Drox Subraces

Today I'm going to talk a little about the subraces in Drox Operative just because I think they are kind of cool.

Subraces are usually a powerful, but very small group within one of the main races in Drox Operative. These subraces won't exist at all at the beginning of a new game, but can come about in various ways. Some just happen randomly due to evolution, some are created by their parent race in response to dangers, and some are just accidents. Because they are individually more powerful than an ordinary person of the race in question, they are often used for their talents and abused because they are different, but they are also generally feared. So it's not a huge surprise that when given a chance they rebel and are willing to die for their freedom.

Their rebellions can be very nasty affairs for both sides. The government is likely to quell the rebellion with deadly force and the subrace rebels will likely use their talents to gain their freedom. This of course is where the player comes in. You actually have a choice, which side do you help out? Do you help the oppressive government that you already have a relationship with or do you help out the dangerous rebels?

If the rebellion is successful, the subrace will become a fully functioning new race in your sector of the galaxy. This means they will start building ships, have a functioning economy, scout and colonize planets, and start diplomatic relationships with the other races. This will definitely be disruptive to the sector. There is now a new force to deal with, they are powerful, and they tend to be pissed off due to their mistreatment. This also means if they are ultimately successful, you better hope you backed them when they asked for help.

Let's walk through one example. The Shadow and the Dryad are at war. The Shadow are a sneaky race so they sabotage a nuclear reactor on one of the Dryad planets. This causes a huge radiation leak. The needed supplies to fix the leak don't get there in time and the leaking radiation contaminates a major water supply source. This contamination poisons many of the Dryad people, but instead of all of them dying some of them mutate. These mutants are very different from the typical Dryad people and are loathed. Even worse, when people find out they are also freakishly strong, they are feared. Fear and hate are dangerous things and the mutants are harassed, ridiculed, attacked, and many are even murdered. Soon the mutants rebel against this fear and hate. With the local Drox Operative ignoring the conflict, the mutants eventually win their freedom and take three of the Dryad planets as their own. The Shadow are happy because they split the Dryad empire in two, the Dryads took a major hit in power, and the Mutants are now a fully fledged race that are pissed at the Dryads, the Drox Operatives, and the galaxy in general.



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