Drox Operative 2 early access month 7

Drox Operative 2 has now been in early access for over 7 months and is currently available on Steam and GOG.

As of this post, we've released 32 patches (6 since the last post) with 1,251 total changes (318 since the last post), which can be read here. This consists of a ton of small fixes and balance changes, but there have been a bunch of larger changes.

Skill Balance: Pretty much all of the player skills balance has been overhauled. Now the higher level skills are much more powerful then the lower level ones and race specific skills are a decent amount more powerful than the general skills.

Balance: Rebalanced a ton of different things like component crew requirements, legend points for a win, race ship defense, and higher difficulties.

Crew Skills: Now crew can have up to one of the player skills. So it is now possible to get access to other race skills for your ship.

Probes: Probes give the the player another way to explore space and planets.

That's it for all of the major new changes, but there are still a lot of potential changes coming up (which you can see here).

As always comments are welcome!

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