Myths of Origins: Barbarian

by Derwen the Historian

     The gods warred among the stars, and splatters of immortal blood fell from the sky, hitting the land. The barbarian people were born from the ice and snow touched by the blood of the gods. Thus, according to the barbarian myth, the barbarian’s were the first race.

     The Sky War never ended, though it contained moments of calm and peace. Each time the fighting regained momentum, more blood fell, and from those drops rose new races.

     To catch the attention of the barbarians’ father god, Din, a tested warrior, Orn, climbed the highest tree. Din looked down upon the barbarians and was pleased with the songs of praise. He struck the center of barbarian homeland with his mighty spear, and despite the cold from a harsh winter, game sprung from every bush. The barbarians rejoiced. They held a great festival in Din’s honor, with many feasts and sparring matches. 

     The barbarians worshipped Din in times of war, and his son, Dorr in times of peace. All other gods and goddesses are thought by the barbarians to be inferior. If asked, barbarians always claim to be descended from Din’s blood.

     Barbarians base their government on the rules of the Sky War. Groups form into covenants, and fight amongst each other to determine the strongest. The winner of this deadly contest rules the barbarian people as long as he continues to win. There is a high turnover among the leaders. Though most of the winners have been male, over the centuries several females have led the people as well.

     The constant internal fighting doesn’t leave them ripe for conquest. The race is close knit, and violence from an outside source provoke will instantly unite them until the trouble is ended. In times of war, barbarians cease internal strife and unite to encounter the enemy. Barbarians are highly sought after mercenaries by many races because of their fierce reputation.  

References: Barbarian

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