Time Renewed (Great War 1)

by Derwen

     The First Great War in the year 01 Dark Age was sparked during a trade treaty skirmish between the barbarian race of the north and the human Brechin Kingdom. Mercenaries from the Krieg territories brought a statue into Dorr’s temple in Drasill. My interviews have ascertained that they believed the rite preformed would disrupt the God Dorr’s blessing on the barbarians. Instead, the humans, tricked by the naga (snake-men), unknowingly ensnared Dorr himself.

     The mercenaries sold the statue to Kavvar in Madcap City, never knowing the cargo contained within. Kavvar was contracted to return the statue to the naga, Shankar Lalitashwa, but instead, he tried to increase his wealth by selling the statue to a dark elf, Aversion. I was unable to discover the motivation for Aversion’s desire to posses the God laden statue.

     After the exchange with the dark elf had been completed, unknown persons killed Kavvar while he traveled back to Madcap City. Some locals in the area suspected a group of naga, in the murder. A rumor of Shankar’s presence in the area circulated, but I haven’t found evidence confirming or denying it. 

     A priestess from the Holy Temple of Morgenberg, Greta Hillard, led a group, including Mudbeard Meadowguard, a dwarf, and Retter Ketill, a barbarian, on the hunt for the statue. I do not know much of their adventures, though rumors abound that they tracked down the statue and had it in their possession before losing it near Ice Flow River.

     When the God Din realized that his son, Dorr, was stolen, he roared upon the earth. Seven volcanoes lit the sky with fire and ash in Drafty Sea, the fishing seas of the barbarian people. Ash flecks blew inland off of the coast, causing respiratory aliments. Locals called the ash and snow Din’s Tears. 

     Fires erupted on the hills between the human Kingdoms of Belog and Tarbes, burning the area into a blackened husk. Though small animals escaped the brutal heat of the flames, the plant life took a tremendous blow. After the fires subsided to heavy rain, the blackened earth was known as Din’s Rage or Fire Hills. 

     Earthquakes shook the human lands of the Anzas, carving the edge of the continent into three peninsulas. Tremors and smaller quakes continued throughout Dorr’s absence. The torn and ravaged land that lay on the sea was called Din’s Scrapes, as it appeared slashed with mighty claws. 

     There may have been more geological activity to the west, but I’ve been unable to ascertain any recorded events.   

     During the time of the heroes’ journey, the naga teamed up with the saurian lizard-men, and launched an offensive along the southern territories of Brechin land. The Brechin King, Hayden the III and the leading barbarian covenant, Brotherhood of Steel, joined forces to repel the invaders. Along the frontlines, little ground was gained by either side.

     After interviewing many naga, I’ve been led to believe that when Greta and her companions arrived at Lost Lake, they didn’t have the statue. Some say it was thrown deep into the acid of Lost Lake by Shankar. Others believe that Greta killed Shankar and dumped his body into the acid in her desperate temper. 

     Though we may never know the end of that quest, we do know the outcome. Dorr was freed from the statue and returned to his followers of the barbarian race and the Anza humans. The remaining enemies, the saurian and naga that didn’t depart, were crushed.

     King Hayden III denied the Brechin’s thirst to celebrate. He took to prayer in the Great Chapel of Din. On the ninth day, he emerged exhausted. After climbing to the balcony to address the people, he announced the new year to begin, year 0 New Age. The people, tense from waiting, sprang forth to celebrate. The streets were filled with gaiety for over a month. 

     Many hailed the first day of the year as King Hayden’s Day. The Brechin’s do not celebrate the day of the end of the war, or the day of the return of Dorr, but the day King Hayden was received by the God Din and marked time anew. 

     Something that piques my curiosity about all we don’t know and what might be related, is the fact that shortly after Dorr was freed and the war settled, the naga took the Goddess Erillin, calling her Serillin with their snake-like accent, to be their mainstay God. As a result, the naga magical powers and abilities have dramatically risen.

     The gods and goddesses were inevitably involved. We mortals do not have access to information regarding their involvement, save Din’s wrath, during the war. I often wonder on the roll played by Erillin to earn such favor, a new race of worshipers.

References: Barbarian, Human, Naga, Shankar, DarkElf, Aversion, Greta, Mudbeard, Dwarf, Retter, Saurian

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