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Old 03-14-2018, 06:22 PM
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Default Todo list

This is my entire todo list for the next game. It is currently pretty long and not organized very well. It will contain spoilers. It changes daily. I add things constantly from testing and feedback. I remove things often that aren't feasible or just don't fit. Just because something is on here, it just means I'm considering it, it doesn't mean it will ever happen. Also, the ordering doesn't always mean much.

Please feel free to comment on anything in here!

to launch early access - logo, icon, loading screen graphic, marketing graphics, website,
screenshots, Steam, keys, announce, at least new button
no keys at all?
what about master server?
no checks?
nothing encrypted?
dns for dinslegacy
godaddy point dinslegacy correctly
redirect for dinslegacy
overview button - with blurb
on front menu - shorten Kivi's Underworld to Kivi?, fix spacing
fix front menu
fix side menu

ui makeover
at least do a new button & normal UI outline

fix skin tones in human and probably mutated
build tool needs to not copy over multiple textures for same texture
need way to not ship duplicate textures in hardcore game
put blurb in game somewhere

fix player skin with different armors
in EntityClient::setItemIndex add Mutant
in items add SkinTextureNameMutantMale & SkinTextureNameMutantFemale to every item
add textures
add shader entries

redesign levels so that bushes don't block collision? only walls, rocks, and trees do?

add in DC unique monsters?

During Alpha?
need a way that new unique levels doesn't change world generation
add world generation version thing
needs to be sent to client also
needs to cull lists based on version so choice doesn't mess up sees & stuff
add a colored prefix (use @ symbol) to level names to show clan presense - then clan color code level names
projectiles seem to be stopping at level boundaries
would it be cool to some more specialities that are just different mix of same skills?
DYNAMIC_CHAR_STAT_DAMAGE_OVER_TIME skill mutation for dots
homing mutation
fireball/extra projectile doesn't home
could do extreme skill mutation versions of some of them like more projectiles
would be cool of critical hits changed effects
mutation bonus orbs
add some unique towns
be able to sort quests by level or something? (Castruccio)
add min level to scenarios
do I need stamina?
add some unique NPCS?
add unique renegades?
add minor clans?
add unique chests?
add unique gravestones?
getting lighting from level instead of block
could I make forts with random layout of house walls or town walls?
would be nice if levels were connected more
attack bonus if higher elevation than enemy (up to a certain max bonus)
vary speed up and down slopes?
named cults that can spread? uses a random name - was cool in Shannara (theirs was Crimson Tide)
a cult scenario
won brawl when still clans in there
in brawl, everyone has bulletin boards and pedestals
CovenantXEmerged showed up in brawl
gates don't necessarily show up in correct level (correct blocks)
partial levels don't have gates
world map actually looks better with drawui off - it draw all of the way to edges of widescreen
liquids should go down hills
is it time to make the font/UI smaller in general?
call mutatation points instead of skill points?
victory points for one or more scenarios?
glow bonus in dark/increases monster aggression
gladiator types should probably lose if killed
are monster names/rarities color coded?
would prophecies be interesting?
warm bonus when near fires? less fire resist, more ice resist
pick or random head?
lava skin
druid can get a make it rain skill?
rain adds a wet status effect for a few minutes - increases cold/lightning resistance, decreases fire resistance
haunted - lots of invisible ground traps that close & lock doors
soulbound items (like Dr. Strange cape?)

do we have a red forest?
a purple forest?
grassland with giant flowers?
mushroom forest
giant tree is random color?
graveyards need fog often
add special rooms to maps that are specific ones and can start quests & objects go there
giant purple tree - druis
circle of pillars - wizard council
circle of candles - witches
give houses random color tint based on the area block/level?
earthquake machines should be able to destroy houses
rumor that so & so is really a renegade or a trap
could do treasures that only give bonus during that world like current game but also like god blessings
could even call them treasures (could actually change used up relics to these)
could do monster trophies also - could do with screenshots if from visible piece, could only drop from monster
make won town screen more intersting
count up to quests completed?
coolest item found?
can I make some new dungeon/cave tilesets with new textures?
use tunnels as entrances sometimes?
different objects should have different reactions when destroyed
be able to target things like oil?
should be easier to shut doors
change all crates & barrels in towns to real ones?
break torches they shoot sparks out (unless cold damage)
killed wisp release lightning sparks
ghosts trapped in chest - can be evil & they attack or good and thankful and reward you
chests shakes somehow?
lurker trap/ambush
if ambient creature touches giant obelisk they turn into real one?
mold that releases poison spores on touch
another that gives you a plague
gravestone can start a curse? might need to make them better if this happens
a mold that if it kills something they create more mold
something that spreads when hit by fire
can I do elementals with just effects?
crystals break and unleash elemental attack?
having always visible ghosts might be interesting since you would see them go through objects
can I do a shadow monster? just the shadow of a monster (each version is from a different monster) - always drawn even if shadows
are off
which monsters can I reverse their death anim & it will look ok?
can I have different colored mushrooms that do different things?
do I have dangerous monsters level modifier?
need more cross quest stuff - monster kills nemesis & becomes new nemesis
monster works his way up to nemesis, clan, etc

So amp it up! I want to see mold, smoke, pools of blood, piles of rubbish, explosive powder, sheets of metal,
underground rivers, acid, ether, mana clouds, dead magic, etc all swimming about together in the dungeon. So I can go:
"hmm, if I vaporize that mana crystal with a lightining bolt, I can use my gust of wind to blow the ensuing mana cloud
into that room over there that is full of conductive rods... then I'll lure the boss into the room, activate the rods
and quickly shut the door.

molds with spores?
in hardcore make tiny world smaller
make tables & chairs breakable?
bigger sieges at higher levels?
do we have a charged lightning trap?
a transform trap - random shape? hulk, stalker, small spider/scorpion, imp, etc.
definitely need way to donate items to clans in hardcore
custom unique items - saves archetype of killer monster & uses its random name seed + uses base name, so if you kill Ulog
you might get Ulog's sword - would be better if he was using it during fight
add a chance (based on rarity of monster) start with real item(s)
monster wars don't change enough
trap that resurrects all nearby monsters
clans in hardcore still need doors and guards
make 1 monster kill only count for 1 uprising in hardcore?
spell damage, direct spell damage, more projectiles, etc - only on hands, weapons, head, and jewelry?
would be cool of level names (maybe just add modifiers) could change based on events
die a bunch of times add of death to level
lots of orc uprisings add of orc
still need key spots/places that will be remembered - bridges with bandits, campfire with clan of torva, mysterious columns
with druids, kind of like special rooms but specific to that block
label type of block and database specifies quests that can go there?
specify quest from block?

invisible earthquake trap
would be interesting if all usable braziers were breakable

do ambushes get bonuses for surprise? I don't think so, but should
super smell mutation - no bonuses for ambushers
could do mutations that change skin - stone hands, etc

can still shoot bow projectile with broken bow (also still using bow idle anim)

mutation - uncontrolled spontaneous combustion - catch fire on fire damages nearby enemies, damage when hit, catches things
on fire

can mutate an ego item? only on equipped items
ego items can change to imprint items if they are equipped?

imprint items - Dr Strange cape item, like ego, but better, can only have 1, once equipped can never get rid of it,
won't drop on death, they gain more & more enchantments & the enchantments ger more powerful over time

curse on items doesn't show up until item is equipped? and then can't remove while it is uncursed?
can see if you are cursed?
is cursed a mutation?

shield slam - work on any melee, no basic attack - comma is confusing (Raziel)

add footstep sounds to some monsters? like orcs but not dark elves or stalkers
might need louder footstep sounds for things like guardians

more trees in graveyards

not always getting path out of towns
add a dropbox of types to blocks so can specify what they are (bridge, etc)?

tournament/bounty scenario
like Scenario24
no random quests
lots of uprisings
double money reward?
clear out the dungeon
lots of vendors (in town and below) and adventurers (1 person clan or special NPC?)

god blessings sometimes on things like rescues
some monsters light things on fire on purpose (throw flaming oil or have to be next to it?)
monsters can really end up being renegades
stalker -> druid
demon -> warlock
fire elemental -> wizard
make iron barred door a secret door sometimes?
rolling flames down hallways from explosions?
rolling boulder would still be cool - when it hits something it breaks into fallen rocks?
some way evil avatar stuff can escalate
kill avatar, destroy an altar, get cursed
cursed by the gods (kind of like good god blessing)
invisible bridge secret
would be neat if ambient creatures movement sometimes meant something
sprites go towards treasure
rats flee light
need to figure out how to have unbreakable locked doors with a key or lever that is guaranteed player can get to
could put 1 on each side of the door
does skeleton hiding as bones work?
change undead totem to work like a necromancer?
make totems much better & more obvious (effect) what they are doing
need a special key - dropped by a monster
gargoyles around chest that come to like when chest is opened
or triggers can trigger gargoyles, they don't trigger unless triggered or damaged
dungeon entrance that needs a special key or lever in outside level would be easy (no path issues)
pointing statue when used turns 90 degrees - must point correct way to open door or multiple & need correct pattern?
more things like monster guarding gate (door, chest, lever, key, etc)
normal monster, champion, or unique can transition to guard quest
find 3 key fragments to open door
toll bridge - can't get by without paying toll or killing monster
would be cool if monsters can dynamically decide to do things - toll bridge or guard gate
ghost can demand an offering to evil god - can donate & might make evil gods stronger or can fight ghost

change tunnels to be able to go to any level? (like dungeons)
take more advantage of ModelChange/TextureChange stuff
make levels more extreme - more open, more maze, straight path, etc.
fix win/lose messages
put fake blocks/areas around dungeons/caves?
had to go back through secret gate to a secret level to get it on map
going to a little secret area had gate back on map but was normal gate texture
can no longer get rid of basic skills?
make some secret gates harder to see or add some variety of effects
healthstone mentions zombie infection
remove defend option from diplomacy menu
got a relic vendor again - NpcWanderingVendorRelic
hunting quest is unknown location but has * next to it when I'm in the right level
also in level quest list
dark orc berserkers need some kind of effect when in berserk mode
scenarios too big?
any skill can be on an item?
unique monster can fake being normal?
quest modifiers? quick? desperate? extra strong?
caltrops or smoke screen as general unique/renegade tactic? as in better fleeing
add known grand children & further down of quests? parent -> parent -> etc
if quest gets obsoleted because for example a boss takes over that should become new win quest
reinforcements by allies should happen more, dialog chance
could actually have dialog on most tactics
intelligence enhancement that allows normal monster to use tactics or increased chance
randomly (somewhat rarely) give random monsters npc skills?
it would be pretty cool if an orc net trapped you all of a sudden
might have to restrict this somehow to things that make some kind of sense
be interesting if some monsters could purposely target environment (fireball oil or cave support)
be even more interesting if could pick up and throw fire grenade at cave support, or pickup & use potion/elixir/flame sword
pick up oil & create fire sword
crafter specialty
if have town & rescue npc, they might come to town
lost waypoints on map when went to different characters?
teleporter malfunction
crazy storm?
chance that monsters with weapons start with a magic weapon? goes up with rarity
be able to sort characters? level, timestamp, etc.
do scree have longer reach on their attacks? same thing with dark elf warriors?
my win quest was obsoleted so I won the adventure (a boss took over)
when running straight down with flaming sword constantly switches between left/right ears
skills pass
boost skill passives
add reuse timers to some skills
could have skills add extra to multiplier if certain conditions exist (stunned, on fire, distracted, etc)
some skills could add more to multiplier, like devastating attack could add 50% more than usual
(skills that have timers, use all mana, or have specific conditions to use)
add statues here and there and sometimes they are secret chests & sometimes activate when touched and are a monster?
Clan Protector - lose if destroyed
need to add more quest chains for Hero Quest
boulder traps (sets off falling rocks) - only underground - would need some kind of model
puzzles - find all the pieces, pull the levers in correct order
some monster that tries to get behind you
leaders/followers? entire group gets alerted at same time
new sounds? - crickets, frogs, owls, scatching noises, creaking floors
beams of light?
door/chest that requires secret word - place on scroll randomly dropped somewhere
leaves falling
release a ghost - trapped in crystal or something - could be thankful ghost, but could also be powerful monster
dust storms - like a large tornado?
more town locations
underground towns?
more flee skills
high mana world - faster mana regen and/or more spell damage (player & monsters)
race scenario - race to bottom of dungeon
setup like Escape, 1 person clans, clans can solve quest, if they solve quest, fail scenario
npcs will need supply of potions and ability to use them or have a fairly high regen rate
using my teleport stone didn't put me near my gate when in non-town area
armory stuff should work when have npcs in town - should default to off
getting explored messages before I'm done exploring level
advantages - Scrounger (better at scavanaging), Marksman (bonus to hit with bows if full stamina), healing touch (healing aura), Telekinesis (can manipulate simple objects from a distance),
direction sense (cheaper searches), Heirloom?, lightning rod (in rain get hit by lightning often, heals), extra arm?,
Engorged limb (larger limb, +str in that limb), Rebirth/Second chance (1 free death), gossip (cheaper rumors), X-ray
vision (see objects on other sides of things), Quiet (make less noise when bashing things), Egg Layer (plaguebringer
larva, max of 5), Prehensile Tail (like extra arm), fangs, tusks, Animal Control (like skill that makes people your
slave but limited to animals), Spore Cloud, Projectile Thorns (like charged but different projectile)
disadvantages - Cursed, Curious (more likely to set off traps),
pyromaniac (starts fires), Hunted (much higher chance of hunters, bounty hunters, and assassins), debt, Color blind,
9 lives? (less health but can die 8 times), Grotesque (less followers), One Eye (like point blank?)
missing corner piece in Zealous Catacomb - might be missing light columns - didn't spawn?
fix skill outlines on select parent screen
make each environment type more unique
do clans adventure enough?
no escort quest for extraction scenario
dragon breath mutation - on hit or actually usable (need anim)?
if added weapon length could add Extra Long Arms mutation
getting killer mutations might be too easy
Brawl - reptilian terror guy shows up as level 9.5 (even though world is level 1), tries to color code dungeon name
do easy attacking like Grim Dawn?
left click attacks should continue
rescue - have to escort to any gate?
amorphs have chance to merge together to make a larger version? takes 3?

Games to try
Crusader Kings 2 (already have)
Shiren the Wanderer
Dungeon Crawl: Stone Soup, nethack , Desktop Dungeon, TOME

warriors probably need to use more mana
SSAO would be really nice or maybe Parrallax Occlusion Mapping
don't show load area button if no area files
need to handle resuming when world is no longer there
fix multiplayer path with loading old world
imps not always showing all attack anims
secret level of gold - says mining on map screen - not a single thing of gold to be mined
mace combat sounds could be better
alert scenario?
trying to rescue or achieve something in lowest level
too much noise and the base goes on alert - much higher spawn rate, bonuses to everyone, etc.
sometimes Gladiator level not all connected (False Caverns, blue/green cave)
might be because using normal level generator
monsters in Gladiator scenario tend to die in fires they started
chance to lose a fear mutation when killing a monster that you can get fear from if they kill you
restore the town scenario - win if all houses, lose if everyone dies
smuggler or pirate towns?
side areas and secrets in roads?
multilevel towns?
secrets still show up on map easily
need to change Savage Lair name & any others that are now duplicates
add effects to all colored chests?
lairs can spawn in dungeons/caves?
black gates that are like purple gates but can go anywhere (not next to gates and can go to secret areas)
will probably need to increase secret areas
things like hounds/stalkers can come out of trees?
be nice if secrets could be placed against open connections
unique monster can start a new clan of his type?
would be cool if dungeons/caves could have multiple entrances/exits/ups/downs especially if into different levels
give npc renegades more skills?
can levers and buttons open secret gates and/or get rid of illusions?
can I spawn like 3 levers and have a random code (up, up, down) that then opens secret level?
or 2 drops item, 3 opens small secret level, 4 opens large secret level
would ne nice if dungeons/caves could be larger than 1 level (across that is)
can perception sometimes make illusions glow?
if turned off chance they will attack?
so can get into fights about lights that can lead to wars, battles, new enemies, etc
would be cool if a smart enemy could open an unlocked door, run through it, shut it, and then lock it
have adventurers that are actually adventuring around?
some enemies can target support poles and other things to destroy (using projectiles and a minimum distance away)
torches give nearby things bonus to hit (would make sense why automatically turn on)
most monsters can see in the dark so don't get light bonuses
only get light bonuses when underground or is night
other humans/mutated footsteps are half volume?
fleeing smart enemies can open secret doors?
if a door is open by AI it automatically shuts a few seconds later like clan doors?, chance it locks then, if AI is fleeing
for torch bonus do from player so only get all entites instead of 1 from each light source
or could do backwards and add a penalty if no light sources nearby for player
night sight would negate this
could also do for other humans & mutated
need an unlock sound
gem that adds crystal/obsidian to items?
earthquakes add to one another?
Keep out! Do not enter!
Ghastlymoon Base all closed blocks (just pit)
gates can be locked with keys like chests?
some secret doors can only be trigger/button/etc
I think I can do doors, put 2 versions 1 on each side of door, build list of blocks on each side of door through open sides
if no open sides in block not already added to list stop, recursive basically, need to make sure actually drops in the block
also if 1 trigger for door is used other one needs to go away also
locked doors use green keys
any door can be replaced with a unbreakable/special locked version (add a stone shader or something)
could just add a status effect that multiplies health by something really high (100) and give it a prefix of unbreakable
would probably need to save/load status effects
guardians cause mini earthquakes on each step
could bigger dungeons be built like outdoor levels?
sometimes lair has a few champions or just 1 high rarity monster
don't put modifiers if can't do it - no orcs when can't spawn orcs in that level
level & world modifiers need to be stronger
does world save name include prefix & suffix?
would still be nice if could center level names better (just use explored parts somehow and save into maps)
generate roads like outdoor if block is from outdoor level and not road (basically can open up) & like road if from road level
items can give you access to a skill while it is equipped?
more terrain stuff
projectiles follow terrain which is a little bizarre looking
clicking (not holding down) is not very accurate
make shadows better with z fudge instead of ignore depth? or angle shadow based on ground
environment fire too far off ground
add hardcore/semi-hardcore option
allow player to buy back attribute points?
poison level that has poisonous mist (greenish fog)
add to Patreon?
could allow monster - 1 major or 1 normal/1 minor or 3 minor
allow to choose hair color on NPCs?
add unique secret levels
unique towns could have a unique sign at entrance with short history
allow them to set seed on random level?
they could send me a save game where character is in the level they want theirs to look like
allow different levels of fog & color fog?
always winter
skill modifiers would be even cooler if changed effects too
need more skill modifiers that drastically change them - chaotic focus, blood magic
could add SpawnChance to skill modifiers to make some more rare
could add way more monster related skill modifiers - basically any monster enhancement
unique skills? 3 mutations?, set mutations, unique name, no prefix/suffix on name
how would you get?
only if an upgrade to what you have?
get skill & all mutations at once randomly & small chance
can I get 3 skills to fit in secondary text?
can I really come uip with tons of unique skill names?
if I did could let Patreon people create, name, and pick mutations???
on critical hit make effect 50% bigger?
mutation - spores (possible when hit)
chameleon epidermis
more skill mutations - deliberate (slow but powerful projectiles), knockback, pull towards you, pull you towards them
make a user var or some kind of mode that loads fast for quicker testing - skip loading skill mutations, magic modifiers, item qualities, etc
be able to knockback chests, barrels, etc?
would be nice if things would slide instead of just stop against collision
more mutations - fire proof, teleport (no mana but time limit), slow projectiles, reverse projectiles, deflect projectiles
do I need to increase pitch variation more?
can I pitch shift music a little to speed up or slow down to match combat pace?
Survival scenario - not much happened (survival was easy) - QuestInvasionSurvive not working
monster villages - npcs from the same monster type
UI scale option?
need to replace various tips
lots of things mention clan still
plans to raid our clan
Our clan is under attack
recruited npc and got Clin joined !
shadow mapping?
Steven Peeler
Depths of Peril, Kivi's Underworld, Din's Curse, Drox Operative, & Zombasite

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shadow mapping?
now getting knockback from explosion & radius damage & radius damage coming from parent position instead of projectile/
explosion position
only shows 40 skills on choose mutation partner screen
set up arrow anim variants?
remove extra knockback from DevastatingBlow
better status effect print on skills
hits up to 4 extra nearby enemies should move to target section
add skill icon to highlight text like item?
Steven Peeler
Depths of Peril, Kivi's Underworld, Din's Curse, Drox Operative, & Zombasite
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