Reign of Terror (Great War 4)

by Derwen the Historian

     In 1142 New Age, the march of evil began invading the west. The leader of the orcs was Draaien the Grimp, a powerful beacon to his followers. The human necromancer Ciglio Chandmir, loomed large, combining his vast army of zombies to the cause. Saurians and nagas joined in lesser numbers.

     The first target was the human Kingdom of Krieg. Many in the west looked on, thinking the evil races unlikely to keep a stable leadership long enough to do any damage, as it has always been (excluding the war with the dark elves, of course). After Morgenberg fell to the enemy, the names of Draaien and Ciglio drifted in chilling rumors into darkened taverns in the west.

     Two weeks after The Kriegs fled from their lands, a second wave of the dreaded enemy hit the sade people in the jungle and flowed into the southern lands, along the eastern border of the Anza people. The two fronts squeezed together, pushing refugees further into barbarian lands or the Belog Kingdom.

     Next to fall after the Anza was the Brechin kingdom, noted historically with the destruction of their capital city, Forfarshire. Following that, the Tarbes fled from the hordes. During this time, the Belog coastal cities built ships as quickly as possible. Survivors of the onslaught, women and children, the weak and the old, were shipped to the volcanic islands, remains created by the anger of the God Din during the First Great War. The barbarians also shipped out refugees, but with less efficiency and capacity. They weren’t used to running.

     (Note: space left to finish this chronicle. The enemy presses close, but I will not run to the islands. Hopefully I will live to write the end.) 

References: Orc, Draaien, Human, Ciglio, Zombie, Saurian, Naga, DarkElf, Sade, Barbarian

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