Ice Mage

This blizzard specialist freezes the life out of enemies using unrelenting ice magic.

Bonuses: higher defense per dexterity, higher mana per intelligence, and higher mana regen per intelligence
Mana gen: Higher mana gain from mana potions and drinks and Concentration skill
Armor: Cloth and Capes
Weapons: Staves

Din's Curse - Arctic ShardArctic Shard - Attack your enemies with ice.


Din's Curse - Frost NovaFrost Nova - Ring of ice blasts around you, damaging multiple enemies.

Din's Curse - Ice StormIce Storm - Creates a storm of damaging hail.  Great ice damage occurs over 5 seconds.

Din's Curse - ConcentrationConcentration - Regenerate mana more quickly.


Din's Curse - Ice ArmorIce Armor - Ice protects you like armor and increases your cold resistance for a while.

Din's Curse - Frost BiteFrost Bite - Weakens your target's resistance for a short period.


Din's Curse - Ice PrisonIce Prison - Freezes an enemy solid for a time.  The enemy can do nothing but also cannot be damaged.

Din's Curse - PermafrostPermafrost - This doesn't cause any damage, but it has a nasty slow down effect.

Din's Curse - ShatterShatter - If your victim dies from this massive cold damage, they'll become a grenade and explode, hurting enemies nearby.

Din's Curse - Cold MasteryCold Mastery - Enhances the following cold skills: Arctic Shard, Frost Nova, Ice Storm, Frost Bite, Ice Prison, Permafrost, and Shatter

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