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Old 03-11-2013, 01:16 PM
pieciax pieciax is offline
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Default Problem with requirments for items

problem i've faced, was requirments for specific items. Since i've invested a lot to command points to have as much hard points as possible, i've ended up in very bad situation at level 70+ when i couldn't equip anything that dropped at that point, while leveling up was no fast enough, and not reach in cp to catch it up.

To work with that i was collecting a lot of crew and stat bonus items to have used to install new equip and then remove them for fight. It was working most of the times but... i was spedning tens of minutes to reconfigure any simple equipment that was a horrible pain and waste of time. My fun was very limited as any new drop ive found, i had to go to depot, spend a lot of time to reconfigure to switch i.e one thrust or engine. Not mentioning factor of lack i.e. 5 power load points (out of 2000+) after reconfiguration that end up in crazy reduction of 20% of most of the stats (while i was missing less than 0.1% of power load...)

My proposition is to:
Have a propotional penalty for overload. If im missing 1% of power, let's have penalty of 1% to all stats that currently penalized in a big jumps.

As for requirments my proposition is to COMPLETELY REMOVE them.
I know it sounds crazy but please read what good would bring it to the game:

- reconfiguration would me much simplier and smoother. Fact that ship has diffrent numbers and types of hard points, that require both power load and energy to use is quite complex already.
- thanks to that whenever i've found something nice, i can use it right a way, not spending hours in depo to reconfigure
- i could have few configuration for diffrent style o game, and switch them quite fast (as proposed in another post about equip preset cofigurations)
- better equipment has much higher power consumption anyway, so there is a cost for using it anyway.
- in my opinion gameplay would be much better and smoother, without loosing key aspects of ship customization

So, what the point to have CREW POINTS?

- In order to keep possibilty to create diffrent builds out of our ships (hard hitter, tank, evader, missle boat, carrier, etc.) i would suggest to extend bonus that crew points by % bonus to specific equipment. (like tactics are working right now). Effect would be that evevry build can have any kind of eqquipemt but build with i.e. 100 in Helm, will get +100% bonus from item's that increase defense(200% in total), while build with 10 helm, will get only +10% bonus ( 110% defense bonus only). That scenario would keep variety between builds.

I suggets to have crew points bonus extended (or replaced current bonuses) as follows(% value is subject to balance and testing):

Tactical: leave as it is,
Helm: Increase by 1% defense, and thrust bonus from items (power output optionally to enginnering)
Structural: increase by 1% armor, resistance and structure,and repairs bonus from items
Computers: increase by 1% attack and radar bonus from items (assuming radar will be more usefull - i.e. in detecting stealth enemies, or increase speed of missles?) optionally bonus 1% to all stats of your fighters/drones
Engineerging: increase by 1% shield, shield recharge and energy bonus from items (power output optionally to helm)
Command: fine as it is, or optionally can increase starfighter's strenght by 1% (instead of computers if radar value will be balanced) and/or crew bonuses.

Such shift would require some balancing for sure as ship might became to powerfull, but that can be adjusted in test phase, aslo item's bonues level could be simply reduced. But it would create game, in my opion, MUCH MORE PLAYABLE as it it now.
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