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Old 03-14-2018, 06:22 PM
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Default Todo list

This is my entire todo list for Din's Legacy. It is currently pretty long. It will contain spoilers. It changes daily. I add things constantly from testing and feedback. I remove things often that aren't feasible or just don't fit. Just because something is on here, it just means I'm considering it, it doesn't mean it will ever happen. Also, the ordering doesn't always mean much.

Please feel free to comment on anything in here!

Right now I have 14 minions but plan for more. Only 10 show up on the left hand side of the screen. (Mandark)

Map reveal radius is too small. It doesn't even cover what you can see in the normal game view. (Destro*)
Mega-map shows red dots for enemies, yet the minimap doesn't while inside of towns. (Destro*)
Name in character screen stretches outside of the box once you get 3 subclasses. (Destro*)
Feedback 5: I'd really like a convenient way to delete all of my worlds in-game without going through each one
one by one. (Currently, going to windows explorer is about the only way to do it efficiently). (Destro*)
@make sure all bestiary monsters have attack with sound
secrets still show up on map easily
should be easier to shut doors
make won town screen more interesting
count up to quests completed on win screen?
be able to sort quests by level or something? (Castruccio)
be able to move bags that have things in them?
let user specify when get low health warning? - slider?
If you mutate then don't leave the Skill / Char menu and mutate again, it'll take the mutate point but not apply
the mutation. i.e. no skill re-rolls. The playing area screen also gets "blanked" of objects which only resets
when you exit from the menus. And the skill bar gets stuck with nothing on it, requires a new drag&drop of a
skill onto it to reset it back to previous #skill locations. (Boink)
Ah, I was going to mention too, the auto trade bags doesn't work if the bag I'm trying to trade is in the bag I want to replace. (Fulano)

Getting the "Can't see" message way too often where it really doesn't feel like it belongs - Maybe due to the
hills blocking sight? (Dragonface)
change opening screen to be a battle or something like monster stress test?
would be nice if things would slide instead of just stop against collision
add height to worldmap?
basically break up each into 128 tris
make a way to prioritize certain item specs according to player (health regen, leech, etc) (JaminandShara Mills Famly)
4) I couldn't find any way to get the actual # of quests done (I know one is produced on win), which is annoying.
However, I can safely claim 200 quests done. I wanted to save the stats to show just how borked Sanctuary is
atm. (Boink)
add a dropdown box like Kivi so modded specialties will work on new character and mutate special screens
automatically? (treborx555)
There lots of scenarios where you start. Couldn't these scenarios be added to the world creation settings, so by
default it'd be random, but the game could allow you to choose one if you wanted? (Darkness)
Some things off the top of my mind would be a loot filter, configurable hotkeys for health/mana potions, a
"loot all" button which picks up items in an area around the player. (Sephumbra)
do easy attacking like Grim Dawn?
be able to sort characters? name level, timestamp, etc.
Would it be possible to allow keybinding to the mouse wheel? up and down (Cockbite)
Zombasite - give all my Clan-members "extra rations" at the same time (Justin Dwyer)
useUiScale, xJustify, yJustify for menu scaling, do for game common & player UI (if keep)
a little button ui rework to blend better?
UI scale option?
is it time to make the font/UI smaller in general?
way to never miss messages?
don't leave screen until you hit x
recent messages box that you can clear?
increase resolution of UI elements?
be able to move around UI elements?
clicking on ground (not holding down) is not very accurate because of terrain
help pass
add shadow quality option
X over slot needs to be centered better

skill modifiers on items - just use _passiveSkill? generic like ModifierSkillModificationPierce instead of
ModifierSkillModificationPierce-SkillFireBall so there isn't 10,000 of them?
potion changes?
@I got offered a Guard from a clan, despite there being no way to use them (Dragonface) -
should spawn as a follower
@i got a defense unit from another clan trading me but i dont think im actually able to use it - probably talking about
guards (chesse20)
@As food doesn't exist, using an empty vial on alcohol doesn't do anything (Dragonface)
Found a "Door Vendor" that only sold potions (as clan doors don't exist in this game) (Dragonface)
@Got mead from using an empty vial on alcohol, says +food despite food not existing in DL (Dragonface)
if already have all we need don't drop back on ground
Torches show up as Type: Shield (not sure I care)
clans need doors again
can find maps that point out secret dungeon locations or other interesting locations
potions to fix stamina drain, stunned, and other similar effects?
crosses could have heal increase like staff spell damage (or could do scepter)
can buy guards but can't do anything with them - should be able to add as follower
gem that adds crystal/obsidian to items?
can mutate an ego item? only on equipped items
ego items can change to imprint items if they are equipped?
imprint items (soulbound?) - Dr Strange cape item, like ego, but better, can only have 1, once equipped can never get rid of it,
won't drop on death, they gain more & more enchantments & the enchantments ger more powerful over time
curse on items doesn't show up until item is equipped? and then can't remove while it is uncursed?
can see if you are cursed?
is cursed a mutation?
definitely need way to donate items to clans in hardcore
custom unique items - saves archetype of killer monster & uses its random name seed + uses base name, so if you kill Ulog
you might get Ulog's sword - would be better if he was using it during fight
coolest item found?
can I shrink cross & make a 2nd hand item that increases spirit? or use Models/Items/Monsters/orcshamanwand.mdl?
@food/drinks slow health/mana regen and also a buff?
change fishing/hunting type of skills to create item occasionally, make it so they can create stuff while in

Local multiplayer still suffers from frequent crashes. (Mandark)

*Done need to add to credits*

This problem is further exacerbated by the fact that everything's attack range is far beyond its actual visual
distance. This is to the extent that monsters can literally hit you through walls: (observe the styrac, who is attacking through the wall). Very annoying when
fighting clans and it makes it so much easier for monsters to surround and stun-lock players. (Destro*)
Also, there needs to be some kind of way to prevent 'stair camping' - I understand you
can't have the player dodge in/out without some mechanism to prevent abuse but one miss-click and they get a
boost as well as free gank attacks when you appear. (Boink)
never let a player get 1 shoted?
We ended up having to quit because the world has high intensity and fast paced and we could hardly make it out of
the town. My friend made it to a dungeon but couldn't get away from the exit, so many monsters spawning below
and above. (Fulano)
make higher difficulties harder?

@no chests in beginning town unless monsters?
or greatly decrease magic chances?

*Crashes/Infinite Loops*
stress test that fills up all entity slots with fake entities
The game will freeze for a few minutes or crash entirely when laying a frozen trap near dense groups of
enemies or firing shock arrows with chaotic shots and extra projectiles.
freezing trap? - ProjFreezingTrap
ice storm hits often
ProjResidualEnergy on top of ice storm?

*Slowdowns/fps issues/optimization*
make sure using vbo with new shadows and only calculating during first pass (light?)
job stuff - pathfinding, building vertexes
dead monsters could share vbos (if using dead anim)
optimization pass
@do things like yellow mold share model?
use Telemetry?
precache pass - d_printFilesWaitingOn
@The ice crystal are causing massive frame rate drops when they explode. (Wrenchturner) MonsterCrystalBlue
So I ran into an issue where I was defending against waves of monsters in a desert area, and my AOE spells
started lagging everything pretty badly - 2 in particular are: Fiery Maelstrom and Charged Strike of
Caltrops. I was also using my offhand attack, Lethal Blow, and have the mutation Frost Nova (death
blow). (caldazar)
Ran into a major slowdown in the latest patch - too many AoE spells
going off at once. Made it challenging to survive 5 minutes... (silverhand)

show locked specialties? kind of like bestiary?
fix character export
announce 50th, 100th, 250th, 500th, 1000th, ... kills of specific type?
NPC can join clan thing should apply to joining town
@ when fight off a town/siege attack each NPC launches a firework for next couple minutes? (if no other
attacks happening)
fireworks in game when NPCs are happy?
god blessings sometimes on things like rescues
effect and sound when find a semi permanent status effect - name these something?
mutant level up effect
mutate level up installs fear in all nearby enemies
need some kind of shockwave type of effect
don't get XP bonus for finding level start in or bordering starting level
better win screen
more cool info
counts up to numbers?
mighty achievement not greyscale
new - 25 special rooms found, 25 relics or whatever persistent boosts are called, should probably
call them something & add to journal, X blessings, unlock all specialties, 1 for champion for all classes (any
specialty of that class)

*Quality of life*
auto pickup bonus xp stuff?
Can we please get much longer duration on 100% uptime buffs? (ploratio)
So much QoL changes coming from Zombasite, but this is yet one thing not improved - and I imagine it'd help
now more than ever.

randomly generate monster uniques from a file that contains name, base, level, database name,
main enhancement/enchantment?
caltrops or smoke screen as general unique/renegade tactic? as in better fleeing
do ambushes get bonuses for surprise? I don't think so, but should
do ambushes automatically add player as enemy? do they go through full sight time? should they immediately look for enemies?
add a chance (based on rarity of monster) start with real item(s)
naga priests can leave a ton of acid on ground
any one that actively dodges incoming projectiles sometimes?
things like hounds/stalkers can come out of trees?
monsters rarely if ever pick up items to use, do NPCs ever?
got a ton of unique amorphs in same block (Mandark)
Undead Skeleton Wizard Dressed In Robe. Boss Type Enemy. Found in Grave Yards. When it dies, it drops a Wand scaled to your level with Life Steal, Magicka Regeneration, and chance to cast a curse spell of some kind. (rainbow)
can jumpers jump over short objects?
hidden skeletons not showing bones on ground
rylor bomb needs a buildup effect & an explosion effect
are followers setup for all monsters?
ghosts or liches can smoke move? (turn into smoke move really fast and can go through objects)
anything of a certain size causes earthquakes/screen shakes on footsteps (based on weight?)
less earthquake, more screen shake
automatically change to heavy footsteps if over certain weight?
monsters that hate each other might prioritize attacking each other over player
reptiles hate snow
saurians like rain, dark elves like night, dogs louder at night
ai should run to noise location not add enemy to hate list
guardians cause mini earthquakes on each step
some enemies can target support poles and other things to destroy (using projectiles and a minimum distance away)
fleeing smart enemies can open secret doors?
if a door is open by AI it automatically shuts a few seconds later like clan doors?, chance it locks then, if AI is fleeing
if light turned off chance they will attack?
so can get into fights about lights that can lead to wars, battles, new enemies, etc
would be cool if a smart enemy could open an unlocked door, run through it, shut it, and then lock it
amorphs have chance to merge together to make a larger version? takes 3?
some monster that tries to get behind you
leaders/followers? entire group gets alerted at same time
chance that monsters with weapons start with a magic weapon? goes up with rarity
be interesting if some monsters could purposely target environment (fireball oil or cave support)
be even more interesting if could pick up and throw fire grenade at cave support, or pickup & use potion/elixir/flame sword
pick up oil & create fire sword
intelligence enhancement that allows normal monster to use tactics or increased chance
randomly (somewhat rarely) give random monsters npc skills?
it would be pretty cool if an orc net trapped you all of a sudden
might have to restrict this somehow to things that make some kind of sense
unique monster can fake being normal?
change undead totem to work like a necromancer?
does skeleton hiding as bones work?
some monsters light things on fire on purpose (throw flaming oil or have to be next to it?)
monsters can really end up being renegades
stalker -> druid
demon -> warlock
fire elemental -> wizard
can I do elementals with just effects?
having always visible ghosts might be interesting since you would see them go through objects - different type?
can I do a shadow monster? just the shadow of a monster (each version is from a different monster) - always drawn even if shadows
are off
which monsters can I reverse their death anim & it will look ok?
bulletin board can get fog, wet, and darkness status effects (shouldn't because can't be damaged or attack)
Nefarious - good unique monster name
wisp - if raining can buff self with lighting bolt from sky?
chance that ghost alphas in a little when targets player
monster enhancements can affect which quests a monster might start?
fire totems should cast light (do they not?)
unique monster pass?
dark elf raids during night
never see monsters with magic items
blindness effect? blacks out screen - probably need to put up blind or something on screen to be obvious
ghost can cause fear? basically a type of stun? or just have a paralyzing attack?
fire elementals actually absorb fire damage?
hulk can charge and bash you and has large knockback?
could I make some more variants of monsters by simple color shifting?
some monsters attack in groups (flank behavior)
initial sighting takes their fov into account?
make fire elementals/hell hounds suseptible to cold damage
make fire elementals immune to fire damage?
are hellhounds resistant to fire?
are monsters more aggressive at night?
guardians that I randomly run into are too easy - ghosts and guardians singlarily placed for a reason should
get level boost
giants should shake everything each step?
do gargoyles clump?
dark elves not outside unless night?
dark orcs get bonuses at night?
monsters respawn faster at night?
reserve ghosts for single use? unless haunted?
or maybe just much more rare
some ghost standing (not an actor)
random unique names for new monsters
saurian mages might be killing wisps
any other class or variants we can do for other monsters?
demons & undead still at war?
things like desert saurian should show up in deserts?
KrallScout unique names
someone that sprints towards player on first seeing but can't do again (kind of like zombies, but really high
chance and high reuse time)
do I have a just spotted taunt? - Time to die, easy prey, coming to me was stupid
near death taunt too late - always right next to death
Are Ragnar taunts supposed to stack? In this last world there were tons of ragnars and I'd often have 4 taunts
stacked, making it take ages to do anything. (Fulano)

need to halve happiness changes and reputations changes
add relations button back to NPCs?
are reward chests from NPCs happening now?
Din should be in the game somewhere like DC?
rescues come to town (if a town)
I think this has been a problem since launch but NPCs/vendors are really suicidal. Like when they are at low health they will run into battle and die when they could easily run away to survive. Could be good to have them just run away once they get to 10% health or something rather than autolocking on enemies. (Nyithra)
recruiting someone to your party and then making a new world shouldnt just add a clan member thats a ticking timebomb of anger (
mutated renegades with 1 main skill & 2 skill mutations and maybe other mutations?
@Missing NPC (Mandark)
So my NPC companion seems to be missing. I had equipped items on her in my single player game. Then I played some multiplayer for a while (in someone elses game). Then went back to single player and no where to be found. Proceeded to create new maps in hopes of finding her but no luck. Happened before too. Kind of sucks and discourages me from investing anything in to them.
I realize that the companions are probably not the priority at this point but I might suggest taking a look to see if there is a more reliable way to keep them around when the game is stable.
npcs come to town with quests?
NpcWitch that spawns fire elemental, I can't attack the elemental - marked as a pet in monstertype, can't attack pets
chance to spawn something like a witch in a house in forest?
Bug 4: If you accept somebody in you party and they get infected and then you leave the area, then the
notification that they are infected will remain on your screen even in the next area. Yet, there is no way to
interact with that person. (Destro*)
Wow, my companion (can only have a party with me and someone else until I somehow level this up) got turned into
a full-blown zombie, yet still fought by my side. Crazy. (BrianRubin)
have adventurers that are actually adventuring around?
special vendors that do clan special things?
Can you kick out a troublesome "clan" member? (julie23316)
I know there aren't personal clans in this game but I have one NPC that I fought with early on that is now
always in my town and has become a problem. She's cursed the town and fights with every other NPC. I have tried
to kill her off but I can't use any spells on her, my screes won't attack her, and it's honestly just annoying.
I've even just stood by to give health potions to the npcs while they are attacking her, but it's been a half
hour already, her health has barely deminished and I'm starting to get low on health potions. Any suggestions?
I'm loving the game and my current character so I don't really want to just start another one just yet.
Also I've got an NPC 'conjurer' helper that doesn't have the stun skill in their list, but she casts it from
time to time. (Fulano)
NPCs are still using skills way above their level, until I have them join my party, then I re-load the level.
Then their skills get lowered back to their level. Was that supposed to be fixed in this patch or was that the
next patch? I can't remember... (Fulano)
I have an NPC companion that has raise skeleton ability, which is great. But when I quit my single player game
to join a multiplayer game, the NPC isn't there. That's OK too.. but what is really annoying is that I continue
to hear a summon sound as if the NPC was there, raising the skeletons. The sound doesn't stop. I have to turn
the effects volume down all the way to get rid of it. A very weird but irritating bug. (Mandark)
*And the sound just keeps going when on the main menu screen.
NPC companion - Is there any plan to reduce the rate of unhappiness that NPCs accrue? Happiness goes down
too fast. I have donated 10 gold to keep it a "clan luminary" for 5 minutes. (Mandark)
The NPCS walk around areas that are on fire when in town. (rainbow)
@Could we have the NPC's names include their class? Like "Kyle the Healer"?
It would make it a lot easier to tell what they are and decide who to take with me than having to talk to
each of them and check their stats manually. (Fulano)
And, another bug report: Most town npcs spawn at half hp (30/60). (Destro*)
@This is also much less major, but in multiplayer, I was hosting the game and could add an NPC to my party just
fine, but the person I was playing with couldn't -- some message about the party being the maximum size
already. She was using summons (necromancer) and I wasn't, if that has anything to do with it. (hella)
First time I played the game I had a monster party member (one of the feral cat-like humanoids) and he owned
everyone too. I miss him. I remember I had to abandom that world and start a new one, the NPC went there, but
couldn't be invited to party, and actually died in the town invasion haha... made me really sad. (Darkness)
Feedback 2: Town NPCs should get a defensive buff. As your level goes up, I noticed that they are just way too
squishy for you to beat the 'let no npcs die' encounter, unless overleveled.... (Destro*)
I found a witch's circle, and the npcs there were all hostile, however when I killed them they were called
"wandering recruits" and were seemingly treated like the other recruitable npcs in the world (Dragonface)
npcs straight projectiles
should have less monster NPCs except in towns of that race
pet skeleton of NPC in town is causing town attack icon/sounds?
I have (had) a possesed NPC, and I got a victory condition. (ibitato)
I went ahead with the game, and now the NPC is still possesed and there are no quests or anything to cure the NPC.
It's the only NPC i have on the clan
logistic victory food probably
monster villages - npcs from the same monster type
give npc renegades more skills?
@armory stuff should work when have npcs in town - should default to off
if have town & rescue npc, they might come to town
add some unique NPCS?
(Edit: tested it further, it seems like the NPC won't cast Bravery on you if you already have a blessing, but
if you get Bravery first a priest will still put a blessing afterwards.) (Thunt_Cunder)
need print that a town NPC dies if I'm protecting the town (same thing for protect clan)
I just got an NPC with fishing and butchering, both mentioning increased starting food, and "+fishing". I don't
think either of these are relevant to DL (Dragonface)
RandomSkill SkillFisher
turn off, give items occasionally (like potions, buff, etc)

Reset the Class Tree when starting a new Char as an Option (Fresh Start) (Giri)
put a rank type of thing on specialties based on skill points in it?
gladiator/monk, expert gladiator/monk, master gladiator/expert monk, etc.
allow player to buy back attribute points?
This 'free mutation points' glitch is really weird... it managed to proc on a level 1 character, lol: (Destro*) I'm starting to think it is related to one of the crashes that I
encounter at high level zones. Very interesting!

extend magic find from followers to all? (TheRagingAnimist) Actor::spawnLoot
just on NPCs?

I'd really like to see a Meteor skill somewhere. (Mandark)
vision that can see invisible monsters
dual wield
can use rain scroll in dungeon - get wet, does lightning, no rain though
earthquake should add a rattled effect (attack and cast speed debuff) - spell & natural versions
savage strike/whirlwind will hit liquids/ground traps
whirlwind should use more mana?
I've got a death night helper and he's got the brewing skill, which says he gets more food and makes better use
of it. (Fulano)
more flee skills
Like my arcane swarmer of toradoes with 25% chance to spawn lightning balls.. It's not nice on my eyes lol. I'll
probably make a mod that reduces that 25% chance to like 3% but increase the dmg. (treborx555)
passives wont work with lightning blade in spellsword, specifically charged and life leech, will mtest more once i get more mutate attempts edit1: concentration poison dosent work with it either (tdstom)
@I seem to have accidentally won a "Gladiator" scenario by dying. (Paul Debrion)
unholy vitality too powerful?
For some reason it seems Serrated Arrow is really weak compared to other arrow skills. Even if I pump points into
it, it still seems like it barely packs a punch, unlike Fire Arrow. (Ninjakillzu) SkillSerratedArrow
Using Whirlwind, it's possible to attack through walls (Dragonface)
Several times I've had to add 2 points (via +) to get a skill to activate. No idea why - seems like there's a hidden -1 from somewhere, but there's no curses / negative mutations. Effected Transmutation (I re-re-re-x12 mutated to regain it). (Boink)
Lots of skills effected, most recently: shield mastery.
Passive bonuses on linked skills (like the focus skills) do not activate on skill usage. For example, if you get
focus damage first and then focus armor later, if you then get a passive ability on focus armor later, it will
say that the skill is not leveled. (Destro*)
In the Necromancer tree, add an Undead passive spell that changes the player into a Skeleton and adds Defense Stats. (rainbow)
4: Paladins have mail armor as a regular skill not a basic skill right away. This is both probably unfair and inconsistent from a gameplay standpoint where they have to spend 8 points for what many classes get free and they're supposed to be a melee type character... but also introduces a bug. (TheRagingAnimist)
After obtaining mail as a basic skill, and putting a point in it to lock it (in case gear swaps removed all my mail at any point while constantly putting on new stuff i picked up), mutation gave me the paladins regular 'mail armor' skill as an option. Obviously this was useless so I wanted to mutate it out. But it would not mutate. Sensing something was wrong, I even used a memory editor and gave myself a bunch of points to test with.. it never went away even after attempting to get rid of it like 50 times.
In order to get rid of this duplicate wasting space in my skill page that something else could use, I tried removing all mail armor.. it still wouldn't go away. What I also had to do was remove the points from my basic skill 'mail armor' and mutate with no points protecting it and risk losing it. This is a pretty major issue because anybody with mail armor trying to get paladin skills and spending multiple points to find the skill they want is likely to get screwed hard and might not realize why.
Well all the 25% chance on non basic attack seem op to me. If not op then they seem eye hurting. Like 25% chance to summon ball lightning. My character is only lvl 30 but with a lot mobs and my arcane swarm or ice nova he summons like 20 lightning balls. (treborx555)
Most scale with spellpoints so they aren't that op, but certain onAttack spells scale with character or debuff important mob stats like movement. (treborx555)
Then there's the Vitality buff, unholyvitality, stack vit bonus health skills build.. This wasn't as op before cus there wasn't any bonus health skill stacking and any who choose death knight were melee.. But now it seems way op. (treborx555)
Percent based stuff in general is OP and for last games having op skils wasn't a problem cus you only have 3 classes at a time. This game on the other hand allows you to get ALL the op skills! This is fun for a while but leads to quick burnout i think. (treborx555)
I'm thinking.. Maybe skills should have tiers or rarities and make it harder to get the most op skills. That way characters would start with weak skills but slowly get better ones. (treborx555)
I'm also thinking about lowering the power of certain skills by making them only scale with stats that a certain build is using. Like the fire shield should scale with fire damage. I don't like fire shield being an OP spell for my ice mage you know xD (treborx555)
Basically restrict spells to certain builds cus otherwise they're gonna be best for basically all builds. If you have anylatics you should know exactly which spells are used the most. (treborx555)
spellsword feedback: lightning blade seems like it does too much damage compared to my weapon damage, (tdstom)
channeling has too long a cd, closer to druids 2mins would be better. lastly ive not seen charged passive
not work once (tdstom)
edit: strength mutation for hardened armour is overtuned 100% phys for 30secs is too high, and other similar
mutations like a similar one for barkskin was 10% phys for 10 secs, that was far too weak (tdstom)
riposte not working after parry?
warriors probably need to use more mana
skills pass
boost skill passives
add reuse timers to some skills
could have skills add extra to multiplier if certain conditions exist (stunned, on fire, distracted, etc)
some skills could add more to multiplier, like devastating attack could add 50% more than usual
(skills that have timers, use all mana, or have specific conditions to use)
can no longer get rid of basic skills?
I decided to make a Dark Templar/Necro hybrid for my second character and at level 22 (now 25) I started putting
points into Unholy Armour and Vitality. When I cast UV, everything is fine, however, when I cast UA manually or
with a hotkey my character keeps casting UA for about 30 seconds, making me go oom then immediately casting it
again when I have regened enough.
can't reproduce - asked for character save
(Befuddled Honey Badger)
add wampir, hell hound, and brood to summoner?
add hellhound to warlock?
silence spell? (no spells)
wall of fire
add some basic skills that add mana/mana regen to strength (for warrior types), dexterity or vitality (for rogue
ninja - stealth, shuriken, other similar stuff, dagger mastery, cape, escape notice, critical hits, dodge, evasion
have a hard time regening enough mana
@soul harvesting skill mutation doesn't mention how much
@leeching skill mutation doesn't mention how much
should always be able to shoot projectiles and not get can't see print?
increase passives of active skills?

can mutate with another player in multiplayer? need permission?
2: The modded berserk i mentioned previously also was modified with 'curse'. Not a specific player ability which
may be part of the problem. The natures revenge DoT had a 10% chacne to hit and consistently hit (especially at berserk attack speed), the 'curse' ability (which reduces attack/defense and all resists by a large % for 5 seconds) had a 25% chance to cast on hit and NEVER triggered. I tried hundreds and hundreds of hits without ever seeing it land. And at 25% chance on hit versus the 10% on the nature DOT, i should have seen it much more often, but I never did. I did however see natures revenge a lot. (TheRagingAnimist)
Could use more detail on what certain mutations do (Dragonface)
chance to lose a fear mutation when killing a monster that you can get fear from if they kill you
water mutation - stronger when wet
Minor bug: carapace mutation alters the PC sprite (to being covered in rocks). Removing the mutation doesn't
remove the effect. (Boink)
Edit: Grr, some skills are not being kept: (Boink)
Transmutation - SkillTransmuterCommoner
Mana Bonus
Placed 1 point in each, was lost on mutate. Annoying, since I wanted them. Edit: yep, just took Blocking from
me, which 100% had a point in it.
If you have a skill that gains a linked mutation, then mutate yourself and lose the skill but then mutate back into having the skill and it gets mutated a second time, the following occurs: (Boink)
The initial mutation reports "don't have this skill" and you lose the ability to - / + modify it
The second mutation reports it's linked and can be - / +
The skill itself lists itself as being modified by both.
Can't tell you if it works since it's not a skill I use...
like i have a mutation for duration of the lucky minstrel skill but i muted out of having lucky cause i didnt put
in any skill points so its now a useless mutation (tdstom)
less knockback skill modifier?
skill modifiers would be even cooler if changed effects too
need more skill modifiers that drastically change them - chaotic focus, blood magic
could add SpawnChance to skill modifiers to make some more rare
could add way more monster related skill modifiers - basically any monster enhancement
unique skills? 3 mutations?, set mutations, unique name, no prefix/suffix on name
how would you get?
only if an upgrade to what you have?
get skill & all mutations at once randomly & small chance
can I get 3 skills to fit in secondary text?
can I really come uip with tons of unique skill names?
if I did could let Patreon people create, name, and pick mutations?
mutation - spores (possible when hit)
chameleon epidermis
more mutations - fire proof, teleport (no mana but time limit), slow projectiles, reverse projectiles, deflect projectiles
lava skin
super smell mutation - no bonuses for ambushers
could do mutations that change skin - stone hands, etc
mutation - uncontrolled spontaneous combustion - catch fire on fire damages nearby enemies, damage when hit, catches things
on fire
advantages - Scrounger (better at scavanaging), Marksman (bonus to hit with bows if full stamina), healing touch (healing aura), Telekinesis (can manipulate simple objects from a distance),
direction sense (cheaper searches), Heirloom?, lightning rod (in rain get hit by lightning often, heals), extra arm?,
Engorged limb (larger limb, +str in that limb), Rebirth/Second chance (1 free death), gossip (cheaper rumors), X-ray
vision (see objects on other sides of things), Quiet (make less noise when bashing things), Egg Layer (plaguebringer
larva, max of 5), Prehensile Tail (like extra arm), fangs, tusks, Animal Control (like skill that makes people your
slave but limited to animals), Spore Cloud, Projectile Thorns (like charged but different projectile)
disadvantages - Cursed, Curious (more likely to set off traps),
pyromaniac (starts fires), Hunted (much higher chance of hunters, bounty hunters, and assassins), debt, Color blind,
9 lives? (less health but can die 8 times), Grotesque (less followers), One Eye (like point blank?)
dragon breath mutation - on hit or actually usable (need anim)?
if added weapon length could add Extra Long Arms mutation
getting killer mutations might be too easy
Lightning Speed - faster ground movement
Venomous - extra poison damage
Yellow Mold - on damage release yellow mold spores or on death
Thick Skull - -10% intelligence, +10% health, -10% stun chance
Lightning Skin - lightning swarm chance on hit and on death
more mutation ideas - acid spit, infravision, small wings that while you can't fly allows you to miss many traps,
beak?, mind blast, breathe fire, hypnotic gaze

i was playing a game where my arch nemesis was and they randomly died without me ever seeing them and the game told me i got a reward chest when i never got a reward chest (
Town attack quests seem to be unsolvable quite a lot, sometimes it'll spawn a few of the creatures specified and you can even find their gate and break it, but the quests are rarely solvable. Other times they won't spawn at all or you'll just find one or two hanging out around the town perimeter. (Etto)
2) Bosses cheat. Getting a boss to ~5% HP and have it magically teleport elsewhere in the same zone & get a
free heal is cheap, annoying and breaks the meta-mechanics. Stop the engine doing it please. (Boink)
The Demonss and Zombies have ended their war (missing period also)
rescue - have to escort to any gate?
more things like monster guarding gate (door, chest, lever, key, etc)
toll bridge - can't get by without paying toll or killing monster
monster wars don't change enough
make 1 monster kill only count for 1 uprising?
bigger sieges at higher levels?
would be cool if monsters can dynamically decide to do things - toll bridge or guard gate
ghost can demand an offering to evil god - can donate & might make evil gods stronger or can fight ghost
some way evil avatar stuff can escalate
kill avatar, destroy an altar, get cursed
cursed by the gods (kind of like good god blessing)
could get a blessing from one of the good gods
rumor that so & so is really a renegade or a trap
would prophecies be interesting?
named cults that can spread? uses a random name - was cool in Shannara (theirs was Crimson Tide)
add unique renegades?
need a few mutated bad guys
riot event?
town founded event (NPCs move in)
Quest targets can spawn with location description "Secret Area" : my current map has three (3) such areas,
doing a search doesn't indicate which one it is. (Boink)
1. Enemies that I need to kill for a quest are not in the area specified. (Varkon)
I really wish when a monster is in a different location to where the quest says, the quest updates. This is
especially frustrating when they've disappeared into a dungeon you haven't found yet (Dragonface)
Wasn't notified when I'd failed my Arch Nemesis quest? Which somehow failed despire my Arch Nemesis not being
in the area (Dragonface)
won hero quest instantly
I encountered a wrong location in the quest description. (Tyakraman)
In the region "Remnants of Iulia of Acid" were two dungeons, the "Insane Sullen Crypt lvl 1" and the "Lost Pit lvl 1".
The quest "Kill the Tiny Mud Amorph hunter" said, that the monster was to be found in the "Insane Sullen Crypt lvl 1", but when I couldn't find it and pinged its location, a marker was placed in the "Lost Pit lvl 1" (the "v" marker still pointed to the wrong location though).
need to add more quest chains for Hero Quest
reinforcements by allies should happen more, dialog chance
could actually have dialog on most tactics
@if quest gets obsoleted because for example a boss takes over that should become new win quest
add known grand children & further down of quests? parent -> parent -> etc
quest modifiers? quick? desperate? extra strong?
normal monster, champion, or unique can transition to guard quest
need more cross quest stuff - monster kills nemesis & becomes new nemesis
monster works his way up to nemesis, clan, etc
battalian of death knights quest
should not get going to raid your clan type of quests on scenarios without a base
spy (like scout but not visible quest unless killed or spotted)
town alert for assassin that has wandered way out of town (Fulano)

in The Misty Hills but not labelled on map anywhere
sometimes not getting level name on map once discovered
make tiny world smaller
when huge and all connected choosen - keep getting No open edges when building level error
more east/west
all fort blocks need to be adjacent/connected, can't add or remove a fort block that breaks adjacency
found encampment but looks like ring of trees
need to make map edges less straight
no gate in Druidic Woods
clan level not marked well
raid gate not going to correct level all of the time?
blocks with 3 closed sides more likely to have objects/chests?

@campfires should heal everyone nearby?
warded areas
can throwing water/fire things hit triggers?
projectile hitting secret door just disappears
puzzles - find all the pieces, pull the levers in correct order
beams of light?
leaves falling
had to go back through secret gate to a secret level to get it on map
going to a little secret area had gate back on map but was normal gate texture
make some secret gates harder to see or add some variety of effects
find 3 key fragments to open door
invisible bridge secret
need to figure out how to have unbreakable locked doors with a key or lever that is guaranteed player can get to
could put 1 on each side of the door
need a special key - dropped by a monster
dungeon entrance that needs a special key or lever in outside level would be easy (no path issues)
pointing statue when used turns 90 degrees - must point correct way to open door or multiple & need correct pattern?
could do treasures that only give bonus during that world like current game but also like god blessings
could even call them treasures (could actually change used up relics to these)
could do monster trophies also - could do with screenshots if from visible piece, could only drop from monster
more secret effects - so some variety with the secret portal
might need a world explosion so something like shuriken doesn't make rocks bleed
lock that only unlocks with correct gem, like spectral can walk through/can't be broken
Extra waypoint portal thing spawns in starter town. (Destro*)
Is there still a lever that can randomly activate a gate somewhere? I still struggle to see what many levers do
(unless trap, door or chest nearby) (Dragonface)
I found a gate that just teleported me back to town without giving me the ability to teleport back to it. Sort
of like a one way waypoint (Dragonface)
tunnels secret until used
will a torch break if something is knocked on to it?
when break lit brazier should shower sparks around
make other fires blow out with high wind?
small chance yellow mold zombifies monster exposed
signs still have prefix/suffix in them for town
gates can be locked with keys like chests? no effect
some secret doors can only be trigger/button/etc
I think I can do doors, put 2 versions 1 on each side of door, build list of blocks on each side of door through open sides
if no open sides in block not already added to list stop, recursive basically, need to make sure actually drops in the block
also if 1 trigger for door is used other one needs to go away also
locked doors use green keys
any door can be replaced with a unbreakable/special locked version (add a stone shader or something)
could just add a status effect that multiplies health by something really high (100) and give it a prefix of unbreakable
would probably need to save/load status effects
can levers and buttons open secret gates and/or get rid of illusions?
can I spawn like 3 levers and have a random code (up, up, down) that then opens secret level?
or 2 drops item, 3 opens small secret level, 4 opens large secret level
@add effects to all colored chests?
black gates that are like purple gates but can go anywhere (not next to gates and can go to secret areas)
door/chest that requires secret word - place on scroll randomly dropped somewhere
add statues here and there and sometimes they are secret chests & sometimes activate when touched and are a
teleporter malfunction
gargoyles around chest that come to life when chest is opened
or triggers can trigger gargoyles, they don't trigger unless triggered or damaged
gravestone can start a curse? might need to make them better if this happens
add unique gravestones?
add unique chests?
1 time gamble object (well/pillar/etc)
triggers should more consistently do something
evil altars need to be unique and/or always piss off god
rain destroyed a campfire instead of putting it out
does door breaking have good effect?
a way to replace some of object X with object Y
doors have chance of creaking & thus alerting monsters
make object random sizes consistent across save/load - set seed, level seed + x + y (or mult)
make it obvious a touched gate
trigger has chance to spawn another trigger?
volcano should do explosion & leave lava (instead of just lava)
herodius blessing - happiness/insanity bonus for clan
might have to cap Giant Obelisk thing
dirt mounds that contain buried treasure
volcano with dirt texture & smaller?
or could use haypile with dirt texture
or gold vein
uncovered dirt mound could end up being secret cave
lever that raises secret dungeon entrance or fades in entrance that was illusioned to be invisible
town signs - Keep out! Do not enter!
could add xp stands (better xp orb on top of town relic thing) - so can get from exploration not combat
can also do mutated version (xp pillar)
lost altar of X (xp)
make xp pillar really good xp

liquid slowly goes down hill? and pools?
rolling flames down hallways from explosions?
rolling boulder would still be cool - when it hits something it breaks into fallen rocks?
Traps such as Fire Traps or Net Traps are invisible when behind trees that have been made transparent due to the
player character passing behind them. (Paul Debrion)
@invisible earthquake trap - like TrapGroundSpawnAmbushHidden, add to spawn list
@boulder traps (sets off falling rocks) - only underground - would need some kind of model
@trap that resurrects all nearby monsters - can I use skill icon on top of a trap model?
@a transform trap - random shape? hulk, stalker, small spider/scorpion, imp, etc.
strange portal - looks like secret portal, but trapped (explosion or spawns enemies)
@do I have a trap that lights torches?
some doors have trap that shuts & locks them after you walk through
trap door to lair or secret dungeon
need effect when destroying fire/ice projectile monster traps
@do we have a falling rocks trap?
hidden crossbow trap? (just shoot a bolt from random location that can see player position)
volley of them would also be cool
do I get xp when triggering a trap that kills monsters? (really should get double)
@do we have a charged lightning trap?
@trigger flock of ambient creatures (bats, rats, etc) trap?

Killed my opponent in a duel almost immediately after spawning (it spawned next to me), but win not triggered (Dragonface)
Behind Enemy Lines started in a town (change to no towns?)
in last man standing one of them basically got stuck in adventure behavior i a dead end - would walk around but would
never leave that block
do you fail clan protector of clan is destroyed
duels should be smart oponents only?
In a Chaos scenario (which I won), all I had to do to win was sit next to spawn, and wait for the timer to
deplete (Dragonface)
My spawn area was a tiny box, with no links to other areas. I could enter another area via gate however
And last, I don't have evidence for this one (because I wasn't in the mood), but I want to put down a record for
historical purposes. When going into that one small outside map (kill all clan leaders scenario for example,
with the orange desert theme), my entire character glitches out. This happens consistently. And, upon saving
my character and going back out to the character menu, the name is gone like the 'no named character save' bug,
but it even loses its three-mutation description tag too. Thankfully, I can go back in and make a new scenario
and play him like normal. I don't have the evidence for this, so I suppose ignore this for now, but I wanted to
put this message here as a record for the future. (Destro*)
First, the World War scenario causes far more lag than any other scenario. Please keep in mind I'm doing level
100 areas when I say this, as I don't recall it being a problem at lower level areas. However, it is extremely
noticeable. (Destro*)
@Dying in a gladiator scenario apparently counts as a win (Dragonface)
In a "World War" scenario, over half of the clans were wiped out by monsters very quickly (Dragonface)
@Survival scenario - not much happened (survival was easy) - QuestInvasionSurvive not working
monsters in Gladiator scenario tend to die in fires they started
no escort quest for extraction scenario
scenarios too big?
invasion (with gates) scenario had lots of quests but not attributed to the gates
Bounty hunters too slow or aren't tracking down player? (Giri)
I was runing through the World Areas and killing Mobs, after the Timer zeros: World Won.
I was playing normal and i was looking for the Hunters...
holy war - every once in a while evil god gets pissed off, make avatars more unique, random good attack
occasionally (holy symbol tpye of attack)
should lose certain scenarios if die
restore the town scenario - win if all houses, lose if everyone dies
alert scenario?
trying to rescue or achieve something in lowest level
too much noise and the base goes on alert - much higher spawn rate, bonuses to everyone, etc.
tournament/bounty scenario
like Scenario24
no random quests
lots of uprisings
double money reward?
clear out the dungeon
lots of vendors (in town and below) and adventurers (1 person clan or special NPC?)
victory points for one or more scenarios?
a cult scenario
won brawl when still clans in there
in brawl, everyone has bulletin boards and pedestals - smae with last man standing
race scenario - race to bottom of dungeon
setup like Escape, 1 person clans, clans can solve quest, if they solve quest, fail scenario
npcs will need supply of potions and ability to use them or have a fairly high regen rate

write manual
@remove clan references soon
@lots of things mention clan still
plans to raid our clan
Our clan is under attack
recruited npc and got Clin joined !

*Graphics improvements*
can I change shadows to be during light pass instead of own pass - should be faster, also might look better (work
better with normal mapping)
@Dragonface / I have a Nvidia GTX 1060 6 GB and most (yes most but not all) Graphics Glitches are gone
after disable Bloom in the Graphics Options and switching to Borderless Window. Regards (Giri)
@add more burned ground textures so more variety?
sunrise by far has best color, can I make normal day color that and make sun rise/sunset even more extreme?
attach back up weapon to back?
ground that gets stretched enough double uv?
detail textures?
calculate fov needed for shadow map light pass - right now hardcoded to 5.0 (could be smaller in many situations)
could also calculate frustrums individually
calculate near/far z values actually needed?
could go through all draw objects and build bounding box
new far z is culling things when big hills
should RenderingState::setUseTextureAlpha be per texture?
rendering shadowmap to MSAA applied framebuffer?
Parallax Occlusion Mapping - would need a heightmap for everything
shuriken draws too dark now
overhead icons sort behind a lot of things

*Environment interactions*
electricity can go along water?
if on steep hill liquid more likely to keep going?
can weather lightning hurt? should it be like an explosion at target point?
weather lightning would be cool of it was small damage but decent knockback
drips on water have chance of spreading that water
Fire mold
only active in daylight (not night or dungeons)?
can spawn when a fire goes out if in daylight?

@A question, is only the host supposed to be bring towns people along in multiplayer?
Right now nobody else gets the "party at limit" message even if the host doesn't have anybody in their party. (Fulano)
Also having my game and his saying the Monk class was unlocked, but it didn't show up in the new character
list. multiplayer only problem or something I already fixed? (Fulano)
@It would appear that clients in multiplayer can only mutate once before it breaks and doesn't allow them to
mutate again until they leave and return on this latest patch. (Etto)
@The character I played as had a conjurer helper in single player. When I joined the server she disappeared,
but was constantly spamming the summon scree spell. I could hear her casting it the whole time we played. She
accepted items when I scrapped them, and she kept leveling up. When I reloaded my single player the NPC was
still invisible, but I could select her with the V button, but she wasn't listed on the left. If I tried to
cast heal on her I would get the "Out of Range" message. (Fulano)
The player hosting had weapon effects turned on, I had them turned off. When I joined the server the weapon
effects turned back on. (Fulano)
@I tried to mutate my character (not hosting the game) and nothing happened. I lost the mutate point, and
didn't get any popup saying "mutated with character" and nothing changed with my character. It works fine for
the host to mutate. (Fulano)
The game was quite laggy, even though we've both got a good ping. Other soldak games work great, but in
Din's Legacy there were frequent delays, monsters jumping around, etc. (Fulano)

I seem to be getting a lot of salvages that result in nothing (Dragonface)

*Modifiers (world/level)*
everytime i select slow or slowest pace the game adds the fast pace modifier to the map on so its like no changes at all (
haunted - lots of invisible ground traps that close & lock doors - like TrapGroundSpawnAmbushHidden, add to spawn list
nightmare - crazy respawn at night - nightmarish/of nightmares
poison level that has poisonous mist (greenish fog)
don't put modifiers if can't do it - no orcs when can't spawn orcs in that level
does world save name include prefix & suffix?
secret level of gold - says mining on map screen - not a single thing of gold to be mined
high mana world - faster mana regen and/or more spell damage (player & monsters)
ghost town - if haunted replace all npcs with ghosts?
The world modifier "low stress" does not work. In fact, town attacks have been near constant. (Boink)
level & world modifiers need to be stronger

if a house goes across a level boundary the height of one wall will be wrong (not sure matters enough to fix since it would be complicated)
I entered an area (Malabar Wilds of Illusions), and it suddenly went really really dark, despite no darkness modifiers or darkness machine. Also no darkness debuff (Dragonface)
Some rooms spawn bugged. Here is an image: I could not find the world save
file for this area, sadly. But, this bug happened a couple of times during my level 100 run, so it should
appear again eventually. When this bug happens, its possible to walk through walls on the map in many areas.
Also, the corruption only partially effects an area. (Destro*)
more statues in graveyards
don't allow uniques to spawn in secret areas (wrestless)
sometimes lair has a few champions or just 1 high rarity monster
can I make some new dungeon/cave tilesets with new textures?
2) Mapgen not creating maps / links: quest journal & map info dot state that the quest target is in a dungeon
in an area, but not in the two I've fully explored. Needless to say, there are no other entrances on that
map. (Boink)
unique cave, very dark with lots of faeries (glowing) flying around
ProjAmbientFairyBlue ProjAmbientFairyGreen ProjAmbientFairyOrange ProjAmbientFairyPurple ProjAmbientFairyRed
lower terrain values? (Zothen)
Feedback 6: At first, I really disliked the slopes onmaps. But, after seeing that they actually change movement
speed, I came to love the extra tactics that they bring to the game. Still, I feel that are overused and overdone. Every area has crazy slopes and it would be nice to have some areas with not so crazy slopes. A bit more diversity in this regard would be very welcome! (Destro*)
That's the realistic change. In terms of 'dream-like' changes to terrain, I have two. First, I'd really love to see actual cliffs and cliff faces. With the huge increase in monster density in Din's Legacy, corners have become more important than ever. So, the corner of a L-shaped cliff edge would be a very welcomed strategic point. And, the same can be said for sporadic cliff walls to hide against.
The other thing I'd really like to see are more large projectile obstructing objects. Again, the monster density is really high in Din's Legacy, so positioning to block projectiles is very important. Large trees, massive boulders, ruined walls, etc. could all be very helpful for helping to block projectiles.
To give a bit of an idea of where my pacing suggestions are coming from, I played for like 4 hours nonstop today and only reached level 11 on my hardcore character. I know that I have a lot to learn and am working on the most efficient strategies. But, I can't help but feel that this is a tad bit slow. And, imho, my clear speed on my character is not even that bad ^^ (poison arrow doing 25-33 damage a second (depending on the level I leave it at)).
generate roads like outdoor if block is from outdoor level and not road (basically can open up) & like road if from road level
could bigger dungeons be built like outdoor levels?
would be nice if dungeons/caves could be larger than 1 level (across that is)
will probably need to increase secret areas
be nice if secrets could be placed against open connections
need to change Savage Lair name & any others that are now duplicates
side areas and secrets in roads?
multilevel towns?
make each environment type more unique
more town locations
underground towns?
change tunnels to be able to go to any level? (like dungeons)
take more advantage of ModelChange/TextureChange stuff
make levels more extreme - more open, more maze, straight path, etc.
put fake blocks/areas around dungeons/caves?
more trees in graveyards
not always getting path out of towns
use tunnels as entrances sometimes?
do we have a red forest?
a purple forest?
grassland with giant flowers?
mushroom forest
giant tree is random color?
graveyards need fog often
give houses random color tint based on the area block/level?
getting lighting from level instead of block?
add some unique towns
need a way that new unique levels doesn't change world generation
add world generation version thing
needs to be sent to client also
needs to cull lists based on version so choice doesn't mess up sees & stuff
make grass, tile, trees in sacred grove unburnable
make trees in sacred grove fullbright?
center altar in sacred grove?
use old preferred type stuff - need to support multiple types and per type not per entry
more possible special rooms - crater, giant statue, war camp, ancient tree, haven
towns need to be themed more (npc type)
some dungeons don't show up on minimap/map until found and don't get quests there
locked dungeons?
key for locked dungeon goes somewhere in overland map
can be sucked into nearby chest or monster (none of these can be culled)
secret caves use tunnel entrance or various other things
need a tower entrance model still
tunnel destination should be secret until used
add to graveyards?
more secrets
make ambient creatures random from list
lairs can spawn in dungeons/caves?
would be cool if dungeons/caves could have multiple entrances/exits/ups/downs especially if into different
Ghastlymoon Base all closed blocks (just pit)
would be cool if different environments had more impact
deserts - nagas, scorpions, hellhounds, lurker, torva
graveyards - skeletons, undead, ghosts
ruins - skeletons
underground - dark elves, Ragnar, Shadow, wampir
caves - Plaguebringer, spiders
forest - stalkers, spiders
tropics - imp, torva
need more ruble in ruins (use cavein but already down, and spawn randomly as an object?)
need more grass in ruins

@shouldn't be able to turn when stunned
fire chance has chance of burning (fire dot like deep wounds)
ice damage has chance of wet, frost, or frozen?
killed frozen enemy shatters - chance of leaving ice & no deady body
light only adds to monster aggression if level is dark
earthquakes add to one another?
knockback should take terrain slope into account?
xp for finding special blocks?
shouldn't be able to turn when stunned
hitting something that is frozen can/will shatter them?
fire damage can unfreeze them
cold damage will put out fire dots
does shooting arrow from higher ground get bonus?
stoned/petrified - can't be hurt but can be surrounded
knockback more down hill & less up
if perception is high enough highlight secret things (similar to highlighting)
perception skill could also highlight visible traps
can perception sometimes make illusions glow?
more knockback on players?

*Dynamic world*
unique could attack an ally clan & then taunt you about it
other ways to piss off evil gods other than killing avatars
npc in a town could start a clan
would be cool of level names (maybe just add modifiers) could change based on events
die a bunch of times add of death to level
lots of orc uprisings add of orc
unique monster can start a new clan of his type? - tryStartCovenant (MordaRazgrom)
lair can exert influence/domination

still get people spawning inside of torches
torch spots have collision tiles so can't walk through spot even after destroyed
Gates can spawn inside Dungeon Entrances rendering them unusable: (Boink)
Returning to town via gate in an escape scenario caused me to get trapped within the town interactables (Dragonface)

have fog effects which stick to the lower elevations? (Henry Ulrich) - fogFull.eff
on critical hit make effect 50% bigger?
would be cool of critical hits changed effects
better skin.tga, also do skinHair.tga

Din's Curse Infernal Abyss has lots of crystal sounds in background - pull this over?
SoundFileName Levels/caveWideCrystalDW02.lsb
there are a ton of cave and dungeon sounds from demon war that we aren't using
@there is some weird sound issue with statues, like the game mutes sfx when you hit them (
do I need to increase pitch variation more?
can I pitch shift music a little to speed up or slow down to match combat pace?
like that poison sound or explosion sound, they stack too linearly (Darkness)
mace combat sounds could be better
new sounds? - crickets, frogs, owls, need an unlock sound, door creak

make night matter more?
crazy storm?
different types of storms?
dust storms - like a large tornado?
tornados/lightning have chance to start storm?
storms can spread or move?
storms need random wind gusts with sound
wind gusts do knockback?
do I change seasons ever?
weather, season, & day/night cycle need to change things - some things spawn more, more aggressive, or town attacks
what can affect weather?
some monsters might flee area or uprising disband because of weather

always has chest block increases magic chance also
gems found in caves more
treasure chests (from scrolls) should be better
increase chances of good things in dead ends or secret areas
blocks that special rooms have higher magic chance?
higher magic chance in blocks near illusions?

*Blog posts?*
battle mage
monster changes?
future games
develop environment

*Developer stuff*
make a user var or some kind of mode that loads fast for quicker testing - skip loading skill mutations, magic modifiers, item qualities, etc
need a debug var to draw bounding box
next step in playtestFull - auto win scenario here and there and move to next
could do a full stress test mode that goes through all levels and does playtest, monsters, quests, and changes
worlds often
should randomly use usable objects instead of dropping them

make new combined logo for website top, upload, use - probably all 6 games

@update font tool to bump to the next resolution automatically (milithien)

*Steam specific*
update Steam SDK?
Steam Cloud -
Steam Achievements

add clan icon to level status effects if they are based in that level
On the very first map I started, there were like 6-7 clans that got destroyed in less than 3 minutes. (Enternight)
clans still need doors and guards (make them pretty rare?)
do clans adventure enough?
add minor clans?

Bug: Quest experience amounts are displaying wrong. In the quest menu they say around 700 exp then I get about 2100 when I complete the quest. Not that I'm complaining or anything. (Nyithra)
run into druids/wizards casting spells? long summing rituals?
Edit: Also, there is a lot of speculation on this... but it seems that certain variables are tied to a players
area history? Like, which mutations are unlocked? Because I tried to clear out my area history in my 'char'
folder and it removed my mutation that were unlocked and also my 'champion'+ difficulty unlocked statuses. I
think this is significant because there may be some correlation to fairly frequent crashes when doing 20+ in a
row while having over 500 areas. (I abandon a LOT of areas). I was going to delete areas in game, but every
delete takes like 20 seconds to complete. Not sure why... :> (though probably has to do with the 500+
areas) (Destro*)
I had three (3) quest portals to kill left in an areas I'd not explored with a load of other quests. Suddenly I
could no longer interact with new warp gates to unlock them (x2 attempted) so I quit to desktop & reloaded. On
reload, gained an immediate win + all prior quests had been wiped. (Boink)
On accepting the win, report claimed I'd completed zero (0) quests: so I'm guessing somehow the entire progression for the map (>40+ quests done) had been wiped.
No idea the causation: I had been recruiting multiple NPCs in quick succession & killed several (non-Quest) dimension gates, that's about it.
- Exp granted from explored places should be proportional to area size. (Passes give a lot for time explored vs. the mega-areas giving very little) (Destro*)
Bug 1: Some areas will reward the 'explored' experience bonus multiple times. I'm not sure what the trigger is
for this, but I know that leaving an area for a while and returning is what was necessary to get the experience
bonus to be awarded again. Probably worth looking into since I was getting like 3k+ experience an area for some
of the special areas of my world. (Destro*)
got majestic gardens of fire explored twice & wasn't even fully explored
maybe explosions should have some knockback just not as much?
gaining a mutant level scares everyone away temporarily? big morale drop?
using my teleport stone didn't put me near my gate when in non-town area
getting explored messages before I'm done exploring level
smuggler or pirate towns?
when critter changes direction could do something fancy - run away from player, fire, towards obelisks, etc
rats run towards dead bodies & away from fire/light
bats fly away from light
spiders follow giant spiders
fairies go towards treasure
special world events like did in Drox? blood moon, solar eclipse, sand storms, major storms,

could allow monster - 1 major or 1 normal/1 minor or 3 minor
allow to choose hair color on NPCs?
add unique secret levels
unique towns could have a unique sign at entrance with short history
allow them to set seed on random level?
they could send me a save game where character is in the level they want theirs to look like
allow different levels of fog & color fog?
always winter

*Games to try*
Crusader Kings 2 (already have)
Shiren the Wanderer
Dungeon Crawl: Stone Soup, nethack , Desktop Dungeon, TOME
Stardew Valley, Kerbal Space Program, Limbo, Cuphead, Hollow Knight, The Witness

*New stuff*
more monster alliances, reinforcements, retreating when not in combat
For whatever reason, my summons seem to attack crystals a lot. Which is unfortunate since they explode and damage everyone. (hella)
Also, it'd be nice to be able to trade crafting materials with other players. (hella)
And being able to start a new scenario at any time (i.e. not just after winning) in multiplayer without kicking the other
player(s) out would be nice, too. (hella)
@Bug: "Mutate from existing character" copied my current character over the one I was using to mutate from. (Koztic)
I was playing with my brother over the internet and just before this happended to me. His character had this happen first. So we left the game to confirm that this other character was gone and was now a copy of the character he was playing, it was. We started a new game to play with our same characters. I level as I joined his game. I note this because I went to look at my "spell book" and all my skills were gone. All I had was a basic mana regen. I crtl+alt+del, ended task to hope that it wouldn't save.
At this point my brother had to go so I made a game. All my skills were back, and seemed normal. before I started this game I copied all my character files to make backups. I then went to test the "mutate from exsisting character". Sure enough, it copied my current character over the one I wanted to mutate from.
As I said I have the .chr and .his for all my characters just before I tested. Let me know if you want any of the files.
would be cool if could wield a wand in left hand (no stats from it/just get skills)
@With that craziness aside, random skills on items would be cool. I think it would be an amazing way to make
uniques, artifacts and legendaries more desireable if random skills could only appear on them. Or, if they
have a chance to appear on ego items when ego items level up. (Destro*)
@unique bags? (Dragonface)
can I increase the map exploration radius? (many people have asked for this)
@"Find Evidence" quest?
Last night I got a quest to find out who had cursed the town by locating evidence. I did find the evidence (called "Curse Notes", I think) right next to the NPC that was my only clan member. This didn't solve the quest, though. (ricmadeira)
In Zombasite there was an additional step you had to take: you had to select which one of your clan members to accuse based on the evidence you gathered, and hope you got the right one. How to accuse a person wasn't very obvious, it was an option tucked away somewhere in one of the many game windows.
Try as I might I couldn't find that option in Din's Legacy. Is this quest type in Din's Legacy by mistake or was just I too dumb to find the accuse option? :O
I also got a "player ran" taunt when the boss retreated to a different level. (Fulano)
I got an overrun area, but the description of the quest wouldn't come up, the area was filled with striped stalkers and I couldn't even get a swing in without dying. After my first time dying I won. (Fulano)
It also seems 3/4 of the areas I start have the "fast pace" world modifier. (Fulano)
debug build will crash if using zips (will get too many open handles at about 17)
Shankar's Greaves dexterity passive not working (Mandark)
Demonic Control useless if at high level but skill level is low (less than 1 second of control) (Mandark)
funny interaction with blood sacrifice. Whenever i get a mana burn affix with scavenger, the blood sacrifice self dmg from every attack procs my mana burn and i kill myself very fast. Blood sacrifice is generally pretty funky, pretty sure i killed myself with it once by proccing a flame shield an npc ally put on me. (Hashashiyyin)
the gods should probably have armor and items for asthetic looks so they arent all just the same
default man and woman (@everyone)
One of my characters was reset to level 0 and all of his stuff are gone, and also everything (including the bags) are gone from my shared stash! All of my unlocked classes are reset as well. Now I have to unlock them all again... (Ninjakillzu)
any thoughts on somehow changing Linked Skills so that it's more straightforward to selectively get rid of part of a linked set? (Hashashiyyin)
I finally rolled Lucky on this character so I got to confirm it works as expected. My incoming damage is indeed capped at 336, 75% of my hp pool. GL chunking through that 11k mana shield.. (Hashashiyyin)
Lucky and Mana Shield
My cape has Frost Hands, which should block my wearing any gloves, but it does not. (DrJoeFitz)
A few bosses have cropped up as being in walls, so they cannot be seen until I am right next to them. I killed them anyway, but wonder whether you have any opinion on the bosses being in walls. (DrJoeFitz)
I have lots of rolled areas, which I'd like to streamline. I've thought about using one or two ubercharacters to clear a
few, but when I go to win an area (i.e., I Leave from the flashing-crown menu), it doesn't look like I have any option
but to roll another area. Do you have any thoughts/opinions on this? Yes, I know how to delete areas, but figured I
might as well give higher-level chars some bennies from winning them... (DrJoeFitz)
edit: Guess I should be unbiased too and say Last Man Standing scenario is too overpowered (get like 15 small reward
chests in 5 minutes... OP). More set/unique items would be nice. Earthquake is overpowered compared to other skills
late game (Full clear entire areas instantly, something no other skill comes close to doing without massive CDs). But,
idk, without Earthquake, I don't know how one can bear the grind to level 100. Even imagining that grind with a
single-target skill makes me tremble in fear (would take many many days). This is more of an overall balance thing I
suppose though. It's still overpowered to bring level 100 NPCs to low level areas, overpowered to be able to buy level
100 mail/plate items from high level npcs (because the items have no level requirements), a bit unfair for those who
already hit level 100 in the past to be able to get by the level 'wall' once you reach the highest level of a difficulty
and can't go higher, and... well I guess I should stop there. (Destro)
crashed in Player::mutantLevelUp (while using mutate level up cheat)
_linkedSkill but data is 0xfeeefeee
Behind Enemy Lines sometimes wins instantly - Scenario2 (Fulano)
Survival sometimes clan objects start out of area - Scenario3 (Fulano)
I'm still seeing lots of zombie stuff, though I have the "Zombies Allowed" unchecked. (Fulano)
messages don't wrap on the screen (message queue) especially when in larger font (Crisses)
Something's up with the "dice rolls" to trigger events on items, because an item with like a 1% chance of summoning Avatars probably shouldn't summon 3 in a row during the same battle. Sounds like a bad salt or random generator? Other items with higher chances seem never to go off, this one went off 3 times in a row several times. (Crisses)
clan objects get clumped tightly together if spawned out of world (Crisses)
The towers have a visual issue on my machine, I don't know if others have it but it seems like they're supposed to have a glowing effect on the top, but instead they've just got a cylinder on my computer. (Fulano)
I see the zombies are showing up because the game spawned the "Zombie Treacherous Desert" so it seems the area modifiers override the world setting. (Fulano)
monster density & stability, start at 3:00 - (Destro)
Kodiak Strength + Berserk is overpowered
consistent way to get through it is with Druid Earthquake + Earth Mastery and a couple of the mana gain on kill passives
edit: Champion is not increasing damage of Earthquake. ( (Destro)
1st pic it isn't active, second it is. (You can tell by comparing character sizes, also my champ buff is level 33... should be 750% more damage... guessing its probably only programmed to work on attacks... but nothing about the spell indicates its attack only)
There are two achievements called Destroyer. One for destroying clans and the other to do 4000 damage in one
attack. (Fulano)
What does the Gladiator's Blood Lust skill do? It seemed in Din's Legacy it only boosted their special way of gaining
mana (Extra mana in combat or something?) I didn't find anything that described how that worked in Din's Legacy. It
doesn't seem to be affecting passive mana regeneration because it doesn't change when I increase the skill, unless the
change isn't reflected in the stats. (Fulano)
The yellow crystal effect looks very similar to the yellow elite effect, I often confuse them and think I've stumbled upon a swarm of elite monsters when they're just getting the lightning boost. (Ya, I might be a little slow... ) (Fulano)
I was fighting a zombie gate with ice reflect, the reflected projectiles were all firing straight down rather than reflecting to the attacker. (Fulano)
Can I map the spacebar to scrap by default rather than just donate? Since it automatically donates when it scraps, I thought it might simplify things a bit. I'm not seeing a specific option to do that yet though. (Fulano)
Do merchants still change their inventories? Also, do they still sell items that have been sold to them? I don't think I've ever seen their gold go up after I use up all of it. (Fulano)
Request: turning off summoning candles increases the time-to-ritual. Like add a minute per candle snuffed. I made it to the level with 3 minutes left on my clock and thought it would be very reasonable if they started their ritual and said "Wait! Someone's mucking with our candles!" and had to figure out which candle(s) to turn back on to re-start the ritual. lol (Crisses)
#1) Weapon types: Spears, these would be a great weapon with a better range than one handed, equipping a shield with them should be possible. This would be the middle ground between large two handed weapons and the smaller one handed. You'd be able/need to add a spear specialty to various character classes but it would open up a Spearman character set which would be focused on forward arc damage, single target melee, or evasion/blocking. In a sense this is somewhat cosmetic, but it shouldn't be hard to add in some spear models, and the animation should be pretty basic. (Charles_Odinforce)
#2) This one is already there, you just haven't seen it in a sense. A pugilist/unarmed class or martial arts style class. Again it wouldn't be hard to come up with 3 variations (Brawler, Shaolin, Qi Mystic) With these classes gaining passives that make up for the lack of weapons. Maybe let them use a staff OR force them to use some kind of cestus. Character animations are already in so this would be very easy to add in. Another option would be a passive on each of these that gave some defensive and offensive bonus when no weapons were carrier, and used gloves defensive armor as a damage type. (Charles_Odinforce)
I started having spell casting troubles again... I think each time I press the key to cast a spell it starts the
animation, but the animation is reset when I press the key again, spending my mana each time I mash the button but
never completing the spell. I kinda have the habit of maching the button several times to get the spell to cast. (Fulano)
Also, I've got the raise dead ability. Periodically the monsters I raise are halfway in the ground rather than walking on
the ground. (Fulano)
After a couple hours of playing, selling everything to one particular merchant her money hasn't changed. She did start with like 3 gold pieces though and I've only managed to sell about 1 GP worth of stuff. (Fulano)
I was getting trashed by a group of "rogue syndicate" people as well. They were doing 1000 damage per hit, and I only had 800 HP. (Fulano)
probably needs to be a mutation help topic (Beige Shiba)
So, another clan traded me for a guard... I went to his town and tried to install it (since I didn't have any pedestals) and the guard showed up on his defense screen, but he's installed on my town. (Fulano)
Aaaaanway, brought another guy from this map to a 3rd one and it's a last man standing. (Fulano)
The guy I brought is standing in the middle of the dungeon, and the clans are all at peace. They're gradually declaring war on each other though.(Fulano)
For some reason I can't hit any of them... I've been having to spam mana potions and gradually ice nova them to death while running. It's not going well...(Fulano)
So... if I move an item in a merchant's inventory to the bottom left square (above the held items squares) I get the message "no one wants this item" (Fulano)
Sadly, I couldn't get it to actually donate things for free to the town.
One idea I just had, it'd be nice if when you searched for bounty in the overworld, and the target was in a dungeon, the marker appears roughly where the dungeon entrance is (Dragonface)
Although I don't think it should do this in dungeons, only in the overworld (because of the size of some areas)
If I hand my buddy a torch, it should affect the lighting. But it doesn't. Didn't Indiana hand a torch to his buddy? It worked in the movies.... (Crisses)
And for something +30ish light it doesn't seem to do much anyway..... (Crisses)
Spiders die with a plop that's pretty loud compared to other critters. (Crisses)
Some way to pick up all nearby, or even autoloot items much like we do with gold now. (Doesn't Learn From Mistakes)
A way to buy all of a stack of items, this is especially helpful when buying potions or from a crafting vendor. (Doesn't Learn From Mistakes)
after brawl scenario no biggest accomplishent or impressive kill
got "chest stuck" on secret wall (lever was controlling it)
shared levels is messing up world map centering on player when pulling map up
bag vendor walked away while I was talking to her
color of map changed over save/load
npc no visible arrow from basic bow attack is annoying
gating to/from secret area no sound?
only add to map scroll bar stuff if should draw that level?
any model spawned from spawnAreaBlock gets referenced immediately, can a pause reference until loaded?
another slow down could be level generation, add a print so can see when it happens & how many tries
I'm having a hard time healing myself lately... I usually have to pause the game and specifically select my character to heal myself. I don't think it works anymore to just hover over my character.
Part of the trouble is having a couple pets or towns people with me, the game prioritizes healing them if they happen to be in the area of my character. Something like that. (Fulano)
Sounds/Environment/owlHooting-001.wav - 007.wav
Steven Peeler
Depths of Peril, Kivi's Underworld, Din's Curse, Drox Operative, Zombasite, & Din's Legacy

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shadow mapping?
now getting knockback from explosion & radius damage & radius damage coming from parent position instead of projectile/
explosion position
only shows 40 skills on choose mutation partner screen
set up arrow anim variants?
remove extra knockback from DevastatingBlow
better status effect print on skills
hits up to 4 extra nearby enemies should move to target section
add skill icon to highlight text like item?
Steven Peeler
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monster icons might look better with alpha
quests showing up with green * and v
could do shadows in small chunks - setup a frame buffer, render scene to frame buffer (only depth) from light's perspective,
draw scene per light/angle, use depth buffer & light, if can't see pixel alpha 1.0 of can 0.0, alphaTest to skip drawing,
adds to stensil buffer, then draw screen rectangle - blend black texture only where stensil is set (can I do on projected
shadows to speed up?)
monsters that hate each other might prioritize attacking each other over player
_ destroys Black Death (I did but no clan name)
can't turn on brazier in Gloomy Caverns
shadows go crazy every once in a while in cave
riposte not working after parry?
in last man standing one of them basically got stuck in adventure behavior i a dead end - would walk around but would
never leave that block
gaining a mutant level scares everyone away temporarily? big morale drop?
maybe explosions should have some knockback just not as much?
got majestic gardens of fire explored twice & wasn't even fully explored
healthstone/lifestone should regen stamina
maybe do shadow mapping above ground and projected shadows below?
fire chance has chance of burning (fire dot like deep wounds)
ice damage has chance of wet, frost, or frozen?
killed frozen enemy shatters - chance of leaving ice & no deady body
torch spots have collision tiles so can't walk through spot even after destroyed
when break lit brazier should shower sparks around

better environment interactions
Strong wind should disperse things like poison clouds & fire (tornado skill, wind traps, etc)
does water go to ice if hit with cold damage?
poison clouds should explore when hit by fire?
fire + water = steam (fog like cloud, short time)
water barrels?
electricity can go along water?
change random torch random damage to a spark that works like volcano but much smaller & less range
fire causes smoke, works like fog?
fog in level needs to work like fog object
if on steep hill liquid more likely to keep going?
can weather lightning hurt?
should it be like an explosion at target point?
weather lightning would be cool of it was small damage but decent knockback
rain gives wet status effect (more lightning damage, less fire)
intact house should keep you from rain?
drips on water have chance of spreading that water
ice bomb has chance of leaving ice
lava flow from volcanos
Steven Peeler
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new stuff
ai should run to noise location not add enemy to hate list
do I spawn far enough out?
water on ground + fire = steam
fire out out with water = smoke
both block vision + attack/defense debuff, steam goes away quicker
lava + water/cold = steam (lava stays)
if 2 points are same height random which one liquid goes down
liquid slowly goes down hill? and pools?
more breakable objects? esp in dungeons
webs should just attach to player & slow down instead of getting in way?
steam also makes things wet
blocks will slowly regrow
do I change seasons ever?
weather, season, & day/night cycle need to change things - some things spawn more, more aggressive, or town attacks
burned areas makes monsters more aggressive
what can affact weather?
tornados/lightning have chance to start storm?
blocks grow back faster in rain
rain scroll? treasure map with rain drop on it
saurians like rain, dark elves like night, dogs louder at night
nightmare - crazy respawn at night - nightmarish/of nightmares
some monsters might flee area or uprising disband because of weather
falling rocks should be immune to falling rocks
storms can spread or move?
reptiles hate snow
destroy a manastone get a BreakableEnergyVortex?
Steven Peeler
Depths of Peril, Kivi's Underworld, Din's Curse, Drox Operative, Zombasite, & Din's Legacy
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new stuff
all basic skills should give you some bonus for skill levels
is world size working?
way to never miss messages?
don't leave screen until you hit x
recent messages box that you can clear?
remove new colorized textures of human & mutated models?
Marked for Death (Powerstrike) - stats are crazy with Powerstrike at level 1 - SimplePerLevel problem?
should lose certain scenarios if die
got hell storm and fire strike on whirlwind (both suffix?)
Steven Peeler
Depths of Peril, Kivi's Underworld, Din's Curse, Drox Operative, Zombasite, & Din's Legacy
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new stuff
minor darkness penalty, darkness penalty, and major darkness penalty
attack, defense, perception, and casting penalties
normal night - minor
really dark cave/dungeon with no extra lights - major
nearby light sources helps
do this for player & npcs, player every second, npcs every 5 or so
more light from player increases monster aggression range though
night vision/ultravision adds light from player perspective but not monsters
put green enhancement dots on darkness penalty
do ambushes automatically add player as enemy? do they go through full sight time? should they immediately look for enemies?
when snowing get cold buff - increased fire resistance
remove stamina as a test
TrapWaterBig not spreading
verify mipmaps are created well
draw logo with a shadow so stands out a little better?
Steven Peeler
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new stuff
can I add 0.02 chance of yellow mold hazard to all zombies? yes in archetype
do traps that affect all in range get all entities in range n squared times?
liquid bug
spawnObject TrapAlcohol
hit with whirlwind
spawnObject EmptyVial
can't pick up alcohol
need to stand still to throw ice bombs and other similar things
make logo smaller?
make TM on logo smaller
Steven Peeler
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new stuff
need to add some skills to models list
skills need way to modify model (probably simple attachment)
for dungeons could just draw shadows from a static sun position that would simplify it a lot & still look good
could pick different angle per map but that might be weird
I have (had) a possesed NPC, and I got a victory condition. (ibitato)
I went ahead with the game, and now the NPC is still possesed and there are no quests or anything to cure the NPC.
It's the only NPC i have on the clan
logistic victory food probably
sings still have prefix/suffix in them for town
Steven Peeler
Depths of Peril, Kivi's Underworld, Din's Curse, Drox Operative, Zombasite, & Din's Legacy
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new stuff
hook up energyShield.wav
make other fires blow out with high wind?
storms need random wind gusts with sound
wind gusts do knockback?
anything of a certain size causes earthquakes/screen shakes on footsteps (based on weight?)
less earthquake, more screen shake
automatically change to heavy footsteps if over certain weight?
ghosts or liches can smoke move? (turn into smoke move really fast and can go through objects)
Steven Peeler
Depths of Peril, Kivi's Underworld, Din's Curse, Drox Operative, Zombasite, & Din's Legacy
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new stuff
I encountered a wrong location in the quest description. (Tyakraman)
In the region "Remnants of Iulia of Acid" were two dungeons, the "Insane Sullen Crypt lvl 1" and the "Lost Pit lvl 1".
The quest "Kill the Tiny Mud Amorph hunter" said, that the monster was to be found in the "Insane Sullen Crypt lvl 1", but when I couldn't find it and pinged its location, a marker was placed in the "Lost Pit lvl 1" (the "v" marker still pointed to the wrong location though).
Chain lightning targeting bug(?) (Romløk) this has been on the Zombasite list, just moved it over
I've been trying out a lightning build, and from what I can tell the Chain Lightning spell doesn't work as I'd expect. I'm not sure if it's WAI or not, but the current behaviour feels unintuitive:
I would expect the lightning bolt to hit the initial target, then bounce to another in the vicinity of that target. Instead, it seems to only chain to other targets (enemies, breakables) which are near to the player's location.
sometimes not getting level name on map once discovered
demon invasion scenario not having enough demon problems
attack/radar fix too much change?
when critter changes direction could do something fancy - run away from player, fire, towards obelisks, etc
rats run towards dead bodies & away from fire
bats fly away from light
spiders follow giant spiders
small chance yellow mold zombifies monster exposed
Steven Peeler
Depths of Peril, Kivi's Underworld, Din's Curse, Drox Operative, Zombasite, & Din's Legacy
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