Chest attributes

These are all of the things that you can specify to build a unique chest.

  • Name
  • Very short desc (optional)
  • Base chest type - controls rarity, type of items, and general quality (see below)
  • Magic Chance change to base - from -25% to +25%
  • Number of items change to base - from -25% to +25%
  • Trap Chance (0% to 100%)
  • Which specific trap (optional) (see below)

Base chest types:

  • small bronze, large bronze, small silver, large silver, small gold, medium gold, large gold, unique, Armor Stand, Weapon Stand, Food Stand, Locker, Small Magic, Treasure Map, Treasure Map Hoard, Treasure Map Pirate, Treasure Map Food, Treasure Map Enchanter, Money Bronze, Money Silver, Money Gold, Apothecary (Orc Schism & Din's Legacy only), Spectral - key (Din's Legacy only), and Spectral - Guard (Din's Legacy only)


Trap types:

  • Fire Nova, Ice Storm, Poison Gas, Ball Lightning, Magical Explosion, Spawn, Spawn Zombie, Spawn Hidden, Spawn Ranged, Shrink, Caltrops, Pit, Teleporter, Teleporter Long, Curse, Wind, Doors, and Alarm

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