Monster attributes

These are all of the things that you can specify to build a unique monster.

  • Name
  • Monster type (see below)
  • Subtype (1-5, tell me general level from 1-30, or tell me specific name) - the subtype controls which skin is used and what level the monster will be
  • 1 Enhancement - will be at major level (see below)

Monster types:

  • Normal - Imp (Male), Imp (Female), Naga, Naga Priest, Hulk, Wisp, Ghost, Torva, Torva Shaman, Amorph, Guardian, Death Knight, Lich, Fire Elemental, Undead Herald, Giant Spider, Lurker, Horror, Saurian, Saurian Mage, Stalker, Stalker Hunter, Giant Scorpion,
    Scavenger, Hell Hound, Scree, Changeling, Plague Bringer, Dark Elf Warrior, Dark Elf Assassin, Dark Elf Dark Priest, Dark Elf Wizard, Ragnar, Fire Thrower, Shadow, Brood, Targ, Fury, Suicide, Wampir, Skeleton, Skeleton Warrior, and Skeleton Archer
  • Zombies - Zombie Giant Spider, Zombie Horror, Zombie Saurian, Zombie Scavenger, Zombie Hell Hound, Zombie Fiend, Zombie Plague Bringer, Zombie Demon Dog, Zombie Fire Thrower, Zombie Shadow, Zombie Brood, Zombie Suicide, Zombie Wampir, Zombie Stalker, Zombie Giant Scorpion, Zombie Fury, Zombie Imp (male), Zombie Imp (female), Zombie Naga, Zombie Human Male, Zombie Human Female, Zombie Hulk, Zombie Targ, and Zombie Dark Elf
  • Orc Schism & Din's Legacy only - Dark Orc Scout, Dark Orc Berserker, Dark Orc Shaman, Dark Orc Warlock, Plaguelord, Darklord, Savagelord, Mutantlord, Deathlord, and Battlelord

Note: zombies are quite common in Zombasite, but not nearly as much in Din's Legacy.



  • Extra Strength, Quickness, Stone Skin, Elemental Resistance, Fleet Of Foot, Defender, Berserker, Zealot, Giant, Deadly Aim, Critical Hit, Crushing Blow, Stunning Blow, Deep Wounds, Thorns, Mana Burn, Stamina Burn, Cold Imbued, Fire Imbued, Lightning Imbued, Poison Imbued, Elemental Imbued, Regeneration, Life Steal, Fire Resistance, Cold Resistance, Lightning Resistance, Poison Resistance, Fire Shield, Magic Resistance, Wealth, Warrior, Guardian, Tempest, Slayer, Stalker, Acid Imbued, Hunter, Savage, Bloodthirsty, Teleporter, Noxious, Vampire, Healer, Ancient, Swarm (needs a projectile), Terror, Leader, Flux, Cursed, Beast, Executioner, Shadow, and Dragon
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