The land of Aleria has many good and neutral races, although after the Fourth Great War all of them are struggling to survive.  The first Depths of Peril game focuses on the plight of the Barbarians so that is the only race that will appear in the game but all of these races are in the background stories.



Barbarian     Skin Color: light beige to tan; Hair Colors: generally shades of blonde; Eye Colors: usually blue or green, sometimes brown; Height: 6’-7’ average; Body Type: robust; Life Span: 60-80 years; Unique feature: culture of fighting; Preferred Gods: Din and Thaden.
     Barbarians live in warrior groups called covenants and fight for rank, power and position in northwestern Aleria, Thorbrander Forest bordering Drafty Sea. Their industries include fishing, swift boats, and mercenary work. Besides the western ocean, the barbarians use the Great River as a travel route.
     Barbarians used to be closely related to humans, but over many generations, the harsh winters and aggressive temperament changed them into the brutal and competitive people they are today. They are bigger in size and stature, and stronger than their human-like ancestors. 

Stories: Myths of Origins: Barbarian


Lumen (not in Depths of Peril, but are in Kivi's Underworld)

Dwarf     Skin Color: very white; Hair Colors: shades of brown; Eye Colors: usually brown and sometimes gray or green; Height: 3’5”-4’ average; Body Type: regular; Life Span: 180-200 years; Unique feature: big eyes, very good night vision, and silver blood; Preferred Gods: Brujar.
     Lumen live deep under Thunderclap Mountains in the east, well below the dwarves. Their industry is gems and magical artifacts. They are quiet compared to the other good and neutral races, the better to become attuned to the vibrations of the magic that flows through their territories. Lumen rarely travel outside of their domain. They consider anyone who ventures beyond their borders to be insane.

Stories: Myths of Origins: Lumen


Dwarves (not in game)

Elf     Skin Color: olive (beige); Hair Colors: brown, red, black, sometimes blonde; Eye Colors: usually brown and sometimes green; Height: 4’-4’5” average; Body Type: robust; Life Span: 180-200 years; Unique feature: births are 90% male; Preferred Gods: Din.
     Dwarves live in three kingdoms in the mid-east under Thunderclap Mountains with the middle kingdom being the largest (Stoneharvest, King’s Run, and Greyseed). They take great pride in doing everything fully, whether feasting or fighting. Though their tunnels run deep, their cities border the surface, where they come aboveground to grow crops. The Dwarves main industries are mining, masonry, and metal crafting. 
     Ten percent of babies are female, causing the dwarves to be extremely protective of their women. Most outsiders believe dwarf women to be man-like in appearance as to the reason they’ve never seen them. The dwarves like it that way, and keep the outsiders away from their females. The truth is, dwarf women are not as robust as the men, and they’re quite attractive.


Elves (not in game)

Human     Skin Color: white; Hair Colors: usually blonde, sometimes brown; Eye Colors: blue and green; Height: 5’5”-6’-5” average; Body Type: slim; Life Span: 1800-2000 years; Unique feature: pink blood; Preferred Gods: Arilynvia.
     Elves live in a large, enclosed and protected city in north Aleria, Palumarri Forest. Elves of breeding age and younger live in Outer Kirhitelon, and must prove themselves worthy to gain residence within Inner Kirhitelon. Their industry is self-contained, except for the crafts that are sold at a high price to the few merchants allowed at the border of Outer Kirhitelon. 
     The elves craftsmanship is superior in most things excluding metal products. They will not touch or use metal. Since the elves have very long lives, they tend to find themselves bogged down in tradition and ritual. Politics and rhetoric are chess games played at deep and long term levels. A young elf has little influence, even over his or her own life.

Stories: Myths of Origins: Elves


Humans (not in game)

Lumen     Skin Color: beige to olive (light to medium shades of brown); Hair Colors: brown, black, red, and blonde (the usual); Eye Colors: brown, blue, gray, and green (the usual); Height: 5’2”-6’ average; Body Type: regular; Life Span: 70-90 years; Unique feature: diverse kingdoms; Preferred Gods: Arilynvia, Herodius, Din, Thaden, and Viedonna.
     The five surviving kingdoms are all in the west. They include Krieg, Brechin, Belog, Tarbes, and Anza. The only known fallen kingdom is Rimround.
     The Krieg are fierce warriors with a mercenary industry. They are the most eastern Kingdom in Bearhold Grassland and Lorelle Grassland, bordering Red Death Desert. They worship the God Din.
     The Brechins are the biggest human kingdom in Yuleshire Downs, Glenwood Downs, and Zanely Downs. They are west of the Krieg, and their industry revolves around agriculture. The Brechins worship the Goddess Arilynvia.
     The Belogs are a seafaring people with a fishing industry. Rivers and lakes dominate the landscape on the mid-western Freya Meadows bordering the ocean. They are south west of the Brechin Kingdom, and they worship the God Herodius. 
     The Tarbes are south of the Belogs in Amber Meadows. Their industry is part fishing and part agriculture. They worship the Goddess Viedonna.
     The Anza are a herding people in the southwestern tip of Aleria in Cyrio Plains and Thunder Plains. They are south of the Tarbes and west of the sade in Markar Jungle. The Anza worship the God Thaden.
     The Rimround are thought to be no more than the left over ruins in Grimalkin Forest, east of the Kriegs past Wastelands Desert. Two fragments of the Rimround people survived. One eventually traveled west, into the Anza Kingdom. They moved onto one of Din’s Fingers (a peninsula) after the First Great War. The second fragment is mentioned in the story, Tribute.


Sade (not in game)

Sade     Skin Color: light to medium dark brown; Hair Colors: shades of brown to black; Eye Colors: usually brown, sometimes green; Height: 4’5”-5’ average; Body Type: regular; Life Span: 80-100 years; Unique feature: females are born 2-1, females are the rulers and warriors, females are the same heights as males, and sade have long fingers and toes; Preferred Gods: Viedonna.
     Sade live in Markar Jungle, east on the Anza along the southern ocean. They do trade fruit and plants with outsiders, but live without material desires. The jungle is abundant and easily sustains them. 
     Having long fingers and toes help the sade travel in the trees where they sleep and play. Sade women rule and protect their people. The men generally care for children and craft items as needed. The sade celebrate life often, having many feasts and festivals. Crime is rare.


Teratai (not in game)

Teratai     Skin Color: shades of green; Hair Colors: white; Eye Colors: green, gray, and sometimes brown; Height: 5’2”-6’ average; Body Type: thin; Life Span: 400-500 years; Unique feature: amphibious; Preferred Gods: Herodius.
     Teratai spend most of their lives under the water of Annis Lake in Oltos Forest, east of the Elven Empire and north of the Kriegs, and they specialize in aquatic agriculture. They value order and efficiency. Their worship of Herodius has led them to strive for a tranquil life experience. No matter the circumstance, they are the calm in the storm. To outsiders, they seem unemotional.

Stories: Myths of Origins: Teratai



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