Many other developers boast about having a dynamic game world influenced by the player's actions, but so far Din's Legacy is one of the few games to actually live up to this promise.
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Sci-fi and Fantasy Network
This has been further expanded with the very clever mutation aspect which allows the player to blend skills from different classes which allows even stronger individual customisation and can create some really unique builds.
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This game is pretty much a gem for those who can look past the rugged exterior.

...indie developer Soldak not only creates procedurally generated worlds far more alive than even NMS’s wildest promises, it’s been making them for more than a decade.
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Sci-fi and Fantasy Network
I, personally, have been quite enjoying the game on normal with the explorer mode active. It feels rather zen like.
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I've always appreciated Soldak's games, even if they weren't always for me. Din's Legacy is the first one where I really feel like I could spend some time with it and experience something new/different each time I do.
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Sci-fi and Fantasy Network
The new mutation mechanic is working especially well and is a clever advancement to the RPG genre’s usually quite ridged class system.
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The idea of your character not only developing in the usual way over time, but also mutating along the way, is a welcome and fun addition.
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