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Old 08-09-2014, 03:22 PM
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I'm really glad to see that regen builds can work, as that is one I've been wanting to try ever since I unlocked mutants.

One of these days I'll get my Barbarian ship to be able to play in level 200 sectors, I just haven't made a plan yet for how to do it other than to use the fringe service on all of my components so I don't need 5 power plants. The only really notable thing about it is it's way over the top DPS

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Old 08-14-2014, 08:03 PM
Kohlenstoff Kohlenstoff is offline
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Here is my second ship. It is modified to do the maximum amount of damage. My decision for reaper was lucky coincidence. I found an level 1 reaper gunner whith another ship, so i decided to built a reaper ship and transferred the gunner with the crew ship stash mod. This gunner did not disappoint me. He is with 51 tactical my best specialist and he leveled allways really fast. The crew consists in this configuration only of gunners, which are currently at levels between 80 and 100. Some parts are not complete, but the most important parts are already visible. I added any kind of active and passive damage increasing!!! Luckily the ships have exactly the same amount of medium slots, as damage increasing items exist. The active damage boosters are on autofire, which gives an nice background sound. The sound of the constant small damage input from one of the boosters is in my ears the beating heart of the ship.

I saw criticals of more than 132.000 from my death ray and more than 272.000 from my rockets. This makes my death ray a real death ray and these omega missles to the real doomsday weapon..... and a good way to a sudden demise, when i shoot one of those at a backlash .

The rockets and the death ray are still by far not the best (I got better chip sets waiting for completing) and the gunners are still not fully leveled. So i did not waste much time to find out exact amount of maximum damage, because there is still more possible. The damage output cannot be influenced with the chip doubling. The screens of the stats has been taken, while the boosters were active. I can also add a good EM weapon for additional damage. Sadly they are not as easy to scavenge, so i have to search a bit through the sector levels for it.

Here is a video of this ship in action (Level 200 sector):
I added also a video of my other ship in action in the posting, where i described it.
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Old 09-24-2014, 12:39 PM
username username is offline
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Heh, there are WAY more DPS-boosting items than there are yellow slots. It looks like you installed some of the weaker picks (Impact Analyzer), and included none of the ROF-boosting items, which would multiplicatively stack. Firing FASTER is also a DPS boost! Finally, your choice of EM weapon doesn't actually contribute to DPSes. I'm sure you could find one that would actually inflict pain. I'm personally trying to break 1 million DPS. Admittedly, past about 100K, the exercise becomes purely masturbatory, as I notice nothing in the universe actually can withstand that level of firepower, and at 100K, even bosses disintegrate before you realize they were there. At a less crazy 30K, you briefly notice that you had a boss in your gunsight, before he explodes. The difference in ship performance between 100K and 500K is pretty much unnoticeable: Everything is instantly vaporized on contact anyway.

In your case, I notice your killing speed is actually considerably lower than my current ship's, which, without buffing, is only around 225K. Once I fire up my buff, I'll jump to about difference in killing speed is actually perceived. Your ship, despite its massive cannon, fires too slowly. Mine only fires 10K-average shots, but it machineguns them, mowing down enemies. It also never blows itself up on a Backlash!

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Old 10-10-2014, 12:39 AM
neccrow neccrow is offline
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Default LV57 Drake Combat Carrier build

Focus on Shield and regen
shield regen is 13.94/s

Energy is 26/s

I use Legendary computer virus. DPS 170/s but rof is 0.3/s so i get 510dps/s
also it has 400 attack defense debuff so enemy stack up to 1.2k debuff...
so they die really quick...
Rest of mobs fighter's clear for me... so easy to survive..

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