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Old 07-13-2019, 11:10 PM
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Default Question about NPC Management

A couple of my NPC's got in a fight. I then got a "help" notification (flashing question mark) telling me that I could give gifts to NPCs in one another's name to improve relations. It said I could do this via the clan info screen, and that I could also see NPC relations via this screen. As far as I can tell, there is no clan info screen in this game like there was in Zombasite. Thus there is no way to give gifts or see NPC relations.

The "N" for clan info hotkey is still present in the UI Config options menu, however, but pressing N does nothing.

Also, do NPCs with characteristics like cooking or baking, which would have provided food in Zombasite, do anything in DL? The tool tip in the NPC profile screen for one who has cooking still says cooking provides food, but food isn't a concept in this game like it was in Zombasite if I understand correctly.

I notice NPCs still have personality traits, but it isn't clear whether these matter as much as in Zombasite, or if they matter at all given that there is no clan management.

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Old 07-15-2019, 11:22 AM
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The personality traits definitely matter less in this game since most of the NPCs aren't your responsibility (at least not for long). It looks like there is still some more text I need to clean up.

NPC food skills should give you some random food every once in a while, which not required like in Zombasite, are nice buff/healing items.
Steven Peeler
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