enemy with regular attacks afterwards. This should credit the mana pool with about 40 mana just fine.

Expected Result
The expected result would be to gain mana when using the Devastating Blow skill for a kill as one does for other skills and regular attacks.

Considering the devastating blow skill's nature - convert all mana to damage - this might be an issue where the mana is credited before the kill is made. Or the mana drain for the skill's usage isn't calculated until after the kill. There is also the off-chance that this might be by design of course, but in that case I'd love to know. In that case i will likely have to chance the character build up a bit and spend skill points on heavily boosting mana regen instead.

Issue 2: Skill icon mismatch for "Malice" skill in the buff bar
Very minor issue that really doesn't warrant a separate threat. The Dark Templar's "Malice" icon seems to be different from the icon displayed when it proc's.

The skill in the tree is character with two raised arms that looks a bit like the druid icon. But if the skill procs - which places a small icon in the buff bar - the mini icon displayed is actually the icon for the Reaver's "Rampage" skill. Really minor, but since i noticed it i figured i might as well mention it.

Issue 3: Damage Numbers don't show when raiding or being raided.
Not sure if this is intentional: The floating damage numbers are not visible when raiding another base, or being raided by another base even if the option is enabled. As soon as the raid is over the damage numbers seem to return once more.

Issue 4: Stalker feet buff places feet... incorrectly.
And something funny i ran into: I just got the "Stalker Feet" buff that grants 25% extra movement speed in exchange for blocking the boot slot. It also replaces the leg graphics of a character but the effect is... interesting. Have a look at the attached screenshot. One leg is upside-down in the ground, whereas the other one is in front of the character, severed.
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Last edited by Excellion : 10-07-2019 at 03:30 PM. Reason: (Added the Tertiary issue i noticed earlier)
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Old 10-07-2019, 01:26 PM
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The no numbers during raids is intentional (it tends to cover the screen), everything else is probably bugs.
Steven Peeler
Depths of Peril, Kivi's Underworld, Din's Curse, Drox Operative, Zombasite, Din's Legacy, & Drox Operative 2
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Old 10-07-2019, 03:29 PM
Excellion Excellion is offline
Join Date: Aug 2012
Posts: 40

Issue 5: Unreachable raid gate
Another issue i ran into once or twice, is that an enemy clan decides to raid and ends up having their raid gate spawn in a location that cannot be reached.

The WeTransfer download link is a .Rar file that contains a screenshot of the issue, and world, map and other files that seemed related. (Had to opt for WeTransfer as ~500Kb wasn't allowed as an attachment on the forum).

WeTransfer: Download

Edit: That spot seems to be a favorite, as now a second clan placed its raid gate in that unreachable section.

Last edited by Excellion : 10-07-2019 at 03:43 PM.
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Old 10-08-2019, 04:39 PM
Excellion Excellion is offline
Join Date: Aug 2012
Posts: 40

Issue 6: Reaper's - Attack Bonus skill.
One more thing i noticed: I am aware that each class's basic skills tend to have a slightly different modifier for the "Stat gain per point of skill". For example:

Attack Bonus Level 1:
- Scout: 1.0 Attack per point of dexterity.
- Trickster: 1.0 Attack per point of dexterity.
- Berserker: 2.0 Attack per point of dexterity.
- Assassin: 2.5 Attack per point of dexterity.

This seems to increase at a rate of 0.4 attack per point of dex per level skilled (At least initially). I suppose this difference is likely a leftover from the previous games where each class scaled differently / had a different balance. Thematically \ Lore-wise i can get behind the idea of classes having slightly different modifiers (Some classes may be more efficient per skillpoint). Plus it adds an incentive to mutate to some specific class to optimize a character. That said, the title mentions the Reaper class and i didn't even bring him up yet:

Attack Bonus Level 1:
- Reaper: 6.0 Attack per point of dexterity.

A level 1 attack bonus skill for a reaper equals the per-stat gain of a level 10 berserker skill (Assuming 0.4 / level) for a 1 skill point cost. And as basic skills can be obtained more than once the scaling is off the charts if multiple instances are taken.

To give an idea of the result: At level 6 my test character - who pumped all stats in dex and now has 30 dex (35 buffed) - has two instances of the reaper attack skill (at level 1) which results in a whopping 685 attack. This in turn grants her 98% to hit and 500% to crit. Haven't done any long-term math but i guess that taking the skill 3-4x will likely keep hit and crit maxed-out for a very, very long time.

Mind you, not complaining at all, but since this difference is so massive compared to the other incarnations of attack bonus i gamble this might be a typo.
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Old 10-09-2019, 06:01 PM
Excellion Excellion is offline
Join Date: Aug 2012
Posts: 40

Issue 7: Weapon proc seems to grant incorrect buff level.
One of my characters was recently generating a rather absurd amount of health from skill attacks. After a closer inspection it seems the Life Steal buff on my Imp Slayer weapon is the culprit for this. The weapon should grant level 2 Life Steal for a total of 12% of life stolen per hit. Instead, the buff bar suggests that whenever it procs, the applied buff grants 44% life stolen per hit instead. I have not been able to test this in-depth so i am unsure if this is an issue with all buffs present on weapons, or if it is just an issue related to Life Steal. (Or perhaps even an issue that only applies to the Imp Slayer weapon).

Character file is attached as a .zip for easy testing if so needed.

After reloading my save, it seemed as if the issue resolved itself for some time (Back to 12% life steal procs) only to turn up again after some time. Interestingly, the life stolen percentage was always 2% higher than the previous instance (Eg: 44% -> 46% -> 48% and so on). After some more testing i found that this seems to be caused by using an Ego weapon. Once that ego weapon levels up, the life steal percentage seems to go trough the roof and sticks there until a save is reloaded.

Steps to reproduce:
- Load a save and kill some monsters until the Life Steal procs. Verify that it is correct at 12%.
- Return to the town and use the crafting station to level up the Ego weapon (Eg: Use Grindstones on it until it levels up / receives +1 max damage)
- Return to the outside world and resume killing monsters. Life Steal procs will now be in the 46%+ range (With a 2% increase for every Ego weapon level up during a session).

After reloading a save the issue is fixed, until the Ego weapon levels up again.

Edit 2: I can now confirm this issue seems to occur on weapon buffs aside from Life Steal. It was kind of noticeable when one weapon which should have granted 20% movement speed suddenly granted 80%.
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Last edited by Excellion : 10-11-2019 at 06:19 PM. Reason: Edit: Found the reason that caused this problem to occur.
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