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Old 10-14-2017, 11:55 AM
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Default Notes on OSX 10.12 Sierra

Greetings all,

After encountering the “Critical Error: Couldn't find Database/database.dbl!” error message while trying to run both the Zombasite 0.924 demo and the full Zombasite 1.0 on OS X 10.12 I was able to come up with a workaround that I'll share for posterity.

What did work:
- Download and install Zombasite 1.0 normally
- Download Zombasite patch 1.013 (or latest), but do not install it into your Zombasite directory as you normally would.
- Instead, install it into its own directory. Inside of the patch's /Assets folder, temporarily rename to something like so that it isn't overwritten in future steps.
- Copy the /Assets and /User folders from your original Zombasite 1.0 directory into the incomplete patch Zombasite directory - and merge the files if prompted by your OS.
- Inside of the /Assets folder again, delete the that we just copied from the 1.0 directory, and rename the from earlier back to
- Try launching Zombasite from this new Frankenstein directory - this was able to fix the issue for me.

Known issues:
- The only issue I have encountered so far is that the default keybindings are all null - easy enough to fix by setting them manually, or likely by copying a working keybinding config file into the new Frankenstein install, but I'm not sure which file this is.
- I haven't had enough time to test the game to say definitively that this will not lead to future issues down the road, but after several hours, everything seems to be in order.

What didn't work:
- Zombasite 0.924 demo out of the box
- Zombasite 1.0 out of the box
- Removing / uninstalling all Zombasite files and re-downloading / re-installing everything from scratch
- Downloading the .dmg from different mirrors
- Disabling Apple gatekeeper stuff from the commandline

Additional notes:
Originally Posted by Shadow View Post
All of our games work the same way when it comes to this issue.
(above quote from

- This inspired me to try running the Din's Curse and Drox Operative demos. DC threw the same db error, but oddly enough DO ran without any issues. (Maybe there's a clue in the fact that DO worked. Pretty sure I have my license keys for DC and DO saved somewhere, but I don't have access to them at the moment. I can play around with the non-demo versions of the games later.)

Originally Posted by Shadow View Post
After a little research it looks like OS X 10.12 does something new called App Translocation (more Gatekeeper stuff), basically it sounds like it runs the app from a random folder.

Is it possible to turn this stuff off for one app? I don't have access to 10.12 so I can't check.
(above quote from

- I'm not convinced App Translocation is the culprit in this case. As mentioned earlier, the DO demo ran without any issues. Additionally, I disabled the gatekeeper stuff via the command line and it didn't have any effect. Assuming I understand the translocation stuff correctly, once a user removes a file from a .dmg, (copy X to your Applications folder) translocation is no longer a factor. It's just a way of preventing external apps and scripts from calling hidden files on a recently downloaded and mounted .dmg. (Don't quote me on that, I did very minimal reading.)

- Weirdly enough, after building the Frankenstein directory, downloading the Zombasite 1.0 .dmg again and running Zombasite as normal works just fine. Can't logically wrap my head around how this makes sense, but maybe there's a clue in there for people with more experience.

Never had any issues running any of the Soldak games on previous OS X versions, but I can't definitively say that this is a 10.12 issue. I'm happy to use this machine as a guinea pig if anybody has other ideas.

One final note for people with performance issues on Mac, especially if it's a retina display: consider dropping the resolution. Visually there seems to be no degradation of quality if you maintain the proper ratio and step it down a few notches. Food for thought.

Lastly, congratulations to Soldak on another excellent game! I only regret that I didn't jump on Zombasite when it first came out, because it truly is a gem.
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Old 11-23-2017, 11:28 AM
Roswitha Roswitha is offline
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This also works for Din's Curse in OS X 10.12. Thank You!
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