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Old 07-14-2020, 03:53 PM
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Default Todo list

This is my entire todo list for Drox Operative 2. It changes daily. I add things constantly from testing and feedback. I remove things often that aren't feasible or just don't fit. Just because something is on here, it just means I'm considering it, it doesn't mean it will ever happen. Also, the ordering doesn't always mean much and there are probably a lot of duplicates at the moment.

Please feel free to comment on anything in here!

* subraces need their traits switched up so they have 1 parent trait, 1 new trait, and other parent trait (so their skill trees are different than their parents)
* need to increase crew requirements since command is no longer taking up crew points
* increase general skills skill points cost by 1? (would need to take skill points away)
* but perhaps you are right, vampire could also augment life on kill effects (DysDaemoN)
* clean up warnings (at least ones that aren't a missing texture that will be added later)
* should probably change fringe ship back to beam weapons or update the text and race ships
* only dryad and shadow are consistent across text, stats, and traits (Eris Shrugged)
* The utopian trait, adding a socket to a piece of equipment, seems to be a very low chance of success, if even any (I have
yet to get one). (Kurama Kitsune)
* skillsScreen help topic
* add skills screen to menu help topic
* add help for skills screen
* I had the extreme slowdown again; quickly alt-tabbed, zipped up the user data directory. Tried to save-and-exit and resumed multiple times and everytime I got into the game, it went back to 1fps. (Darke)
Quit the game entirely and resumed again, and back to 60fps.
Deleted my user data, and restored from the zip, and started/resumed the game again; but unfortunately it was 60fps.
So unless I accidentally triggered an auto save somewhere on loading, or alt-tabbing, it seems like this might just be a race condition somewhere.
It's confusing because I didn't see the slowdown on the main menu; just after 'resuming' the save; and you can quit back to the main menu and resume again and again, and every-time the game's running at the same low-fps.
It's only after quitting the game entirely and loading the save up again does it work properly, then I can never reproduce it again.
* look at bumping zoom max up to 2.0 (DysDaemoN)
* CovenantBase::getDiplomats
might be able to short circuit if no recruits (_numRecruits)

*Newbie friendly/better explanation*
* overload doesn't apply while in immunity?
* Ancients have extra relationship degradation with the player. That's good, it's a recognizable mechanic, the player
can be aware that they are annoying to have a good relationship with and make strategic decisions accordingly. For
the benefit of new players, this should be advertised in more text (the Rizak description doesn't say anything much
to indicate this) and maybe also as an extra category in the Relation Breakdown screen. Right now the extra penalty
seems to be showing up under Other, which doesn't help explain what's going on. (Eris Shrugged)

* I could see it working to allow the solar panel types to use structural instead, and the green/light power load boosters to
allow the use of computers instead (they seem to be computer-themed), and leave the orange/heavy power reactors as pure
engineering. Like offensive abilities, maximum power load is something everyone pretty much needs. So at least the yellow
and green equipment should probably have alternate stats to put into to be able to use them (so long as the stat in
question makes sense). (Kurama Kitsune)
* computers & engineering can increase damage for some races/weapons?
* Missiles: people have already complained that missiles are too slow relative to your speed and enemy speeds. If you think
about the comparison to the way they work on airplanes, missiles are always faster. I think what you want is for the
missiles to start out slow (their current speed or even less) but more maneuverable for a few seconds, after which they
become extremely fast but far less maneuverable (turn speed decreases), so you can dodge them if you're really good. (Bluddy)
* That makes me think of turn speed for ships as well. Currently turn rate is just a percentage of speed, but I don't think
this is interesting. What's more interesting is if there's a speed at which you have the most turn rate (say, 180). Lower
than this and your turn rate decreases because you're just too slow. Go above this speed, and your turn rate also decreases
because you're too fast to turn with a small radius. This way, there's an ideal zone for maximum maneuverability, and what
you want really is to have an active boost available to push you to high speeds when you're willing to sacrifice turn rate
for speed. (Bluddy)
* Haven't managed to be killed continually into losing an entire level's worth of experience so changes seem to be working?
On that, maybe don't spawn the Ancient Whatever Dreadnaughts on the first map anywhere near the warp portal. I've started
4-5 maps since the patch, and two of these had one of these guys jump me within a minute. One I hadn't even explored
anywhere so just barely scraped by, by the skin of my structure, and the other there was a planet right next to me I
discovered almost instantly so I could manage to squeak in an armour repair through judicious use of the drive-by-repair
mechanics. (Darke)
* do you get enough structure (as opposed to shields or armor) to make it a valid style?
* Components seems to break much faster then in Drox 1. Only happens when playing with Armor Plating / High
Structure Ships as Pure Shield ship never take Structure damage. Maybe there is something there? (kouhei)
* Killing a races ships takes forever, so much so that my mouse simply has an auto attack macro so I can just sit there
and watch the ships slowly fly up to me, hit their max distance from target limit, fly back to their planet, and then
slowly fly back to me again in the same path. I just sit there shooting in the same direction. (Annex)
* At a certain level, the races' shields and armor gets very high relative to the damage you can dish out. Not sure
when that happens. (Bluddy)

* add decent text for slot skills like captain used to
* text for race specific slots
* KineticDamage skill might not work
* this could even allow unlocking young, random races as playable races which would result in something like DC hybrid classes
if did this each skill tree also specifies a attribute, at start get +5 of that attribute, and get +2 of that attribute per command?
* add skill descriptions
* one of the treasure skills should increase chance of finding extra item modifier
* turn stat penalty back on

* Some way to quickly donate items, similar to quickly selling, would be wonderful. Maybe sales and donation could both
become mouse cursor modes? (Eris Shrugged)
* Sector win (and others? I can't recall noticing?) reward chest dots are rendered underneath the planets on the system map;
they probably should be rendered on top of them given the number of wins that basically end with you killing a planet.
:P (Darke)
* Cheap way to solve the problems of linked weapons being exactly in sync: make weapon fire rate or projectile speed mods
common. (Eris Shrugged)
* if storing string anyway, instead of race destroyed by monsters mention specific monster or monster types?
* A summary on the galaxy on some information that carry over, like what races are already extinct (especially non-random
ones), and maybe their power ranking and relation to you (Verdusk)
* When you hover over a system's name on top of the minimap, it tells you all the quests for that system, but unfortunately
you can't see their details from this. It'd be helpful if you can, for example, click the name to bring up a list of these
quests where you can browse the details also. (Verdusk)
* make planet anomaly icons fade in and out to draw attention to them?
* Midscreen popup messages can be really inconvenient on the map screen. (Eris Shrugged)
* Using the empire descriptive text slot to note that an empire has traits that make them impossible to ally with, etc, would
be useful. (Eris Shrugged)
* Some kind of display of the map region likely to have planets in it might be a significant aid to exploration (Eris Shrugged)
* Linked weapons would be slightly more valuable if the initial activation time was staggered a tiny bit, so that linking
multiple ram accelerators didn't result in basically one big shot. (Eris Shrugged)
* Hidden/pocket areas, ie a Small Hideout I found, now pop up randomly-generated system names when entering them and show as
Gate to Polibracorp or what-have-you when moused over. (Eris Shrugged)
* Jumping through a wormhole only identifies the far side of it, ie the side you arrive on. The side you left from still shows
up as Wormhole to ? until you return. If you don't return, say by finding a jump gate on the other side, it'll keep showing
up that way indefinitely. (Eris Shrugged)
* UX one, having the drop down for rumours/etc remember the last race you pick would be really nice when you're having to
park yourself above a couple of planets to stop a pair of particularly idiotic AIs from getting into a war. (Darke)
* another bug which I've seen before: the first time opening a jump gate screen can sometimes center the screen really
far from the system you are, requiring you to randomly scroll until you find available systems to click. (Darkness)
* Also, if I upgrade a weapon, it would be cool if it was replaced in the linked weapon spots too. (Fulano)
* the starting inventory bag can't be dropped anywhere. (Darkness)
* Right-clicking wormholes on the system map isn't bringing up the system they lead to. (Eris Shrugged)
* The map screen hotkey could just work on the relations screen, and vice-versa. (Eris Shrugged)
* twin stick - if 2nd stick pointed use left click slot & other 3 attached
100 units in that direction & increment 100 units further until find a target (or until off screen/out of range)
basically until all slots succeed or fail
* The old shield equipping bug is still in this version of the game. I've not quite nailed it down to how to re-create it,
but sometimes when I have multiple shield items installed I'll right click a better shield and get the message "Can't
move component here." It might have to do with fast charge vs normal shields, but not sure. (Fulano)
* I can say if I try to right click a shield in my inventory while another shield is installing it says "Installing
component" rather than just replacing the shield that is in the process of installing. (Fulano)
* Can we have an option to have the recharge stations show up on the map please? (Fulano)
* add stuff to pick an old world & delete old world
* Power to Defense: Sharply increases Shield regen and armor / structure repair at the cost of less energy regen and
weapon damage. (Excellion)
* Power to Batteries Sharply increases energy regen at the cost of weapon damage. (Excellion)
* Other idea might be to add something akin to the "Prayer" skill from Din's. Heavily increased regen as long as you
aren't hit or attacking. (Though that may be a bit overpowered when applied to shields or health). (Excellion)
* the first that I noticed is that my minimap has some visual artifacts at the edge, where the map meets
the out of bounds area. I can provide screenshots tomorrow if it would be helpful. (silver7017)
* Buying a new tier of consumable while you still own some of the previous tier results in the new tier getting
allocated a slot on your hotbar, with the result that your hotbar can wind up kind of a mess if you're keeping
multiple tiers onhand or buy the new tier before selling the old one. (Eris Shrugged)
* keyboard sometimes will be entirely unusable in the game, no keys respond. This has happened 4 times now. Very
bizzare and I cannot recreate the issue nor has it occurred in any other game, ever. Closing the game and reopening
it solves the issue (Annex)
* mousing over name of system above minimap can show that theres a quest in taht system to colonize for that race, but
when talking to that race there is no such quest found (for any system) (Annex)
* dont recall if I mentioned this already somewhere but mousing over the system name in the top right to see the list
of quests available for that system can bug out and list zero quests even though there are plenty available (Annex)
* It seems to be possible to learn about a planet's location and ownership via alliance with the empire that owns it,
but on arriving at that planet have it turn out that it's been taken over by another empire. As in, it displays as
owned by the friendly empire right up until I fly there. I'm not sure that's intended, so reporting it. (Eris Shrugged)
* I'd like a QoL checkbox to always identify/repair on docking as well. Once you're past the first few levels you're
carrying thousands of times more cash than you ever spend on id/repair so apart from any bonus to the faction (if
there is any?) from the action I don't see why you wouldn't do it all the time? (Darke)
* can I add partial momentum?
planets/stars could pull you towards them (things like asteroids would naturally hit them from this)
would be cool to see AI shoot down asteroids coming towards their planets
could have weapons that purposely push or pull
could literally tractor beam a large asteroid/comet towards an enemy planet
* make sure controller support is good
one stick for movement and one for aiming
Right trigger for main attack?
Left trigger for secondary skill?
Turn all menus into being modal menus with hotspots, where A is select and B is cancel.
* list of planets kind of like npc list in Zombasite - P key?
* make it so font can scale down way smaller
* make some changes to be a little closer to twin stick shooter?
* more simple & glowie like outlines?
* I would suggest holding Leftshift+LMB to allow the old style again for single clicks. Or Cntrl or Alt if Shift
already does something I can't think of just this minute. (stretch)
* Regarding giant piles of loot with Basic Mouse Target Move on, maybe double-clicking on an object in the world could
move you to it? (Eris Shrugged)
* system names above the minimap dont always update and remove the colors of races whos presence is no longer in that
system (Annex)
this might just be the primitives
* scanning a planet breaks if you take some action while its happening like shooting, but the scan continues to the end
without anything being accomplished. Sometimes even when doing absolutely nothing the scan will still fail and do
nothing. While on this subject, can planet scanning be sped up? Seems unnecessarily slow (and thus boring) (Annex)
* a glossary of various terms, including component types. For newer players who just want that info there for them (Sharp)
* Typing text into a waypoint works but is pretty unintuitive. Being able to more explicitly select it for editing would
be nice. (Eris Shrugged)
* Shipyard unlocking seems bugged. (Bluddy)
* BUG: While a scan is happening if I open the Relations screen and interact with a race, then return to the main game,
it keeps the progress bar, but when it completes nothing happens and you have to rescan. (Thrillmachine)
* You know what would be nice? Default pause while trading. It's what I do 100% of the time anyway, because I'm not going
to deal with everything getting worse while I'm reading item tooltips. (Eris Shrugged)
* Icons next to systems, plus a minimum degree of separation between stars on this map, might not be great.. but it would
be more useful than this. Mouseover text for systems would also be a huge help. (Eris Shrugged)
* It might be useful to be able to filter quest update messages in the chat log, such that I can ignore quests that
aren't likely to cause a friendly empire really serious problems, but can respond to major crises. Maybe t3 and
below just shouldn't appear there at all. (Eris Shrugged)
* I agree, and I think the maps need to be spruced up. If the sector map showed you icons for each race: how many
planets are in each sector, and whether they're attacking another race (ship icons over another race's planets),
it would go a long way towards cleaning out stuff that's currently in the log and making it visual. (Bluddy)
* Option to have smaller/larger fonts ? (Tchey)
I’d appreciate if the log in the bottom felt corner was with a smaller size of text.
Same with the message appearing in the middle of the screen.
Also if they could not be in the middle, but up/down so my ship is always visible.
* Ability to sort items automatically based on type/rarity/values. (Zarrakis/Tchey)
* auto-sort buttons for inventory?
* QoL request: Separate toggle for Items and Objects (Jean)
* Modded GUI from Zombasite was already a nice step forward, with all info compacted into one screen. (Tchey)
* All windows borders are too big. I like minimalist GUI, like Zero-K or SupCom for RTS genre. (Tchey)
* Option for opacity and %scale would be nice. (Tchey)
* Message window is from another age too. Need better cleaner fonts, options for colors, size, more filters etc. (Tchey)
* The map is absolutely ugly and hard to read and navigate if you are not used to "Soldak’s way". A complete redo is
"a must" IMO, for something way more clean, like most modern 4X, or AI-War2, Astrox, etc. Same goes with the
minimap. (Tchey)
* When exploring, going out of the map is too easy. There should be a darker fog or something to clearly tell you are
out, without relying on the mini map or the blinking message. (Tchey)
* There's a lot going on with the UI and it certainly hasn't aged too well over the years. The large, garish fonts, the
overly verbose bar at the bottom (I'd much prefer if I didn't constantly have a Win/Lose button for example), the
sector map being so grainy/gray/hard to read, the old icons that haven't been refreshed since the original 8 years
ago, the Diablo 1 style character sheet, the rainbow colored relations screen, really just everything feels like it
could use a big refresh. (Agitated Ice)
* I destroyed all of the Rizak planets in my starting system, yet the colors of the system name and map screen indicate
that Rizak is still present in the system, though they aren't occupying any planets. (ScrObot)
* When the minimap is over a bright white background (e.g. system's star), the edges of the explored fog of war are
splotchy. This isn't (usually) apparent when over darker backgrounds. (ScrObot)
* Need crew points upgrade confirmation button. (AHrEJl)
* Please remove the grey bar when using objects and make it an organic process. Potential examples would be a shuttle
landing to and from planets, a drone visiting derelicts, a cutting saw opening debris, a scanning overplay played on
top of anomalies. Instead of relative level dictating the speed of using objects (ugh!), race traits, items and stats
could influence it. Dryad explore planets twice as fast, etc. As a rule it should be much faster. (Jean)
* Oh, and the color-coding to tell what empires have a presence in a system is very hard to parse, especially when there
are so many races that the colors are hard to distinguish. (Eris Shrugged)
* show what bonuses races give you at higher treaty level (show also before you have it, but faded out)
* Floating UI elements really don't look good. If they're there, they should be draggable around the screen (I keep
trying to move them and failing when I come back to Soldak games). But really, there should be a modal UI that takes
over a good chunk of the screen and sums up all the relevant things. For example, I didn't even know about the Bonus
character stat in Drox 1 until someone on discord directed me to it for Drox 2! (Bluddy)
* Doing proper gamepad support requires UI updates. Aiming with the stick should have a reticle that bounces back to
the ship location when the stick re-centers. Selecting an enemy should place some kind of cursor around that enemy.
A modal 'info' mode should have prompts at the top for left trigger and right trigger to switch between info windows
(race relations etc). (Bluddy)
* The minimap and map look too basic. (see Old World ( for an overly cloudy, but
cool effect). (Bluddy)
* The map should have the scroll bars removed (they look very 90s) and zoom levels limited to a few reasonable levels.
The text should be made to fit better. The fog of war effect in the map could look much better (animated fog shader
of some sort). (Bluddy)
* The intro menu is super loud, harsh, angular and with too much elements crashing against each other. Suggestions
would be making the game version and other text not a part of the buttons smaller and out of sight while the cool
but clashing company logo could be a splash coming before the menu itself, giving it a touch of professionalism. In
any case, it shouldn't probably shouldn't just "popup" instantly like it does when you start the game, that's just
weird. (Jean)
* New player help being provided by the UI swarming you with "?" instead of a proper tutorial holding your hand like
a *cough* mainstream *cough* videogame would. A tutorial button leading to a small pre-made galaxy with all premade
elements and barebone scripted story covering the essentials would go a long way. (Jean)
* The UI, in general, could be made a lot less intrusive. Maybe a slider to scale it to player taste is a possibility? (Jean)
* make arrow keys secondary way to move? (Eric Draven)
* It is probably my age coupled with bad eyesight but I find it very difficult to see the mouse cursor (purple arrow)
on screen against the galaxy background…when targeting I sometimes loose it all together!
* show player health/energy bars on main UI?
show structure/armor/shield as 1 bar on left?
show energy on right?
* Steam feedback
The Xbox One and Steam controller is not recognized by the app if it's plugged in after the game is launched.
- When opening the Steam Overlay, by pressing the home button on the controller, the game does not pause and continues
to function while navigating the Steam Overlay menu.
- When the controller is unplugged during gameplay, the game does not automatically pause.
- The "Partial Controller Support" category appears on the store page but there currently isn't a Developer's
Recommended Configuration. For more information on how to create and publish a controller configuration, please see:
During our review, we found that the Gamepad with Mouse and Gyro template worked best.
* can you highlight star (map & ingame) and at least get type?
* You know how Master of Orion has the galaxy map that shows you what's happening? Where the races are, where ships are
moving etc? I think the sector map needs to be improved to show this info in a clear way, based on information you're
aware of. (Bluddy)
* Right now, you just color the letters of a system to show presence. Instead, there should be icons showing the number
of planets each race has. (Bluddy)
* Additionally, when a race attacks another race, that race's ship icon should appear over the target race's planet
icon. (Bluddy)
* Perhaps also a diplomat ship could appear over its target planet. (Bluddy)
* Ideally this info would be accurate only for the system you're at, the races you've got connections with, and the
races you're spying on. (Bluddy)
* playing on 5120x1440 monitor
minimap is off a little bit (something is off, I can shift MiniMapMaskCenter to fix large resolutions but just breaks
for smaller ones)
and Drox background on options screen is off quite a bit
* be able to turn off specific win victories?
* joystick problem person (Kruno Saho)
I have many plugged in at once (4+), that isn't even including all the wireless controllers (20+), in total I have
about 50-60 controllers. This isn't an issue in other games because under USB Game Devices I set a recommended pad
and that is the one that games always use.
DS4; Bluetooth (basically a PS4 controller)
I am using DS4Windows for that controller.
* Crew penalty popup text overlaps the icon. - (ScrObot)
* Consumable items in hotbar: the item level is showing over both the slot number and stack size number, which is very
hard to read (especially with "longer" values like III or IV). I've suggested this elsewhere, but I think changing
up these consumables to not be "consumables" with a limited number of uses, but strictly cooldown based instead, and
not have item levels, but have them auto-upgrade with the level of your character or ship. Having to buy them (and
they're very cheap), dealing selling the old ones, and remembering to keep them topped up is just busy work. (My
previous suggestion was that you could only have two of the four buffs equipped/available at any given time to
introduce some choice/specialization.) If the current system remains as-is, I'd suggest changing up how the item
levels are shown to make this more readable. (ScrObot)

* Signal
ancient empire/ship - one of the ancients
works same as primitive?
communications array - gives random race contacts (if any left unknown)
pirate base - pirate station? brunt/pirate planet/ships?
* life form
gray goo - dead planet?
* surface
abandoned space elevator - faster/cheap ship building
time distortion - ?
dimensional rift - open a dimensional portal?
smuggling depot - lots of loot, some monsters
Monoliths - quest?
Mysterious Object - quest?
* orbit
ship in deteriating orbit - quest to rescue
* maybe can click directly on enhancement icon to scan that specific anomaly
* unique planets
* could send probes to scan planets, scout, down lanes to discover other end, etc?
* be able to switch to probe view?
* can find artifacts of races in the game - can give them back (gain relation) or sell them
* weird energy emission in space - turns out to be a cloaked planet, everyone gone, or ancient race was trying to hide
but shielding failed
* pirate base

* I also wish you could check the planet status on enemy planets (Dragonface)
* Also personally curious if it would be possible for planets to have their own loadouts, so say slots to equip
planetary shields, orbital defense platforms... Just another layer over top of the whole "we buildin a misssile
base" (Jackrel)
* But someone mentioned troop transports, and I wondered "What if there was a quest to help a planet's health?" (Fulano)
It could be a supply brought to the planet, or escorting a troop transport to strengthen the planet's health,
something that requires more work so it's not as easy to pull off. Something that's more likely to trigger the lower
the planet's health is and the fewer planets the race has, so it's a little easier to keep the weaker race alive.
* moons should give some kind of bonus?
* different stars should effect planets/bonuses more

* Empires are clearing out the planets of hostile empires but leaving their colony ships alone. I think this one might have
already been reported, sorry if so. (Eris Shrugged)
* I would like to be able to buy decent selection of chips from 1 race, human maybe , because gamble is quite useles. Also you
should be able to hire crew from race you are playing, it is especialy dificult to get any crew for subraces and you are
often doomed to play with default crew member if u pick subrace. (planetnik6)
* A new spy service (from race) that reveals where all the planets of a race is. (Verdusk)
* A new service that provides temporary buffs your ship. Buff varies according to the race. (Verdusk)
* Transaction to have one of their ship become your party member, maybe temporarily, can be cancelled and lose relation if
it dies (Verdusk)
* A way to see how much credits your tributary have contributed. (Verdusk)
* Potential service: Cheaper shops. So whatever they sell at their planets is cheaper than elsewhere (Dragonface)
* I suppose random races should have random color that are necessarily different from the other "reserved colors" to avoid
confusion, unless they emerge on the galaxy, so they'd have a fixed color, and the game should then reserve this color on
sectors to avoid repeating them (so like if the race is dark red, the galaxy shouldn't generate draxx). (Darkness)
* Since this patch: Rizak ships can now be 100% invisible always even when right on top of them. Watching planets get scanned
on a brand new sector by their ships. Sound and scanning animation is there but no ship! (Annex)
* treaty changes that are Downgrades make other races very unhappy that are hostile with the race im downgrading with,
INSTEAD they should be happy. So if I take race A and downgrade their treaty from Alliance to Mutual Protection,
race B who was friendly with me but at war with race A now goes to war with me as they dont recognize that the
treaty was downgraded. Instead they just see the new Mutual Protection treaty and get all butt hurt over it (Annex)
* 1 planet races have too much power in a federation. If im allied with 2 races, both of whom are in federation together
(making a triangle of love), I resurrect a race on behalf of one of those two races who is unhappy with me and they
convince those two races who are allied to instead break that alliance and go straight to war with me even though
im 82+ approval both both races. 50% of the time I can talk to both races and go immediately back to Peace. Other
50% of the time the federation vetoes and im stuck at war with races who were a minute ago my best friends (Annex)
* can a race change a trait?
* Imagine if gifting Insecticide to the Hive got them pissed at you (Sharp)
* should protectorates give overlord lots of gifts?
* be able to vouch for an ally? uses up some of your influence relation and adds it to the ally?
* No ability to influence your ally’s actions, so games take longer than they should
* One particularly frustrating moment had me in a 3 vs 2 alliance. Despite one of the two enemies being significantly
weaker, down to just a few planets that were heavily guarded, my allies decided to keep sending colony ships and
escorts through the heart of the stronger enemies empire, getting their warships and colony ships destroyed needlessly.
Sadly, my ship was not equipped to take on the 12-15 defenders they had guarding their final two planets since they
were so close together both defensive fleets pursued me as I approached. I instead had to tend to matters elsewhere,
which allowed them to colonize and build themselves up once again.
* diplomatic and cruise ships need to go faster
* sometimes an ai won't stop scanning & then shooting ballistic and going back and forth
* Some variance in the ship sizes for each empire: i.e. a random chance of 1-2 hull size variance for each ship (the
empires should still field equal weight of ships on average). I.e. I found it strange that an entire race's fleet
were all identical ships...
* intelligence sharing, research treaties, embargo, attack planet, defend planet, make peace with, surrender
* build a description from random races based on traits & random background?
* human ships stuck at planet they destroyed (stuck in AttackPlanet behavior)
* Eliminated by random race doesn't show race name (probably need to save actual String)
* primitives - need more ways to gain tech levels - getting components or tech from others
bool ActorCovenant::addTechnology( DatabaseEntry* technology )
* can ram other race ships, damage them, and then they will start attacking even though not at war with them (not always)
* races should try to keep a reserve of cash to trade with player?
* need to move EnemyNaturalHateMult into ruthless trait
* turn on better pleas for help? - getPleaForHelpChance stuff
* Fist bug-when i wasn't at war with ancient race few of their planetary defence ships fire at me with no reason. (Mithur)
* it not a bug but mostly a misviewed thing(it was also in expansion to Drox 1) of ancient races-when they expand they
empires, their planets/ships wont been attacked by monster ships. (Mithur)
* can I do at least a color variation for different races using same ships? a random color variation would be cool
* Honestly feel like the rebel factions should also role some slightly different modifiersm.. yah know since they
fought a civil war and broke away for a reason (Jackrel)
* scavenger race ability not working correctly? (Jackrel)
* Request beacon not operational for the randomly generated races. (Excellion)
* race had ancient artifacts for sale
* Sometimes I'll give a race a planet they're 100% compatible with, and it'll even have nice bonuses, and it's in a
nearby system, but instead of settling that one they'll build a ship and send it off to some tiny moon somewhere in
BFE. I know I can't control the races directly, but even if I try to never share sub-optimal info with them and only
cherry pick the good stuff, a lot of time they just never seem to care about it. I'm not sure what all goes into
their decision making when choosing a locale (nearby enemies?) but it's hard to keep giving them good info only to
see them squander it. (kerzain)
* make ancients a little more rare?
* ancient race wars
* how does your character fit in with all of this?
based on your actions?
science people respond well to tech
economy people respond to money
pacifists like protection (dislike when you war or destroy ships/planets)
* races should like when you have crew of their race & maybe dislike when you have crew of enemies (unless slaves)
* if keep track of individual pops
planets could have mixed races (harmony, tension, slaves, etc)
could have slave pops and could free them - how do you free them as opposed to killing all pops on the planet?
slave pops could be being worked
slave pops could be waiting to be eaten
* will retrofit ships
* will send escort ships with scouts, transport, or colony ships?
* mining stations can be built on non-colonized planets, large asteroids, stars, black holes, etc.
* Transfers between planets could happen with 'dummy ships' that aren't really created using resources, but just represent
the transfer of goods and enable you (or monsters) to intercept them.
* would need to have patrol ships along shipping lanes
* make rebels have more random traits?
* can only sell crew to slave races
* more possible traits - Optimistic,
Seditary, Long Life, Environmentalist, Efficient Bureaucracy, Free Haven, Police State, Warriors,
Unity (less unrest), Content, Brutal, Sharp Eyed,
Agile, Adventuresome, Resilient, Adaptable, Bureaucrats, Hedonistic (less money), Territorial,
Harmonious (less unrest), Curious, Patriots (less unrest)
* race splits can also result in random race that partially matches original
* the ingame random race icon might need testDepth
* do list & processShaderMustLoadFirst correctly for random race icons?
* cruise ships going through hostile territory dont make sense. Would be better if they "patrolled" the system they
started out in visiting the various planets there. This way theyre more realistically within that races
territory (Annex)
* races often have their economy collapse whereby they just stop building ships. Planets will show a new ship to be
built in 3 HOURS (Annex)
* Empire ships' slow speed is a serious detriment to their ability to defend themselves from my attacks. It's easy to
just hide at far range, pull them away from their planet, etc. This does contribute to the generally good dynamic
where the player is able to overpower the empires fairly easily, but it feels too safe. Maybe a good balance might
be found by making weapons with slow effects more common but speeding up empire ships so that they're otherwise a
threat? (Eris Shrugged)
* Just as we can trade the location of planets we found, it would be nice to trade for the location of planets and
gates we haven't located yet from races. (Bluddy)
* Planets and gates in the same solar system we're in should be fairly cheap. Basically this simulates the idea that
in the space age, once you've made contact with a race, you pretty much know where they're located. (Bluddy)
* Planets and gates in other systems could be more expensive -- the further away they are, the more expensive. (Bluddy)
* This helps keep the challenge of exploring unexplored planets and such while giving us a way to quickly get to the
things we need to progress. (Bluddy)
* discussions of treaty/protectorate/vassal status should require a diplomatic mission that I could sabotage. (by
blowing up the diplomat) (Bluddy)

* Like fringe getting extra dodge from shields (Jackrel)
* drakk getting extra resistance from dodge (Jackrel)
* would it be fun to be able to gain these passive bonuses with racial ships to give them a more distinctive feel? I
think so! (HoboElf)
my Drakk ship specializes in Helmsmanship because they are ace pilots. In game this translates to.. better defenses
only? But what if I was able to unlock those Helms related passives that not only give me a big Defense boost, but
also Thrust. Now that'd be something. I'd possibly have one component open since I need one less Drive thanks to the
passive I have.
gives me more ship building options
* There is a passive system that rewards players with different Bonuses every 50 baseline Crew Points. This is in conflict
with Command since the player needs to dedicate the majority of their Crew Points into it. Attaining these passive
bonuses as of now is too punishing especially the higher tier ones. The highest tier requires a baseline of 250 stats.
Attaining this is not reasonable and it makes the system feel pointless. (Hobo Elf)
Investing into Command unlocks new tiers of ships and gives the player a +3 racial bonus to a Crew statistic, but this
is not baseline, which means it does not contribute to the passive bonus system.
Solutions: Make the Command stat +3 bonus baseline and/or make the bonus scaling that all races have (for example
Brunt's 50% mult per Tactical point) a baseline stat multiplier instead. This gives the player more freedom to
allocate their Crew Points into other statistics while not being punished for not putting most if not all points
into Command.
The goal here is to get more use out of the passive bonus system and increase the flavor of the different alien ships
that Drox Operatives use by giving them easier access to said passive bonuses based on what they are specialized in.
Unlocking passive bonuses (such as increased Defense and Thrust with the Helm stat) theoretically functions as a new
passive component that does not need to be equipped or take up Power Load. What this can lead to is give the player
more flexibility in kitting out their ship as they may not need that extra Thruster and can instead use an entirely
different component in that slot instead.
* Fair enough! In my head I was thinking that all stats should be multipliers as opposed to flat values, which I think Tactical
behaves that way? That is, instead of 1 Computer -> 3 Attack (or whatever it is), each point of computer would add a
percentage to your attack. So a higher Computer stat would buff your +200 attack computer to be a +280 attack computer, for
example. A ship with high Engineering skill would get more mileage out of that Shield component, but every ship should be
able to put on a shield or bolt some armor on. If you eased up stat requirements on components, this would allow any ship
to equip that component and get some use out of it, just less use than someone who focused in that area and I think it
would allow me to customize my build more than I can now. I haven’t thought it all the way through, though, just kickin’
around some ideas in my head. (KevinC)
* That’s one side of my current issue with stat points. The other related point is that stats themselves only feel impactful to
me in the sense that they allow me to equip better components, but the components seem to seriously overpower the stats.
Take Computers for example, they add a small amount of Attack, right? A few points of Attack per point, I think? Meanwhile,
even low-level computers can add +300-400 attack. So my investment in Computers didn’t feel impactful beyond just being
able to equip the component itself. Or take Engineering, where it adds a small amount of energy/regen but nothing compared
to a Battery or a Battery Recharger. I think this also contributes to my feeling that I’m just using crew stats as a way
of equipping my next component upgrade. (KevinC)
* The Bonus you get for every 50 base points in a stat also feel off for this reason. Take my Drakk ship, which gains Helm
when it upgrades to the next class. These free Helm points do not contribute to the base and I think they should, because
getting those free points means I don’t have to invest as many there to equip thrusters, I need them in Tactical or
Engineering or something. I also likely have a racial crewman that is giving me that stat. So because I spend fewer points
in the stats my race ship gets a bonus in, ironically those end up being the Bonus categories I’m furthest away from. (KevinC)

* can always put a crew member in a race slot?
* disguise: make yourself look like a race ship, allowing an attack to be blamed on another race (Bluddy)
this might work better as a consumable item or a normal item that uses up durability fairly quickly and can't be repaired
* Seriously those green battery (+ener / sec) are the lifeblood of a lot of non specced in engy ships ,holy crud those lill
thingmabobs work overtime... ALL THE TIME!! XD They should consider adding this boost to the yellow energy battery (max
energy) , maybe I would consider using said battery component that way XP (Demios)
* The collectors (medium equipment max load, i.e. solar panels or cosmic ray things) would now require engineering OR
structure. (Kurama Kitsune)
* The light equipment max power load stuff would now require either engineering or computers, as some of them had names that
sounded about right for this. (Kurama Kitsune)
* Portal/wormhole making usable item, use them on 2 places to link them with portals (Verdusk)
* Also, I think the chips should get a better work on them, like having different icons based on their "type" (like a different
visual format for weapon affixes (damage mods, attack speed, critical, range, projectile speed), stuff like that. (Darkness)
I guess we could have the following chip types, each with a different icon:
- defensive (all damage resistances)
- offesive (5 weapon afixes)
- durability
- loot-based (magic find, gold find, component find)
- misc (defense, attack, radar, thruster)
* That way, we could also have some chips of each kind showing up as items for sale for each race, so chips would be easier to
come by. (Darkness)
* Maybe it's an end-game thing, and I'm only in my 70s, but almost nothing I equip has chips since: (Darke)
They seem to be rare to non-existent on yellow and above items that I want to equip (Darke)
I've played 5-6 sectors since the new patch dropped and I've seen precisely one chip drop (Darke)
They're so rare in stores that I actually notice when they're there, and the three ones I've seen have been pretty much
garbage since they were only on newbie planets that hadn't gotten space ships yet? (Darke)
For reference I've got 21 component slots unlocked, but only three items with a chip slot available, and no chips to add
them; the only one that dropped recently was +79% to minimum weapon damage, which seems pretty good, but I don't have a
weapon chip slot on my beam weapon so... yeah.
* On another note, when scavenging for Attack Speed items, I really wanted a way to show how much % of the roll you got on an
item. Like, high level attack speed gear can give something like 50% to 77% weapon speed, so it'd be cool if it showed a
% or a bar that allowed you to know how good the roll is. (Darkness)
* This feature is needed good now considering high rarity items can sometimes buff the base stat of the item, making
comparions much harder, as you can enhance the item to improve is quality and its main stats on that case. (Darkness)
* The division 2 did something like that a while back on a huge patch, a bar below the stats there: (Darkness)
* It'd be neat if your items slots had locational meaning, so that if you put items in the middle, they had a lower chance of
getting hit than items on the sides. This way you could decide which items were more important to you to keep functional
even in the heat of battle. (Bluddy)
* One thing that’s missing from the fantasy games is low-stat items. Mages, for example, had staves, which provided them with
extra modifiers and damage increases while keeping stat requirements low, since they weren’t expected to invest in STR.
This is missing from Drox – aside from a few light components, all components assume that you’re fully investing in their
stat. For example, you should be able to upgrade your ship with weaker types of lasers at lower TACT (=STR) requirement if
you don’t choose to invest in TACT, but those items just don’t exist. Same for the other stats. (Bluddy)
* tractor beams could also extend range of item pickup
* time component - slows down all enemies in range (move speed & weapon speed)
* automated repulsor - keeps enemies away
* Shield Disruptor - disrupts the targets shields for a short time
* do we have a energy to shield component?
* powerful weapon that does damage to your ship also
* weapons with spread? especially if they fire fast
* shotgun type of weapon? - lots of spread shots all at once, slow reuse
* a weapon that fires ball lightning type of objects - object keeps moving and explodes at end of life or if it hits something
* more over time weapons? - corrosive type things
* flamethrower type of weapon? - tons of damage but short range
* something that debuffs enemy so that future damage is increased
* do we have a stasis field weapon?
* decoys
* "Faulty" components. Similar to cursed in a way, but done in a way that makes thematic sense. "Oh this armour will
cause damage to the structure of the ship if installed, so max structure will be reduced" "This battery recharger
(forgotten what they're called) causes energy surges, so we're capped on the amount of energy we can use to avoid
that" (Sharp)
or unstable (HoboElf)
* more area-of-effect attacks?
* shields take more power load on bigger ships? armor less useful?
* starting to like the idea that torpedoes are straight and have aoe
* should item drops not drop?
* increase range of missiles?
* are weapons always exact same damage?
* Less focus on the consumables, hopefully remove them. Consumables you have to restock is so 90's.
* Additional equipment (or ship types with features) to get better mobility, like strafing, turbo boost, instant break,
crazy stuff.
* speaking of that point, there is teleportation on some enemies in Drox 2. I don't know if it's a part yet or not, but
that would be a good way to balance out a super large ship's mobility. (DestroTheGod)
* Make consumables into perishables instead (like relics in Zombasite/DL) (Hobo Elf)
They would give the player similar bonuses (increased health, shield, energy regen, more thrust & defense), but as
a longer lasting passive bonus. It would make these items overall more useful, more valuable AND more immersive
as it would give the player the fantasy that they are buying inventory for their ship + crew to function better,
instead of it feeling like a wonky space health potion. A similar-ish kind of item in functionality are the Soldak's
fantasy ARPG relics that increase happiness or reduce insanity: they are perishable passive boosters. Players could
have new dedicated item slots for these perishables or it could just be something you keep in your inventory as is now.
* So so far, missles seem REALLY weak since the speed changes, maybe give missles a slight speed increase that happens
over time so they can't be ignored? Keep their current initial speed the same but have it exponentially increase the
longer it stays in flight. It would encourage blowing them up with your weapons imho. (Soutalgon)
* I've played in the past with no usage of consumables, then with tons of consumables, and now I'm trying to play
without them. Honestly, it feels really weird that we still have consumables that you need to buy/stockpile, it's a
really old design that never really pleased me, but nowadays it feels even worse. I'd rather have one regen for
combat, and another for out of combat to reduce the cooldown between battles, and keep my toes in battle with the
regens I have, or escape if I can't handle it. That's how I've always tried to play ARPGs, and being "forced" to
stack consumables to keep my weapons firing, or being alive with regen of shields/armor, doesn't sound fun to
me. (Darkness)
* you're either forced to use lots of energy regen batteries, consumables, or less/weaker weapons than you could to
keep firing. (Darkness)
* I think medium components that increase attack speed aren't affecting the new Heavy ballistic weapons (like Plasma
Cannon types) (Darkness)
* Items that allow you to disguise your ship like one of the races (one item per race) for 5 minutes or so. This would
allow you to get past races that hate you (assuming you look like their friend), and would allow you to destroy race
ships and get hatred towards the race you look like. You could also blow up diplomats heading to important meetings
(like peace meetings) with no repercussions for yourself, but framing another race. (Bluddy)
* next, I feel like there are artifacts from the previous game that should probably be removed. this was already hinted
at with ancients giving probably too many legend points, because they used to be special event monsters. scavengers
and their racial modules are similar. in drox 1, scavengers were special because they were the expansion race, so it
made sense for them to have special gear that only they can use. in drox 2, they are a standard race, so it would
make sense if the scavenger component, at higher levels, could be used by all races. this would bring it in line
with the cloak which is race specific at low levels and then opens up. (silver7017)
* weapon variety feels pretty bad at low levels. while there are actually a decent number of options, the feeling of
variety is absent. you pick a major weapon group and everything behaves the same. the only major variant to beams
(at low levels, at least) is the power virus (which I do love), the variants for projectiles are the double version
and the piercing one. these are a good start, but a great way to make players feel like they have more choice for
gear would be to add basic weapons in many different permutations with minor effects. cryo guns that do thermal
damage and reduce thrust on hit, gamma rays that deal much higher base damage at a lower fire rate and higher energy
cost, a lightning gun that chains to multiple targets. there are a lot of ways to make the same basic game mechanic
(beams and projectiles) feel totally different. I know a lot of interesting weapon variants start to appear at higher
levels, if things are the same as in drox 1, but I feel like the early game experience can benefit gre atly from
having that variety also. maybe limit certain weapon types the way cloaking is limited - the lower level cloaking
only works on shadow ships, but at higher levels that requirement is gone. this would further differentiate the
choice of race at the start, and make it feel more significant beyond just a few extra equipment slots. it could
also further differentiate the experience of fighting against certain races, as their weapons could show up more
frequently in their drop tables. I could make a few examples of the sorts of weapon variety I am imagining, if you'd
like (though obviously I can't tinker with the engine, so I won't be able to make something like the chain lightning
I suggested). (silver7017)
* There is no "nova-like", right ? (Tchey)
* also we could get shrapnel-like weapons (Tchey)
* and chain-lightning (Tchey)
* also we don’t have mini-gun, semi-auto, something firing many small bullets in short burst (Tchey)
* and i don’t think we have "orbs-like", some low speed high damage bomb, like a moving mine or something (Tchey)
* and we don’t have "axe wall", something rotating around the ship dealing damage to stuff it hit (Tchey)
* there aren't Heavy shields (Darkness)
* Some new projectile weapons might be fun. How about something explosive on contact? Or something that explodes at a
fixed range? Or something that fires a wider, harder-to-evade projectile - think your classic shmup ring lasers? Or
something that fires very rapidly, minigun-like? Or some kind of heavy mass driver which pushes you away drastically
when fired? (Eris Shrugged)
* most loot dropped is either very inferior to what you already have or much higher requirement. Im constantly getting
pieces that need 20 more of X stat before I can even equip it, meaning it goes into the ships stash and becomes usable
many levels later. This isnt a problem early on, but once youre around 50 getting loot thats an actual upgrade AND
usable right this second is extremely rare. So can we get more loot generated in the same way as the Scavenge function,
guaranteed to be usable immediately? Otherwise if I want an upgrade now the best way is to always visit the Scavengers (Annex)
* I’m finding loot acquisition to be pretty frustrating so far. I think the issue is in a regular ARPG, it doesn’t
matter too much if your ring or boots are really out of date, you can get by. Given how important each piece of
equipment is in Drox Operative, it can be really frustrating when you hit a drought on something like generators
that give you power grid. (KevinC)
Along with the cloaking device, I can’t find engines or shields for the life of me. Weapons, armor, computers, I’ve
had hundreds. I’m L14 and I’m still running around with the same shield I had at level 3. I haven’t had an upgrade
in the thrust department in ages as well, although it’s not quite as long. Things pop my shield in a single shot or
two now basically and since I’m more invested in Engineering than Structure that screws me because while I’m finding
armor plates, they’re quite a bit out of my range.
Given the loot droughts above, it makes me feel like I need to invest in all stats. I know that’s to be expected to a
degree, but I mean I don’t feel like I can specialize much yet. The fact that I tried to lean more engineering than
structure is screwing me right now because I can’t get my defense and survivabilty up, no matter how good my Helm
skill and computers are (which raise defense).
Still having a lot of fun with the 4X part and the gameplay itself but a lot of things around loot are feeling a
little frustrating at the moment.
* Projectile weapons with secondary effects would be neat. Projectiles that inflict slow, the usual panoply of debuffs,
dots, etc. (Eris Shrugged)
* need to activate ram component to get benefit?
* maybe rams consume energy on impact rather than being activated. if there's no energy for them to consume welcome to
taking damage (Eris Shrugged)
* Set items are often in my opinion are done wrong. Collecting a whole set shouldn't be the most powerful items out
there, but they should however fulfill a niche build. For example, you could have a set around making mines and
mine damage better. Increasing mine blast radius and or damage for each piece collected. You could slowly collect
this set, through each piece in your shared stash. Once it's complete you think: "Oh I got a whole set, a human mine
build could be a fun playthrough / build." Basically it adds a dimension to the looting game. Another great use for
set items is the mid to early game. I have no problem with sets actually being a significant power spike. This
worked so well in Diablo 2, because you could never really collect a low level set through one or even 2
playthroughs, but on subsequent playthroughs you earned the right to have a twinked out character to have fun
on. (Mythos)
* Custom made items can add modifiers or roll modifers not normally seen on random loot. They could do literally
anything fun or creative you can think of. Finding them should be pretty rare, but a fun joyous experience. Imagine
a fighter bay with a huge power draw that auto deploys a large swarm of small fighters for example. Or maybe a
module the converts shield regen into armor regen. Lots of cool possibilities here, through admittedly lots of
* I don't have a great solution to this, but having new versions of the various consumables show up available to buy
becomes kind of obnoxious, since you're faced with wanting to just throw the old ones away. This feels like a waste
of money, or inventory space if you keep both. This doesn't matter very much, admittedly, since credits are
plentiful at the moment. Oh, and stack sizes of 100 are wonderful, thank you. (Eris Shrugged)
* Weapon idea: projectile weapon that fires very rapidly with a moderately wide cone for where bullets can go. Honestly,
I want something like the main weapon from Waves. (Eris Shrugged)
* would be nice to randomize components - pass along modifier power?
* Will there ever be heavy components that use the ship collision damage stuff? kinda like the idea of a heavy set of
spikes or some thing on my murder ball. (MaDDworlD)
* stat bump on higher rarity items - components that use skills, mostly weapons and other active components
* I noticed there're many items that gives buffs/debuffs, but honestly, I'd never use anything that doesn't have 100%
uptime, period. It'd make them inconsistent, and only really work if you save them for thougher fights, which would
make the slot useless for like 50% of the time. (Darkness)
I'd rather they had a higher energy cost to activate, or reserve energy from the pool to keep them active, or even
gave a considerable negative energy regeneration while active.
* The only self-buff I'm using is one that reduces my defense and gives 150%+ weapon damage. I used to use the one that
gave self-damage on ticks instead, but that often made me have to use healing items to offset it, so I switched. I'm
considering adding a second one, maybe the -50% thruster if I get enough thrusting perhaps by using a heavy thruster
again, or wait until other items are fixed to work with plasma weapons. (Darkness)
These self-buff items make me really think the consumable items could work like them, by having a cooldown and no 100%
uptime, but infinite charges. Maybe they could have a specific item slot for them, and the ships could have like 2 slots
for them? I don't know. Maybe rarer self-buff items could end up giving multiple effects, stuff like that. I don't know
if it'd work, though, I haven't put enough thought into it.
* Also, the medium slot weapons should be weaker, I think, and have lower stat requirements. Not sure if that's currently
the case. (Bluddy)
* For example, mines give extremely powerful AOE but are only medium slots. (Bluddy)
* And again getting back to the slot discussion, mines are far too powerful to belong in the medium slot. EMP seems more
appropriate, since it's a fairly minor AOE. But I'm not sure how you even balance missiles vs swarm missiles, since
swarm missiles are just so much stronger and effectively AOE. (Bluddy)
* any builds that don't need high tactical? fighters use tactical and rams use tactical/structure
* random, wild idea: don't have item sets. make chip slots more common and have chip sets. (Eris Shrugged)
* something that allows short teleportation?
* spy ships (hard to see, better radars or specific components to see)
races can use
could have quests to find and destroy these
limited to small ships? or have to have multiple for larger ships?
* add turn speed as a stat so components can change it?
* acceleration as a stat?
thrusters add more to turn speed/acceleration then engines do?
* be nice if smallest hull size viable at higher levels (basically rogue/assasin class)
* gets harder & harder to see small ships as you get larger?
* or most stealth stuff only works on small ships?
* easier to shield smaller ships? does have less surface area to cover? on other hand less energy/power to power
* homing, straight, & mirv missiles?
* missiles & torpedoes separate? what's the difference?
missiles have guidance, less powerful, and can be jammed?
torpedoes are straight, more powerful, and can't be jammed?
* can leave probes to research anomalies?
* Implement the "crafting table" mechanic from Din's Legacy at every functional gate in the game so a Drox player can
operate deep in enemy space for extended periods of time.
* more viable defensive options, I had to make a mod for Drox that let you actually build for a def type or hybrid. So
that means, more hull options with hull regeneration, more armor options with armor regeneration, ect and hybrid
options would be very nice. -- or Computers that just give large bonuses to dif. types of regeneration, say a computer
slot that gives say 75 shield regen a second.(level 100 example) but have these options for all the types of defenses.
Skill based game play is great and all, but if you can't keep your ship up, or have to spam healing items every time
there off cooldown it won't feel good to play I think. Healing items should be used only in desperation, not as a "as
soon as its off cooldown" type thing. all that being said, i'd love to see some better cloaking options that keep you
hidden, not just "as soon as you are seen by an enemy" These ships should cloak and only be seen if an enemy ship can
do a scan pulse that checks for cloaked ships. I'd also love to see some ships that can phase, as in, Shift detentions
to avoid taking damage, but also while shifted, they can't deal damage. or an 'Evasive action' type of use computer
that increases your chance to dodge incoming damage at different values.
* thrusters should also help you turn faster or more effectively the higher your thrust is. helping you to stop faster
and accelerate faster.
* all that being said, I'd also love to see ships that aren't combat focused, that have say, some sort of flag that lets
them be ignored or less likely to be attacked, so that they can 'Mine, craft, search for resources, negotiate, or even
run trade caravans to other systems for EXP and money. It would let alt characters have a reason to exist, no more One
character wonder. so you'd have your combat ship, built for dealing damage. A ship that you could play that lets you
farm money/resources/rep/ect. that you could use to upgrade your other ships, things like that you could unlock on
your account, so they affect all of your characters(ships) but these goals should be hard/time consuming, its an ARPG
after all. I want to get so many rep points with a faction, and then that lets me say, have them offer a special
service to me, or get faction discounts, or recruit them as a follower, things like that. say you spend a lot of time
helping a faction(this effects the account not just the individual character) that the end-game for that faction is
unlocking the ability to upgrade gear, by adding up to 3 additional stats to an item, no matter the rarity, having
this as an account goal would really make me want to grind rep for that faction. But with changes like this, you'd
have to have the game save the rep for your account with each faction so it would not be a 'by the game' type thing,
these would be very long lofty goals. I like that every faction had a unique thing they could do for you in the
original game, but it was available from the start, they need to be things you unlock with time and serous investment
in said faction. I'd also like to see some sort of balancing act where you may be grinding rep with one faction, but
that could potentially lower your rep with another faction. that way you can't just build for every thing. This means
that every faction would have to have a mechanic that is REALLY GOOD, and very desirable. A faction with a bad reward
is a faction I would ignore.
* Mines should have larger AoE and Trigger Radius, allowing for a 'Trapper' type play style
* distress beacon you can cast out that taunts enemies to investigate its location?
* can do spies & probes kind of like marines - use on target, go do something for a while, can bring them back whenever
you want, could add to on screen interface and give you a menu of what they are doing
* mining drones - could leave on planet mining
* thrust consumable boosts ram damage?
* do we have any aoe torpedos?
* torpedos like missiles but go straight
* missiles and torpedos should have radius damage?
* aoe or cone stun/slow attack
* a torpedo that you can control when to explodes?
* projectile that timing for explosion is controlled by how long you hold down button
* weapon that gets charged by holding down button (longer more energy used & more damage) - could have a cap on damage but
continues to use up energy to prevent always holding down
* timed mines (ex. 2 seconds)
* mine that time is by how long button is held down
* weapon that kills enemy momentum
* gravity/concussion - pushes enemies away
* way to drop things that slows projectiles
* repulsor
* salvage (find items better)
* scanner (faster scanning)
* tractor beam
* immobilizing mine
* proximity mines

* crew members give you a single random skill from their race's skill tree when they reach a certain experience level. (Bluddy)
* should crew skills all be on hit, when hit, etc?
* for crew, each race has a different set of skills available?
* unique crew
* unique crew icons (lots of overlays to create unique looks?)
* can have slave crew? happiness irrelevant? makes slave races happier and freedom races unhappy? especially slave of their
* add skills to crew and components - skills need to match crew/component type
* how is the 'new crew' service supposed to work? i've usually gotten crew from other random things, but i'm trying it
out now and a couple attempts have just given me quests. which, when completed, have not granted new crew. (Eris Shrugged)
for now if can't find crew of that race, just use a different race
* drakk rebels offer special option for New Crew but the corresponding quest doesnt ever appear. Regular Drakk works
fine (Annex) Young races with this also don't work
* young crew - it does have race name
needs to save race name
needs to use saved names
save/load stuff correctly
needs to send to client correctly
needs to send over to server when connecting correctly
* Possibility for finding a race's crew, and holding them hostage for a ransom? (Sharp)
(so could either "donate" to a planet from that race for a quest complete, or be a dick and "trade/sell" the crew to
the race, which would make them not like you as much)
I'm not sure I got that across properly, but hopefully someone can get what i mean
I guess would be an evolution of rescue quests
* more crew drops and/or more crew available for hire at planets
* would be really nice if could get crew or even start as random races (not sure feasible)
* get a bonus with your race? get a bunch if you have some of their crew (that aren't slaves)?
* I think having a crew member have up to 1 skill (which we can already do) would be interesting and work kind of like
Path of Exile especially since crew can die in hardcore, they can level up (make sure skill levels up also), you need
to keep them happy, and making decisions of which ones to keep would be interesting
* need to be able to get crew from young races (entry for each one, and need to store a name seed)
* crew can give you a skill?
* crew skills - active and passive, healing, plasma burst, thrust burst, adventurer - more xp, demolitionist - more powerful
explosions, thruster expert, hacking, electronics, shield management, engineering, scavenger, ballistics, beams, missiles
etc expert
* giving a matching crew to race should boost relations
* giving a crew from race that they are war with makes them happy and the other race unhappy
* be able to sell crew to slavery races
* treat crew like NPCs in our other games? complex interactions? personalities?
* Crew interactions could be expanded. For example, they could build up skills (like in FTL), and be placed on equipped
items (like lasers or engines or power) to improve them. (Bluddy)
* If Command is taken away, why would a large ship need crew? Thematically, it should need a lot of it. (Bluddy)
Feels like there should be a basic crew requirement to even operate a ship.
With the smallest ships needing none.
* add crew quarters so crew don't compete with light components?
* have a crew stash which is really a small station? still have happiness and need to pay occassionally

* maybe porting the mechanic from the fantasy ARPGs where some summons can have a higher quality into Drox and giving Drakk
ships a guarantee higher quality would work as well (HoboElf)
* add pet armor, damage, health, movement, resistance magic modifiers
* Summon weapons can easily be strong at times, but are too unreliable as you can't give orders to them (like follow,
defend, attack). It's also hard to know their DPS. (Darkness)
* does anyone remember if there are any pet enhancing components in Drox? Apart from the basic components for summoning
the pets themselves, I think they need something more, because it's extremely basic right now. A single explosion
will wipe them all out which can result in even a minute of passively just resummoning them back each time, which
isn't fun, and there's not much you can do to mitigate that. The summons also can't have upgraded versions (elite,
champion) like in the fantasy games. (HoboElf)
maybe some kind of light or medium toggle on/off components to give shields, HP regen, damage, resistances etc. for
friendlies is in order. Main function would be for pet builds obv, but it'd have a nice use in online or when helping
allied races as well.
* having multiple summon components makes resummoning them a chore because if a couple are dead there's no easy and fast
way of telling which component they belonged to (HoboElf)
* If mines are going to stay, make them (fighters) immune or at least greatly resistant to mine/environmental damage.
AOE attacks from NPCs would still do full damage, it should be a counter to them. (KevinC)
* If fighters are intended as supplementary damage and not equal to things like lasers or missiles, I think they should
be moved to a Medium or even Light slots. Taking up a heavy slot with them is just not at all worth it for me thus
far, they die very quickly in the start of fights and the 10s cooldown plus extremely high energy costs means the
wing can’t be replaced during most fights. (KevinC)
* If fighters are something that are intended to be continually lost and replaced, I’d rather see the current mechanic
of a 10s cooldown ability with high energy cost replaced with a small energy drain (or high powergrid cost) that
continuously rebuilds them over time. If all fighters are built, it should repair them over time. If all fighters
are max health, the constant energy drain is removed. Because right now, I find it tedious and not fun to be in a
constant state of replacing them due to mine explosions, exploding anomalies, etc. (KevinC)
* Also, is there any way that a DPS indicator of some sort could be shown for Fighters? Aside from level I have
no idea how they stack up. What is the DPS of a Bomber compared to 4 Raiders or 3 Interceptors? How do Interceptors
compare to Fighters? I have no idea. (KevinC)
* Fighters currently aren't strong enough to justify being heavy modules (Bluddy)
* If you switch them for a weapon, you'd get better results. (Bluddy)
* Improved launching bays that reduces the cooldown/cost of launching fighters. (KevinC)
* AI Command module that increases the max fighters of each module by +1. (KevinC)
* Nanite fabricator that would repair launched fighters over time. (KevinC)
* Munitions fabricators that would increase damage of fighters. (KevinC)
* Swarm shields that provide shields to fighters as well as the mothership (albeit at reduced capacity over a typical
shield of the same tier). (KevinC)
* scavenge function on fighter bays always generates only items that have 1 fighter which is super lame as most trash
drops are at least 2 (Annex)
* fighters should get attack/defense from your ship? (APXEOLOG)
* I think that changing fighters to use a wider range of damage types than just thermal and explosive would be a good
fit. (Jackrel)
for example, changing the interceptor to use kinetic damage and maybe fire projectiles instead of beams, similar to the
single or dual plasma cannons but probably as a burst attack
or setting the raiders to deal radiation damage in small amounts, since they seem to be setup as a fast and light dps
sort of monster emp could be attributed to the stealth fighters or drones
* I believe that increasing each fighters attack speed would also work to make them feel a little more useful
as it stands now 2 fighter bays of fighters take about 2 to 3 times longer to destroy a planet than two heavy weapons
of similar level
a small boost of about .2 to .3 to attack speed would be enough to bring beam fighters more in line with other weapons dps
a slight boost to bombers attack speeds would also be welcome
* Another issue I noted and had heard from others is the cost to summon and cooldown time on fighter bays is excessive for
what amounts to gating how fast you can get your squadron in play and keep them at full force. I actually tested this
out and was surprised that I could fly from one side of a system to the other in as relative a straight line as avoiding
the systems sun allowed with only a low output engine for thrust and was not able to get 2 bays worth of fighters deployed
before i reached the opposite edge. (Jackrel)
I tested some values out and found a nice balance setting the base skill power cost to 6 from 18, and setting the cooldown
to 3 seconds. this allowed me to get my squadron fully into play in a comfortably fast time while still having to keep an
eye on my power spending as i went up in level, this also meant that i was able to stream out replacement fighters in a
better than futile effort to fight back against large groups of enemies should my squadron get wiped out by an explosion
* On the note of explosions, if it is possible it would be great to see an update to fighter AI to reduce their tendency to
group up into angry bee swarms that get wiped out by single explosive attacks (Jackrel)
* Another Idea to boost them would be to allow fighters to rank up from kills. - similar to the unit rank up mechanic
attached to monsters (Jackrel)
This would probably require a bit of doing as i was only able to get them to spawn as a higher rank at summon and never
saw them score upgrades from kills when i was tooling with my test mod. But allowing them to upgrade, if at all
possible would be a fun addition that would improve our currently generic fighters with better survivability the
longer they stayed alive.
I would say fighters may need their own rank presets though, as the generic monster ranks while being fun and amusing,
get kind of broken and overpowered once you get a fighter of rare or higher rank.
* Off the last note of fighters upgrading via kill, it would be nice if our angry little bees could persist through saves.
As it stands now when i save and exit i lose my fighters the moment i load that save game. It would be nice to be able
to keep my squadron in play between play sessions. This is honestly my last suggestion because I don't really know how
much would need to go into this to change it as its not a thing weve been able to do in previous Soldak games. (Jackrel)
if I treated them like NPCs might be able to save/load them
* I was having fun with my angry swarm of bees, some of the stuff I was going to suggest for qol updates for fighters was
to reduce the cooldown to around 2.5-3 seconds and reduce the base power cost from 18 to 6. That way carrier builds can
get their angry bees in play faster and aren't having to sacrifice as many fighter bays for powerplants (Jackrel)
* By enabling the percent chance on kill that they rank up, allowing them to rng roll up to the second or third rarity
fighters would be more on par with what are still weak monsters but won't be outclassed by the simple common
enemies. (Jackrel)
* all but one of the fighter bays do thermal damage, bombers do explosion. There are no fighters for EM or Rad. (HoboElf)
* Ok. Heh. Kamikaze fighters. Ram into enemies when close to death (Jackrel)
* the other 3 are the same: summon a bunch of fighters that shoot little laser beams. Fighters and standard, interceptors
shoot faster and raiders fly faster and have a larger summon capacity. But that's it. Not very exciting. (HoboElf)
but the difference in speed values are so small that I don't notice them
* I'd say a lot is needed, like entirely new Light and Medium components with the sole purpose of buffings pets. (HoboElf)
* Basic fighters don't feel terrible to me, they aren't all that impressive but they don't need to be since they are
supposed to be deployed in volume, bombers could use an increase in damage per their current attack rate, maybe setup
raiders to deal radiation damage as more of a harassment type summon, and maybe set interceptors to target missles, and
such that are targeting you or on a collision coarse with you as well as enemy fighters (Jackrel)
But I do agree that some sort of additional buffs are needed.
Even if it's something like a crew skill or ability
* just make them all do different damage (HoboElf)
add a new one for kinetic
some kind of healing component is needed, but also something to buff their survi because healing doesn't mean jack if
they get one shot anyway
* I feel fighters of all kinds would be better if they had something akin to the evasion stat from dl (Jackrel)
Evasion, self repair out of combat... Or at the slightest the ability to deploy them all in 1 press
I'm honestly bothered that it takes so long to deploy a bays worth of fighters
* and when one fighter dies they all die at the same time (HoboElf)
the AI for fighters loves to stack on top of each other so an explosion will always wipe them out as a group
* What if the skill were setup as a reserve ability, when enabled it keeps deploying fighters that are lost, and adds
some sort of repair to fighters in an aoe around you? (Jackrel)
* need to use all of the pet stats from Zombasite/DL to make interesting components for pet builds
* fighters (LotusBlade)
- they can activate mines and die immediately, causing extra dmg to you by explosion;
- you can't controll them properly, can't see statistics by clicking their icon;
- no way to figure which are dead and which are alive if you contoll 2 types (looking the same);
- requiring a lot of energy (200+ even early game, so you need energy boost);
- have super weak dps against planets and constructs compared to any other weapon;
- long set up time.
* Oh, so I started writing down some skill ideas (assuming it doesn't end up as a thing I may just try to mod it lol)
so far I've got optimized fighter deployment - reduces the cooldown time for launching fighters, bombers and
interceptors (Jackrel)
* Calibrated squadron weapons - increases pet dps both damage and attack speed (Jackrel)
* Was also toying with a wing leader skill for crew where you could deploy them as an attack craft that buffed other
pets (Jackrel)
* Oh, and I've got fighter pilot training - gives pets a chance to evade damage (Jackrel)
* It would be great if the game saved launched fighters upon quit and reload. Especially with dedicated carrier builds
resummoning the entire fleet each game load can be a pain. (Excellion)
* Things like resistance to AoE damage, refueling and re-arming, better scaling, automated launch, hotkeys for orders
and more orders in general. (Jean)
* An order to target a specific enemy (For example the craft you're currently targetting) would be rather nice. Now i
often find fighters chasing targets i don't care about, or spread fire while i would prefer them to focus a
specific target down. (Excellion)
* A somewhat larger suggestion that might be fun, would be to have weapon slots on fighters. So instead of the
"default" fighter weapon, it would fire whatever looted weapon you equip on it. (Of course with some limitations
as to what can be equipped). (Excellion)
* To me personally this (along with Command) is the most important thing I'd like to see get addressed at some point in
Drox Operative 2: more build variety (some of the pet components are too similar, I'd like to see new ones with
different sizes, support/utility components for pets) and better overall gameplay/usability for pet ship builds. (Hobo Elf)
* [0.801] - (Feature Request) - Indicate the amount of launched fighters per bay. (Excellion)
When using fighter bays on a ship, each bay has a set limit for the amount of fighters that it can summon (The lowest
level fighter summoning 3 per bay). I believe the below rules apply:
- There is a fighter pool for each fighter type / level. If a ship has 3 bays that summon level 3 fighters, each bay
can be used to summon fighters up to the limit (Eg: there would be a pool for 9 level 3 fighters).
- If a ship has fighter bays with different levels (Eg: Lvl 10, 9 and 8) there would be three fighter pools for lvl 10,
9 and 8 fighters. And each bay could only summon or replace fighters for its own pool.
- When summoning more than the bays limit, the most damaged fighter of the same level and type is replaced.
If a fighter is damaged or destroyed, there is currently no indication what bay it belonged to. This is somewhat
annoying as one has to randomly summon fighters from each bay until the missing fighter is replaced.
If the fighters level were displayed in the sidebar list of fighters, or if the hotbar icon could indicate the amount
of summoned fighters for that bay it would make managing a fleet of fighters a lot easier. If my memory serves me
right, Din's does display the level of summons in the sidebar so maybe this could just be a matter of copy-pasting
that code snippet over to Drox. :-)
* pet builds are extremely barebones in Drox 1 & 2. There aren't many different kinds of pets, two of them are
extremely similar (Interceptor and Fighter) and there are no components that you can use to manually buff or heal
them for example. The only way you can help your pets is to use an EMP to debuff enemies. (HoboElf)
* Getting pretty tired of constantly resummoning my pets after they all get nuked to death against each single enemy
encounter. (HoboElf)
* And how about some damage numbers for fighters? (Eris Shrugged)
* hammerhead fighters (for player and monsters/race?)
* Currently i have a (low level) Drakk build that has 4 fighter bays in its 4 heavy slots. I noticed that whenever i
conquer a planet, all my launched fighters over the planet despawn and have to be resummoned. (Excellion)
can't reproduce
* There must be basic commands you can issue: at least 'attack this thing' and 'come back to me'. The closer you can
get to a mini-RTS, the better IMO. (Bluddy)
* Number of pets has to be kept down if you don't want to get lost in a chaotic mess of ships. (Bluddy)
* They should be able to go up in level if they survive long enough (i.e. they should gain xp). This gives you an
incentive to keep them alive long-term. Of course, you have to also save them on quit or this is useless. (Bluddy)
* What would work well for pets is stuff we don't have right now, but which would work well for multiplayer as well.
We don't want passive pet boosts -- those are boring. Instead, we want active boosts that affect allied ships in
your vicinity: health boosts, regen boosts, attack boosts, shield boosts etc. Basically a 'healer class' expressed
via the item system. So you're flying around boosting your pets and taking care of them. (Bluddy)

* modify attack/defense a bit?
3 levels of hits - glancing (0.25x), normal, and critical (2x)
attack/defense done like normal, if "miss" it's a glancing hit

* are we spawning higher rarity monsters?
* at least one enemy type that rams enemy (would only work on player)
* can still find a range that race ships will fly to you and then fly back to planet without firing
* all the ai needs to be adjusted to avoid collisions (Bluddy)
* its very important to have lots of end game viable builds/play styles and lots of things to grind for, or even scenarios
where you have to fight a like, super capital ship thats like 75% of the screen, and has multiple phases and stuff,
like a raid boss would be. not just so over powered but a ship that you have to fight for a long time, and has phases,
think shaper in Path of Exile. boss fights would be amazing, if done correctly.
* make each enemy type much more unique
* AI enemies are not using projectile weapons at their effective range - I can kite a Hezog ship that has a
ram accelerator and it won't fire unless I get pretty close. (Eris Shrugged)

* A NPC from each faction could behave like the player, doing quests and interesting stuff around, and you could
intervene on them. Much like the "nemesis system" in Shadow of Mordor/War, but like "faction leaders" for the
current sector. If one of them died, another living ship could be "promoted" after a while.
* make ai players colony/trader ships stronger?
* other mercanaries
* rogue Drox Operatives
* zealot renegades
* neutral races/fleets
* wandering neutral trading ships
* neutral planets/stations/outposts
* marauders, nomads, leviathans
* military stations/outposts (sell different things)
* races need transportation ships to move around food, minerals, and people?
* pirates
* losing other planets big negative happiness
* losing ships near planet negative happiness
* in war slowly lose happiness
* bad things on planet decreased happiness also on top of their penalties?

* Idea: turn anomalies into traps (in game terms) that trigger when you get close. Currently, you have to choose to click on
anomalies. It doesn't really make sense though: presumably if you fly into an anomaly, you will experience its effects.
Also, they're not something you can really use when in battle, which is when you'd want to take the chance on them. It also
makes anomalies something you can currently completely ignore. I think the game would benefit from anomalies being
triggered automatically when you get near them, whatever their effects. (Bluddy)
* add more things to space that activate like mines or just affect you when you move through it but can give positive and/or
more variety of negative effects
* Would be interesting to see anomalies also have a chance to drop some form of rare items kind of like the town trinkets
from dins games (Jackrel)
* add more complex player/space anomalies? player choice?
* Can we keep a faster shield and energy recharge by staying at ancient recharge stations? The passive boost is nice,
but it takes a long time after a heavy battle to get charged back up, so say it gave a 2% boost while touching it,
along with the 2% passive boost? You can already do that at planets by touching a recharge station then talking to
a planet. (Fulano)
* New Anomaly: Random chunk of a map is explored? Semi-random, focused around revealing planets and unknown races? (Jean)
* derelict items could skew towards race items
* need more cool objects - electric storm, tornado type things
* quests can start from anomalies (planet and space)?
like find an artifact from a race in the game and bring it back to them (higher chance for ancients, none for young)
lost sacred text, lost freighter, lost diplomatic crew
* make storm types of things larger - cover more space
* unstable wormhole needs to show some kind of effect even if you are out of range
* unstable wormhole should probably teleport other things also if it doesn't already
* can't destroy asteroid with a missile (I think the asteroid destroys the missile)
* giant stationary asteroids that work like planets?
* do solar flares from stars that can hit ships?
* ancient recharge stations should have large damaging explosion if destroyed
* asteroids could have a decent chance of dropping special resources (Neutronium, etc)
* Anomalies as they are currently are quite underwhelming. What if instead of the way they are now, anomalies had
randomized effects, but not completely random per anomaly -- rather, just like in rogue-likes, each anomaly maps to
one effect randomly per sector. You learn what it does by trying it out rather than a bar filling up. Then,
anomalies are always active and color large areas, making maps more interesting. Critically, the anomalies never
fill up the whole map. Rather, they consist of random patterns on the maps, either small or large, making it so you
need to pay attention to where you are. Some maps are filled with death anomaly areas. Others are filled with
anomalies that boost speed. Others have anomalies that strengthen space monsters like Talon and Overlord. Others
make everything hidden, so you can't see the enemies until you're on top of them. Others sap everybody's energy so
it's hard to even fire guns (for enemies as well). Others keep bouncing you around the map (like the ones we have
now, but in large areas of the map). Others make every ship huge. etc.
These anomalies are a lot like the totem/altar auras from DL, but they'd be laid out over the map randomly, making
it more interesting and adding interesting effects to sectors. An anomaly-making machine quest could also exist: an
anomaly introduced to a system could devastate or boost it and the races within.
I should add one more thing: I envision the anomalies taking up large chunks of the map -- not isolated little spots
(with random variation -- sometimes it could be little spots). A huge blob of radiation could lie in the middle of a
system. This is what makes it interesting. It's essentially the 'terrain' of space, with each terrain type having
other effects. (Bluddy)
Also, rather than having the random mine, mines and asteroids could be arranged in belts or fields, which would make
going around those areas highly recommended for survival. Same idea as the anomalies above, just more traditional
stuff for space games (mines and asteroids).(Bluddy)
* So flying through an anomaly field would be potentially dangerous in that they could debuff or damage you from
proximity. (Jackrel)
* I think the main thing in my suggestion is that they can make systems interesting. A system with a huge patch of gamma
radiation anomaly will have a dead zone there that needs to be avoided. A system with patches of size-changing anomalies
will have potentially very dangerous monsters coming out of those patches. The idea is to add interesting effects +
make different parts of space interesting. (Bluddy)
This idea exists in DL to some degree in the form of totems and altars with aura, but can be used to a stronger degree
in a game that needs help with memorable maps like Drox.
* but the other part of the idea is that anomalies are always active and take up large swaths of the map. In this way,
space isn't just normal space with things in it. It's space with weird modifiers in large chunks of it. (Bluddy)
* There could be an anomaly-creating machine (if there isn't one already). (Bluddy)
* Pockets of nebulas where ships are completely undetectable for example (Bluddy)
could make it if ship is in it they go stealth
* 'walls' of deadly radiation that prevent your sensors from seeing what's beyond them (Bluddy)
* pockets of space where Talon gets buffed/lasers/missiles are stronger/weaker. (Bluddy)
* How about a nebula/cloud area that prevents shield regen inside, or halves energy regen. An area that reduces the
range of laser weapons (i.e. increases the damage falloff) or acts similar as a gravity field, slowing projectiles
noticeably (but not ships). A nebula that vision range is reduced so you don’t spot ships until they’re closer,
somewhat similar to stealth. (KevinC)
* Nice to see your ‘terrain’ suggestion of different nebulas having unique properties – that’s one I had in mind as
well. Being able to sneak up to a planet following a ‘stealth’ nebula would be neat, as would an added travel speed
nebula. (Bluddy)

* And the thing is when you have a surplus of relation and they see you as powerful, you can extort them more easily. You may
lose relation in the process, but you can easily gain them back since they still give out so much relation for each
quest. (Verdusk)
* I remember Economic victory being usually impractical, but the last few sectors I've won with Economic before I've even got
to do a lot of things, and only walked into 2 systems including the starting system and not even explored the second one
that much, because extorting a few races and selling all the loot is enough already to get Economic victory. The other
objectives then become irrelevant since I win even without intending to far before any of the other victory objectives is
halfway complete. The guild quests are way out of consideration since it's no longer worth for any reason. (Verdusk)
this shouldn't be true, getting extra credits and relation for quests?
* Protectorate seems useless? I can't work out the effect it has, and it doesn't even give you the benefit that the
non-aggressive-pact gives you, by showing you where all their planets are. I was trying to do a delivery to one of their
planets to terraform or something and I had to break the protectorate, take the rep hit, then do a non-aggression-pact to
find out where it was. This seems like a bug to me. (Darke)
* One idea could be to alternatively add a new type of quest that a race can give: Namely, a quest that adjusts the reputation
between the providing race and a specific other race either upwards or downwards. I mean, I've seen some "deliver our gift
to this planet" quests, but they are not terribly common and it isn't clear how much it would help relations between the
races (not to mention they don't seem to offer these quests when, well, they don't already at least somewhat like the other
guy). (Kurama Kitsune)
* or even blowing them up. if there are no witnesses, they should think the enemy did it. that's the kind of
interactions I want. (diplomat ship) (Bluddy)
* each tech given with free info pact should boost relations
* Need more ACTIVE ways of influencing sides, less offscreen RNG.
My number one suggestion for Drox Operative 2 is to replace the whole "rumor/sabotage/etc" system of plunking down
money then waiting for an offscreen dice roll with a player-generated mission system.
For example, instead of planting a rumor to improve relations then waiting for the RNG decide success or failure,
replace it with a "sponsor diplomatic delegation" mission that spawns a diplomat ship that needs to make it to a
world safely to increase relations between sides. The most expensive option would spawn an armada of escort ships
to see the diplomat to safety, the cheapest option would spawn the diplomat by its lonesome and it's entirely up
to the player to get them to their destination alive.
Not only is this more interesting than watching a bar fill up while an offscreen dice roll happens, it enmeshes the
ARPG ship-upgrading gameplay with the diplomacy gameplay beyond just money. The better the ship you build, the
better you can influence the sides in the conflict.
* be able to sponser a diplomat ship? would be mostly same as fan suggestion
* I'd forgotten about that and totally agree. It'd be nice if they would consider more factors than "we hate them" in
declaring war. At least I'd love to see a little more weight to things like fleet strength so weak races don't
start a war with stronger races unless they've got friends involved already or their opinion of them is rock bottom.
* rebels are almost always going to like base race because everything matches
need to have some nature hate or change some of their traits
* asked races to declare war against others that they hate but were in a protectorate agreement and they'd accept the
trade but nothing would happen (HoboElf)
* I'm trying to go the for fear win and can't find a way to attack friendly races. I've tried declaring war on them
but it doesn't seem to do anything. My projectile weapons just pass through them and my beam weapons won't target
them. Ah, worked it out. You have to make sure you end all treaties first, i didn't even know i had a treaty with
that race. (Imp)
need to verify this is fixed
* Currently i am in a protectorate with race A (And have been boosting them with free tech). (Excellion)
Race A on turn became a protectorate overlord for race B.
As Race B was in the way, i declared war on them to remove their simple planet from existence. What occurred after
that, was that the game reported that "Race A honored protectorate with race B, declaring war on Drox Operative
(Or rather, my faction)"
Checking the races screen does not reflect this. My relation with race A is still good, and there is no sign of us
actually being at war (Which leads me to believe this war message currently triggers incorrectly in this specific scenario).
* shouldn't be able to buy your way into a race becoming a vassal, tributary, or protectorate
* [0.801] - (Bugreport) - Race relationship is gained for peace offers, even if the race's federation refuses to accept. (Excellion)
When a race is in a federation, it cannot accept a peace offer on its own unless the federation agrees. In this case
the race itself can accept the offer, though the game will then display a message indicating the federation did not
accept the peace offer (Leaving the race at war).
When this occurs the player still receive the relationship gain for a successful trade with the petitioned race (0.6
or so relationship increase per trade). Afterwards the peace offer can be repeated infinitely to for effectively
unlimited relationship gain with said face.
That said i'm not entirely sure of about practical implication of this, as relationship with a race is capped at 52.5
when at war. If a race would ever accept having to pay credits for peace i suppose this could be exploited to gain
money. Same if the relationship is applied retroactively if peace is established. But if neither of those are
possible i don't see a real scenario where this relationship gain can be abused.
* Jackrel also mentioned (as in someone else already has) maybe some quests that might effect everyone like
uniques/bosses should not have a relation drop from other races
* As discussed on #drox-operative2��, races shouldn't be able to pay each other to break agreements so easily. This requires
some more mechanics though: a reputation score, which races (and the Drox) would really not like to lose. If a
race's/your reputation is low, nobody will want to make deals with you. You're untrustworthy -- independent of
relations. Reputation should slowly move towards trustworthy over time as you don't do sneaky stuff (same for
race). Some races (like Shadow) should have a propensity for being shady and they wouldn't be trusted. They
backstab at a moment's notice. Most races would really care about keeping their reputation. Low reputation could
also reduce trading income with other races, and raise prices (they don't trust you with any deal). An untrusted
race would have a hard time getting an alliance, but could probably be trusted with lower treaty levels.
- More about relations: I don't know how it is right now, but races who aren't competing with each other for
space/planets shouldn't necessarily hate each other unless they have opposed philosophies. No reason for races
on the opposite ends of the galaxy, and who never meet each other, to be at war. (Bluddy)
* For the AIs themselves it makes some sense (relation degredation). You're simulating their relations, and those are
based off of nothing: they're not really carrying out any actions. So you have to perturb the system in different
directions. Actually that makes me wonder: are the AIs more likely to fight when they're vying to conquer the same
planets? Do they need anything more than each other's contacts, even if they're on opposite ends of the sector? I
wonder what the level of simulation is. (Bluddy)
* make it easier to build up relations with young races? and harder for ancients?
* One step at a time right? I'll one up this one. My ally keeps federating with his enemy he has 0 relations towards
(lol!?), causing him to declare war on me. But since our relations are still at 100, I immediately negotiate a
peace treaty and alliance, which sets my relation to the other guy in the federation to 50. Then my ally immediately
dissolves the federation to declare war on his enemy again. This has been looping non-stop for the past couple hours
in my most recent sector. I think it might be because they're both friends with a fanatic pacifist who declares war
on people but not really (like you say above). (The Grand Mugwump)
* It is currently almost impossible to maintain good relations with the empires you start next to if they start small.
They simply don't have the planets and systems to issue enough quests to overcome the natural penalty over time to
relations. I finally tried a developed sector and there were enough quests for me to ally with whoever I wanted
immediately available in just the starting system alone. So the relation degradation was a non-issue
there. (The Grand Mugwump)
I feel a good solution to this would be to make the relation degradation scale with how powerful an empire is. Weak
empires would try to gain favor with the drox operative to gain an edge, so I feel it would be neat if relations
with them automatically improved over time (except for xenophobic and militaristic being too proud for it maybe)
to counteract the utter lack of quests while they're still small. It also makes sense because a weak empire would
have no reason to declare war on a drox operative they have no hope of defeating, and every reason to try to win
them over or at least avoid open hostilities.
Meanwhile, strong empires you are not allied with would begin to view the drox operative as more of a liability than
an asset and relations would degrade more quickly if you don't have any treaties with them. I don't know how you
measure the strength of empires in your coding, but it could be something like "if empire has less than 5% of the
planets in a sector, then they suck up to the drox" or something. And xenophobes would probably just prefer to remain
neutral until they get stronger. The percent might need to be higher for a tiny sector or it could just be "if they
have less than 5-10 planets". That'd probably be more straightforward.
* War fatigue. After being at war for a long time, assuming sufficient losses are incurred, an AI should sue for peace.
It could offer to trade money or even a few planets if necessary. (already there but needs to be better) (Bluddy)
* Suing for peace. A race that's incurring heavy losses should sue for peace at all costs, begging for mercy, and
perhaps offering to become a vassal/tributary. (In fact, this is one of the few situations that should allow for
these kinds of arrangements IMO -- doing it randomly feels weird). (Bluddy)
* Not at all unrelated, the ability to cajole empires into getting along in a way that isn't RNG-driven would be very
helpful in pursuing diplomatic wins. (Eris Shrugged)
* rather than just tracking stuff per-race, you could have a relationship with specific planets as well. forming a
relationship with planets is something that I think could be very beneficial to drox, because planets are the bread
and butter of the game (Bluddy)
* it is common for races to be at war with everyone (like Drakk). This isnt a realistic scenario given that it will
often lead to that races downfall as theyre attacked by everyone everywhere. Create more natural friends? (Annex)
* a race will request, and often spam with requests to break treaty with X race when youre allied with X but at war
with the race doing the requesting. Such a request makes zero sense as there is no benefit to the player to do so.
Recommend either make such requests only appear if the requesting race isnt at war with you, OR make the benefit of
such a request that the requesting race immediately cease war with you and get relations to say 50. Then you can
effectively terminate one alliance/treaty and start working with the opposing race. (Annex)
* change neutral to 0?
* Rather than using money to get factions to go to war or to come help you out against a faction, you could use diplomatic
favor. I think this is especially important given how money can just accumulate between worlds, whereas diplomatic
favor is a faction-specific currency that only builds up in the current world. Doing quests for a faction would give
you diplomatic favor, but only once you've reached a certain threshold of relationship. It would make it important to
invest in relationship with a faction, because you can't just pay them off to do something -- they have to trust you
and believe in you, and that's represented by diplomatic favor. (Bluddy)
this is kind of like influence which we did in DoP
* Currently, there's not that much of a downside to building relationships with factions. What if factions occasionally
gave you one of their quests as a request? They'd expect you to fulfill that quest before it fails, and would be
disappointed if you messed up, eating up some of your diplomatic favor currency with them (if you have any) and
worsening your relations somewhat. The stronger your relationship with them, the more often they'd give you these
mandatory quests to carry out. This would make it difficult to maintain alliance with more than one faction at a time.
Rather than just doing things at random and then seeing if you've accomplished anyone's quest, you'd have to target
the things your allies want first, and balance that out with your own critical quests. (Bluddy)
* For example, it would be very useful to be able to cause discord between clan members of another clan. The relationship
would become gradually worse until they start fighting, and maybe a clan member will rebel or defect. So a quest chain
of a fight between 2 or more clan members, which can be sorted out by bringing back something to pacify them, would help
with this, and you could try and plant such a quest chain on your enemies, perhaps by stealing the object that caused
the fight. This is also something that can be initiated by a boss, of course. (Bluddy)
* For example, instead of a planting a rumor to improve relations, it's replaced with "sponsor a diplomatic delegation
with X" which spawns a diplomat ship. The expensive option could have a whole armada of escort ships protecting the
diplomat while the cheapest option sends out the diplomat by their lonesome and it's up to the player alone to see
them to their destination alive.
* Relationship breakdown: it's great that you can see the relationship breakdown between a race and yourself (ie. why they
have the current relationship number towards you). I'd also like to see it between 2 other races. It's annoying to
spend hundreds of credits on a negative rumor, only to not see it influence anything. At least if you knew why a
race's relationship was improving with another race, you could figure out what to do about it.
* Differentiate between faction-advantaging and general-welfare missions. Helping an enemy faction finish their research
or colonize a planet should piss off my allies, yes. Killing a monster boss who's planning on killing everyone or
destroying a device causing ion storms everywhere shouldn't make my allies angry just because the unpopular kid
suggested it.
* Currently, the only main ways to influence races negatively without fighting them is is via propaganda/sabotage/
espionage. The percentages for success for these items are far too low IMO. 90% for a well-crafted effort seems
high, but with a 10% chance of failing, you'll only be able to do a few of these before you're caught and eventually
the race will declare war on you. (Bluddy)
* For a well crafted plan, the percentage should be much higher -- around 96-98%. It should almost be a given that it'll
work, and if you have the money to spend, it should take many, many tries before you get caught. This is the only
way currently to try to take down a strong race other than declaring war on it, and even this method is slow and
expensive. (Bluddy)
* The low-effort plan is also far too weak IMO. 50% is just a coin toss -- it's not even worth the money. I would
recommend percentages for all plans to be pushed up to something like 70%/85%/98%. (Bluddy)

* change shield impact effects to be more directional?
* scale explosions based on victim size?
* put nebula's/background stuff on system map?
* I'm going to list this under bugs, even though it's not exactly that: everything in Drox 2 is too shiny. It's like
they're in the same room with a super bright lightbulb. But the sun isn't anywhere nearby. They should get that shiny
and reflective when they're close to the sun, but not when they're far away -- and most of the time in the game,
you're relatively far away from the sun. Maybe the brightness dropoff needs to be adjusted or something. It's
especially noticeable relative to the backgrounds, that don't seem attached visually -- the dark parts of planets are
also usually way too dark relative to the ambient light. Drox 1 didn't seem to suffer from this issue. (Bluddy)
* turn on bloom with low level?
* do lasers cause explosion on enemy when no shield and no death?
* build up of laser at origin point
* shield effect should scale to entity size?
* make beams have more alpha the longer they are?
* would be really cool to have lights on planets on the dark side that corresponds to tech level and population
can I do planet lights? choose which one to use based on tech level & population and use inverse of star light on that
pass (in fragment shader)
* planets rings need some work
* do we still need colorGen Planet ?
* ss0113 background doesn't loop very well
* Anti-matter fields and the lightning in nebulae flash distractingly when paused. (ScrObot)
* Oh, I had posted elsewhere... I think normal drox 2 chat that I figured out what was haunting my fps. Was
antialiasing. Seems it doesn't do anything but kill framerate (Jackrel)
* There are some background tiling issues (ScrObot)

* Quest rewards don't give what they say they do (derpenstein)
I started noticing this yesterday, but quest rewards will say they give a certain amount of XP, or relation, but then when
you turn it in its completely off. A quest that says +1.2 relation gives me 4. A quest that gives 100k xp gives me 40k.
What's going on here? Are there modifiers to XP or relation under the hood that I don't know about? If there are things
that modify it, it would be nice if things were spelled out clearly.
* Primitive race X is at planet Y in system Z. Make them your protectorate, help them grow and reach the space age. (medium) (Bluddy)
* Same quest, but help primitive race X take over the sector. (hard) (Bluddy)
* Help the mutant/AI race emerge from race X by encouraging civil war and rebels. (medium) (Bluddy)
* Help race X reach tech level 5 (assuming I understand it correctly and giving races techs helps them advance). (Bluddy)
* Help race X take over Y planets. (Bluddy)
* "Monster factions", when a monster type have had too many uprisings, bosses that are not acted upon, they become a
full-fledged race, but works differently from the usual races. They're much more aggressive to races and the player and
strong and can quickly become a serious threat to all the races, and practically impossible to do diplomacy with (extremely
hard to get on the good side of). (Verdusk)
* When a monster group is about to become a monster faction, there'll be a notification and a quest as one final chance to
prevent it. The quest can be a boss or fleet of their monsters on a planet, which they will make their base if the quest
is not done. (Verdusk)
* Once a monster faction is formed, there will be similar quests every so often as they are aggressively expansionist, they
will often attack race planets and they may also make the race planets they destroy as new bases. Their ships can be elite
tiers of the monster type. One boss will guard each of their base planets, and one or more superbosses who wander and lead
attacks are in charge of their faction in general; the more there are of them the more often they spawn more ships, attack
race planets and expand, if you defeat all of them they will not do those things until a new superboss is eventually
promoted from one of the guard bosses (and a new guard boss is spawned). (Verdusk)
* I remember doing quests for races only boosted relations by one point something, just around what it says on the quest
reward description. But lately I often get more than 5 relation for doing a quest, possibly because I have over 4 million
credits. In fact, take a look at this screenshot where I got over 13 relation for one quest: (Verdusk)
* Found another bug, during a "Resurrect a Race" questline(Poilux)
Currently allied to Rizak and Utopian.
Utopian and Rizak are in war.
Utopian asks to resurrect a race.
Last part of the quest, going to colonize a planet in a unhabited system.
As soon as I push the "Colonize Planet" button, the new race emerges... and is immediately destroyed.
This is what ingame chat looks like, from bottom to top :
- NewCovenantX
- Zarlok : Good to see an Operative in this sector !
- Discovered the Strion Race.
- Strion and Utopian forged an alliance.
- Strion declares war on Rizak.
- My ship honors alliance with Rizak, declares war with Strion.
- Strion have been destroyed.
* Drox quests need better reward (Darke)
* Currently in a Ceasefire state with Scavenger race. (Poilux)
Accepted a Rebel quest for one of their planets.
This quest wants me to sell/donate a good for this planet.
I have what is needed to resolve the quest. (double checked type of good AND level.)
If you deliver the good, nothing happens.
Quest tells me it's failed because the planet has been destroyed even though it's not. (The planet isn't even attacked.)
Checked if another system had the same name, or if another planet in this system had the same name, but no.
probably went over to a rebel faction and failed because they were destroyed before it could give credit
* Protect Race X: Maybe fail it if you're at war with them when the timer completes? I just 'successfully' protected a
race I've been at war with and ignoring for most of the countdown, and now I'm going to kill them because they're
annoying. (Three races genocided one after the other and an alliance win. Yay! *genocidal dance!*) (Darke)
* The scavengers had an ultimate weapon quest pop up, and then after awhile the colony on the planet simply disappeared. It
wasn't destroyed, it literally ceased to exist. (Redsovietz)
* resurrected race can be immediately hostile, and if you have fighters up they will blast the planet out of existence
before you can react and move out of range (Annex)
* is there is a sabotage quest by selling an item to planet, can you do it accidentally?
need to have quest to do it?
* every item you can get to solve a quest (firearms, fungacite, whatever), should have a degraded version you can
obtain as well -- one that is used to sabotage. Using this to end a quest will give you XP, but cause damage and
lower relations with the race. (Bluddy)
* Some items for quests could even be replaced by WMDs, so you're selling something they think they need, and they
blow up the planet! (Bluddy)
* Maybe when you get a quest saying that a planet has... say a radiation leak, you could instead donate something that
makes it worse. Which could have effects such as unrest (say they blamed their race's ruling body), normal relation
effects (them not liking you, other's liking you because enemies), planet generates less resources, so race is
weaker (Sharp)
But items that are deliberately sabotaged or low quality (low quality guns etc) would be awesome. It'd make it a
real choice! (Bluddy)
* destroyed colony ships are dropping colony modules (could turn this into a quest, where you need to hurry to pick it up,
equip it, and bring it back to any race planet)
* quest to help primitive race to next age
* recon or spy missions
* need more quests
* need a bunch of quests that spawn from exploring planets - ancient relics, mysteries, etc.
* easier to cause rebels & splits?
* recon this planet quest for a race (if not many ships guarding they might attack)
* spying quests?
* add more quests that the races want you to do (spying?), more things the races need you to do, and quests that start
based on things you find when exploring.
* espionage quests, sneak stealth missions where they give you a cloaking module to steal sensitive data. as for a random
example of some thing that might be cool
* when they reach four planets, a boss unit emerges
this ship is a class or two sizes larger and is decent, but not quite as strong as "average" boss monsters, and certain
not in the league with Bounty Hunters, or Drox Operative ships.
* Galactic Flu quest missing planet name - The Galactic Flu has spread from (Human) to flopsiris (Human) (Sharp)
* As mentioned in the main channel, planet protection quests are too long. There should be a way at least to accelerate
ship production when you arrive there, so you only need to do it for a minute or two. 10 minutes is unacceptably
long. (Bluddy)
* next is that quests to kill structures such as fighter bases and quests to kill planets don't seem to work correctly.
instead of completing, they fail with a message about how the target no longer exists. I can try to reproduce these
tomorrow too. (silver7017)
* are we using the monster stations much if at all?
can uprisings lead to stations getting built?
* a few things you could add would be space stations for pirates (HoboElf)
* It is possible for a planet to need (ie, to quell riots) something that it is currently selling. That probably
shouldn't happen. (Eris Shrugged)
* "Colonize planet" and "Deliver diplomat/prisoner" quests show on the minimap tooltip, but are not available to pickup
from race relation menus. (Varkon)
should be able to see it even if can't accept it
* You take quest to protect planet and it takes 30 minutes of real time to babysit that planet, in the end game says
quest is "obsolete" and it counts as failed; (LotusBlade)
* You help rebellion, take rebel quest and create a whole rebel planet for them, quest gets failed (because quest giver
dissapears after you done with his mission, and you can't turn that mission in); (LotusBlade)
* I wouldn't mind seeing some quests offered by friendly/treaty races to escort their colonizer ships. I'd like to know
the ships destination, and have my choice of ships to escort. i understand that this might actually cause pages and
pages of quest spam in larger games, so maybe there would be a way to narrow this down to specific types of escorts
offered or something. All I know is that there are certain races I'd love to see flourish, but players don't have
the time to wait around for a ship to build, load up, and start the move. (kerzain)
* I attempted completing a "resurrect dead race" questline. When I completed it, the race was immediately destroyed
with the words "newcovenantX" under the "Trizantark have been destroyed" notice. (The Grand Mugwump)
* And on an unrelated note, somehow I keep completing quests that I'm not even in the right sector for and getting
rewarded for it... I think NPCs are killing quest targets and for some reason it is giving me the exp as though I
was there (Jackrel)
Seems to happen more frequently on abnormally long running sector runs.
* temp happiness boost on planets when quest solved?
* Suggestion: altered rates of reputation hits from quests/trades of different types. (Kurama Kitsune)
At present, doing a quest for an enemy of someone hits you fairly hard, regardless of the quest type. I would like
to suggest that this be changed depending on the quest type you accept the rewards of:
1. Monster, boss, device, and ancient warship quests: Should only hurt your reputation with enemies of the race
paying you by about 25% (or at most 50%) of what they do currently. After all, these quests effectively help them
too usually, so while they could be understandably miffed a bit that you are taking money from an enemy they
should at least be able to mostly brush it off since you are making things safer for them in the long run too.
2. Quests such as scouting or stealing technology (and perhaps those which solve problems on planets like selling
weapons to one), as well as trades that give technology to a race should perhaps give MORE of a hit, since you
are basically directly aiding their enemy in a way that does NOT help them at all, and in all likelihood may be
selling them out.
RelationChangeSolvedForEnemy -6.0 // The full value only used if relation with enemy is 0.0
* Additionally, or perhaps alternatively instead, there could be a new quest type added. Where a new quest item,
[species name] colonists, may sometimes appear at more heavily populated worlds, and delivering them to a planet
that "needs" them (i.e. a world that is low on pop but can support more) will "heal" the planet a bit (or rather,
instantly add some population to it). (Kurama Kitsune)
* kill X quests sometimes mention the wrong system, so they say bad guy is in Y system but when you search for target
it says the marker was placed in Z system instead (and bad guy is found there) (Annex)
* Seen a bug twice now: taking a quest to destroy a planet, if that planet is the last planet for that particular race,
destroying it will always fail the quest even though the planet (and race) are now defeated. (Annex)
* Empires have discrete traits now, so we could have quests to add or remove those. (Eris Shrugged)
* phase of resurrecting race where you go to scout a planet for colonization can be set to a non-existent planet. Im
told its in a black hole system, which has no planets, and its my only quest. Green marker is for an adjacent
system, which also is a black hole system and has no planets (Annex)
* Some species of creature is invading the sector, the mothership is in x place (Sharp)
* Remember that in DoP you had priority quests that popped up with a timer to recruit people? That was neat. (Bluddy)
* Quests where you're asked to "defend planet X" or "take dude/object to planet X" or similar: If you don't already
know the location, it'd kind of make sense for the quest giver to point to it on the map. :/ (Darke)
* planetary protection quests are undoable, possibly due to the above issue. Sit there for 3 hours waiting for
reinforcements? (Annex)
* a planet colonization quest can be in your quest log waiting to be turned in, resulting in a green ! on the relations
screen, but when talking to the race directly there is no quest to turn in. Has to be done through your quest log
only (which doesnt apply to all other quests) (Annex)
* destroy Station quests dont seem to work. Going to the right planet and destroying the only station thats there
results in no changes to the quests status. Destroying the planet fails the quest (Annex)
* in exploration mode there are often not enough enemies to complete attack quests (kill X of Y), requiring the player
to wait for respawns. Such quests should always spawn enough of X even in exploration mode (Annex)
* colonize quest, you can have the module equipped, quest not failed in your log, be in the right system, at the right
planet, and no ! green to turn in/complete it (Annex)
* a race thats been resurrected can itself give a quest to resurrect another race, however only the first phase of the
questline seems to work and part 2 never appears (Annex)
* missing some quests/rebel quests for some subraces - ultimate weapon, pirates, etc.
* will ancient or young rebel quests work?
* also protecting a planet is priority 3 (Eris Shrugged)
* counting down bonus for finishing quests quickly?
* General goals: some people clearly like the current method of having open goals. I think it's valid, and to me it can
remain as an option (sandbox mode) in Drox 2. However, as stated above, the game really clicks IMO when you get/have
more specific goals, because now you're not just doing quests to improve relations -- you now have to consider which
quests to do, whom to help, whom you want to hurt by not doing their quests (or making things worse for them), which
planets need your help, etc. It's when you think at the strategic level that the game shows you why it's the best in
its class: "I need to break up the close relationship between Drakk and Dryad. Let's make an alliance with another
ally of Drakk, then declare war on Dryad, and Drakk will have to honor their alliance," etc.
* As such, I think the Ancients, who automatically dislike the Drox, bring a ton of flavor to the game, as do the Guild
missions. Some people dislike the guild missions though because they distract you from the thing you were trying to do
before they arrived. This is due to the fact that the guild missions don't analyze the situation that exists before
they pop up, which is hard to do. They also don't give you any flexibility -- you have to do this one thing or you
lose. And they often don't give you enough time given how many changes you'd need to make (e.g. killing a race with
more than 3 planets could take more than an hour. If you haven't found that race, just finding it can take an hour).
* My suggestion is to have a choice of sandbox mode (the current mode) which will remain undisturbed by the Drox guild OR
mission mode. In mission mode, your mission could be one of: making enough money, create an alliance, destroy a race,
protect a race etc. It could also be 'destroy this race or alternatively make this much money' in case destroying the
race is just impractical given the random circumstances. I also still like the idea of additional, surprise Drox guild
missions arriving later in the game, but they should give you a lot of time to do your thing, as well as some
flexibility in their objectives.

* Spy network (Bluddy)
When at a planet, you get the choice of planting a spy there instead of the current options. The spy can be planted for
different amounts of money, similar to espionage right now: cheap, medium, or expensive, with different chances of
success. This means you only need to fly directly to a planet when you need to plant a spy.
The better your relations with a race, the cheaper it is to plant a spy. Planting a spy with an enemy you're at war with is
The more race planets have spies relative to the total number of race planets, the more effective your spy network is.
Your spy network builds up spy points over time with a certain maximum (say 50) -- similar to the way raids worked in
Zombasite. The more spies relative to the number of planets, the faster points build up. This means you want to keep your
spy to planet ratio high to be effective.
Operations with your network use up certain numbers of points. For example, choosing 'high chance' propaganda could use up
all 50 points, but creates propaganda *throughout* the planets on which you have spies. 'low chance' propaganda only uses
25 points, but obviously the chance of it working is smaller. The advantage is that there's a lower chance of your spy
network being revealed.
Swaying a race diplomatically (rumor) is much much more effective if you have a high spy to planet ratio. You can get about
10 points of sway (or perhaps more) if you go for maximum sway with spies in every planet, vs say 1 point if you only
have 1 spy for 10 planets. This allows you to tilt the scales much more effectively than currently.
When you come close to 0 or negative spy points, your spy network becomes much easier for a race to detect. Your spies will
randomly get caught, and this will hurt your relationship with the race. Now you have to go to the planet and restore the
spy, and it'll be more expensive since the race likes you less. Going negative may be necessary to take out a certain
race, but the more negative you go, the more your spies reveal themselves, so at a certain point you'll basically lose
all of them, and the massive diplomatic hits from the spies being detected will essentially cause the race to go to war
with you, or make planting new spies more and more expensive.
Occasionally, races will try to flush out spies, and if you want to tell your spy network to lay low or you could lose a
lot of spies. If you're in the middle of an operation, it's very risky. Totalitarian and paranoid races will try to flush
out races a lot more often, and it's hard to build effective spy networks for those races.
A planet with spies on it will show you all of its status.
It would be nice (but not required) to have a spying screen that shows you all info from your spies in one place. Also, I'm
sure you can think of many other cool things that can be added to this system.
The AI can function the same way it does now. It's still causing rumors etc. You can add events of spies getting caught and
simulate some of that stuff if you want, but it's not necessary.
* Rather than have espionage only steal a tech, it would be nice to be able to plant a spy on a planet. You'd then be
able to see all the info for a planet, as well as get advance notice of a a diplomatic mission from a race, an
armada leaving, etc. (Bluddy)
* And how would this happen? Via spying. Rather than just having abstract spying etc, you could plant a spy on a planet.
How much money you invest in the spy would determine how much of this critical information you'd have access to. In
the Zombasite world, spying would mean converting a particular member of a faction into a spy, and that would mean
that if that person dies, you'd lose your spy. Maintaining the spy would also require a constant investment of money.
this could be kind of like marines
paying them could boost happiness and success
spy on a planet increases our knowledge of that planet
* Additionally, your improving relations with a faction/race (pact, alliance etc) would require meeting with their
representative, who would come to your camp. Other factions/races could try to intervene and stop it just as you can,
so long as they have a spy either in your camp or in the other party's.
* Also, sometimes races/factions can solve their own quests. Currently this is done with timers and randomness, but it'd
be even better if they'd send out someone/some ship to do it -- at least for some quests. For example, a quest
requiring medicine delivery could, after a timer expires, spawn a ship delivering that medicine, which would be
visible via spying. You can race against the ship and try solve the quest yourself, or you could destroy that ship,
making sure the quest fails so that you get the bad result. This system therefore empowers you to either use quests
for good or for ill.
* Of course, stopping any of these things can also be done without spying: monsters may destroy the ships/kill the
parties, or you'll stumble upon them. But the key thing is that you can also plan to stop things from happening
through information you get from spying.
* Ideally this would work with your spy network embedded in the race that tells you they're about to do it, so you know to
anticipate the change. (Bluddy)

* critical misses on things like ballistics? so a high defense is useful on everything?
* Once again, I also feel the Soldak games need an option to scale the enemy level to your level. Basically if you start
the world at a good level, it'll quickly become too easy in general, and the loot becomes boring as well, whereas if
you put a higher level, you can easily be unable to beat it without some heavy cheesing, so it's also no fun. I'd
rather keep the challenge and loot interesting all times, honestly. I've suggested said option on pretty much all
games, and I can't dismiss the idea of scaling enemies to your level, or at least very close to it (so like a system
would be your level -1, other your level +1, and so on). (Darkness)
* The weakest part of Drox 1 by far is clearing out the maps to find essential things like race planets and gates
out of the system. Compared to a game like Pirates! (sea is very similar to space), where you can just see the map
and you're going someplace to do something, Drox has you spend an inordinate amount of time just to get out of a new
system, or to find a critical planet. (Bluddy)
My suggestion is to immediately show the planets of a race you've contacted when you enter a system, as well as the
gates out of the current system. That may seem to give info away, but it's actually greatly reducing user frustration
and improving QoL and enjoyment. There can be variations of this idea: you could have scanners showing you in general
where planets are on the map, and energy signatures showing the general direction of gates and wormholes. Whatever it
takes not to have to clear entire maps of fog of war.
* So really. I guess my boredom with crew points is that your crew stats are all very focused on 1 specific thing: more
damage, hit rating, health, energy... So I suppose that if your stats could play into encounters or otherwise...
Actually. That is a fun idea. Say you scan a derrelect ship and it rolls against your stats to dictate the outcome
with a little tidbit tossed into the message log dictating what happened. Or gasp, even having a sort of pop-up 4x
event type window pop-up that gives you a list of things you can do based on your stats. Ie, find a drifting ship
have the option to plunder it for stuff (tactical), steer it away from it's path that may crash it into a planet you
are aligned with (helm), repair the engines so the crew can take it to port (engineering), seal a breach in it's
hull (structure), find the flight recorder (computers) or order the survivors aboard your ship (command)
So I suppose if certain random events were changed to be less common and had stat related things you could do it
would add a level of additional purpose to having higher numbers in stats than just "I puts mah points into shootin
real hard so they die real fast" or stat points= equip better stuff (Jackrel)
* Yeah, I've noticed that the payments seem random. Like the weaker tribute race randomly contacts me to give me money,
scavs never give me money and I don't notice my cash flow randomly increasing as if it's a background thing (Jackrel)
* It'd be nice if regions dominated by a certain race had certain structures be more common (Sharp)
So Humans could have space bars (pun intended) that boost happiness in the system
* Maybe there could be a resort space station, where the population that successfully gets a cruise ship there gets a
happiness boost (Sharp)
* dwarf planets, interesting asteroids, space stations (abandoned or not), probes (ditto), megastructures or
megastructure components all come to mind (Eris Shrugged)
* and mineable asteroid belts for the races to harvest for resources where they have to go back and forth between the
asteroids and their planets to drop off the stuff they collect (HoboElf)
Mining would actually be a fun idea to make the universe seem more alive, and i don't think it would be that big of
a game change code wise. Just spawn asteroid fields in the sector (EG: based on the minable asteroids), and have
planets send mining ships to them. Same concept as Freighters and Liners flying from planet to planet (Successful
return of a miner would grant minerals to said race). (Excellion)
* Since Drox 2 has so many new projectile weapons, Attack is now a far more useless stat, making Computers a generally
bad investment. Defense is still useful because enemies use lasers. (Bluddy)
* tools that cause nearby ships to fire indiscriminately and cause combat between allies. (Eris Shrugged)
* tools that allow you to masquerade as another race, for good or ill. (Eris Shrugged)
* tools that let you to mess with connections between systems, messing with empire interactions as a result. (Eris Shrugged)
* tools that let you disable weapons fire in an entire system for a few minutes, enforcing peace. (Eris Shrugged)
* make diplomats objects, which can be dropped if diplomat ships are destroyed. let players rescue them or drop them
off on another empire's planet so that the other empire gets credit for rescuing them. (Eris Shrugged)
* allow buying warships, colony ships, bases, etc for empires (Eris Shrugged)
* allow buying technologies from empires (Eris Shrugged)
* also planetary infrastructure (Eris Shrugged)
* Imagine a situation where race 1 has local superiority and is coming into friction with race 2, which it has low
relations with. Rather than declaring war, it could just attack one ship. Small skirmishes at the borders. (Bluddy)
* btw I also think every treaty between races should require a diplomatic mission (diplo ship) that could be attacked. (Bluddy)
* should planets build different buildings?
* capital planet? what happens if destroyed? chance of civil war, race split, or just a new capital somewhere?
probably at minimum some penalty for losing capital
* a way to fully integrate another race also is interesting
* unique planets & systems
* wandering neutral fleets are cool
* established empires (head start), fallen empires (no longer expanding), ancient ones (random wandering), vorlon type
(mostly just influence others), wanderers (just ships, no planets)
* I was thinking about the best parts of Drox, and I feel that those are when you feel like you're manipulating the
relations between the races -- when you have the power to make a decision, like causing a race to split into a subrace
and start a revolution or to put the revolution down. These elements really make you feel like you're a manipulative
badass. (Bluddy)
* In the spirit of these things, I think it'd be really great if more actions were carried out in the game and could be
prevented. For example, to create an alliance, 2 races/factions would have to meet somewhere first, and you could
'take these meetings out'. Planets would need constant supplies the higher their populations, and those supply ships
could be intercepted. In Zombasite, the factions would need to collect potions, food and people, just like you, and
denying them of these things would cause them to run low and starve. Colony ships are already sent in Drox, but you'd
be notified of their destination ahead of time and therefore be able to stop them.
* Necroing this thread. I think this is one thing that could use improvement in a sequel. The original Drox essentially
has only one resource, which is planets. Therefore, once a race dominates planet-wise, it's near impossible to set
them back. The potential sequel should have other empire-wide resources, such as metals, food, and fuel, which would
be required for ship creation and such. Taking out the planets that produce these things for the empire or sabotaging
them would allow for crippling advanced empires. Also, if some planets were factories, and others were government
planets, those would also be good targets for elimination/sabotage.
* We need ways to take down (or at least severely weaken) large, runaway empires. The method I'm thinking of to allow for
this is that after growing past 5 or 6 planets, a race would have to start specializing several planets, as it's now
an empire. It should have a seat of government (capital, if destroyed, could cause tons of chaos, civil wars, etc).
It needs to have a factory planet that can provide ships to other
planets in large enough numbers. Of course, this complicates the AI somewhat, but hopefully not by too much. The key
thing is that now, you can focus on a few choice planets to destroy to immobilize an empire rather than fighting an
impossible fight against an empire that grows faster than you can destroy its planets. For example, if you take out
the seat of government, the empire could fall into anarchy and split into different factions. If you take out the
factory planet, ship production will stall everywhere. If you take out the food planets, the empire will starve,
greatly weakening it. etc.
* taking damage from stars is interesting
* more detailed scans and spying
* nebula that can screw up shields
* nebula that can screw up missile guidance
* can set up traps/mines on planets to keep enemy races (or non allied races) from scouting them?
* This one is a major change, but I think it would really improve the experience by making it feel more like the player is
a space-spy: Make the races have larger fleets that are much more dangerous to tackle head-on, but have more of the
individual pieces of their infrastructure represented by destroyable structures (shipyards, habitat domes, solar
collectors, etc).
* Change the way energy supply works. Right now it's really unfun to get into a swarm of monsters and shoot your guns
empty then just be stuck waiting to regenerate or gobbling down mana potions to be able to do anything. I have two
possible suggestions:
a) Take a cue from space sims like Freespace 2 and have two independently charging energy pools, one offensive one
defensive. For example: a weapon power pool and an afterburner power pool. The player alternates between shooting
and dodging so the action remains nonstop.
b) Instead of functioning like a spell mana pool, have your energy stat control weapon firing rates.
* Instead of running out of energy and not being able to shoot:
1) Could have fast energy generation and time between shots would just get longer?
2) If get below certain amount (10 or 25%?), weapons would still work but shots are weaker?
kind of like arrows and melee attacks in our fantasy games
* Energy in general should feel very important and some thing you have to take care of, like say, if your weapons cost a
lot of energy to use, you need to figure out a way to restore energy fast, be it Stacking energy regeneration, energy
on kill, on hit, when it, when you use a non-combat item, when a crew member boards an enemy ship, ect. energy
management should be a thing. not to where it slows down combat, but it needs to be vital to your survival. ---Note:
In the Original Drox, you had to equip like 4 to 6 energy leech light components just to keep your energy up. this was
not fun. please let that one be much better then it currently is, at least 3 to 4 times as strong, or make a legendary
version or some thing, lol.
* I'd love to see utility items. Say, automated scanners that pulse out and scan for hidden resources/enemies/treasure/quests
or distress beacons. Computers that can repair your ship, automated nano ships that swarm around you shooting healing
beams kinda things. Better minion support, say you could have some sort of mining ship, that you outfit with a drone
bay to protect you while you collect resources. or be able to gain the ability to still mine/gather things while
cloaked, so you're not attacked. this would only be helpful if you implement my stealth cloak idea, where the enemies
have to actively scan for you with like some sort of radar that pulses out from there ships and have varying AoE ranges.
You could also have a utility that will auto find enemy ships that attack you from stealth kinda like a trajectory
finder. Maybe a heavy component thats a drone that flies around and scavenges ships or nodes/planets ect. so you don't
have to.
* I would also really like to be able to buy or mine resources for the AI as well. There are many times they got stuck
needing something and couldn't progress because they couldn't afford to send freighters or something to get that
resource they needed.
races could pay you to freight important materials around
* I'd also wondered about some sort of "terrain" say nebulas or something that change stats somewhat... say one type
dampens lasers slightly, or another makes missiles slightly less effective?
* Stability idea (Bluddy)
Allow a way to take down runaway empires with a ton of planets. These empires are really hard to make a dent in.
Make use of some additional systems in Drox 2, like traits and treaty types.
Basically, think of the happiness measure from Zombasite, and apply it to a race, but rather than symbolizing
relations, you're simulating the 'stability' of the race. The idea is that large empires are unstable and
difficult to keep going long-term.
Stability would be a value each race has. The value can range from say, 50 to -100, with 30-50 being highly
stable, 0-30 being neutral, -30-0 being unstable, -30 to -70 being very unstable and -70 to -100 being extremely
unstable. (The ranges are hypothetical, but you get the idea).
Each planet can give +1 stability when it's fully stable, but up to -5 stability if it's doing badly. This simulates
how large empires can collapse: adding a new planet is potentially a source of problems, enough to overwhelm many
other planets.
A planet is fully stable when it has no problems. Each problem (i.e. quest) can add negative stability. Rebellions
are the worst. To make a large empire unstable, you'd want to cause trouble rather than necessarily destroying a planet.
Additionally, other things give temporary stability hits:
- Losing a planet gives a temporary stability hit of -10.
- Breaking an alliance gives a stability hit (-10?).
- Losing an important ship gives a temporary stability hit (-1).
- Using traits: if a race is militaristic, not being at war gives it a stability hit.
- If a race is pacifist, being at war gives it a stability hit.
- A xenophobic race gets a stability hit from befriending a different-looking race.
- A monster attack on a planet will cause a temporary stability hit up to the planetary maximum (-5).
Low stability has effects on everything the race does: fighters do less damage and have less defense. Planets mine
less. Populations grow less. Quests resolve badly automatically rather than resolving well. The worse the
stability, the worse the overall effect.
At extreme instability, bad things can happen to a race: it has a good chance of splitting up its empire into two
races. Alternatively, it may seek out to become the protectorate/vassal/tributary of another, bigger race (if
such a race exists), which would restore its stability. It might sue for peace automatically if the race isn't
militaristic. Another option is that it could go into an Anarchy state, where each planet vies for itself, no
minerals are mined and planets die off due to lack of food.
This will probably need some tuning to avoid every race devolving into maximum negative stability, but could add a much
needed way to affect races, especially the biggest empires. The basic idea though is that the bigger the empire, the
less stable it is as problems accumulate. It's *hard* to run a huge empire successfully.
* I'd sort of suggested that a while back, attaching a afterburner skill to all thrusters that feeds off of a stamina
bar (Jackrel)
* need way for really bad young races to emerge - most powerful race with other win conditions
* need way for young races to go extinct
* make sure can spawn a random of the same covenant definition even if have unlocked it with another

*Better info for player*
* Maybe you can offer the races to offer you planet information, and I don't mean individual planets, but all the planets
in a system, where the planets are and what race they belong to. If the trade form is a pact, the information updates as
they revisit these planets. Maybe a two-way Free Info Pact where they'll just share vision and exploration of all their
planets and ships. (Verdusk)
* I don't know whether individual races have their own map exploration, but it'd be great if we can buy (and maybe sell too)
map exploration. It's the space age, after all, informational transaction should be commonplace. (Verdusk)
* And well, it's kind of weird when they ask you to protect a planet, but don't tell where the planet is, apart from which
system it's in. Maybe if your relation is high enough, they'll tell where the planets are that need help. (Verdusk)
* Diplomat ships should be sent for every racial diplomatic action: gifts, but also agreements, vassalization etc. If you
blow them up with no witnesses, you get to mess up whatever they were working on. (Bluddy)
* You'd need a way to get info about planets of your enemies as well (normally the icon would change to attack and you
wouldn't be able to interact with it). (Bluddy)
* It'd be nice to look up the info of planets, once you have it, from the maps. This way, you don't actually have to
be at the planet to get its info. This is exactly the kind of thing that would give you a better understanding of
what's going on in the galaxy. Perhaps a dedicated race-planet list screen would be even better. (Bluddy)
* wishes could start big space battles on purpose or know when and where they are happening
* be able to coordinate and get reports of fleet activity so you can join in big battles?
* on planets be able to see stats for the races best planet?
* show which planet is their home planet?
* having spies would let you do activities on planets cheaper on planets and on planets that you at war with
* would be nice if knew where diplomatic/cruise/colony ships were headed
* When at a certain relation level (Mutual Protection I think), should be able to view a list of planets, including
locations (as in which system). Multiple pages would be better than a massive scroll menu for races with a large
number of planets (Sharp)
also maybe espionage can get similar planet information. Might be important to know which are important planets to
races (Sharp)
* There isn't enough info about the 4x game, and the text log is inadequate. The maps are the best interfaces for
showing this info (much like the Master of Orion galaxy map). The galaxy map should show not just which race is where,
but also icons showing how many planets each race has at each system, whether an attack is happening, etc. Mousing
over the icons would give more details. The system map should show which race owns which planet, and mousing over the
planet should give more info about it. The amount of info could on the map could be limited by your contact, level of
spying on a race etc. (Bluddy)
* Getting the locations of gates and planets in a star system via trade, or just having them available automatically,
would be amazing. (Bluddy)
* It'd be nice if there were alternative options as well. Like buying/selling maps with the races, and "Ancient
Navigation Buoy" you can interact with to get a map of the zone, and/or increased visibility within the zone,
and/or revealed points of interest, etc... (Espr)
* getting info on fleets, scouts, colony ships, supply ships could be interesting especially if
destroying them mattered & spies could increase chance of getting info, also allies and their
spies could impact, if do would make sense to have more opportunities to use this, diplomatic meetings, etc
* So another note for Drox 2 is: give the player some notion of what they can do to help with elements of the 4x. For
example, all the player needs to know is that minerals are used for building ships, and population and planet-specific
stats affect mineral production. Unfortunately Drox doesn’t tell the player anything about this stuff
* In general, one thing that was hard to get a grip on was planets, since there were so many of them in aggregate. There
could be a sortable UI (much like Zombasite's) that lists all known planets and their properties, and then the ones
occupied by races and their properties. You could then see if a race you like has a mission to colonize a useful
planet, or if an enemy race has a similar mission you could avoid. You could also see if your allies have specific
resource deficiencies and then look for planets that could help with those. Within this UI, hovering over the planet
would show you additional information, such as the quests available at that planet.
* We need a better interface to view all known planets and their general statistics. Filter by race ownership, type, etc.
Currently it's just too disorganized and hard to get a grip on what planet is important to which race. The UI could
also show us available quests per planet as we hover over these planets.
* suppose you want to take down a race, and you want to know where their most valuable planet is. currently it's a huge
pain to find that out. (Bluddy)
yeah sorry just echoing your last sentence since I didn't read it
also you want to know from the empty planets which one is most worth it to introduce a race to, or which system
is most profitable
there's just no way to do anything with the pieces of info we currently have about quality of planet, traits of the
race and how they match up with that planet etc
* Being able to buy planetary locations from other races might be an interesting middle ground between an "All planets
visible from the start" option that was suggested earlier, and having to navigate blindly in a sector to find a
planet. Also i think it could easily tie into the already existing game system for trading planetary data while
also not being overpowered (As a race would have to discover another races planet for them to sell this
information). (Excellion)

* Need quest synchronization, mb party system cuz rewards not synchronized. In multiplayer the selection of things is
not convenient. It would be nice if host could configure drop like free for all or only for each persone.Good things
often fall, but whoever picked it up first is not the best system ever. (AHrEJl)
* no games showing online? was 1 when I looked - Varkon 3/4 of all things
* Also, during multiplayer, one of my friends kept getting war declared on him for no reason by a random race on
starting a new sector. (Varkon)
* could create multiple sockets to work around buggy NATs that can't hole punch if multiple devices have the same
local port
* could send extra NAT punchthrough packets with low TTL to better open multiple layers of NAT
int ttl = 3;
setsockopt( socketHandle, IPPROTO_IP, IP_TTL, &ttl, sizeof(ttl) );
* could mask ip addresses in messages to make sure bad routers don't mess with it
* be able to change a map on server without leaving game and booting other players
* Can we please already get rid of the zoned servers? They're splitting up a small player base into even smaller player
bases for very little good reason. Certainly players can play across the US with no serious latency, and if they're
across the world, they'll either deal with it or switch to someone else. (Bluddy)
* some way to pause game in multiplayer (if everyone pauses, game pauses?)

@* primitive speech needs to be different, especially discovery (especially if your the first race to find them)
* add dialog that is specific to a specific trait?
* add dialog that is specific to lifeform type?
* has changed from a Arctic to Dead planet - change to "changed from Arctic to Dead"

* Honestly I don't mind the %-chance-to-work if I know what chance I'm looking at. At the moment it's click on the thing,
spend an unknown amount of money, and hope. (Darke)
* My last experience was trying to increase the durability on a bit of armour. It was spending my cash, saying it "couldn't
increase the durability" and it wasn't telling me why. Was it because the durability was too high already? Was it because
I was failing the 1% chance to increase it, because it was so high already? Was it because I was trying to increase a
"rare" yellow item and I have to target "orange or above"? Was it because I was only 45% happiness with the race and I
need to be allied? No idea basically. (Darke)
* do we need a way to break components down to chips?


* Related to the above, I would love to see the random item you get on level-up changed to be an option of 1 of 3 items to
choose from or something. That would certainly help with those droughts… (KevinC)
* Alliance Wins are quite difficult (tending to require lots of effort with rumors to get the ones you want together without
having to exclude so many that its hard to... dispose of the rest without getting fear wins), so perhaps their rewards
should be better? (Kurama Kitsune)
* diplomatic win is harder than a fear win and reward is worse (Darke)
* For example, as a reward for the riot quest mentioned above, you get a few hundred experience, a few hundred dollars
that is little more than repayment for what you spent, and some reputation with the race. In contrast, defending a
race’s planet from attack, which requires merely sitting in place near it shooting at any enemies coming by, has
offered me as much as 22,000 experience for far less work. Destroying X number of enemy monster ships also carries a
similar reward to the fed-ex weapon delivery request, and is generally much easier as you simply fly around blowing
enemies up as part of your travel activities anyway.
* ancients are still rather powerful compared to other races, so increased rewards make sense, but maybe increase the
loot or xp. personally, I would suggest making unique modules that only drop from ancient races. their descriptions
hint at unique tech, so it would be great to actually have that show up in the game. (silver7017)
* Maybe quests should always give item as rewards, and tell the item type. Like reward: Rare level 40 Heavy Ballistic
Weapon. This way, checking each quest for its rewards would be a meta, rather then the type of quest only. I'd
certainly do some boring quests to get useful rewards! (Darkness)
* better relation boosts for saving diplomat ships, or larger credit and relations boosts for doing quests given by a
systems governor (Jackrel)

* The 'Bonuses' could be removed and/or improved too with more unique abilities. For example: (Destro)
Structure Tree
50 = 1% armor/structure repair,
100 = 10% structure as bonus armor,
150 structure = 10% structure as bonus energy shield and proportional energy shield regen,
200 structure = 20% chance to take half damage from all sources or bonus resistances to damage types (explosive, em, etc.)
250 structure = Structure protects components the same way as armor. Or, your ship always has an escape pod. Or, your
escape pods are majorly better in some way.

* not exactly a bug, but a strange thing ive noticed regarding the performance impact of ship explosions: it seems to become
worse the more lengthy the game session is. i was running away from a bee line of monsterships while shooting at them, and
each explosion would drop the fps to a single digit. however, upon restarting the game and continuing from there, the
explosions would have no noticeable fps impact. at least for a while. (DysDaemoN)
* don't call Emitter::updatePosition if !shouldDrawEffects and _particles.empty() ?
* Precaching run
* Heavy Stuttering / Freeze With Explosion (kouhei)
There seems to be a lot of stuttering every time a lot o ships appear on my screen, while it was there in Drox 1,
it was not as noticeable. This is especially true whens hip collide or explode when defeated.
I'm running on Win 10 PRO on a GTX 2050 4GB and i5 CPU with 16GB ram, I tried messing with settings but the slow
down appear constantly and it make playing nauseous.
All I can think of is explosion effects or ship collide when a bunch of ships appear on screen, I suspect something
along the lines of Pixel collision dropping frame when it happens. It is quite noticeable.
* I commented out the calls to explosions and although it's only a band-aid, no more lag. Obvious is obvious but still,
turning options off and removing the sounds didn't. (Jean)
* Added to Bug#6 : Performance overall seems to be really lacking in Drox 2 compare to Drox 1. (kouhei)
* what is causing hitches?
* can use timings stuff (profile) to track down hithes partially at least
* could add some timing stuff if spend more than 2 ms on any entity think break or print entnum (#ifdef so not always
there but can use later)
* Bad Lag Even On LAN and FPS Dips (Mythos)
When playing this game with my wife over LAN there is a lot of stuttering and blinking around when there are more
than a few enemies. There more enemies there are the worse the stuttering gets. It's like not enough data is being
transmitted. I've doubled the multiplayer data settings but it seems to have no effect.
* Also, when there are a lot of explosions my game goes from 144 fps - sub 30. I have a 7700k cpu and a 1080 ti so it's
not like my hardware isn't up to the task. It's not like this game is super graphically intensive. I suspect it still
needs to be optimized. (Mythos)
* Stuttering is a major issues in Drox 2 compare to Drox 1, evertime a bunch of ships die or appear on screen there is
a massive FPS drop, this is true even on high-end PC and is consistent throughout a game sessions. This is even worst
when using AOE weapons such as bombs on a group of 10+ ships. (kouhei)

* discovered race needs a sound
* BUG: Can't turn off music - Putting the slider to 0 and it still plays (Agitated Ice)
turns off music, but not background stream (which is mostly music)
* When going from the game screen to the relations screen or map screen or pausing, the ambient music track pauses
suddenly and abruptly, and it's jarring. (Bluddy)
* It would be nice to have more idle sounds from the monsters that hinted about what they are. Talon could have
more whale-like idle sounds, Legion could have computer noises, and Overlord could have zombie whispers and
whines. (Bluddy)

* Idea: tie quest types and npc interaction into win conditions level. Example: at 50% fear can buy grey goo from races, at
90% legend can get a quest to fight a super strong sector boss (Jackrel)
* idea: add race quests chains or a nemesis and have the legend win be more focused on completing quests and getting rid of
threats to the sector (Eris Shrugged)
* Started a system with homeplanet only, 3 races. Found 2 major races, was aiming for Military win. Befriended one, had to
destroy the other to not win by Legend. Had to do more quests to get friendly with the remaining race, almost won by Legend
again. Had to destroy it to gain more room and not win by legend.
Triggered losing condition with 10 minutes timer. Found the remaining race. Losing condition didn't end. Tried befriending
it, but wouldn't be able in 10 minutes, got like to almost Mutual Protection.
Then I noticed I was almost winning by Fear, so... I decided to destroy some of their ships. Got over 120 Fear and it
became green, waited a minute, no win trigger. Decided to destroy the only race remaining (lol), got to 140 fear with 3
minutes remaining, and no win on the screen.
I mean, I'm aware I was at a losing condition, but at the same time, I got to a winning condition. Is that right? (Darkness)
* Personally, I feel the game needs a way to control better the Fear index. I mean, when you're getting near a Legend
win and you want to reduce legend points, you can just destroy some faction ships, but that greatly increases your fear,
and very few things reduce your fear, nothing you can do easily and without limits. So, I propose killing off enemy ships
near a faction planet (that thing that renders reputation) to also lower your fear, for example. This way, we'd be able to
easily keep fear and legend points lower, to seek the other wins we desire. (Darkness)
* The new win condition seems okay so far. It might help to have one or even multiple Drox guild quests available at the start
of the sector, so that the player has the ability to make an assessment of whether they want to aim for a guild
win. (Eris Shrugged)
* It would make sense if killing empires with traits such as Exterminator or Devourer yielded legend points instead of
fear. (Eris Shrugged)
* Economic Lose Condition Reccomendation (sirenderboy)
Maybe paying it off with your own balance would be neat. It could be at an interest so like for every 10 credits you
have to pay off you would pay 5 more if it were from your balance. It wouldn't contriubte too a win (unless you wanted
to), but it would be useful if you kept dying. OR everytime you die, you would have the option to use all of your money
to pay off the clone cost.
* Maybe legend win should give more XP, specially on higher levels. Also, I believe to rewards on the end should scale
with the size of the sector, otherwise doing tiny sectors will always be the most optimal meta for several
reasons. (Darkness)
* new Drox quests
earn X amount of credits
* Easy guild quests (2 VPs) (Bluddy)
- Explore 30 planets in X minutes.
- Beat 4 bosses in X minutes.
- Clear out 2 systems of enemies in X minutes.
- Finish 20 quests in X minutes.
* Hard guild quests (4 VPs) (Bluddy)
- Prevent Cortex from losing any planets for X minutes.
- Create an alliance of 3 races in X minutes.

*Fixed, add to credits*
seems like problem with race specific skill - The only race specific skill I have tried so far is Nanomite Cloud. Level 2
and 3 of the skill show the exact same stats as level 1. Any of the general skills I have tried show the stats on a skill
improving with level. (Dalwin)
* Ship animation for all NPC ships appears 'choppy'. Rather than smoothly moving about like my ship, they move, then pause
slightly for about 100msecs, then continue moving. (Bluddy)
* Player ship is moving smoothly, but enemy ships have a little "jump ahead" blip once a second or so. (ScrObot)
Plasma cannon shots seem to have a similar issue, though it may be a different loop issue
* AI "ship movement stutter" (Mark)
All AI ships, in both pre-patch and newly patched has a very "jerky" movement. Its a little hard to describe but it
seems they move, slows down, move, slows down, move again. And to the eye it looks like stutter, but my ship flies
perfectly fine. Changing settings from fastest to best does nothing.
* I went into a secret area and immediately almost died because apparently another ship was sitting on top of the
teleporter. I'd suggest forcing enemies that spawn in secret areas to have to be a certain distance away from the
teleporter. (ScrObot)
* I went to rescue a helpless ship, and it wound up being an ambush. The problem is that all of the ships spawned
immediately on top of me triggering ramming damage, triggering about 1400 damage. I survived, but barely. (Confusedus)
* Enemy colony ships (sometimes the planet protectors also, but more rare)become untargetable after destroying their
planet they were being built at, sometimes allies weapons will start shooting you for no reason. I got a sticky
green exclamation mark with a race, and had no quests to finish with them. (skunkdude)
* When you aid a rebellion that then separates, have them start with good relations with the player. (Sharp)
* With just these three races left, allied with Shadow and Human, while sitting at a Shadow planet (no Prona
[young race] planets in the system), I bought a well crafted positive rumor about Human, but the text log shows
that the rumor affected Prona's view of Human. The positive relationship boost applied to Prona as well, not
Shadow. (I did it a few more times with the same result.) I then went to another system that had a Human planet
and attempted a well crafted positive rumor about Shadow, and no success or failure is shown in the text log at
all. Restarting the game didn't clear this issue up. None of the different types nor trying to select Prona as
the target made any difference. I tried at other Human planets the same result as well. Oh, I see there's another
race called Diveleon whose hover text is Shadow's, so maybe that's the issue. (Upon reloading, Diveleon is gone but
Shadow Rebels is there instead, but still with normal Shadow hover text. But rumors are still spotty, particularly
at Shadow planets for Humans.) - (ScrObot)
* The weapons boosters (impact analyzers, ballistic control systems, etc) all show OnPassiveProcText instead of their
passives (Redsovietz)
* "Power Overload" etc icons in the bottom center of the screen show over long text lines. (ScrObot)
* Races paying races to break treaties appears to do nothing, all treaties are in tact. I think this is related to the
peace treaty bug I reported (Sharp)
* Ganked at the spawn point (Darkness)
Spawning with everything broken, enemies nearby, getting instakilled, not fun hahaha
There should probably be something to prevent this... I guess repairing everything broken in the ship (even if it
costs you, but if you can't afford, it gets fixed anyway), and maybe a little invulnerability (like 10 seconds,
broken earlier if you attack) would be a nice idea.
10 second invulnerability might be interesting, goes away if you use any component/skill?
* One thing I have noticed for a bit though. I keep running into ancient races that have the wrong name. Like, they have the
name of one of the young races, but mouse over them and you get the race info and lore of an ancient race. So far, its only
happening with that ancient race who are the pacifist ones. (Kurama Kitsune)
is it a random, young race that has an ancient portrait, but the text is incorrectly still pointing to the ancient text?

* Would it make sense to give the Structural stat a bonus to ramming? I noticed the notes had a question in there about how (
viable a Structural-focused build was.. (Eris Shrugged)
* A traveling vendor may sell you a beacon to call them? (Verdusk)
* New bug since this patch: mine fields now appear immediately in front of the player instead of being rendered at the edges
of the screen. Dont think its all of them, but the ones that make a line of them or an arrow sure do (Annex)
* In relation to the above, I get that ramming into planets makes no sense, but it'd be nice to be able to ram into the
stations since otherwise it's going to make it completely non-viable for a ram build to do planetary assaults since you're
prioritizing bumping into things over your beam attack/damage. (Darke)
* I'd also love to have an option from Zombasite back: get an "ally" from a faction. It was an amazing way to increase
reputation with that faction easily and in a fun way and aim for Military Wins. (Darkness)
* Furthermore, if you could get an ally from two different factions, and it could be used to boost their relations while you
had the work to keep them alive, it'd be a much nicer way to trigger Diplomatic wins. (Darkness)
* races can put down mining stations on planets, moon, big asteroids
* push sectors idea into shared for all players galaxy and post on website?
* military stations to block starlane access
* more visible structures? - listening stations, mining stations, etc
* make sure to fix important things from Drox 1 bug list
* other lesser bug just happened (I've seen it a few times though): (Darkness)
Brunt was attacking planet Tria from race Hall, I was nearby.
I declared war Hall, attacked Tria
Message log says I destroyed the colony
Following message said Brunt destroyed Hall and took the spoils.
* cursor doesn't work on 144hz monitor (Qrusher14242)
well thats weird, none of the Soldak games are showing a mouse cursor. tried Din's legacy and Drox 1. Haven't seen
this issue with any other games. Not sure if its because of my new 144hz monitor or what (Qrusher)
Solved it, was running at 100hz, once i changed it to 144 it shows up now (only fixed for a little bit)
* races need to use plasma cannons
* Mines, however, explode at unknown range and cannot be avoided. Some kind of signal or countdown before the exploded
would help (plus the ability to trigger them from afar -- both by shooting and also, where are the random levers
from the fantasy games?) (Bluddy)
* while federations can override/veto a specific races choice (so if I ask the race to make Peace with Y race and they
accept it immediately says federation has blocked that), regular alliances apparently can do the same thing but no
message is mentioned so race accepts peace with Y and then nothing happens, they remain at war (Annex)
* discovered 2 races with no ships or planets on screen (couldn't see their ship or planet yet)
* leveling up at the start of a sector is very quick as there are many quests including the very lucrative go kill X
bad guy. However after all those have been done generally whats left are just repeating buy X item at Y planet to
deliver to Z world. Can we get some ongoing variety of quests? (Annex)
* Why am I talking about this in the drox idea thread? Because it'd be neat to have some of the mutation concepts carry
over in this particular way. (Bluddy)
e.g. you get killed by Talon, you become afraid of Talon.
You pay a race to mod your ship, and now instead of one projectile, you shoot out 3, and it only lasts as long as
the current world, so Carpe Diem!
This gets rid of difficult long-term balance issues for these mutations, which is the problem DL has.
It also makes each sector unique: *you* are part of the randomness of the sector, and once you get attached to the
specific cool ways you changed this sector, you have a strong incentive not to lose it.
* an option to play a sector where treaties and so on are already in place and your goal is to more or less destabilize
and alter the power flow" (Jackrel again) (Eris Shrugged)
* Bug: Stealth Enemies (Djozar)
Enemies flying around in stealth aren't becoming visible at times when near to them. If they do appear, it's only
for a brief second then it nearly takes colliding with them to kill them, as you can't target them. Maybe give them
3 seconds uncloaked before they go back to stealth. Currently, you can see the red light showing they are an elite,
and MAYBE the outline of the ship, but only for a very brief second.
* and if ships were unhappy, they could individually rebel (Bluddy)
* Suggestion based on @Jackrel's point in #general: use the DL system for ships in Drox. All ships for all races could
be assigned names for their captains. They could then talk with you, telling you about their day or their feelings
about other ship captains or their race. They could have an attitude towards other ship captains or towards their
race in general. They could have personal quests. And they could rebel against their race, sabotage it etc. It would
make the game world feel more lived-in. A colony ship could be piloted by the same guy as it's used multiple times
etc. Even though the races represent millions of people, the people you interact with don't have to be that many,
giving you a distinct feel for them and creating new gameplay opportunities. (Bluddy)
* A race without money can't afford to pay its captains well, so they're easier to bribe.. (Bluddy)
* If both Race A and I are at war with Race B, Race B shouldn't be sending me messages telling me not to trade with
Race A. (ScrObot)
* workshop support would be nice
* An approach I would have liked more is to have gradually unlocking narrative quests for the main races telling their
stories. So in games when you ally with the Cortex, you start unlocking their 'main quest line'. (Bluddy)
It's a way to sprinkle more personality into the random universe.
* should I ever explain where the monsters came from?
* Collision damage seems inconsistent and I suspect a bug where sometime colliding with a ship will trigger MANY
collision damage resulting in MASSIVE damage. Overall Collision damage seems to cause WAY too much damage compare
to everything else in the game, this isn't helped by the fact some Enemy ship can move at ridiculous amounts of
speed bypass the speed of max thruster + thruster bosster and just ram you to death in matters of milliseconds. This
doesn't occur often but when it does it really make you feel hopeless. (kouhei)
* [0.801] - (Bugreport) - "Stealth" and "Stealth Surprise" bonuses stack. (Excellion)
Shadow type ships have the option to equip a cloaking device, which grants a substantial bonus to crit, direct hit
and attack stats when enabled. When attacking an enemy or being spotted, the Stealth buff is removed, and replaced
with a "Stealth Surprise" buff that has the same stat advantages as stealth for 5 seconds after triggering it.
There are two things i notice with this component:
- When hitting an enemy at range, it is generally possible to immediately toggle the stealth module back on again.
When doing so this grants both the "Stealth" and "Stealth Surprise" buff, which stack with each other. (I assume that
at higher levels, doubling the bonus from stealth is will actually result in a quite massive increase in damage).
- I also noticed that toggling stealth on-and-off will refresh the duration of the stealth surprise buff if the player
has it. This effectively allows a player to keep both buffs indefinitely (As long as the module is turned on and off
every 5 seconds that is).
First issue could likely be triggered unintentionally (Trying to stealth after having been spotted). The second issue
should only really occur if a player intentionally abuses this game mechanic.
I think that - provided this behaviour is unintentional - the stealth buff should always remove the stealth surprise
buff on activation.
* Why sun in the middle of each galaxy doesn't kills anyone and many enemies are there always? (LotusBlade)
* mechanic crew skill that acted like a Regen booster on a cooldown (Jackrel)
* add subforums on Steam? Bugs, suggestions, modding?
* I was actually gonna say a neat suggestion that could tie up a bunch of requests in lu of self repairs and services
would be to replace the separate stashes with like a space station that you buy or find upgrades for. So a lot like
the town mechanic from zombasite and the covenant house setup from depths of peril. So like set it up so you can
invite random traders to setup shop in your station with their inventory and credits based on trade amongst whatever
races you are allied with, maybe you can hire pilots to guard your station, and have like a barracks to house your
unused crew. Just set it up like the planet interface screen where the different buttons open up your stashes,
trader if you have one, defenses to assign components and such... Just a fun idea. As a lone operator a base of
operations would be a pretty sweet addition. (Jackrel)
* Oh, funny thing happened once, I found someone waiting to be rescued, but it turns out it was a renegade enemy or
something. The funny part is that with collision, he became an enemy while I was on top of it, and collision
damages instantly killed me. (Darkness)
* Minor suggestion tag-along: Consider adding race credit gifts directly to the event text box too. (Jean)
* I just ran into a similar issue, a Colony Module dropped from a blown up Colony Ship without me having a
quest. (TheTheLastShogun)
* Enemy planets block shots to enemy ships on the other side, not sure if it's possible to make the planet only directly
targetable if there are other ships around. This may be intentional too. (ScrObot)
* a new semi-hardcore - How about an option to have some kind of finite budget of ship replacements, which is replenished
by winning sectors? (Eris Shrugged)
* Monster spawning seems way too low. (Bluddy)
* need to update patreon stuff for Drox 2
* If could have a hangar with multiple ships and limited slots, starting with 2 slots. Once you unlock 2 ships, you could
add a pilot to one of them to be your "wingman" that would help you with quests all the time. Eventually you would
unlock more hangar slots, having a maximum of 8 ships, but a limit of wingmans with you in a group. The others could
be sent to do stuff in the galaxy and get you interesting stuff (pretty much like Zombasite)
* with just a couple changes could make mdmToSkl support new mdm format also
* support more fonts like ?
* need a show radiuses cheat so can see collision stuff easier - can do easily with squares
* sleeping ancients
* achievement on ram kills - if killed after attack in handleShipCollision add to ram kills stat
* add challenges?
challenge sectors could have specific win conditions turned off or drox involvement could only show up in those?
* add quiet level modifier - less monsters than usual
* colonizing ship should scale down instead of fade out? might look like it is landing
* test_allQuests - lots of stuff fail (does it matter?)
* all 3 primitives in same level (trying to stay in lowest level areas?)
* nearby explosions can shake the screen? ship explosions do earthquake stuff?
* if do young races can emerge into shared universe could do seasons where it gets reset some times
* formations don't work
* be able to change extra energy focus to weapons, shields, engines, etc? do this with the mouse wheel?
* give federations random names? (Sharp)
* Somehow I managed to destroy a colony (and by accident vanquish a race) without being near them? I was sitting
and selling a bunch of stuff on Payn, for probably about 2-3 minutes and this suddenly popped up. (Darke)
* I'd always wondered if it would be fun to have different levels of the global modifiers. So rather than just "venders
galore" you could have an "extra venders" that only gives half as many extra. I'd felt like that would add some nice
diversity to the sectors, and was going to eventually add such a thing to my Din's Curse mod. (Fulano)
* - unexplored planet with a known empire on it. which I'm at war with, by the way. That
probably shouldn't be possible. (Eris Shrugged)

* The unstable wormhole anomaly could have some kind of animation or effect that gives the player a cue for when the
teleportation event is going to happen. As matters stand, you can scan it, fly away, fly back to it, and sometimes get
teleported if you time it right, with no real idea what the timing is supposed to be. Some visual event would make this
experience feel much more polished. (Eris Shrugged)
* The fact that fighters, projectiles, and ramming do not use attack while missiles and lasers do means that a given build
either expends resources (ship slots, stats) to have adequate attack or just plain does not care at all. I'm not sure
that's a problem per se, but it's an emergent feature of the design worth noting. It does mean that players will have
very little incentive to switch between the two categories of weapon. If that starts feeling like a desired design
direction, it might be a good idea to advertise explicitly that weapons do or do not use attack. (Eris Shrugged)
* The changes to weapon accessibility seem to have put stats into a good place. It feels like a number of stats can support
pretty high levels of focus by themselves now that they each have offensive options. I have some concerns about a couple
of these, though - the high power requirements of lasers and fighters are going to be more problematic for players
focusing on helm and computers, while structural is able to just not care about power. There are options for fixing this
by sharing more equipment through stats, but I think that gets into a difficult design space where a bunch of different
builds have to each be adequately supported by the right components. A simpler way to get the same result might be to have
all components become equippable based purely on level, with the level requirements set such that they're "no longer
cutting edge" - 5-8 levels past the point where they could first be equipped might be a good tuning point? (Eris Shrugged)
* AOE weapons should probably have higher power requirements, preventing you from equipping too many of them (Bluddy)
and/or higher energy consumption, forcing u indirectly to either get more powergens or better energy regen, via
stats or accessories (DysDaemoN)
* another suggestion, though this might be too much: have bigger ship size merely scale the player model and allow us to pick
the model graphic ourselves - the drakk first ship looks great, for instance, but the biggest one is like a mosquito (DysDaemoN)
* should I cap max speed of enemies?
* Stash/shared stash out in the middle of nowhere - I had a group of named enemies chasing me outside the bounds of the system
and for some reason my ship stash and shared stash are sitting out there, on top of one another. Fully usable. Probably a
bug? (derpenstein)
* Stances idea (Kurama Kitsune)
Normal Stance: No bonuses or penalties. If stances are unlocked/improved through a skill tree of some sort, may be possible
to apply minor all around bonuses to this stance.
All Power To Engines stance: Reduced weapon fire rate and accuracy, shield recharge, and turning speed. Increased thrust,
increased maximum speed cap (similar to the consumable speed boost), and applies an evasion boost that makes it easier
for enemies to miss. Upgraded versions of the stance could have smaller penalties to the shield recharge and turning speed.
Power Stance: Reduced thrust (max speed stays the same, but your engines are basically weaker in this mode), but a
significant boost to energy regeneration, along with an increase to maximum energy. Upgraded versions of this stance
could provide a minor boost to weapon damage.
Defensive Stance: Reduced thrust, and weapon damage is decreased, but increased defense. Also significantly boosts shield
regen, increases max shields. Passive armor/structure repair-over-time effects from equipped items are also boosted, if
you have any. If upgraded versions of stances are a thing, then the improved version may eliminate the reduced thrust
Repair Stance: A massive reduction to thrust, max speed, turn rate and damage output. But you begin rapidly repairing armor
and structure at a rate not dependent on any passive boosts, similar to the consumable repair items currently. Upgrade
versions of the stance could potentially reduce the thrust/speed penalties and increase the rate of repair.
Full Attack stance: increases damage output and energy, but also increases damage taken.
Fortress stance: Become very slow, deal less damage, but become much harder to kill due to repairs, shield recharge, and
defensive boosts. Kinda like a mix of repair stance and defensive stance, but with weaker repair.
Over-Limit stance: Disables repair, massive boost to everything else, and you slowly take structure and armor damage
(including wear and tear on equipment) while active as you push the ship past its limits.
Exploration/Scouting Stance: A reduction in some defensive and offensive traits, but gains a large boost to radar and
detection capabilities, increased scanning speeds (planets/anomalies), and increases your ship's stealth (not to the same
degree as a cloaking device, but still useful in avoiding stuff). Also allows you to target and destroy mines.
Carrier Stance: Massive reduction in thrust and max speed, and gain a Large reduction to hangar re-use times, and their
energy cost. Fighters/bombers/etc also do more damage in this stance.
training/gimped stance: Reductions to everything, basically like power overload, but you get +50% XP. (derpenstein)
* do I have enough info to know if a fighter bay has all its fighters out on client side? or should I send some index?
* Velocity inheritence - Needed for projectile weapons: Hey, a lot of 2d and 3d space combat games use velocity inheritence e
as a mechanic because it feels good, fits the "space" setting well and fixes some gameplay problems. The gameplay problem
it fixes is how you cant really play aggressive with projectile weapons right now, it's way better to just run away and
shoot your projectiles behind you while you run. It's kinda boring. Just add the ship velocity to the projectile starting
velocity and it will help a lot. (Torikhtil)
* If black hole systems had a "fake" modifier displayed on the system map saying they had no planets, this would at least
offer some chance to speed up the learning curve for new players. If other stars have implications for the planets in their
systems, this would also be a good way to surface that information. (Eris Shrugged)
* If I navigate to a race's "get quests" screen and click the "view cargo bays" button, and then hit escape hoping it'll
close them, they only close one at a time. I'm not entirely sure why this button even exists. (Eris Shrugged)
* Should there be some visual indication that a ship is targeted? Right now if I have a couple ships on my screen and one in
particular as my nominal target, I have no real way to tell which is which. (Eris Shrugged)
* Open the diplomacy screen with a particular race, set up no trade, just click Offer Trade. The UI to confirm the trade will
pop up. It very arguably shouldn't. (Eris Shrugged)
* Game get unplayable due to low framerate EVERY SINGLE TIME an ancient ship destroy a race and occupy the planet while having
the name of the ancient race bugging out. (FicusCat)
* it would be great to have some sorting options fore the inv like sort by type, age, socket type (light, medium, heavy) etc
* The old races should have no extra animus towards the new ones. It's enough that they have different philosophies. Otherwise,
you end up with the old races always at war against the new races, which isn't interesting. (Bluddy)
* The old races had the advantage that they had unique identities, which we came to know. The new races are random, and as
such, it's much harder to care about them. I think it's important to emphasize the collection of traits they have so as to
give them more personality. It would help if the races constantly had little blurbs to say. It's particularly useful when
you're in the relation menu screen: let them say something (as if we clicked on the talk button with a ship). (Bluddy)
* One thing that would help with making these traits seem real is if the races talked about each other. Freedom-oriented races
would make comments that the slavery-based races bother them etc. Rather than just having background relations decrease due
to differing traits, let us hear the races speak about each other and how they like/dislike their philosophies. (Bluddy)
* Is there an option to turn off new races for a sector? I'd love to have that for the classic race feel. (Bluddy)
* shuffle the attribute bonus tier requirements around a bit, perhaps making them start at 50, and then add an additional 10
attribute points needed for every tier increase (i.e. 50/110/180/250). (KafkaExMachina)
* Populations and ground combat: in Master of Orion, ground combat is a separate layer. Races could conquer each other, first
destroying their ships and defense structures, and then conquering. Each planet could have both its population and its
'infrastructure' or 'bases'. Once the ships are destroyed and the infrastructure is as well, the planet needs to be
conquered via armies transported on ships. (Bluddy)
* The player cannot destroy a population completely except by accident or using a doomsday weapon: firing at a planet destroys
only the infrastructure. Once the infrastructure is completely destroyed, the planet cannot produce anything, though some
population remains. (Bluddy)
* Races could then enslave the population left over by other races. Rebellions could happen far more often when a population is
left by another race. Some races would annihilate the remaining population, and others would enslave it. (Bluddy)
* Races would have different levels of proficiency at hand-to-hand combat, with the Brunt and similar races dominating. (Bluddy)
* ace policies: it would be interesting if different races occasionally made decisions about policies other than just
conquering planets and attacking races (they currently sort of do with building stations). These events would particularly
make end-game (of sectors) interesting, sparking new quests from the Drox guild and from races. (Bluddy)
* Holy crusade: a religious race could decide it had to conquer certain planets (especially ones previously owned), or decimate
certain races. (Bluddy)
* Evil empire: a militaristic xenophobic race, once powerful enough, could decide it wanted to eliminate all life in the
universe. (Bluddy)
* Secret weapon: a technologically advanced race, once threatened and weak, could try to build a secret weapon that destroyed
planets. (Bluddy)
* Slave gathering: a strong slave-oriented race would try to enslave most of the sector. (Bluddy)
* Pollution: heavy industrialization could produce pollution on planets. Races need you to cart the pollution away. Pollution
limits food growth and increases disease. Pollution could also cause planets to 'fight back' as in the game Alpha Centauri.
Dryads (and other environmentalists) would particularly hate pollution and would like to enforce green limits in the sector. (Bluddy)
* Federation policies: federations would have more meaning if they met and made decisions every certain amount of time. They
could have a list of policy choices, such as food being provided by one member to another, or an embargo on a race, etc. (Bluddy)
* planet planet trade/planet get/solve quest screens should show race logo/portrait (Bluddy)
* add a step past vassal for slavery races?
* if you failed to protect your protectorate, you'd immediately lose a ton of relationship with other allies because people
expect you to protect your protectorate (Bluddy/DysDaemoN)
* It seems like energy regen may be calculated wrong somehow. I have +11 regen/sec, but I only have +4 from stats and +3 from a
battery, as far as I can tell. Only +0.65 regen/sec from extra power. (Bluddy)
* i also got energy regen in excess of the sum of engineering bonus + unused power + batteries, and it persisted after
removing the batteries. but perhaps there is a flat +energy regen bonus that we 're missing? (DysDaemoN)
* well, i just made a fresh brunt ship to test this out. it starts with 5 engineering so it only has +0.45 energy regen from
there, plus + 0.93 from unused energy. but the energy regen in the bar tooltip is 5.12 (DysDaemoN)
* Difficulty names don't match between buttons and tooltips. Levels 26-48 will mention an "Expert" difficulty if you hover
over it, but it's Champion difficulty that allows for them to be selected: (Monkeyhuouse)
* There is not a ton of synergy between the Stealth tree offering bonus points in Computers and the skills in it relating to
projectiles and mines. (Eris Shrugged)
* Ambush offers, for 40 skill points, +1.5% damage to an enemy with full health? This seems like a bad choice. I suspect it's
better than that, but the text doesn't make it obvious. (Eris Shrugged)
* The "Locate any race" quest states that "Before you can do much in this galaxy as a Drox Operative.." ..shouldn't that be
sector? Super important testing effort here. (Eris Shrugged)
* The tooltip for the Stalker skill displays "-5% Escape Notice (Passive)". -5% escape notice seems like a penalty, not a
bonus, and the (Passive) is redundant since all the modifiers provided are passive. (Eris Shrugged)
* The Giant Spiders anomaly yields -0.30% population growth. That doesn't seem harsh enough for giant spiders. I guess a
space-age civilization can handle them, but still. (Eris Shrugged)
* Some kind of visual indication that a planet has anomalies you forgot to scan might be nice, besides clicking on it and
noticing the text to left-click to scan and buff in the list of effects for the planet. (Eris Shrugged)
* Something weird going on with beam weapons this patch; I can't click on a planet to talk to it, or otherwise activate any
object with hostile ships in range because it'll fire the weapons instead. (And 'in range' with beams is often off
screen.) (Darke)
* Prior to the patch it would always talk or try to hand over the quest item, now I need to clear out all the randoms nearby
before turning in quest objects. (Darke)
* It seems impossible to make peace with a Federation at war with you. Due to random ai's doing their ai thing and everyone
friendly went to war with me, I had a couple of races at war with me with one still being 70% friendly and the other being
40% friendly and they were in a federation together. I could make a peace treaty with the 70% one, but it'd instantly go
back to war before even leaving the relationship screen because their federated race was still at war. (Darke)
* Either the relationship-war check needs to happen back when time starts up again when you close the screen; or there needs
to be some other way to negotiate your way out of a war with multiple federated/ally races. Even something simple like
negotiating against the average of their happiness with you or something so you could at least complete quests and the like
to try and bump the lower one up enough to make it work. (Darke)
* In the last 100 hours of gameplay I've not managed to get a single alliance win, the cloest I came was this one with four
races allied with me until the usual event where one of the one-planet races screwed everything up. I'm not sure if there's
been any major changes in code, but it feels like it's just gotten more difficult to get an alliance win as patches have
happened. (Darke)
* Drox quests seem to be working a bit better now, yay! <3 I managed to get a couple of wins out of it recently that weren't
100% luck, but it still feels like luck is about 50% involved. Also it feels like the longer the sector takes to finish,
the more likely you are to be able to get a drox win. Probably an obvious statement, but drox wins seem to be more biased
towards 'luck+time' rather than skill. (Darke)
* I think the skills could use a little flare to make them just a bit more interesting beside % increases, but it's still a
step in the right direction. Maybe a final interesting bonus for each one when you reach max rank? For example the final
rank of minion damage might also add 40% minion speed when it gets a kill. Or the final rank of minion life steal transfers
some of that stolen lifesteal to your primary ship. The final rank of Launcher skill could increase launcher hp or give
them evasion from being shot down. Minion health could allow ancient recharge stations to work on fighters and allow
boosters to partially work on fights. There is a lot of need things you could do here. (Mythos)
* I'd love for the mini-map to be scalable and for it to remember your "zoom" setting. It's a pain to zoom it out every time. (Mythos)
* Hey, I tried the game out for hours yesterday and I'm loving how it's turning out. Lot faster and more dynamic than
previous versions, and the new Tactical/command stuff is pretty interesting. (Gabriel Carvalho)
* I'm still wondering how much more you'll expand on the new treaties - Protectorate, Tributary, Vassal - it seems a bit
weird how factions want or not want (or how much they charge) to get into such a deal. I'd really like to get into
Protectorate more, but it feels races are a bit resistant. (Gabriel Carvalho)
* For Vassals, I really wanted to bump them towards some path of action. Example, I got a Guild Quest to make Shadow the most
powerful in the sector, but it would not build colony ships or expand at all. I was..forced to obliterate the galaxy. Wish
I could just Vassal them and convince them between expanding, defending, warmongering, etc. I do understand you don't want
to fall into the Empire Building stuff though (Gabriel Carvalho)
* Another issue with diplomacy is that you can demand empires dry out of money if you do it right. I had 200k but spent over
a million in services, then I'd demand the money back and pretty much use OP services for free. (Gabriel Carvalho)
* I almost don't want to report that because I sort of love the ability to 4X-Exploit the empires if I want to, so I'm not
even sure how I stand on that. Part of me just wants to see it as a feature (Gabriel Carvalho)
* Something that only now clicked is that if I equip a dual plasma weapon, it separates the shots a bit. If I add a couple
single plasma weapons, it creates more of a spread. But if I equip two single-shot plasma weapons, I just get one blobby
shot. Rather than messing with weapon timing, two single-shot plasma weapons (or projectile weapons) could just act more
like a dual plasma weapon. (Eris Shrugged)
* Binary star systems have both stars labeled with the name of the system. Shouldn't they be Zaurus-A and Zaurus-B or
somesuch? (Eris Shrugged)
Steven Peeler
Depths of Peril, Kivi's Underworld, Din's Curse, Drox Operative, Zombasite, Din's Legacy, & Drox Operative 2

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Yeah..... good luck completing all of that! O.O (no sarcasm intended)

Thank you for your hard work!
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Old 07-15-2020, 01:07 AM
goodgimp goodgimp is offline
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Holy cow, quite the list. Excited to see what on here shakes out and gets implemented. A lot of good ideas here.
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Old 07-30-2020, 04:29 PM
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I just updated the todo. The main changes are in the command section (near the top), all of the skill sections after the command section, and lots of additions to the new section at the end.
Steven Peeler
Depths of Peril, Kivi's Underworld, Din's Curse, Drox Operative, Zombasite, Din's Legacy, & Drox Operative 2
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Impressive list, thanks for sharing.

My quick-wish would be inventory sorting, but i guess everyone quick-wish is different.
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I updated the todo again. The main changes are in the skill sections after the command section and lots of additions to the new section at the end.
Steven Peeler
Depths of Peril, Kivi's Underworld, Din's Curse, Drox Operative, Zombasite, Din's Legacy, & Drox Operative 2
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Old 08-09-2020, 12:51 AM
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Would be nice to have a Hacking skill tree (mostly Utopian but also possibly Fringe, Scavenger), as there's a lot of potential there, especially for rewiring stuff like bases, mines, and Legion ships to be on your side.
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I'm concerned about the generic tree skills. The idea is supposed to be that every race ship plays differently due to these skill trees. The generic skill tree plays against that, causing uniformity. Now, every special skill needs to compete against the generic skills, and if they're not good enough, effectively we end up in the same place, where there's an optimal generic way to build the ships.

I would prefer if the generic tree was scrapped, or the skills were moved into the race-specific trees. It's very important that the races play differently - the more different, the better - and I don't think we need any more encouragement for sameness -- that part comes from the item system.
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Yeah, I'm trying to find a balance between making each race pretty unique, not locking the player into a specific build per race, and hopefully eventually allow players to pick young races with whatever their random skill trees are.
Steven Peeler
Depths of Peril, Kivi's Underworld, Din's Curse, Drox Operative, Zombasite, Din's Legacy, & Drox Operative 2
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Originally Posted by Shadow View Post
Yeah, I'm trying to find a balance between making each race pretty unique, not locking the player into a specific build per race, and hopefully eventually allow players to pick young races with whatever their random skill trees are.
OK good to see you're aware of these concerns.

In terms of build per race, moving the weapon-boosting skills into specific trees doesn't necessarily cancel out other possible builds, and they're optional after all -- the trees include enough other skill options to make those available. I feel like all these generic skills would belong better in the themed skill trees. This is especially true if the skills don't give a huge boost, but a fairly minor one instead (10%-15%).

I figured there was some kind of plan to make young races playable given the property-based skill trees, but what does that mean effectively? You'd be able to choose among every random race created so far when creating a new ship?
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