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Old 10-30-2015, 02:50 PM
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Default Adventurer wins often become a very frustrating experence

I usually try for adventurer wins. I keep clans relatively friendly by bribing them into making peace, and siphoning the bribe with nice items afterwards. I usually start areas about 4 levels above mine, so the rewards from solving the dozens of quests for all clans are great. As a matter of fact, I have a great time exploring the map, clearing areas, meeting clans, defeating bosses.

And then it happens, pretty much every time. I have solved all of the quests that were active when I first meet the clans. I have explored every area, found every gate, fought off every attack on my allies. My clan is way ahad of everyone else, my character level is significantly over every monster's. There are about as many quests as they are clans left... and the game grinds down to an incredibly frustrating waste of time.

As soon as I knock a quest off, another gets generated. It's most often the type "A spy/conqueror/whatever has been found in X" or "A boss has been seen in Y". So I get to backtrack in an area that has been fully explored, look for a single target, wade through enemies bringing me 3 xpt, and get 25 xpt as reward for the quest... as soon as it is solved, another one pops up.

I have done this three separate times. The quests fluctuate between 2 and 2 + number-of-clans-left, which makes me think that there is a mechanism generating quests if a clan has none. Once I played that way for 5 hours. The other two times, I allowed the region to descend into clan warfare after an hour of pointless wack-a-mole questing.

The player is pretty much prevented from achieving an adventuring win unless he allows the clans to decimate each other.

To fix this, which I find extremely frustrating, I suggest to have the odds of a new problem being generated for a clan decline when:
- the quest area has been explored, cleared, made safer, or pacified
- the level of the quest area is lower than the player's
- the quest area is close to the clan's seat, and lower than the clan's level
- the number of quests already solved for and by this clan is high

This will not only remove the frustration of endless, trivially easy quests popping up, but provide a sense of accomplishment as the whole region grows safer.
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Old 11-03-2015, 06:58 PM
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Well said,
I agree with the psudo waste of time feel. I had some bad luck and had a map with a purple area transition point and no way through it so it was my clan all alone with at least one undiscovered one, after a few hours I decided to take my first abandon area strike and restart.
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