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Old 02-19-2018, 10:56 AM
MindDefect MindDefect is offline
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Default Idea: More randomness in casting?

I think the appeal of these games is the great variety/randomization they bring to the genre. And generally, at least in my gaming experience, ARPG games could have more unpredictability in spell casting. Both in actual usefulness and visually.

Like, each spell would be casted at not only a random damage amount (maybe stretch the damage/effectiveness spread more too?), but have variance that is also more visibly captured on screen. I'd admit having a chance of complete failure for every spell is going too far for a real-time ARPG though, so I'd might scrap that aspect..

For example, a basic fireball spell, which would of course range in size(w/damage increase), and taking it further, even range... depending on how well the character casts it. Maybe it can go through an enemy and shrink, if it fully kills/absorbs an enemy.

If people don't like the unreliability this creates for magic users (which I think most games pose magic users too reliably, to be honest..), there can be a new attribute called "magic stability", or better yet, simply called "concentration". As the attribute builds up, it limits the chance of badly casted spells (or starts to eliminate the randomness on the lower end)

Though it would surely be extra work for the artist of course...
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Old 02-19-2018, 11:58 AM
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This is definitely an interesting idea.
Steven Peeler
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