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Old 07-07-2012, 01:52 PM
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Default My take on the races/poll

I just don't get it. After reading the poll for favorite character race, it said that humans were winning 50 to the closest being drakk at 20. I couldn't see myself playing as human just because its a space game, why not play as an alien.

When dins curse was out, warriors were the favorite in polls, which i can actually see because warriors had aoe attacks, high damage and survivability and were generally easy to play and get into compared to rogues and other classes.

This doesn't mean that humans are weak however, as they are not. These are my thoughts on which races I've played and are powerful and which are not so much.

Drakk are a race i could see being a lot of fun and very powerful that i have played as a bit. A high thrusters/defense is cool and a bonus to tactical is awesome too.

Shadow seem to be really cool being the rogue race of the game and the only race with a bonus to computers and helm, which is helpful as a finesse ship.

Dryad is another race which i have yet to play as but likely will. Structural and engineering is defensively powerful together as engineering makes them good for long fights and.

Cortex are actually kind of cool as bonuses to engineering and computers mean they are good offensively from computers and defensively from engineering (shields)

Heres the races i won't play as and thus are not as powerful in my opinion-

Lithosoid, ugh these guys might be hardy but why would you ever want to have a high hardiness when shields are so much better than tanking it. I guess i could see this as good if you lose your shields and are trying to absorb everything but still, not a very good idea.

Brunt, these guys are completely awful. I played one of these to lvl10 but really the damage bonus didn't help. The reasoning behind it is that in dins curse a warrior can dedicated 2 or even 3 points per level to strength and gain an awesome bonus to damage. In drox, you dont get the ability to specialize in a few attributes so thats out the window. Maybe they might be good at later levels but I've yet to see how a .5% bonus to damage can help.

Those are the only races I've played as and thus i need more time to give each other one a try. If anyone has any thoughts about some of these races that might shed some light as to a cool build that'd be cool.
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Old 07-07-2012, 01:59 PM
aReclusiveMind aReclusiveMind is offline
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To be fair, that poll was put out long before everyone had even tried all the races. I think a new poll on release or thereabouts will offer a better look, and a poll a month after release would likely be even more accurate.

I'm not sure I agree regarding the Lithosoid. The advantage of armor is that it doesn't use power. You can stack on large quantities and even replace them in battle with fully repaired armor. You can't swap shields out like that, and shields also require some of your limited power resources.

My highest level ship is a Brunt (high 20s). I'm not sure how much the bonus damage has helped, but the extra tactical on command level up is useful. Having an extra weapon slot is never a bad thing either (extra missile slot).
aka Kardiophylax
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Old 07-07-2012, 06:16 PM
Nori Nori is offline
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My favorite is fringe. Extra energy, extra engineering and extra damage, plus a power slot. Sounds sweet!
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Old 07-07-2012, 06:43 PM
Valgor Valgor is offline
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I'm having a blast playing as a Utopian. I'm in love with the flying silver boxes they call spaceships.
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Old 07-07-2012, 08:21 PM
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The Brunt are at least twice as fun if you imagine them as exactly what they are: a rowdy bunch of adorably stupid drunks. The massive damage boosts don't hurt one bit either! I always smile whenever I read yet another message regarding the Brunt encountering a technology setback (presumably trying to repair circuit boards with a ball peen hammer), and it's a crying shame they are almost always one of the first races to go (usually at the hands of Talon, Legion, etc).

Other than that:

Shadow: Obscenely boring otakus. Their ships are probably filled to the brim with Naruto paraphernalia and R.A. Salvatore novels. They probably also claim to know how to get all kinds of crap for free. Almost everything that could be classified as art the Shadow have produced ends up on some kind of future-deviantart where a bunch of mouth-breathers congregate to tell them how good or "kawaii" their poorly-drawn charicatures are.

Human: Can't help but think of them all as dumb Americans, almost to the point of being offensive. I imagine the avatar for humans was asked politely to remove his oversized cowboy hat and cigar before his picture was taken. They actually do know how to get all kinds of crap for free.

Hive: Not much to them. I find it interesting they are even capable of striking out on their own as Operatives without some kind of direction. I start thinking about that, get confused, play as a different race.

Fringe: Bipolar schizophrenics. I don't really need to say much more than I imagine they alternate between speaking way too fast and driving every syllable home like a steam hammer, which makes them enjoyable to deal with. I bet they keep their crew on their toes.

Drakk: Jerkoffs of the strangest order; I can't help but think they're the equivalent of a narcissistic KKK in space, yet they turn into 6 year-old children when you get friendly with them. I bet they love kittens, but hate cats. Can't say I blame them on that one.

Dryad: Marijuana and Fruitopia. I'm talking a LOT of marijuana. I love how easygoing these girls are, but good god. I bet if you extracted the THC from a single one of their brains you could keep every Glaucoma sufferer on Earth high as a kite for at least a year. I think Dryad ships should fart out technicolor smoke clouds every minute.

Utopian: I wonder how much daily maintenance these guys need, and if they like really stupid puns. I'd have to say they're the second most boring race (trailing the Hive by a hair), but they do have some really nice threats when you piss them off. I mean, sentient robots. Whoopdeedoo. Sorry.

Lithosoid: Little known fact: When they first encountered the human race, they sent ambassadors to Human planets to get to know each other and sample every form of food the humans could possibly produce. There they came in contact with Subway and the Jared story. They were so horrified they've never visited a human planet again, instead opting for delivery. That's not to say they could fit in many Human chairs to begin with - they were always booth guys.

Cortex: "I'm smarter than you and I've evolved beyond courtesy so I'll just call you a retard." They spend most of their time programming MMORPGs for the Shadow to play and contracting Hive to gold farm. Vicious fellows, but if you ever need a specific piece of circuitry or electronics it's probably laying around a Cortex ship.

I really don't like the Shadow.

I also think I missed the point of this thread. Sorry.

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Old 07-07-2012, 10:47 PM
Philexan Philexan is offline
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Lol, I like fluffybot's description of the races better than the original ones, thanks for the good laugh
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Old 07-08-2012, 01:57 AM
fotan fotan is offline
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I've got a soft spot for the hive because they're similar to the ones I played in Masters Of Orion 2, but I think their missle defense weapon is a rather weak skill in comparion to some of the other's race skills.
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Old 07-08-2012, 07:48 PM
Chumpy Chumpy is offline
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Fringe are amazing. Free power plant slot!

Shadow are nice because cloaking devices never really become obsolete. (Note: this is not a complaint!)

Lithosoid's extra armor plating is good, but the problem with Lithosoid is that going all-out on structural doesn't improve your healing options. The level of nanite repair you can use should be based on Structural, with similar changes for the other consumables.

Drakk have some nice stat boosts, and Drakk crew are everywhere, but fighter bays are a little narrow in use. Another thing I'd like to see in Drox is the ability to heal fighters and NPCs.

Not sure about the others.
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Old 07-08-2012, 08:41 PM
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fluffybot's dumb american.

"Why don't y'all come on over? The Drakk are already here.... bar-bee-qued! Haw, haw! Tastes jus' like chickin!"
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Stephen A. Hornback

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Old 07-08-2012, 09:06 PM
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Originally Posted by PixelLord View Post
fluffybot's stupid american.
Nailed it. Love you, mean it.

EDIT: Also took the liberty of making it my avatar. Hope that's fine with you.

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