The land of Aleria has had many villains in its past, but below are some of the more dangerous ones that have caused much havok.


SPOILER ALERT: Many of these villains are in the game, so if you haven't played through the storyline in the game and don't want to spoil your game playing experience don't read any further. 


Aversion Kerytic (not in game)

Aversion     If Fuse Douleur was foolish enough to give up a powerful statue to the humans and naga, Aversion couldn’t let the opportunity pass. Surely the item would gain him more power in the court. He longed to bypass the political games of back stabbing and deceit. Oh, he was good at it. Very good. But he wanted more power now rather than later.
     It wasn’t until afterward that he considered venturing aboveground to be a vital mistake. He nearly died from spider venom. He refused to think about that horrifying experience for many years. On the eve of his success on cheating his way to a very powerful position, he was called on to participate in heinous work. Something about it reminded him of that time aboveground, and the lies he’d been raised to believe as truths. Suddenly, his lie felt empty and cold. Aversion fled the dark elves for a lonely life hiding aboveground. 
     He was spotted several times during the Globe of Darkness campaign, but for some reason, the dark elves didn’t kill him. They would have if only they knew that Aversion was hiding and helping human refugees, keeping them out of the dark elf death machine.

Stories: Abode of the Spider


Ciglio Chandmir

Ciglio     Ciglio grew up poor in Tempete (Amber Meadows), the capital of the human Tarbes Kingdom. After watching his family disintegrate around him as a child, he lost all hope of learning empathy and compassion. This hard beginning taught him brutality succeeds, and he despised humankind. His wanderings led him to necromancy, the very thing to feed his paranoid need for power, and destruction of his perceived enemy, humans.
     Ciglio joined up with a charismatic orc leader, Draaien the Grimp. Together, the pair began the Fourth Great War, nearly destroying the western races before turning on each other.

Stories: Double Edge, Zombie Deadfall



     Horrors didn’t think of themselves as such, but rather, they were creatures of the mind. Criar was no exception in his mental and magical abilities. His difference was in the company he kept. He liked the exotic, the bumbling small-brained people. He studied them. They behaved very different from any of Criar’s kind. 
     It was this curiosity that led him to Draaien. The orc was more interesting than any other small-brain he’d known. This small-brain had turned the world on end, nearly wiping out the western small-brains. Criar wasn’t surprised when Draaien’s campaign fell apart, but what would he do with a new army? What had he learned? Criar decided to find out.


Draaien the Grimp

Draaien     Part of Draaien’s ability to organize such a scattered and hot-headed race as the orcs comes from the ring he found and hid as a youth. That ring, Orc Mother, is the very instrument that created the orc race by twisting a human necromancers magic on dying elves. He couldn’t make zombies of the living, but the ring chose to make something else.
     Draaien rallied the lesser races, the saurian, naga, and scorpid, to his cause. “The west thought they could push us back underground in the eastern mountains. Let us do them the same favor. We’ll push their dead bodies into the western ocean. Aboveground is ours!”
     Joining with a powerful necromancer, Ciglio Chandmir, Draaien came very close to succeeding in his wish. But when the end looked eminent, the orcs and zombies turned on each other, each vying for the ultimate power of the world.

Stories: Draaien and the Ring



     Fryse, an ice elemental created by Ciglio, enjoyed the compulsions Ciglio gave him, to kill this group, to defend an area. It didn't matter what the compulsion was. The magic felt good flowing through him, into him as the desire, and back out as he completed the act. It was like eating, an organic act for something locked out of their kind of life. He had no fear. Living, his kind of frozen existence, was merely a sequence of pleasant compulsions. Everything else, well, it was of no importance.


Fuse Douleur (not in game)

Fuse     This dark elf mage was a favorite of the Goddess Valta. He succeeded in her test of his abilities by constructing a statue that could trap a god. She chose him to engage in the war of her dreams, to rule over all of Aleria, from its depths to the highest reaches. Fuse created an orb that spread dank black clouds to block out the sun, allowing the dark elves who fear sunlight to raid aboveground. He proved himself to be one of the most powerful mages to ever live. 
     With the eminent threat of the Forth Great War, the heinous orc and zombie armies pressing hard on the western races, no one much thinks of Fuse Douleur or the dark elves anymore. No one knows what evil plots they must be brewing.



     Garrip like shiny things. They used to laugh at Garrip, but Garrip big now. No one laughs at Garrip. Garrip hulk. Hulks are scary. Garrip does not think Garrip is scary, but others do scream when Garrip try to eat. That is normal. The orc-man, he not scream. He give Garrip a shiny. Garrip liked shiny. Yes. Garrip ate shiny so Garrip couldn't lose it. People look for shiny, but they not find it.



     Lishlot was obsessed with the Lute Kef'ah. He felt the Goddess Valta's presence when he prayed, though she never spoke to him. Her power was unquestionable, unlike Serillin, the Goddess chosen by the naga. It was Lishlot's idea to raise Shankar. Only then, would they have a chance to rule, first their own people, the naga, and then the rest of the world.



     Orphaned at a tender age, Ovlad depended on his older brother, Ridit, to protect him. Over the years, he realized Ridit had grown weary of him, but he could never lose his adoration for his big brother.
     While with the Lute Kef'ah, Ovlad started hearing whispers. He didn't know where they came from, but he was sure the suggestions would be helpful to Ridit. When Ridit followed the advice, he always succeeded, like when he resurrected Shankar from the dead. Ovlad basked in Ridit's happiness. 



     Ridit found purpose with the Lute Kef'ah. He wasn't just the orphan in their presence. They respected him, and listened to his tactics and analysis. He was instrumental in their success at resurrecting Shankar.
     If only his younger brother, Ovlad, would stop clinging on to him so much, Ridit was sure he could raise to the very top and pay back the others, those naga idiots, for treating him like an outcast all of those years.


Shankar Lalashwa

Shankar     Shankar, a bitter and dissatisfied naga mage, believed the Goddess Valta’s promises of restored power and prestige of the nagas as well as much sought after revenge on the God Din for turning their homeland into desert (High Desert). The naga hadn’t always lived in a deep gorge, and Lost Lake wasn’t always full of acid.
     By tricking the humans into using a statue Valta gave him, Shankar had trapped Din’s son, the God Thaden. He planned to rally his people to accept Valta as their matron goddess when he threw the statue into Lost Lake, a prison from which Thaden could never escape.

Stories: Fallen Statue



Turen     After an accident that killed his bunkmate, Turen was expelled from the Krieg Militia. He became a mercenary, a common profession in the Krieg Kingdom. 
     The necromancer Ciglio’s trap caught Turen’s group returning from a successful raid. Turen found life as a zombie endurable, even pleasant at times. The more he enjoyed the grisly tasks set before him, the more elastic the magical bond became, allowing him freedom to use his body instead of being an unwilling passenger with no control to stop the horror. 
     Turen longed for a way to break the magic binding him to his master’s will. While Ciglio slept, Turen secretly examined the writings kept in Ciglio’s private library.

Stories: Double Edge, Zombie Deadfall



     The youngest of six brothers, Vakoil quickly learned how to hide and skulk, to avoid their brotherly abuse. Though he grew to an impressive size, broader than any of his remaining three brothers, he never forgot the skills he'd honed in his youth.
     Draaien quickly noticed Vakoil's abilities, and put him to use spying on Ciglio. When the necromancer grew suspicious, Vakoil was transferred to work with Turen.



     When the saurian first joined Draaien’s war of the west, Yuxi was filled with glee. Saurian loved killing off the hateful humans and their allies. Yuxi never imagined just how close they would come to wiping out that troublesome race. But Draaien and Ciglio were fighting each other now. 
     Yuxi was anxious to align with the right people, those who would favor the saurian and strengthen their position. Perhaps Shankar? If the zombies and orcs destroyed themselves, the saurian and naga would inherit what was left. Yes. It was a good plan.



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