Lolz My Pets
Thursday, 22 October 2009

I decided it's time for my pets to get famous and posted some pictures on those funny lol sites.

This one is our cat of many names. His official name is Sinbad though he's also been called Mr. Purr Bottoms. Mostly he's called, Kitty.

kitty playing video game

After my daughter took that amusing picture, my son had to get in on the action and took this one of our dog. Her name is Rain, also called Afraid-of-Hot-Air-Balloons and Isn't-Your-Dog-Pretty.

dog playing video game

Yeah, so my attempts at funny captions were lame. Check out what other funnier people did with Sinbad and Rain.

Delilah Rehm

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Social Anxiety
Thursday, 15 October 2009

Before I went to FenCon last month, I had a feeling of dread. I remembered this had happened before other cons, which is strange because I really enjoy cons. Then it occurred to me that I have this same feeling before Christmas. I put two and two together and realized I have this primal social anxiety response before I’m going to be around and interact with large groups of people.

It’s final proof, though sometimes I talk a lot, I’m really an introvert by nature.

In high school I often felt anxiety when in small groups, even with friends, but I was great one on one. Over the years I’ve shed most of my socially awkward proclivities. These days, I feel fairly competent and confident within groups (though not always perfectly comfortable).

I wonder if that feeling of dread will always be there. It reminds me of the time I swam across the shark tank and wasn’t scared until I actually moved across the water and saw a shark. Maybe it’s deep within my subconscious, in a place not easy to root out. Knowing these things happen to me won’t lessen the effects but perhaps will make it easier to get through them to the good stuff.

Delilah Rehm

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Women and Gays... Sci-Fi Killers?
Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Are women and gays destroying science fiction? The short answer imo is no.

While in the article linked above,  Pro-male/Anti-feminist Tech, misogynist that he seems to be, has some valid points, I think he's missing the forest for the trees. He states the problem of too much "relationship drama" with an all or nothing attitude. It isn't even about having one or the other, but I think a  spectrum of different kinds of science fiction would be preferable. Of course some types will rise to the top aided by the All Might Dollar. His complaint about a surge of "relationship drama" science fiction is like me complaining about the super bowl. Just because I don't like watching sports doesn't make football "diarrhea."

Imagine a world where most men like red and most women like blue. This guy is arguing against purple. Obviously purple is disgusting and is an end to civilization's advancements.

What's wrong with people liking purple? Get over it!

Delilah Rehm

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Elizabeth Moon in Dallas this February
Thursday, 08 October 2009

Did I mention Elizabeth Moon is one of my favorite writers of all time? Guess what. She's going to be at ConDFW in Dallas in February! OMG! I am so excited!!! If you are anywhere near Dallas, I highly recommend you come to this convention.

I've met Elizabeth Moon before and she is a super nice lady- smart, fierce, capable and kind. Her writing is amazing. She is also restoring 80 acres of Texas hill country, supporting native plants and wildlife. I would love to do something like that if I could afford it.

I'm so excited!

Delilah Rehm

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Stargate Universe, Your Plot Holes Make Me Cry
Monday, 05 October 2009

I have several good friends who love Stargate- the movie, SG1, Stargate Atlantis- the whole shebang. So awhile back I gave it a whirl and watched 5 seasons of SG1. Well.. It was okay except the way the character Samantha Carter was written set my teeth on edge. She was supposed to be super smart, but they wrote her like she was stupid. The worst episode for this was early on in season 1. A young man kidnapped her and sold her into slavery to the enemy's chief for the purpose of buying his "true love." At the end of the episode (after she escapes) she says she forgives him because it was for love. I'm sorry, but I don't care what the reason was for selling me into slavery, where I'll be beaten and raped. Umm, I will not forgive you, ever.

 Now SGU, Stargate Universe is starting, a new tv series in the Stargate world. I thought, surely after two other shows they'll get it right. My good friends are excited about it, why not give it a chance? After watching the first episode I can definitively say, Stargate is not for me.

*** Spoilers Below ***




It was the plot holes I couldn't get over, two very large pieces of plot that didn't make a bit of sense.

1. "Captain, there's no way to shut the shuttle's door from the outside! Someone has to shut it from the inside and then die (because of a partially shielded hull breach)!" Ummm... Why would anyone make a vehicle that you couldn't open it's doors from the outside? Can you imagine if cars worked this way? Even if this absurdity was true, I'm supposed to believe there's no way to delay the door shutting for 15 or so seconds while you exit the vehicle? And even if this were true, I'm supposed to believe the two brilliant scientist guys can't think of and build a delayed mechanism to push the button? Hmmm... I don't think so.

2. You think that was bad? Wait for this- The CO2 scrubbers are kaput, worn out and full of gunk. But oh yeah, head scientist guy has found out from the computer that this super old ship was launched unmanned. That's right folks, no one has ever been aboard this ship since it launched (you see where I'm going with this?) and yet... And yet, the CO2 scrubbers are worn out FROM USE and full of gunk! Umm... No way? How, dare I ask, how is there a CO2 problem on this ship? Survey says! I don't buy it.

Sorry SGU, you're not for me.

Delilah Rehm

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