This vanquisher is a lethal killer, racking up huge amounts of damage.

Bonuses: higher attack per dexterity, higher health per vitality, and higher damage per strength
Mana gen: Mana gain on critical hits and kills
Armor: Cloth and Leather
Weapons: Daggers and Swords

Din's Curse - RuptureRupture - This has extra damage and a high chance of deep wounds. Deep wounds causes another 200% of the melee hit damage over 5 seconds.

Din's Curse - Lethal BlowLethal blow - A powerful attack with a higher chance to hit, more damage, and more critical hits to your enemies.


Din's Curse - Precise StrikePrecise Strike - This situational attack does lots of extra damage and has a good chance for a critical hit.


Din's Curse - Viper VenomViper Venom - This attack causes poison damage over time.


Din's Curse - Spot VulnerabilitySpot vulnerability - Find the gaps in the enemy's armor, like a little game of strip fighting.


Din's Curse - Death BlowDeath Blow - Gobs of damage is more likely to hit the target, and when you kill with this attack, a poison cloud is released.


Din's Curse - Critical StrikeCritical Strike - When the target is distracted, or you or your target scores a critical hit this attack causes tons of damage.


Din's Curse - Charged StrikeCharged Strike - When your attack makes contact, a frost nova is released.


Din's Curse - Deadly AimDeadly Aim - Increases your chances of causing critical hits.


Din's Curse - PrecisionPrecision - Improves your aim, causing you to hit your target more often.

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