The land of Aleria is swarming with all sorts of dangerous monsters, especially the underworld. There are a ton of different monsters in Din's Curse with a large variety of abilities.

For those of you that have played our previous games, Depths of Peril and Kivi's Underworld, you will recognize some of the monsters. However, don't let your guard down because you think you know them well. Many of them have had big changes.

NOTE: There are plenty of spoilers below so don't read any further if that is going to bother you.

Vortar Soldier (Demon War expansion)

Din's Curse - Vortar Soldier     The horned vortar soldier has power to inflame its treacherous claws in a fight. It is ruthless and vindictive. They have no natural predators, and often reign supreme within demon cities.

Special Abilities: Flaming Claws
Variants: Sapphire Vortar Soldier (shown), Amber Vortar Soldier, Onyx Vortar Soldier, Emerald Vortar Soldier, and Amethyst Vortar Soldier

Vortar Raider (Demon War expansion)

Din's Curse - Vortar Raider     The vortar raider may look small compared to others of its species, but don’t be fooled. This unrelenting pyromaniac is fearless, promoting chaos and feasting on the flesh of unwary fools.

Special Abilities: Fire Resistance
Variants: Sapphire Vortar Raider, Amber Vortar Raider, Onyx Vortar Raider, Emerald Vortar Raider (shown), and Amethyst Vortar Raider

Vortar Guardian (Demon War expansion)

Din's Curse - Vortar Guardian     The largest of the vortar, the vortar guardian deceptively flies out of reach and then slams down in a savage attack. Impressive fighting skills and tactics are not the only thing to worry about. This brute has the power to summon kralls.

Special Abilities: Krall Summon, Fire Slam
Variants: Sapphire Vortar Guardian, Amber Vortar Guardian, Onyx Vortar Guardian, Emerald Vortar Guardian, and Amethyst Vortar Guardian (shown)

Krall Worker (Demon War expansion)

Din's Curse - Krall Worker     The lesser krall worker slices enemies with its versatile, spindly limbs. It’s known to call demons to the battle. They dwell in demon cities more as an infestation than a cultured society, but they are favored by the vortar.

Special Abilities: Demon Alert
Variants: Krall Worker (shown), Charged Krall Warrior, Armored Krall Warrior, Ancient Krall Warrior, and Flame Krall Warrior

Krall Warrior (Demon War expansion)

Din's Curse - Krall Warrior     The greater krall warrior blasts flame at its victims, ruthlessly slaughtering any who cross its path. They can regenerate lost limbs if given enough time. Don’t cross their path if you can help it; krall warriors are fiercely territorial.

Special Abilities: Flame Blast
Variants: Krall Warrior, Charged Krall Warrior, Armored Krall Warrior, Ancient Krall Warrior, and Flame Krall Warrior

Rylor (Demon War expansion)

Din's Curse - Rylor     The grim rylor attack with timed bombs, obliterating enemies without qualm. Being of a fire nature, Rylors hate the cold. Though cultured in their own fashion, they tend to retain a nasty disposition and only respect power.

Special Abilities: Timed Bomb and Elemental Imbued based on type
Variants: Magma Rylor (shown), Frost Rylor, Shock Rylor, Toxic Rylor, and Arcane Rylor

Rylor Bull (Demon War expansion)

Din's Curse - Rylor Bull     From the rylor clan, the baleful rylor bull taunts its victim senseless with rage, but before the victim can strike, the bull smashes them with its mighty horns. Rylor bulls are impulsive, jumping into fights without considering the odds.

Special Abilities: Head Butt, Taunt, and Elemental Imbued based on type
Variants: Magma Rylor Bull, Frost Rylor Bull (shown), Shock Rylor Bull, Toxic Rylor Bull, and Arcane Rylor Bull

Winged Rylor (Demon War expansion)

Din's Curse - Winged Rylor     The rylor breed, winged rylor, uses wicked blocks and savage attacks with its wings. They are adaptable to many climates and diets, aiding in exploration and the spread of demonkind.

Special Abilities: Wing Block, Wing Attack, and Elemental Imbued based on type
Variants: Winged Magma Rylor, Winged Frost Rylor, Winged Shock Rylor (shown), Winged Toxic Rylor, and Winged Arcane Rylor

Skeleton Warrior

Din's Curse - Skeleton Warrior     Most fleshless skeletons don't remember life, only the hunger to kill. Though magic has prevented physical decay, in some cases it fails to keep the creatures enthralled and memory seeps back into the skeleton warrior's consciousness, like the memory of wearing armor and war. These versions of the undead are fierce competitors if they consider you an enemy, as they do all living beings.


Din's Curse - Ragnar     A distant cousin to the giant wolf, Ragnar were once desired pets of the dark elves. Now they roam the underworld free to sate their violent yearnings. These monstrous canines fear nothing, earning their dark elf name of dragon dog.

Torva Shaman

Din's Curse - Torva Shaman     Cousins of orcs, Torva are smaller, more vicious and tend to band together. Their shaman are masters of fire magic, boosting fire damage of comrades while throwing fire bolts at enemies.

Scarabus Blaster

Din's Curse - Scarabus Blaster     Since killing enemies is more important than an individual's survival, these creepy creatures will explode if they're really afraid. Watch for signs of impending explosions and run away!

Dark Elf Warrior

Din's Curse - Dark Elf Warrior     In a forgotten time the elves were one diverse, surface dwelling race. A question of the heir to the throne divided the empire in two. After unprecedented betrayal and a murder that shook the foundation of elven society at its core, those involved and their supporters were banished from the surface of Aleria. Chased by elementals, this group found a loophole in what was meant to be a death sentence. They fled underground and sealed themselves off from the world above.
     Generations passed down bitter hatred for the other elves, but they forgot who did the dispelling. They began to believe they sent the others away. They became dark elves, adapting to the darkness around them. The Goddess Valta found them and nurtured their anger, feeding on their violence and hatred.
     Dark elves have no limits of morality. Twisting magic, they attempted to create legions of monsters to hunt down the others, the banished elves. When prospectors dug into dark elf territory looking for large lifestones, the dark elves discovered a new world they had forgotten, ripe for the taking.


Din's Curse - Torva     Torva are the cousin of orcs, descending from a recessive trait that causes them to be smaller and more vicious than orcs. Unlike orcs, they had the ability to band together with a great deal less internal strife. In the Battle of Hellsink, the orcs killed and ran off torvas, fearing their growing numbers and power.
     Torvas prefer warm climates, and are especially fond of the jungle environments where they fled from the orcs. While in Greenblight Jungle, they learned to use fire magic.

Evil Leprechaun

Din's Curse - Evil Leprechaun     A nether creature, this small fiend can smell coins of all kinds and will steal from anyone. When it runs away with new found wealth, it'll rely on other brutish allies to protect it from retribution.


Din's Curse - Scree     Chaos rips through the core of the world, a deadly doorway to dimensions beyond. The Scree slipped through into the underworld, cowardly mini-demons ready to mob their enemies when the numbers were on their side.


Din's Curse - Plaguebringer     A giant, diseased beetle, the plaguebringer spits poison and hatches its young in the face of danger. When attacked, it stays back, spitting out young to defend it. It’s normally found in caves, but during wars, it will venture aboveground to feast on the dead.

Creeping Brood

Din's Curse - Creeping Brood     These passive, invisible monsters rarely move, unless someone comes near. When approached all of the nearby Brood monsters gather for a massive and immediate ambush.


Din's Curse - Shadow     Slipping through volatile turmoil between dimensions, tiny demons infested the underworld. Almost imperceptible, these Shadows are a hidden hazard in the darkest of the dark places. The unseen kills before the danger is ever known.


Din's Curse - Naga     The God Din punished a tribe of wicked humans by striking the ground where they lived, creating the desert. The tribe’s lake turned to acid, and the humans became snake-men. They forgot they were ever human, but never forgot the ruin Din wreaked on their homeland. They formed a bond with a goddess which allowed a new profession, priests with abilities including healing and poisoning.

Frenzy Targ

Din's Curse - Frenzy Targ     This armor plated reptile is named after its behavior when it's scared. It will go into a frenzy that makes it more powerful and dangerous while frightening nearby monsters, even its own kind. A pack of these monsters is especially deadly because they'll scare each other until they're all in a crazed frenzy.


Din's Curse - Fury     Most creatures die before coming close to molten lava, but not the Fury. They were born from it. These four-armed, red giants have pushed deeper into the underworld, perhaps from war or overpopulation. It is unknown. They are a danger to dark elf and lumen alike.


Din's Curse - Sentinel     Magically created stone beings, sentinels are used as guards. Although they are slow with limited intelligence and capable of only the simplest of commands, they are very strong and difficult to harm. Sentinels aren’t inherently good or evil. Used by lumen.

Undead Herald

Din's Curse - Undead Herald     Once a slave race to the dark elves, these sneaky monsters escaped with the aid of other slaves using their unique ability bred into them by their former masters, being able to boost the morale of others, even in the most dire of situations.

Chaos Lord

Din's Curse - Chaos Lord     From the hot, volatile core of the world, chaos vents through evil things from another realm, like demons. The Chaos Lord is the largest, most hated and vastly feared demon to rise from places unknown and stalk the underworlds. It is bold and aggressive, never hesitating to attack, using its physicality as a weapon, stunning earthquakes resound with one stomp of its foot.


Din's Curse - Lich     Liches are uncommon because the ways to become a lich are very unpleasant. The most common type of lich are necromancers who've transformed themselves through necromancy into undead wizards. They are very powerful and hard to kill.
     Unlike the first group, this second kind of lich does not choose to become the living dead. They were zombies who have lost their master, but their trapped soul chooses to remain behind. This type of lich starts out weak, but gains a different kind of innate magic from the strands of necromancy remaining in the flesh.


Din's Curse - Changeling     Like chameleons, changelings can take the form of any race and large animals as a visual disguise to close in on its prey. Animals can detect the difference in smell, but people must rely on the fact that changelings can’t speak. Up close, the changeling is a formidable opponent.

Fire Thrower

Din's Curse - Fire Thrower     Not even the dark elves know the origins of the Fire Throwers. These rat-faced men were not one of the dark elves experiments gone awry. Some is known of these creatures, though. They love fire, especially the exploding thrown variety.

Death Knight

Din's Curse - Death Knight     One of the lost human kingdoms, Huszar, created death knights from volunteers to protect their territory from encroaching saurian, a race new to aboveground, but the Huszar’s didn’t know how the magic twisted the souls of the knights. Eventually, the death knights broke the magical control and turned on their keepers, destroying the kingdom. Since this time, other human kingdoms are suspicious of magic and barely tolerate its practice, but they don’t remember the cause of this cultural attitude.


Din's Curse - Scavenger     The four-legged scavenger consumes meat, fresh or rotten, it cares not. Scavengers undergo metamorphosis with every meal, becoming stronger, larger and more dangerous than ever as they steal the powers of those they've eaten. Legend whispers of an age when large packs of these monsters destroyed entire townships of dwarves.



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