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Old 05-28-2019, 03:08 AM
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Arrhtheis Arrhtheis is offline
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Well, the nights will be sleepless indeed, but for another reason

I am probably just not an alpha/beta player (in fact it is the first time in my 25-years gaming career I ever play a game in its not finished state). So I just can't give any sensible feedback, Din's Legacy as for now seems too unfinished for me I was forced to get back to Din's Curse and Zombasite.

And something is definitely wrong with graphics in DL. Maybe because it's still alpha? Even on max settings everything looks messy and I don't know how to say it in English... 'sandy'?, 'grainy'? Shadows are misplaced and ragged sometimes, colors are flat and drab, foliage is blurred. The UI elements look worse than even in Din's Curse, let alone Zombasite. Everyting is like, I don't know... fuzzy?

Moreover, the Steam version seems not to be DRM-free and refused to run without Steam on my oldschool gaming PC (that even has no Internet connection that I don't need there, I play only single and old games mainly), so I had to use Steam emulators just to make DL run. So I will wait for it to come to GOG in 1.00 state, sorry
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Old 05-30-2019, 04:40 PM
rainbow rainbow is offline
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Would you please have the NPCs in town heal themselves at the healing alter (or whatever its called) when they are low on hp? It's kind of funny that the NPCs are low on hp due to monster attacks and never heal themselves when there is a healing alter in town.

Thank you.
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Old 06-08-2019, 10:01 AM
Throwback Throwback is offline
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I guess this is where I post feedback that may/may not be feature requests:

- New terrain elevation changes are great, but I'd like to see them toned down a bit. Make the sharp elevation changes far less frequent, or reduce the maximum value somewhat.

- if I use a mutation point, I will get one additional brand new skill (I think). This is a negative outcome for the player, because any beneficial minor mutations are now spread across more skills (less likely to be on the ones I want). The effect is that using a mutation point is for me a very rare occurrence. I guess this could change as I get better, but I'd really love the option to spend a second mutation point to not get that bonus skill.

- 'blending' of levels/areas (Ie X hills of Y). Thanks, I hate it. Cool concept, in practice means sometimes I have no idea where the rest of the area is. Can't say I'm a huge fan at this early point.

- Max area size is enormous. I'd love to see it toned down a bit, exploring a massive area is kind of frustrating. The secret tunnels are really cool though.

- Defender starts with club passive and a clear path to using the 'gut' skill. Very odd thematically.

- Demonologist starts with wand passive and a level 1 melee skill.

- Defender has a 6-point skill that relies on getting hit, but the rest of the kit focuses on not getting hit. Also I think the tooltip for defender says you get riposte, which is a zombasite skill that activates on block. I think that makes more sense. Either way if I recall correctly there is a mismatch between the tooltip and the in-game skill.

- 2 Defender shield blocking skills say give the tooltip as 'on miss: X effect'. This is very confusing to read - it should say 'on block: X effect'.

Finally, this game is great and I love it!

Last edited by Throwback : 06-08-2019 at 10:06 AM.
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Old 06-10-2019, 07:07 AM
Throwback Throwback is offline
Join Date: Oct 2015
Posts: 134

A couple more:

- I had a 'kill your nemesis' win condition. However a couple of minutes into the scenario something other than me killed my nemesis. This caused me to fail the scenario, even though the loss conditions were not met (loss of steward, apothecary & warmaster). I have no doubt you have set up a failsafe (error handling? exception handling? Code is rusty...) so that situations where neither condition is met and the scenario cannot be completed result in a loss. Can I suggest you change this to default to a win, for the player's sake.

- Acid is still one of the game's worst mechanics. It damages armour, thus penalizing melee (which is probably fine given how strong melee is this time round). However, what makes it really bad is that it's *invisible* under a lot of ground cover. I don't know if you will have to recode things significantly, but damn this is an infuriating 'quirk' that could use a fix. I assume it's hard to do since it was also a significant issue in zombasite. This is absolutely a 'pain point' and I think it's worth doing the work.

- maps with multiple clans on them result in many fast clan eliminations. It's weird, and it clutters up my relations screen with no context.
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Old 06-15-2019, 05:01 PM
able47 able47 is offline
Join Date: Jan 2017
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Hi, this might seem totally random (I love what you've tried to do with your games btw)...but I gotta mention this. I've always fiddled with games, I spent a decade coding physics and stuff. I really appreciate your games' modding flexibility, but, when modding your games in the past I've always run into issues with targeting, mouse/keyboard control options and AI limitations.

I can understand why that is, considering the focus of your games, but even if this is entirely selfish I have to suggest you look at scripting options for controls (it'll totally open up modding/gameplay abilities), for instance having scripting abilities to have say the mouse cursor control representing the equivalent of a typical top-down(-ish) shooter (trust me, I tried and I kinda got it right in drox operative and zombasite, but it was still a bit odd, unfortunately I don't quite remember in what way...but something about the mouse buttons/skills/targeting iirc).

Best of luck with your games!

*PS. Maybe all of that is irrelevant, but I dunno, since I haven't been able to play Din's Legacy.

Last edited by able47 : 06-15-2019 at 05:19 PM.
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