This phantom traverses unseen, killing the unaware and avoiding fatal blows.

Bonuses: higher attack per dexterity, and higher defense per dexterity
Mana gen: Faster mana regeneration during combat
Armor: Cloth, Leather, and Capes
Weapons: Daggers and Swords

Din's Curse - JabJab - A sneaky blow reducing your enemy's hate making it more likely they'll attack another.


Din's Curse - GougeGouge - This distracting attack lowers your foe's defenses and chance to hit.


Din's Curse - DazeDaze - Stuns the enemy for a moment.


Din's Curse - FeintFeint - Confuses the target and makes it easier to score critical hits on them for a moment.


Din's Curse - StealthStealth - Left click will not attack when stealthed, and you must remain unseen to stay stealthed.  Bonuses last 5 seconds after noticed.

Din's Curse - Sleight of HandSleight of Hand - Confuses the enemy into thinking a random nearby non-ally attacked him.


Din's Curse - Smoke ScreenSmoke Screen - Creates a smoke screen that confuses your enemies.


Din's Curse - DodgeDodge - Improves your ability to dodge an attack.


Din's Curse - EvasionEvasion - Improves your ability to evade an attack.


Din's Curse - ShurikenShuriken - A ranged attack with throwing stars.

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