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Old 05-27-2010, 04:11 AM
graffen69 graffen69 is offline
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Default The Bard

Ok, so here´s the beta version 0,92 () of a Bard class. It´s a couple of ideas around a potential Bard Class that started at
, and as it is rather hefty i took the liberty of opening a new thread.

As Steven hinted i swapped the Cha focus to Spirit so it is built around 2 primary Stats; Dex and Spirit and 2 secondary; Str and Vit. I originally planned to make it more of a copy of the EQ1 Bard, but in the end it turned out like a mix of the two EQ1 Classes Enchanter/Bard as well as a mix tween Dungeon & Dragons 2nd ed Bard Kit: Blade and D&D 3rd ed Prestige Class: Shadowdancer. Thx to any who helped form the Bard at the forum, especially DeathKnight1728.
Remember, this is only a mish mash of suggestions with tons of spelling errors as i put it together in a couple hours late night work. The good thing is if you want anything in particular for a Bard class, nows the time to speak up. So feel free to comment, suggest or to (constructive) criticize so we together can work out a presentable Bard for the guys at Soldak and hopefully some of our ideas will make it to a potential expansion.

consist of the following three Skill Trees

The Blade is an offensive stalker type of class, sort of a mix between a Fighter and a Thief but has unique abilities of his own. His Melee skills are focused on passive counterattacks, surprise effects and heavy deep wound attacks. He specialize lies in sharp weapons and although the Blade himself can only use Swords, axes and daggers would gain the benefits too.
Therefore prolly mix best with a hybrid that lets him use heavier armor for protection but can also work well if you want to play a really offensive melee Hybrid like an Assassin, a Gladiator, Thief, Weaponmaster etc.

The Coercer´s focus lies in 2 areas. One is pet buffing and the other in Control type Spells that lets him mesmerize mobs, blind, turn mobs on each other and also use one mob as a Pet. As an opposite to the necromancers Raise-type of spells this pet is very much alive and has higher Health/Armor bonuses but theres always a chance that this Charm type of spells loose hold.
The Coercer is a really good multi player with his control type spells and played as a Hybrid, classes that would work well in conjunction with a Coercer are basically any kind of offensive class, healer or somone with a bigger selection of weapons and armors.

Minstrel (or Troubadour)
The Minstrels Uniqueness is his ability to twist songs. He can have up to 3 songs playing at any one time and they all affect any close-by group member (as well as pets & NPC´s). The number of songs he can twist at any given time are are uniqly tied with his Melee & Defense Skills. As such the Bard can play up to 3 songs if played as a single class and 2 songs if played as a hybrid. His songs have a broad range of usefulness from moving faster, increased HP/Mana Reg, and even increased Cast speed and as such the Minstrel tree is the Bards most versatile and can be combined with a lot of hybrid classes.

If not stated otherwise, skills are solo target, insta-cast and active (as oppossed to passive) and has a starting skill point cost the same as their tier. When a skill has 2 parameters in its skill description, its the former that is the basic at skill level 1 and the latter at each following skill level (ex. Weapons Display costs 15 Mana +5/skill level would mean it costs 15 at first skill level, 20 at second, 25 at third etc. Slow has a –9%/-4%/level effect as in –9% on first skill level, -13% on second, -17% at third etc.)

Basic Skills: Attack, Leather, Dagger, 1H-Sword, Attack Bonus (+1 per point of Dex), Defense Bonus (+1/point of Dex), Health Bonus (+0,5/point of Vit ), Damage Multiple Bonus (+0,1 %/point of Str)

Tier 1: Darkvision (Gains 5 Light Illlumination/skill level. Passive)
Tier 1: Shadowstep (only work in dungeons and must have an enemie target. Step into the shadows (like a teleport) to appear behind enemy. Any enemies in the imediate area are affected as by a surprise. The area of the surprised effect increases with each skill level This skill dosent do any damage of its own, but is effective in combination with an attack skill. There is also a little chance the affected foes are stunned for X sec. The chance is affected by both this skill as well as Dex. Every point in Dex raise the chance so a Blade can never have enough Dex. Reuse Time 20 sec, 10 Mana +5Mana/skill level).
Tier 1: Slice (Quick triple target opening attack. –30% damage/+7%/level. +15% crit/level & +5% deep wound/level for 5 sec. Cost mana 5+5/skill level)
Tier 2: Weapons Display (A Blade can affect the morale of his enemies by twirling his weapon. Can only be used once/enemy but stacks with other similair skills like the Gladiators Rupture Armor. Nearby enemies:– 5 Defense and –5 Armor/skill level, reuse 10 sec, lasts 30sec. 15 Mana +5/skill level)
Tier 2: Defensive Roll (Each skill level reduces the damage taken from Fire, Lightning, Cold, Poison, Magic by 2 %. Passive).
Tier 3: Shadowsight (Increased chance of noticing invisible/partly visible friends & enemies. Passive)
Tier 4: Avoidance (+20 Defense/skill level, +20 Evade/skill level. Stacks with similair skills like Evade. Passive)
Tier 4: Blade Specilazation (gain +3% damage, +3% crit and +20% deep wound chance with any sharp weapons such as sword, dagger and axe. Passive)
Tier 6: Threshing Cut (+15% damage/skill level. +10% crit chance. If enemy has a deep wound, damage & crit chance is quadruple and Blade gets a free Thresh Attack on any nearby enemies that have deep wounds. Reuse Time 1 sec, 30 Mana+10/skill level).
Tier 6: Counter Attack (Immediatly counterattack any crit attack made against you. If using a melee weapon, only works if enemies within range. Damage +10%/skill level, crit chance 10%/skill level. Passive).

For all Coercer type of spells Skill level difference +/- 1 sec for each level On better then normal mobs the total seconds is divded as follows: Champions – ¼ , Elites - ½, Bosses – ¾ effect.
I dont know if there are any silence* spells or effects in DC, but if not mebbe it could be introduced in an expansion. Like one of the possible effects off of an ”Evil Pool” for example.

Endow skills work much like a Gladiators Focus-line of skills. Any point spent is effective for all 3 of them. However, they are only useable on pets and summons and they last until pet/summon is dead, log or dismissed.
(Range 0 to 16 feet, Last 5min, 20 Mana + 5/skill level).

Basic Skills: Attack, Cape, Dagger, Mana Regen Bonus (+0,01 Mana Reg/Point of Spi), Power Bonus (+2 Maximum Mana/Point of Spi),

Tier 1 Silence * (Cast silence on nearby enemies, 1 enemie/2 skill levels) preventing casting of spells or Bard Songs on enemies for 10 Seconds +2 sec/skill level.
Tier 2 Endow skill – Empowerment (+3% Health/skill level)
Tier 2 Endow skill – Raging Strength (+2% Damage/skill level)
Tier 2 Endow skill – Swiftness (+1,5% Attack/Cast Speed/skill level)
Tier 4 Wisdom (+4 Spirit/skill level. Passive)
Tier 4 Mesmerize (Stop nearby 1 mob/3 skill level in their track. They are unable to do anything but mesmerize will fail on any mob attacked/taking damage even from other sources then the players (like a trap). Cast Time 2 sec, Last 10 Sec + 1 sec/level Reuse Time 30 sec, Mana 10/mob/5 sec)
Tier 6: Squabble (Makes nearby 1 enemy/4 levels attack each other. Full exp gain from mobs dying by enemies under this effect. Dosent work on Bosses. Cast Time 0,5 sec. Last 10 seconds +2 sec/level. Reuse Time 1min. 40 Mana + 40 per enemy)
Tier 6 Slow (Enemy attack speed is slowed by -9%/–4% per skill level.
Tier 8: Charm (Take control of 1 enemy. Dosent work on Undead.) +5% Hp/level, +5% Armor/level. Note: Theres always a chance that a charmed creature will break loose from its masters control every time the Coercer takes damage. 3 things affect the basic chance: 1. the damage the coercer takes in regard to his total temporary health, 2. his Charm skill level and lastly 3. his Spirit. Every point in Spirit raise the chance so a Coercer can never have enough Spirit. )

Regarding Songs: The songs in themselves are working for 30 seconds, so you have to re activate them every so often. If you start another song on top of yer initial 3, it will automatically over ride the latest cast. They work in the ”background” much like the Gladiators Focus line skills, but with the exception that stun quit all songs immediatly and silence(*) removes any song effect temporarly.
Songs have an aura affect and any group member, group pets, group summons or friendly NPC close enough is affected by helpful songs. The same deal goes for harmful songs but instead target mobs, town enemy thiefs, invisible or partly visible mobs. Gates, Chests, Altars, Pillars etc are not affect by songs.
Songs donsen´t cost any mana and do stack with other similair effects (ex. Elemental Rhyme with Fire Resistance Protection).
(E) = Song that affects enemies

Basic Skills: Attack, Cape, Dagger, 1h-Sword, Defense Bonus (+0,5/point of Dex)

Tier 1: (E) Selo´s Snare Song (Mobs –3% Move Rate/Skill level)
Tier 1: Selo´s Song of Travel (+3% Move Rate/skill level)
Tier 2: Jonathan´s Whistling Wartune (+3% Weapon Damage/skill level)
Tier 2: Cassindra´s Chant of Clarity (+3% Spell Damage/skill level)
Tier 2: Elemental Rhymes (+ 3% Fire, Lightning, Cold, Poison resist/skill level)
Tier 3: Hymn of Restoration (+0,5% Health & Mana Reg/tick/skill level)
Tier 4: Guardian Rhymes (+2% armor/skill level, +5 Magic Resist/skill level)
Tier 4: Song of Shield (+2% Block-Parry-Deflection-Evade-Dodge/skill level, +1 Stamina Reg per tick/skill level)
Tier 6: Hymn of Battle (Increase Attack Speed by 1,5%/skill level)
Tier 6: Hymn of Casting (Increase Casting Speed and reuse time by 3%/skill level)
Tier 8: (E) Infectious Lullaby (10 posion damage +10/skill level/tick)
Tier 8: Song Mastery (All songs last +5 seconds/skill level)

Side note on Songs: I downgraded it quite a bit from EQ where songs were active for 6sec, although there you could loop 3 songs endlessly, so you didnt need to twist songs much when soloing. But ofc there were hundreds of songs in EQ and twisting songs was essential sooner or later, especially in groups and raids.
I thaught about the loop thing, and instead made them last longer (30 sec) and with a ”Song Mastery” skill to
upgrade the time each song last. Ofc that could be changed, removing the need to twist and make songs loopable
and instead have lesser effect, cost mana or even stamina per tick.

Some last thaughts:

One thing that would be cool (but not sure if its doable) regarding the ”Mesmerize” spell would be for mobs that are not mesmerized to try and awaken their ”buddys” by damaging them, maybe even set barrles on fire to ”wake up” a whole group and let the Fire DoTs (damage over time) from it prevent any further mesmerization.

All in all, as stated before these are just suggestions. Take or leave any of it as you will.
I know i would love to see a Bard in a potential expansion, in any form and figure.
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Old 05-27-2010, 06:10 AM
svetlano svetlano is offline
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These are draft some ideas i posted also in the other thread, if they can be af any use:


- Musician -

The skill tree is based almost only on songs,
Each song produces a different area effect, you can have only one song always active at a time, changing the song takes some time though.

Examples[, (just crappy names)

March level 1 - Increase visible friendly units standard walking speed by 5%.

Song of restoration level 1 - Visible friendly units gains 1 hp point every 2 seconds

Chilling Harmonies level 1 - Visible friendly units gains 1 mana point every 2 seconds

Untuned flute blows level 1 - Makes all monsters in the current area feel confused, their movement speed is reduced by 10%, attack speed is decreased by 2%, casting time is increased by 2%.

- Jester - It's funny, the monsters are just inclined to like him. He tries to approach monsters with fancy tricks and kills them treacherously with stunning blows, critical strikes, and poisoned/flaming/exploding gifts. It's a kind of non stealthed trickster, but he is forced to do automatically a success check, everytime he tries to approach monsters: If will fail, he is attacked normally and can't use surprise attacks.

- Tamer/Charmer - With strong litanies, can tame beasts and charm monsters to fight by his side, these allies do level just like him, can get equipped, healed, renamed and revived also. (some skills related to this)

Traitor lvl 1 - Charms one enemy, forcing him to attack his allies, lasts 30 seconds or until the charmed enemy dies.

Pack taming lvl1 - forces a pack of creatures of the same target type, in the nearby target area, fighting for the tamer for 30 seconds.
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Old 05-27-2010, 04:41 PM
DeathKnight1728's Avatar
DeathKnight1728 DeathKnight1728 is offline
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I like the ideas, especially what you did for the blade. The only thing I am wondering is if this engine would allow you to do the surprise type skill with the blade.
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