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Old 07-06-2011, 01:09 AM
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Originally Posted by jureidinim View Post
Hi - i am trying out your mods and they seem great.
Thanks! I put a lot of work into them and I'm glad you're enjoying them.

Using the Extra mod though - do i load it into both Asset folders? (i have the expansion as well for Dins Curse)
No. The extra balance mod should only be in the main Assets folder.

I had it copied in both, and also have your original Balance Mod running, and noticed that the quests were very few and i solved more of them before anyone even offered them. At one point, no one had any quests to give, but the game did not end.
That's probably just luck. You were looking for changes (naturally since it's a mod) and since people are pattern seekers, you found this particular pattern. I've had games with my mods where the pace was faster and ones where the pace was slower. In general, I don't change the pacing of anything in the game.

I removed this Extra mod and left only your other Balance Mod running, and the quests seem ok now.
There shouldn't be a difference. Just make sure to put the Extra Mod only in the main Assets folder.

The only thing i noticed with this was that the WAREHOUSE global modifier was running (making loot drops less in vanilla game), but with your Balance mod running i still got quite a lot of loot drops. Does this override the vanilla world modifers?
That's probably also just chance. There shouldn't be any difference in loot drops between vanilla and regular Balance Mod. In fact, there are very few things in the vanilla game that actually reduce loot drops so it's most likely that it was just chance. Even if you play in Poverty mode you'll get almost exactly the same drops.

The overall pacing seems slower - in the vanilla game a lot more bosses seem to be active and constantly progressing with their plans to invade. Yet so far the pace seems a bit slower with the mods running. Is this an effect of your mod or am i just seeing things? :-)
Again, it's probably just seeing patterns in the randomness of the game. I didn't touch anything to do with bosses or their attack rates.
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Old 07-06-2011, 01:19 AM
jureidinim jureidinim is offline
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Ok. Good to know. :-)
I'll put the EXTRA mod back then in the main Asset directory and try again.

Looking forward to any ore updates you do.
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