This death reveler commands diseases and raises the dead to do its master’s bidding.

Bonuses: higher mana per intelligence and higher mana regen per intelligence
Mana gen: Power gain on kills
Armor: Cloth and Capes
Weapons: Staves

Din's Curse - Bolt of GloomBolt of Gloom - This fire damage spell also makes the enemy easier to hit for a short period.

Din's Curse - Bone ShatterBone Shatter - When a victim dies from this, they become a grenade and explode, hurting others nearby.

Din's Curse - Disease CloudDisease Cloud - A cloud of disease weakens nearby monsters' attacks and defense. The more points the longer the effect.

Din's Curse - DespairDespair - Despairing enemies have slower movement, longer cast times, and cause less damage, thus making them easier to kill.

Din's Curse - BlightBlight - An area spell causing continual damage to all nearby enemies for a moment.

Din's Curse - Dark RitualDark Ritual - Increases all of your pets' damage to enemies.


Din's Curse - Raise SkeletonRaise Skeleton - Raises a Skeleton from a dead body. Max count increases every 2 skill levels.

Din's Curse - Raise Skeleton ArcherRaise Skeleton Archer - Raises a Skeleton Archer from a dead body. Max count increases every 4 skill levels.

Din's Curse - Raise DeadRaise Dead - Raises a dead monster to be your slave. Max count increases every 4 skill levels.

Din's Curse - LichLich - Become a Lich and enhance the following skeleton skills: Raise Skeleton, Raise Skeleton Archer, and Raise Dead

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