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Old 05-17-2010, 01:57 PM
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Default DC mini tournament 1

Final results:
1) Spikeosx 60
2) Stardusts 56
3) Nim 30
4) ecliptic 23
5) Caal 21
6) SharpCarlos 19
7) Viliki 17
8) Delilah Rehm 13
9) DeathKnight1728 12
10) Shadow 7

Heinosity 21 (no save)
Hyfrydle 8 (no save)

Ok, let's start our first mini tournament. Today we are playing Gilbert a Trickster / Ice Mage who is currently trying to save the town Chullu. Din has left Gilbert a mortal. When he dies he really dies, so be careful.

The goal of this tournament is to see how high of a level everyone can get this character to and of course to have fun!

It will last about a week. I will post the results next Monday (May 24th), hopefully in the morning some time. I will accept any entries that are posted on this thread when I start tabulating the results. If I were you I wouldn't temp fate too much and I would post your results on Sunday or before. I live in central US for time zone purposes.

1) Download the attached zip file
2) Unzip the file into the DC chars directory which is here:

Vista/Win7 - C:\Users\YOUR USER NAME\AppData\Local\DinsCurse\User\chars
XP - C:\Documents and Settings\YOUR USER NAME\Local Settings\Application Data\DinsCurse\User\chars
Mac - /Users/YOUR USER NAME/Library/Application Support/DinsCurse/User/chars

3) Start the game, choose Play, Choose Gilbert, and then choose Load Existing World
4) Play the game, but be careful you are playing a hardcore character

5) When you die or it's getting close to the end of the time limit, export your character using the vbulletin export (it gets exported to the user directory, the parent directory of the one in step 2)
6) Zip up your character files for this character (we really only need the chr and wld files). These are in the directory in step 2
7) Post the export in this thread and attached your zipped character files also
8) If you still have time try again

1) Please no cheating
2) No mods are allowed except the unlockedModes mode
3) You should be playing at least version 1.001
4) You can play multiple times (only your highest entry will count though)
5) At least for this tournament you can start as many towns as you want

Hopefully all of this makes sense and that I covered everything. More importantly, have fun!
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Steven Peeler
Depths of Peril, Kivi's Underworld, Din's Curse, & Drox Operative

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Old 05-17-2010, 02:08 PM
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Trickster / Icemage eh? That should be interesting
- Jorlen
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Old 05-17-2010, 08:26 PM
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Horror, Darkness, Mushrooms, Rainy and Demons.

Thanks for picking such a nice, bright and cheerful bunch of world modifiers for us too.

This is a wierd hybrid. I'm going to hazzard a guess and predict that most people will heavily specialize in one facet or the other. My main character is a rogue, so I'm tempted to put all my points into Ice Mage.
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Old 05-17-2010, 11:05 PM
SharpCarlos SharpCarlos is offline
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I've cleared two towns, and got my character up to level 10. I'm one of those players who likes to not juggle a bunch of active skills, so I'm using the Ice Mages' Ice Storm as my go-to attack (area effect, damage over time, slows enemies, what's not to like?) and putting points into into some of the Trickster's passive defensive skills. Fun build, so far!

Second town was a bear, though: It was one of those devastated towns full of destroyed buildings and NO vendors, but it was NOT a "do one quest and finish the world" town. Had to fight my way down 7 levels and do a bunch of quests to finish it off. Yikes. Towards the end a wandering vendor gave me the chance to restock my potions and food, or I never would have made it.
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Old 05-17-2010, 11:35 PM
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I was just starting my 2nd town when I went down and got 1-shotted by a big purple boss heh. Looks like I'll have to revise my strategy! R.I.P. Gilbert#1
- Jorlen
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Old 05-17-2010, 11:45 PM
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Delilah Rehm Delilah Rehm is offline
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Default Not my final, but...

Here's my guy so far... Very happy about finding Fang.

Level 8 Trickster / Ice Mage (Hardcore)

Health: 126 / 126
Mana: 75 / 75

Attack: 71
Defense: 160
Armor: 44

Damage: 5 - 14
Dps: 13.6

Reputation Level: 2

Money: 76SP 46CP


Strength: 20
Dexterity: 18
Vitality: 27
Intelligence: 19
Spirit: 9

Points Left: 0


Fire Resistance: 18
Cold Resistance: 11
Poison Resistance: 5
Lightning Resistance: 1
Magic Resistance: 6


Dodge lvl 2
Evasion lvl 1
Arctic Shard lvl 3

Points Left: 0


Cloth Mantle of Currency
Rarity: Common Basic Type: Cloth
Durability 11 / 11
3 armor
+36% Find Extra Money
+3% armor
Requires armor skill: Cloth
Sell value: 22CP
Retail value: 92CP

Worn Cloth Shawl
Rarity: Normal Basic Type: Cape
Durability 16 / 16
5 armor
Requires skill: Cape
Sell value: 12CP
Retail value: 49CP

Worn Buckskin Vest
Rarity: Normal Basic Type: Leather
Durability 18 / 18
20 armor
Requires level 6
Requires armor skill: Leather
Sell value: 81CP
Retail value: 3SP 43CP

Ragged Cloth Cuffs
Rarity: Normal Basic Type: Cloth
Durability 20 / 20
3 armor
Requires level 5
Requires armor skill: Cloth
Sell value: 6CP
Retail value: 26CP

Cloth Gloves
Rarity: Very Rare Basic Type: Cloth
Durability 9 / 9
3 armor
+2 Strength
+1 Vitality
+1 Mana Regen
+5 Cold Resistance
+10% armor
Requires armor skill: Cloth
Sell value: 73CP
Retail value: 3SP 9CP

Accurate Cloth Sash of Petrify
Rarity: Uncommon Basic Type: Cloth
Durability 13 / 13
1 armor
+8 Attack
+5% armor
2.8% chance to cast level 1 Petrify when hit
Requires armor skill: Cloth
Sell value: 30CP
Retail value: 1SP 24CP

Cloth Leggings
Rarity: Rare Basic Type: Cloth
Durability 10 / 10
4 armor
+2 Strength
+1 Dexterity
+1 Vitality
+1 Intelligence
+1 Spirit
+4 Fire Resistance
+8% armor
Requires armor skill: Cloth
Sell value: 1SP 6CP
Retail value: 4SP 58CP

Soft Leather Boots
Rarity: Rare Basic Type: Leather
Durability 14 / 14
2 armor
+1 Vitality
+4 Poison Resistance
+5 Magic Resistance
+8% armor
Requires armor skill: Leather
Sell value: 35CP
Retail value: 1SP 45CP

Ciglio's Gold Ring
Rarity: Set
3 armor
+1 Vitality
+3 Armor
+1 Mana Regen
+8 Fire Resistance

Ciglio's Set: Ciglio's Braided Belt,
Ciglio's Robe, Ciglio's Gold Ring,
Ciglio's Silver Ring, Ciglio's Charm

With 2 items:
+4 Intelligence

With all 5 items:
+8 Intelligence

Requires level 6
Sell value: 1SP 49CP
Retail value: 6SP 72CP

Rarity: Elite Basic Type: Dagger
Durability 16 / 16
4 to 9 Damage Speed 0.70
9.3 damage per second
+2 Min Damage
+2 Max Damage
+5 Fire Resistance
+5 Cold Resistance
+15% damage
+10% maximum damage
+0 to 2 Poison Damage
Requires 12 Dexterity
Requires weapon skill: Dagger
Sell value: 1SP 74CP
Retail value: 8SP 3CP

Fun stats

Kills: 591
Deaths: 0
Kills Per Death: 591

Gold Found: 18SP 81CP
Time Played: 2h 45s
Max Damage Dealt: 68
Max Damage Taken: 24
Max Damage Dealt At Once: 68
Max Health Healed: 112

Best Trap Disarmed: lvl 0

Strongest Monster Defeated: Scavenger (Lvl 4)
Toughest Battle Won: Deadshot (Lvl 2) at Lvl 1
Strongest Monster Killed By: None
Weakest Monster Killed By: None

Quests Solved: 45

Equipment Worth: 30SP 21CP
Inventory Worth: 1GP 9SP 59CP

Secrets Found: 0

Towns Saved: 1
Towns Abandoned: 0
Towns Lost: 0

Din's Curse / Soldak Entertainment
Delilah Rehm
Writer for Soldak
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Old 05-18-2010, 06:50 AM
graffen69 graffen69 is offline
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Oh, i thaught there was only 1 play around, til the toon dies and thats it. Brings the sport out of me for it. Oh well.
Wish ya others good luck though.
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Old 05-18-2010, 10:49 AM
viper34j viper34j is offline
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Originally Posted by graffen69 View Post
Oh, i thaught there was only 1 play around, til the toon dies and thats it. Brings the sport out of me for it. Oh well.
Wish ya others good luck though.
How could you possibly keep people from cheating? Even the most honest among us would grant themselves a do'over if they get one shotted on the second town because their toddler distracted them.

Also, its fun trying to tweaking your build after failures to try and get the perfect mix between survivability and lethality.

Maybe...maybe it would be neat for the next tournament to not allow any abandoned or failed towns. So, if your character dies, or you fail a town (or abandon), you have to start over again. Anyone can create a character that never dies, but can they create one that always wins also?
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Old 05-18-2010, 11:36 AM
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I think this sort of thing would be awesome if it was all handled in-game. Like, have a weekly ladder in-game, and server-hosted hardcore characters.

Of course this sort of thing requires quite a bit of coding, but I think it would give DC more longevity.

That said, even doing it manually, I'm having fun with this tournament. I'm able to learn from my death and do it all over again with the same character to try and learn from my mistakes and get stronger.
- Jorlen
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Old 05-18-2010, 11:42 AM
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Thats what its about. If you cheat, your prally not going to have a fun time playing the tournament. It's cool being able to restart, but like jorlen said, it would be cool if the next one was different. Maybe like 2 mini tournaments. One is Monday through Thursday, the other is Thursday through Sunday. 1st death counts you out, but still allows you to participate in the next.
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