The Dark War (Great War 2)

by Derwen the Historian

     In the year 614 NA, the dark elves began their crushing campaign aboveground. A powerful darkness coursed through the sky blocking sunlight, the thing most feared and hated by dark elves. The savage elven warriors followed, destroying settlements, villages and cities in their wake.

     The main part of the dark army swept northwest, through the forests and grasslands. They hit the human areas while a smaller army marched through the empty deserts and sticky jungles to sade territory and southern human lands. They crushed the Krieg Kingdom, sending refugees fleeing west. 

     Many took sanctuary in the Brechin capital city of Forfarshire. Here strong mages, some traveling up from the secretive Allure Academy, held off the dark winds from crossing over the city. This stalemate lasted many weeks, and the mages began to falter from exhaustion. Darkness crept in, little by little. 

     When it seemed the battle lost, and many had fled to barbarian or Belog lands, the magical darkness started to dissipate. Slowly, the darkness was dispelled. Terrified dark elves fled from the sunlight. 

     This was the Dark War as most know it, but there was another side of the war fought behind the vale. The leaders of Allure Academy dispatched a powerful magician to investigate and eliminate the source of the dark sky magic that allowed the dark elves freedom aboveground.

     Little evidence remains exploring this dangerous journey. I couldn’t find this great wizard’s name anywhere on record, but I uncovered other surprises during my research. The dark elves and their evil Goddess Valta anticipated some type of secret raid and fumbled up the mission. A second party of mages joined the first. They hired a lumen to guide them through the darkness. These names I know: the ice mage Damek Havelock, the fire mage Brenna Burleigh, the barbarian warrior Sven Bjorr, and the lumen guide Tover Edelsteen.

     When these fine heroes neared the source of the black wind, the dark elves captured them. It seems the enemy expected the reinforcements. The dark elves suspected Damek, the senior magician of the captured party, to be the one sent to destroy the source. He was led away from the tall tower built upon an altar. Brenna and Sven were taken to the pit with other prisoners. The dark elves kept their captives to feed the altar, keeping the magic black wind flowing.

     According to accounts close to Tover, Brenna set a fiery explosion destroying the tower, and though the blackness stopped its crawl, it didn’t evaporate. Brenna and Sven entered the dark elves lair. What happened inside the earth is unknown, but it worked to weaken the black hanging in the sky. Brenna, sick and unconscious, was dragged out by Tover.

     Many dark elves fell helpless before the sun, and were easily killed by Brechin militia. Some escaped back into their mountain, fleeing deep into their distant homes. With the enemy vanquished, the people began the long process of rebuilding their lives, their lands.

     Since the time of the war and through my studies of the dark elves, I’ve found that Fuse Douleur, the dark elf who created the statue trapping the God Dorr, was the dark elf who created the magical globe pumping out the black gas that covered the sky. Goddess Valta’s prized pupil failed in Her task, the dark dance of blood and chaos, death to the west.    

References: DarkElf, Human, Sade, Barbarian, Lumen, Damek, Brenna, Sven, Tover, Fuse

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