Myths of Origins: Lumen

by Derwen the Historian

     According to lumen, they were the first race. The God of magic, Brujar, had a grand idea to populate the world with people in the image of the gods and goddesses. He summoned magic inherent in the life among the stars. Among the caves deep in the mountains where magic echoed and pooled, Brujar surrounded himself with lifestones. He spun the magic as it turned, a whirlwind of power whipped through the circle of stones. New life pushed free of the lifestones.

     Thus, Brujar was the first god to create people, and he called them lumen. From their love and worship, Brujar gained strength and power. He was kind and quiet, nurturing the lumen and teaching them about the raw magic surrounding them. His gift enabled lumen to sense and understand the magic within stones. Lumen with the lowest capability in gem-sense and magic were vastly superior to the best of the other races. Lumen weren’t interested in the other races because of their vital handicap. They were content to keep to themselves, and rarely traveled outside of their territories. 

     Other gods and goddesses, whether from jealousy or admiration, strove to match his design to gain power of their own. They weren’t adept at magic like Brujar, and succeeded with defect in design. Thus the other races of Aleria were born. Each race was notably marked by their patron god or matron goddess, including lumen.

     Lumen were blessed with Brujar’s natural ability in magic. Dark Elves were cursed with the evil impetuousness from Valta. Dwarves were blessed with Din’s skill at war. The saurian lizard-men were cursed with petty greed from Blixt. Thus it was, in the beginning. 

References: Lumen, DarkElf, Dwarf, Saurian

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