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Old 01-19-2009, 06:25 PM
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Default Episode 1 Shake and Snake

Part 1 (because of Forum character limits)

The contestants were stranded on a sandy beach of a deserted tropical island with nothing but what they wore. Christina (vampire) started to turn red and Dedrick (centaur) ran along the edge of the water laughing as the waves washed over his hooves.

"I’m heading up to those trees," Christina said as she glanced around the group. "Call me when something happens."

No one answered but several watched as she walked and then ran to the tree cover.

"Is that the vampire?" William (werewolf) asked.

"It’s obvious," Gorm (mage) replied. "And who are you?"

"I’m William."

"I mean what kind of creature?"


After more introductions between the group, Amber (unicorn) asked "What are we supposed to do?"

"They didn’t tell us," Lina (rogue) said.

"Do you think it’s the first challenge?" Amber asked.

"Maybe we should search the beach," Nessa (elf) said.

"Omfen ow hair," Paige (zombie) said.

"What?" William asked wrinkling his nose.

"Air…" Paige said as she pointed to the ocean.

"There’s something in the water," Haimes (scree) said as he stared at his feet.

"Are you sure?" Eadric (warrior) said.

Haimes cringed then furtively glanced out at the ocean. "Yes."

"There it is," said Lina. "I see it."

"Me too," added Lorimer (sorcerer). "Kailen, can you fly out there and get a closer look?"

Kailen (fairy) shook his head. "I’d rather not."

"Why?" William asked.

"I’d feel like fish bait if I got close to the water. Besides, it might be too far. What about you, Jewel? You can go the farthest without needing to swim."

"Nope. I don’t swim, I sink," Jewel (cyclops) said.

Lina rolled her eyes. "You guys are pathetic." She jogged into the serf, splashing water around her feet. When the sea was thigh high, she dove and swam out toward the object.

"Isn’t she the thief?" Nessa asked. "Do we really want her to be the only one out there with whatever it is?"

Ranzkin (gnome) who’d been quiet up until now said, "Can anyone else swim?"

"I’ll go," said Eadric.

Lorimer smiled and nodded.

As Eadric splashed into the ocean, Lina had arrived at the object.

"What’s she doing?" Nessa asked. "Is she headed back?"

"No," Haimes said. "She’s looking at a paper."

"Instructions?" William asked.

Haimes shrugged. William and Nessa followed Eadric into the sea.

"She’s headed back now," Haimes said.

When Lina reached Eadric, he turned to follow her back. William and Nessa came back ahead of them. They walked out of the ocean dripping wet.

Lina tossed the corked bottle in her hand to Eadric. "You should read it next, since you were second into the water." She ran back into the ocean and dove.

"Freaking cheater," Gorm (mage) said. "Hurry and open the bottle."

Eadric struggled with the cork until Nessa grabbed the bottle from his hands. She opened it, pulled out the scroll and read out loud.

"The name of your first challenge is Shake and Snake. First you will dive for clams in the ocean. If you find an orange pearl, you’ll be in the Depths tribe. If you find a blue pearl, you’ll be in the Kivi tribe. Once you know which tribe you’re on, your team must complete two things. One is build a stack of sticks for a bonfire that must be taller than your tallest teammate. The other is to retrieve a lava snake from inside the depression at the top of the volcano. The first team to light their bonfire with the lava snake will be the winners of this competition."

Nessa dropped the missive in the sand and sprinted behind the others into the water.

Kailen looked at Ranzkin and shrugged. "Can you hold your breath long?"

"That isn’t the problem. Ranzkin patted her round middle. "I can’t swim down. Buoyancy in salt water will keep me afloat."

"What’s going on down there?" Christina yelled from the tree line.

Kailen jumped into the air and started flying toward Christina.

"Wait!" Ranzkin called. "She’s a vampire. She might eat you."

Kailen hovered a moment, smiling. He winked and then flew to Christina. "We have to dive for clams. Inside are blue pearls for one tribe, orange for the other. Then the tribes have to build a bonfire and light it with lava snakes from the volcano."


"I didn’t know what to think when everyone ran into the ocean. At first I considered that the sun-lovers just wanted a swim until the fairy came and told me what was happening.

"I already had a deep rash from being in the sun, and I wasn’t in the mood to do anything. I didn’t want to be dead weight to my team, but I wasn’t going to do much of anything if it meant being in the sun more.

"I normally don’t feed during the day and the fairy didn’t tempt me one bit. Sure, it might have helped with the rash to drink some blood, but the fairy has little more than a thimble full. What good will that do me? None."


"Just great, a bunch of sun events," Christina (vampire) said. "I hope you don’t want me to get you a pearl from the ocean."

"Nope." Kailen (fairy) said. "I’ll get my own."

Christina sprinted across the beach and jumped into the ocean. Ranzkin (gnome) coughed in the spray of sand and sat unhappily at the edge of the water. Lina (rogue) returned to the beach smiling. She ran into the jungle brush without a word. Next out was Jewel (cyclops). She dropped a large handful of clams and crushed them with her fist. Sifting through the pieces, three orange pearls were revealed. Jewel took one. "No one else is back?" She asked Ranzkin.

"Lina," Ranzkin said as the rogue ran out from the trees carrying a bundle of sticks.

"What are you," Lina called as she dropped the wood onto the sand.

"I’m orange," Jewel said.

"Same here," Ranskin said, smiling as she took a pearl from Jewel’s pile.

Lina laughed. "You’re going to need one heck of a bonfire pile." She ran back into the woods.

Next out was Lorimer (sorcerer), Nessa (elf) and Haimes (scree).

"I’m with Kivi," Lorimer said.

"Me too," said Haimes.

"I guess you’re with Lina then. She started a pile there." Ranzkin pointed to the wood in the sand.

"Don’t tell me you’re with Depths," Nessa said, frowning at Jewel. "We’re never going to get enough wood in time."

"Why’s that?" Jewel asked. "There are plenty of trees around."

"But you’re so tall!" Nessa exclaimed.

Jewel shrugged. "I’ll handle the woodpile." She headed into the forest as Gorm (mage) rose on the swell of an overly large wave. It pushed him passed Nessa, sending Ranzkin running. She didn’t get far enough however. The wave crashed over her and she coughed up water. Dedrick (centaur) followed in the swell’s wake, pulling a frazzled looking Amber (unicorn) beside him.

"Mines blue," Gorm said.

"I’m Depths," Dedrick said.

Amber pried at the shell in her hand, but couldn’t open it. Dedrick took it from her and stomped it to pieces with a hoof.

Amber took the pearl from the sand. "Blue. That’s Kivi."

Lina dumped more wood on a pile. "This is Kivi’s," she called on her way back into the woods. Gorm ran after her and Amber sat in the sand, frowning.

"I don’t think I like the ocean," Amber said.

"Where’s our pile?" Dedrick asked Nessa.

"Jewel said she’d handle it."

"Then I guess we should head for the volcano and fetch the snake."

"I’d come to, but I think I’d slow you down," Ranzkin said.

"That’s okay," Nessa said. "Stay here and tell the other’s on our team to help Jewel." Nessa jogged toward the forest with Dedrick close behind.

Christina rose from the ocean like a goddess, soon followed by a clumsy William (werewolf) and splashing Eadric (warrior).

"I’m Depths," Christina said.

"Me too," William added.

"Jewel is getting the wood and Nessa and Dedrick headed for the volcano."

"I’m with Kivi," Eadric said.

"You’re over there," Ranzkin pointed.

Christina and William headed into the woods.

"Is everyone out yet?" Eadric asked Amber and Ranzkin.

"No," said Ranzkin as Paige (zombie) limped out of the waves. She carried three fish and a clam.

"An umun el owen is?" Paige asked holding out a clam. Eadric took it from her and pried it open while she bit off the head a squirming fish. Blood splashed her chest and dripped by her feet.

"Nothing in this one," Eadric said as he showed her the empty clam."

"Jewel brought up some extra," Ranzkin said, showing the last orange pearl to Paige.

"Ains," Paige said, taking the pearl.

William carried a small pile of twigs and sticks onto the beach, followed by Jewel carrying two medium-sized trees, one under each arm.

"Oh come on!" Lina cried piling another load onto Kivi’s bonfire. "That’s not fair."

"Since when does a rogue cry unfair?" Eadric asked.

Lina raised her eyebrows, then smiled and winked at Eadric. She dashed off for more wood.

As Jewel smashed the trees into stackable sections, a green fish jumped high out of the water. It turned into a very small pelican and flew onto the sand before spitting out a blue pearl. The air shimmered and Kailen appeared in place of the bird.


Tribe Depths:

Jewel the Cyclops

Ranzkin the Gnome

Nessa the Elf

Dedrick the Centaur

Christina the Vampire

William the Werewolf

Paige the Zombie

Tribe Kivi:

Lina the Barbarian Rogue

Lorimer the Sorcerer

Haimes the Scree

Gorm the Barbarian Mage

Amber the Unicorn-Girl

Eadric the Barbarian Warrior

Kailen the Fairy


Check out this quick, awesome Depths of Peril movie, and then go to Part 2 for the rest of the show!
Delilah Rehm
Writer for Soldak

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Old 01-19-2009, 08:18 PM
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Mind me asking if, at least for the short term, if the different teams could be identified in some way once they picked the perls, maybe different coloured names, or an icon of some kind next to them, something to make it easier to tell the teams appart?

I ask now only because with 14 competitors and two teams things might get a bit harder to follow in future.

That said, excellent read, I look forwards to reading more(which I guess starts with part 2 :P ).
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Old 01-20-2009, 09:01 AM
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Great idea! I'll try to figure out how to do this. (Yes, I'm too much geek to be "normal," but not enough to be "geek cool" )
Delilah Rehm
Writer for Soldak
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Old 01-20-2009, 09:12 AM
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Victory is mine!
Delilah Rehm
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