Next Soldak game (game 8)

This is still pretty unofficial, as in I could change direction still, but I'm pretty sure our next game is going to be kind of a hybrid between Din's Curse and a game like Terraria or Starbound. Since it will be similar to Din's Curse and take place in the same universe, it will feel somewhat familiar. However, it might at the same time be our biggest departure from the typical Soldak game, especially since it will most likely have a camera perspective change.

Some of the things that I want to carry over from Din's Curse:
* Fantasy action RPG (classes, skills, levels, attributes, etc)
* Dynamic, evolving, living world (quests, town attacks, monsters leveling, traps, hazards, clans?, etc)
* Protect the town from all of the dangers below

Some new things from Terraria/Starbound like games:
* Mine, destroy, and/or place every block of the world
* Much more extensible crafting system where you can craft most (or all?) items in the game
* Build structures for you and your NPCs
* Probably a 2d side view (even though everything likely to be 3d models)
* More exciting movement (basically like a platform game)

I already have a good working design for what I want to do, but of course it will greatly change shape as we progress further. As Helmuth von Moltke said: No game design survives contact with playtesting. Well at least he said something like that. :)

As always comments are welcome and encouraged!

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