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Old 10-05-2008, 05:04 PM
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Default DPS calculation

Heyas Shadow,

I'm not sure what's going on with the DPS showing on the character paperdoll. Any idea what's going on here? The only thing I can think of is that my Sword Mastery effect isn't working or displaying when I equip the Claymores.

Giant Sword (Paperdoll DPS 55.0)
23.7 DPS, 1.5 speed
+6% Find Items
+3-5 Fire

Claymore #1 (Paperdoll DPS 48.3)
25.0 DPS, 1.5 speed
+8 Intelligence
+5 Magic Resistance
+7-10 Fire
+5-8 Poison

Claymore #2 (Paperdoll DPS 50.7)
25.3 DPS, 1.5 speed
+3 Spirit
+8-11 Cold
+2-5 Lightning


Level 23 Amateur Warrior

Health: 199 / 492
Rage: 0 / 100

Attack: 577
Defense: 293
Armor: 379

Damage: 56 - 109
DPS: 55.0

Money: 12SP 60CP


Strength: 103
Dexterity: 65
Vitality: 80
Intelligence: 39
Spirit: 28

Attribute points left: 0


Fire Resistance: 42
Cold Resistance: 17
Poison Resistance: 14
Lightning Resistance: 13
Magic Resistance: 31


Attack lvl 1
Power Strike lvl 1
Cleave lvl 2
Whirlwind lvl 1
Focus: Absorb Damage lvl 2
Focus: Deal Damage lvl 2
Focus: Rage lvl 2
Enrage lvl 1
Sword Mastery lvl 3
Retaliation lvl 1
Block lvl 1
Deflection lvl 1
Parry lvl 1
Plate Armor lvl 1
Quick Temper lvl 1
Brute strength lvl 1
Amateur lvl 1

Skill points left: 6


Copper Plate Helmet
Rarity: Rare Basic Type: Plate
73 armor
+4 Intelligence
+5 Defense
+59% armor
Requires 60 Strength
Requires armor skill: Plate
Sell value: 3SP 81CP
Retail value: 26SP 55CP

Brenna's Amulet
Rarity: Set
+3 Defense
+8 Fire Resistance
+5 Cold Resistance
+9% Magic Find Chance

Brenna's Set
: Brenna's Belt,
Brenna's Cap, Brenna's Mantle,
Brenna's Cuffs, Brenna's Gloves,
Brenna's Amulet, Brenna's Cloak

With 3 items:
+10 Fire Resistance

With all 7 items:
+20 Fire Resistance

Requires level 12
Sell value: 72CP
Retail value: 3SP 4CP

Copper Plate Spaulder
Rarity: Rare Basic Type: Plate
26 armor
+4 Spirit
+117 Attack
+13 Fire Resistance
Requires 63 Strength
Requires armor skill: Plate
Sell value: 2SP 29CP
Retail value: 11SP 20CP

Solid Light Plate Chestpiece of Grace
Rarity: Uncommon Basic Type: Plate
104 armor
+12 Spirit
+97% armor
Requires 51 Strength
Requires armor skill: Plate
Sell value: 2SP 73CP
Retail value: 54SP 77CP

Light Chain Bracers
Rarity: Very Rare Basic Type: Mail
10 armor
+7 Strength
+7 Intelligence
+10 Defense
+10 Cold Resistance
Requires 38 Strength
Requires armor skill: Mail
Sell value: 1SP 85CP
Retail value: 8SP 61CP

Field Plate Gauntlets of Proficiency
Rarity: Common Basic Type: Plate
26 armor
+8 Dexterity
Requires 75 Strength
Requires armor skill: Plate
Sell value: 1SP 57CP
Retail value: 7SP 9CP

Light Plate Belt
Rarity: Rare Basic Type: Plate
13 armor
+6 Dexterity
+11 Lightning Resistance
+11 Magic Resistance
Requires 45 Strength
Requires armor skill: Plate
Sell value: 1SP 56CP
Retail value: 7SP 5CP

Solid Field Plate Legplates
Rarity: Common Basic Type: Plate
100 armor
+110% armor
Requires 72 Strength
Requires armor skill: Plate
Sell value: 3SP 69CP
Retail value: 38SP 58CP

Mudbeard's Boots
Light Plate Boots
Rarity: Set Basic Type: Plate
27 armor
+7 Strength
+8 Fire Resistance
+12 Poison Resistance
+53% armor

Mudbeard's Set
: Mudbeard's Hammer,
Mudbeard's Chestpiece, Mudbeard's Spaulder,
Mudbeard's Helmet, Mudbeard's Belt,
Mudbeard's Boots

With 3 items:
+10 Strength

With all 6 items:
+20 Strength

Requires 45 Strength
Requires armor skill: Plate
Sell value: 2SP 41CP
Retail value: 11SP 95CP

Ciglio's Silver Ring
Rarity: Set
+1 Dexterity
+2 Intelligence
+9 Magic Resistance
+13% Magic Find Chance

Ciglio's Set
: Ciglio's Braided Belt,
Ciglio's Robe, Ciglio's Gold Ring,
Ciglio's Silver Ring, Ciglio's Charm

With 2 items:
+5 Intelligence

With all 5 items:
+10 Intelligence

Requires level 7
Sell value: 80CP
Retail value: 3SP 39CP

Ring of Energy
Rarity: Common
+8 Vitality
Requires level 10
Sell value: 59CP
Retail value: 2SP 47CP

Rarity: Rare
+1 Dexterity
+9 Magic Resistance
Requires level 2
Sell value: 37CP
Retail value: 1SP 52CP

Rarity: Rare
+8 Intelligence
+90 Attack
+11 Fire Resistance
Requires level 20
Sell value: 1SP 71CP
Retail value: 7SP 86CP

Sparking Giant Sword of Hoarding
Rarity: Uncommon Basic Type: Two-Handed Sword
25 to 46 Damage Speed 1.50
23.7 damage per second
+6% Find Items Chance
+3 to 5 Fire Damage
Requires 40 Strength
Requires 51 Dexterity
Requires weapon skill: Two Handed Sword
Sell value: 1SP 66CP
Retail value: 7SP 58CP

Equipment worth: 1GP 91SP 66CP
Inventory worth: 4GP 84SP 76CP
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Old 10-07-2008, 01:32 PM
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What is probably happening is that damage bonuses like strength, that only apply to the physical damage, are making the first weapon ultimately be better than the other weapons.
Steven Peeler
Depths of Peril, Kivi's Underworld, Din's Curse, Drox Operative, Zombasite, Din's Legacy, & Drox Operative 2
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