Depths of Peril is a little different than a lot of RPGs when it comes to armor.  Armor does not help you avoid being hit in any way.  What it does is when you are hit, it absorbs some of the damage.  The higher your armor value, the more damage you will absorb.

Here's how armor actually works in the game:

EffectiveArmor = Defenders Armor - Attackers Armor Piercing

AbsorbedDamage = RandomValue between EffectiveArmor / 40 and EffectiveArmor / 20


Other info:

Armor only applies to physical attacks and if AbsorbedDamage is greater than the original damage then the victim takes no damage.

The number that is reported to you in the game when you highlight your armor value is an estimated percent based on how much damage an average monster of your level does and what your specific armor value is.

Your armor covers all of the characters body, it is not separated into separate body parts.

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