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Old 10-01-2008, 10:34 AM
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Another suggestion if you want to relax a bit more; once you have defeated all the other covenants, instead of clicking the end world icon, just keep playing. Then you can just explore and finish quests at your own pace. When you are bored with this, then you can proceed to the next world. I find this a great design decision.
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Old 10-04-2008, 06:03 AM
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Default Hello, zengrey here.

Hi Roland, this is zengrey. I am currently running a lvl 33 Warrior named Ipsia, and over the time I have played this game, I have discovered that I like to play to win Jorvak first, then continue along with my quests to further level up, develop my equipment, money and abilities. Then when I feel I've reached a level where I find myself constantly running up against plague or siege outbreaks (or what have you)I restart the game at my current level with a larger number of covenants/clans to deal with. SAVE your relics that you find, and also save the rare, unique or artifact items you find that you don't need for your own covenants and save them to trade or sell. Buy the largest pouches/bags/sacks/knapsacks that you can afford, and early on in the game buy more food and water than you could possibly use. This sounds ludicrous, but be wise in your spending, and when food or water is poisoned, you will find yourself well stocked at least through the encounter or crisis that you need to solve. Choose your equipment wisely-- I have several bags of artifacts or set equipment that actually do better in performance when used in conjunction with 'lesser' items. You will through trial and error, and getting your ass kicked by other covenants find your personal favorites.

Well, I know I tend to be long winded, but thank you for your question, your patience with my answer and your time. Good luck and happy adventuring.
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